Saturday, March 5, 2011


Belinda just asked if I would pick what stories were my favorites - and why they were that way.  Write about them in this blog.

Well, to be perfectly honest (don't you always mistrust people who say exactly that?)  I probably couldn't remember for starters - and when I wrote a story?  At THAT time, it was probably my favorite, but that was because it was filling in a specific 'hot button' of my own at that particular time.

Looking back, I think that I'd sometimes write a story because I was fed up with my same monotonous types of character.  Let's face it - you can get awfully fed up of milquetoast husbands and nice wives who have to be gradually convinced to make use of their servile spouses.  Two come immediately to mind  (Im NOT saying they were good, or anything like that)  where my dommes were dommes to begin with, and were that way inclined. Revelled in treating their own sissy husbands properly!

Both stories are free by the way in  One is "Dear Charles" and the other "Poor Percy".  The Charles story is pretty standard - BUT - I wanted to get the idea across that dommes wanted a sissy to feel complimented by being forced to dress and act as a woman - particularly as a low-level, feminine one. Expected him to demonstrate how happy he was at being dominated!  Another way for a domme to humiliate a sissy spouse.  In Percy, I was just enjoying myself with a ruthless domme.

I remember being accused of making my males such sissies - SURELY I had to have at least some stories where they rebelled?  I managed to reply that I actually HAD one where the male rebelled against his wife - and won!  It was called "Samantha".  Unfortunately it's not on my page.  Guess I never added it yet - but when I update next, I'll try to remember.

I guess I do have some favorites - but why are they that way?  Buggered if I know!

On another subject altogether.  Aren't Monica's experiences fascinating?  It really IS so strange to me - I found it hard to believe that men wanted to act as maids - but didn'tget sexually aroused! 

Reminds me.  I was acting as a counselor at a forum for the spouses of transvestites when I first heard of this type of transvestite.  Refused to believe it!  Must admit that I hae a tendency to be hard headed.  Took me quite a few years to finally see that I'd been in the wrong.  (Still stumps me though!)

Hope this was something like your wants Belinda!


little_giselle said...

My favorites (that I recall offhand) are (1) Maid Machiavelli. The title alone is a gem. But I love how she takes such unfair advantage of the sissy boy. My other favorite was a really short short story, maybe only a page or two, of a wife physically inspecting her hubby in his maid uniform. If I recall the title, I'll repost it here.

The thing with your stories is, I don't always know it's you, 'cause you used so many different pseudonyms over the years. But those two shine out.

alexvyaz said...

I like complite gender role reversal so my favorite stories are
1. Creatures of habit
2. Applied Logic
3. First Sissy
But I also like gender role reversal in the family. It's thrilling when weak male in pretty dress sits on the lap of strong woman in pants. ;)

belinda said...

Thank you Bea. I hadn't looked at Poor Percie in a while, but I took a look at it again, and it is lovely and very exciting!
Monica posts are fascinating. I hope her employer gives the place a thorough inspection. I look forward to hearing about it.

Jezebel said...

Power, Power, who's got the Power is a fantastic story of a ruthless dom and an unwilling victim, or two.