Friday, March 25, 2011

More Hot Buttons

Got to thinking. I was brought up in an extremely macho society.  Having lived in Southern California for many years though, I've always tended to consider myself unlucky in not having been raised in such a permissive way of life.

But?  Now that I think on it, I'm starting to believe that a TV or cross dresser is fortunate to be brought up in a society where a male does certain things - and a female does others.  It's like the French language.  Everything is either masculine or feminine.  A male who does things, normally reserved for a female, is a sissy.  No two ways about it.

Just look at a permissive society.  Males wash dishes, clean houses, iron clothes.  Even change babies!  In a macho society, they'd be categorized quickly if they did half of the above.  A poor transvestite or Cross dresser doesn't know WHAT he's supposed to do!

Take the chores associated with laundry  in a male dominated society for example.  A man washing his own clothes presents no suspicion if he's doing only his own.  But if there are feminine garments in his load?  Lawdie, Lawdie, Lawdie!  Let's make snide comments.  Maybe flip a wrist?

The same thinking apples to ironing.  A man lightly running a cool iron over lacy panties or a bra?  A pansy or sissy - no arguing.

But the real name calling can go along with the drying.  If an automatic dryer is used - well it's private of course.  Same thing as ironing or washing - so he's a 'closet sissy'.  But now comes the REAL fun!  Let's suppose that our sissy's wife, prefers the nice clean scent of clothes that have been hung out to dry on a washing line.

Here is our hero - in public yet -hanging out clothes that include all sorst of feminine lingerie.  His wife - if she's so inclined - may like to gossip over the fence with her next door neighbour while he's so engaged - all the time stressing WHAT a treasure her sissy husband is!  Naturally, her neighbour agrees, pointing out again and again how it would be SO pleasant to have a husband who is man enough to take over some of her tasks.

Which brings me to another facet of humiliation.  The pleasure that a domme gets in showing off her domination of this poor sissy male to others.  It can be other dommes - but that is simply a mild embarrassment.  Suppose that it's his mother - or a sister?  Even better - a fiancee?  Suppose he is an office manager - and his dominatrix comes into his office some day?  Loads of possibilities here!

Anyway?  Just a thought.


whyguys said...

Hi Bea, come from a different point of view on your keen perception here on today's more flexible definitions for Women and men.

Fortunately (or not?), since my fantasy and fetish scenarios are highly connected to Female Supremacy, the modern social evolution you cite is quite compatible with my vision of male feminization. As far back as a fairly young child in the 1950's, I had experienced rather dramatic tug-of-war in my psyche when confronted with media that portrayed the Female victorious in the then called "Battle of the Sexes". GEEZ... there were dozens of incidents in books, articles, film, etc. that left me in a state of conflicting fear and fascination. (Have not the space or time to mention them here.)

Since early pre-pubescence I have felt the future held a complete and irrevocable reversal of the hierarachy of the sexes. On one hand, the prospect of the male sex being subjugated and feminized at the hands of then assertive and taunting Females filled me with enfeebling horror... but it also illicited indescribable transcendent excitement. The latter experience winning, the concept of Female rule and feminized male supplication on a grand societal scale became integral to scripts of sexual imagery.

The current exchange of status between the sexes in power and persona even seems to me yet further advanced than I imagined it would be up to this point in time. Therefore, the current confusion over roles does not cause me much problem, as the turnabout (Oh how Thorne Smith's novel left me in terror and titillation!) I shall unfold to a FAR greater extent in the next generation or two.

And as far as Women seemingly 'wishing' males be 'manly' enough to accept duties and behavior we once force upon them... I think that simply device making our continued future feminization less painful until it is firmly codified. Be it ultimately for good or for bad, believe me, Females are increasingly overjoyed and ecstatic at the fulfillment They derive from being in control of the social and sexual landscape. This can particularly be noted when examining the lives and attitudes of the most recent generations of Females.

Those 'CHICKS RULE' Calendars' sales are not increasing every year by millions sans reason... and Today's Young Women BELIEVE IT.

Anonymous said...

ooh... the idea of having to hang my (and Wife's) sexy panties on the line is making me tent in mine now... esp. if She is talking over the fence! Nice one!! :) Z