Saturday, March 12, 2011

More Hot Buttons

Got to thinking about what turns a person on.  Initially I was looking at Monica's comment about not getting any 'sexed up' feeling until she talked to her employer;

To my mind, this was a one on one situation, where the hierarchy couldn't have been clearer.  Monica had performed the maid function - and her work clothes had been made evident  She was the servant - performing in a female role - and Tina was her employer.  A domme and her servant.

I'm deep in the closet.  Practically never came out unless I was sure it was safe.  But?  I had built a rather heavy-duty shell around myself.  I was sturdy - not heavy -  red haired, with a matching temper, freckles and blue eyes.  Could hold my booze pretty well (NOT beer!) and enjoyed telling and hearing off-colour jokes.  My wife of many years knew of my predilections before we were married, but it took me many years to realize that my sexual proclivites were all based on male submissiveness.  She was brought up in a working class macho society in the same city as myself.  She'd laugh uproariously when I tried to tell her I was submissive - so I must have been a helluva good actor to say the least.

But two women in my lifetime saw through my act.  One was a saleslady in a California clothing chain called "The House of Nine".  Catered to very small women.  We had no kids at the time and I loved to see my wife finally getting clothes that fitted.  I also enjoyed buying the clothes for her - so was a fairly good customer.
Then one day this saleslady strongly suggested that as I had such excellent taste in women's clothes, I should apply for a job in the store.  Then she gave me a smile.  "I'm SURE we could find a little black dress that would fit you?'

I knew perfectly well that she had guessed, but it was done with good humor and I was able to laugh it off (trembling like a maniac inside though!).

The second wasn't funny at all.  She was a waitress at a well known restaurant in San Diego.  She KNEW!  Knew the moment she set eyes on me.  Kept making double entendre remarks at me - then actually got me off to one side when I was coming back from the mens room.  Told me that she would meet me after work - and she was POSITIVE she knew how to treat me.  Scared the living hell out of me.  I fumbled out that I was with my wife and we lived a fair ways away - couldn't meet her.  She patted my ass as I left her!  Just the thought of her still scares me - and that was forty years ago.

But I was lucky enough never to be put in a position where my masculinity would be put to the test - Pretty sure I would have failed!  Anyone have similar experiences?


Anonymous said...

Bea - I wonder, do you regret not taking the chance in SD to find out what that waitress had in mind? I know that I would lament - as I have for years - the road not taken.

Sandra Silk

Bea's TV Station said...

Are you DAFT lassie?
What I told the waitress was absolutely TRUE - I was with my wife and we were a fair ways from home. She had no way home, except with me. If I'd gone into web that the waitress seemed to be promising? I might not have made it home - and even if I did, my wife would have probably killed me!