Monday, February 7, 2011

A Welcome

I finally had enough sense to cross reference this blog to my web page of stories ( and I see that I'm getting more visitors from there.  If you are new to this blog?  Let me suggest that you go back through the archives to my beginning.  It's not far - I started on Jan 31, 2010.  That way you'll get an idea of what I'm trying to do.
BTW?  Let me try and explain that stupid address.  I HAD a web page - Bea's TV Channel where I had both free stories and others for sale.  MagsInc had published about 65 of my books but I felt that they should take the advantage of Internet selling.  Mark - the publisher - is an extremely nice guy, but even less technically advanced than I am.  I had used Sitebuilder before and changed the title over to what it is today - primarily as a selling point for what I was trying to get across.  Mark didn't buy the idea - and it would cost me more money than it's worth to change it - so THAT'S why the stupid address!

I hope that your team won the Super Bowl.  I support the Chargers.  If I live long enough I may see them win it - hah!  Snorted at that guy raving about how the Lombardi trophy was the most prestigious in the world.  Obviously has never paid any attention to the World cup.

Though I guess that thius isn't the place for this type of oratory.  Only problem?  They don't publish accounts that might interest me.  Fastest Dominatrix?  Quickest sub?


Anonymous said...

I am a huge fan of yours. Glad you are blogging. :)

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