Saturday, February 5, 2011

A new Bishop Cartoon

I thought it time I added another Bishop cartoon - got myself in a real bind because I couldn't find the file - but I got a few.  Then, because the name fitted  - and I loved the spanking mode, I picked this one!  I opted against doing a competition for captions - the last one didn't do as well as I'd hoped - but thank you to all the participants on the previous cartoon!

Ah well!  But this brought up another point - being spanked by a woman - another one of my MAJOR turn ons!

Of course, you know by now that I'm into humiliations - and being spanked - by someone who was often physically smaller and weaker was major in that respect.  (I used to write custom stories for people who had different hot buttons than me - and one of my very best customers always liked to be abused physically by much larger women.  I used to argue with him - saying that it was much more humiliating to be slowly put over the knee of a women - even better if you admitted that it was for your own good - while a few of her giggling girl friends looked on.  He really didn't agree - and went back happily with his giantesses.)

I've got Tammie approved to be an author who can post to this blog without criticism from me.  I just wished she'd HURRY!   I'm sure that you'll like her!


Jessie Pinkalicious said...

Hi Bea!
I just found this lovely place and joined up!
I can certainly understand the enjoyment of being spanked and/or punished by a seemingly weaker (smalled) female - it simply sings to some of my personal desires to be under the authority of a powerful woman! :-)
I might guess that the 'giantess' fantasy's are an adult male version of a boy and his mother... or for the sake of those who do not prefer incestuous encounters - such as myself) a boy and his evil, yet sexually enticing step-mother.
Oh so many unresolved issues leading to so many interesting sexual peccadilloes in our adulthood!

On a side note... I once saw a perfectly awful, and seemingly endless, art film called the secret lives of bees on TV... not the more current the secret lives of bees... and was wondering if either was the source of your name?

Jessie Pinkalicious (aka SissyBee)

Bea's TV Station said...

Thanks for he comment luv. Can't say that I agree with my customers fantasies - I try not to psychoanalyse people - considering tha I'm probably dafter than they are, Hell - I can't even figure MYSELF out! I just try and take people for what they are. (Don't assume that I'm one of those nuts who JUST LOVE everybody, Can't be bothered with some folk!)

Jezebel said...

My favourite is the man who doesn't really want to but reluctantly agrees to goes along with his spanking because he can't see any way out of it. Usually works best in a story where the heroine/victim has been outsmarted or tricked in some way into their predicament.

By the way Bea - have you received my email about the cartoon comments?

Huge Bea fan said...

Girl on the couch: "Mom, I really appreciate this awesome black minidress you let me pick out for my sweet sixteenth birthday party tonight, and I'm glad you're punishing William for trying on my old Halloween French maid outfit, but it'd be even better if you made him serve all my friends while wearing it tonight!"

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