Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mrs. Silk's Chat Room

Some time back I mentioned going to Mrs. Silk's chat room.  I got contacted by a Belinda?  It seems that she'd met me there a long time back - so I asked her for any comments she'd like to make - and the following resulted.  Before I print it though?  Two things.  The first is, I went back to Mrs. Silk's for the first time in years.  My GOD - has it become sophisticated!  The second thing is that Belinda has a lovely blog - which I will advertise to you the minute I know how.  But here is belinda's take on Mrs. Silk's chat room.

Mrs.  Silk’s Chat Room

Imagine  a 24 hour conversation in a room big enough for a hundred people, that goes on year after year.  Like Denny’s always open!  And its been going on…I don’t even know how long.  I think I tumbled upon it more than ten years ago, and soon found late night trysts with a Lovely Domme named SternMom so very exciting.  Lovely??  Well I never saw her.  I don’t know if she was 20 or 70, girl? Boy?.. maybe she was a boy!  At any rate she knew just how to meet me in a fantasy world where She was indeed a Stern, Aunt perhaps and I was a sissy boy who couldn’t keep out of Her things, who got caught over and over.

 There were, over the years, other Mistresses… imaginative Mistresses….  SecretAunty who loved to here every detail of my emasculization,  Sissy’sWife who knew just how sissies without the capacity to satisfy Ladies needed to be treated,  CD_Mistress_Rachel who transformed me into a sissy version of Blake Lively.  So many ways to play.  And the sissies… so many sissies… to share our travails or hardships under the thumb of strict, strict Wives and Mistresses… 

For a long time, when I couldn’t speak my fantasies to others in person, there was this marvelous room, where all my fantasies were permitted, I only needed to find a compatible partner, and words and words and words to express my desires.  At its best it transcended the chat room anonymity, and after a few hours, two souls two secret selves.. touched.  A few times I had IM type relationships that lasted a bit. But we all serve our purposes, and Mrs-Silk was not  It was a place to meet and play and then leave.

And still it goes on.  I am not there very often any more, having found other ways to express my femme self and live my submissive fantasies in the large metropolitan area where I live.  I just checked in as wifespansy. tthere are 40  gender bent Lovelies on as I write this sentence.
Someone wants to know how She made me Her pansy…for this poor sissy has also been weak and now she is her Wife’s sissy hubby.   The stories we could swap…. But for me that is another evening.  There is always someone close at hand to correspond with.

Thank You  Mrs Silk

humbly with a big curtsey

sissy belinda


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Frank LACHER JR said...

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