Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday - First Post

It's Saturday.  Have a few errands, but want to post a few different things so intend to split them up as much as possible - as I'm still almost convinced that I get more comments that way.  But, like it's said "The road to hell is paved with good intentions" so I may not get everything done that I want.

I wanted to start off by complimenting everyone who has been adding comments and suchlike - especially Tammie.  I've been communicating with him/her for over a year now and always been taken by his/her outlook.  I've also asked a few friends of mine (Cross dressers of course) to author posts like Tammie, so that I can get divergence of opinion on this blog.  I can see from a few comments that I'm starting to arouse some interest - and I really want to hear differing opinions and figure that by getting posts from different people I may strike a few chords - and get more comments  Honestly, your opinion is wanted.

I also want to say something about writing.  I wrote a LOT in my day, and have a few anectdotes that might be of interest.

Last?  I want to hit one of my "hot buttons" (I have TONS of them, but even though it's difficult for me to stay on one story line, I find it highly enjoyable to cover things that still have a wee bit power over me.)

But this will do for the time being.  Again, many thanks to all of you that make comments.  Keep 'em coming!


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little_giselle said...

Will there be a Saturday evening post?