Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday - Second post.


Hot buttons - and re-inforcements.  I'd get a hot button, get myself all excited.  Then I'd sort of build on it until I was either bored with the story - had a new one - or felt it was complete.  I never really had a name for what I'm calling reinforcements, but I'm sure that you'll see what I was getting at.

Theme:  Married couple with him kinda weak and facile.  He has a job at home - can be anything - programmer or anything like that.

Original Hot Button:  The wife loves to tease the husband about his "lovely, soft, white, arms".     Strokes them and giggles as he blushes.  She pesters and pesters him that he should show them off - in private of course - just a few times a week?  If he REALLY loved her, he would shelve his macho pride.  Finally, he caves in,  Agrees to wear a blouse that has long transparent, chiffon, sleeves.  (I mean - they don't make anything for MEN that would do this - right?).  Naturally, he's humiliated by wearing this ultra feminine garment.  Makes the mistake of saying so.

1st Reinforcement:  Her weepy accusations that he is just being macho and her cutting off all friendliness.  He finally agrees to try and wear blouses again.  She demands that he wears them more regularly, until it is second nature to him.  Weakly, he agrees.  He now wears his blouse every night.  Sometimes on a week end.

2nd  Reinforcement:  She buys him more blouses - all with the soft effeminate arms.  After all?  What he's wearing has to get dirty and will need cleaning?  He'll need a change of blouses.  Now he's in a blouse every night and finds himself getting sexually aroused by his wife saying how lovely 'he' looks - cuddling him, and stroking his arms.  One of his new blouses has the long sleeves - as always - but ends with flounces that overflow onto his hands.  They also tie at each wrist with pink satin ribbon.  She just LOVES to tie those ribbons into pretty bows for him.

3rd Reinforcement:  She's in a bad mood,  Early one Saturday but wants him to accompany her to do some shopping - adding that she may want to stop off where she buys his' blouses - they're having a sale.  The only thing is, she wants him to wear the blouse that he has on.

4th Reinforcement:  He has discovered that she seems reasonable if he cries - and this is something he can do quite readily.  So he cries, stating that he is STILL too macho for this and it would be terribly embarrassing!  Please let him stay at home?  She takes him in her arms and explains that the shopping will take a few hours.  With him being SO macho?  - he'll probably rip his blouse off minutes after she leaves. He tries very hard to convince her otherwise.

5th Reinforcement:  Reluctantly, she agrees to leave him in the house.  Just one thing?  She re ties the ribbons at his wrists - granny knots now, under his beautiful bows.  He sighs with relief when she leaves.  He knows full well that he is trapped in the blouse.  But what can go wrong?

6th Reinforcement:  Their next door neighbour - her good friend - knocks at their back door - knows he's at home and wants 'something'?  Sugar - milk?  Whatever.  He doesn't know what to do, other than let her in.  She seems to accept that he's wearing the blouse to please his wife - accepts this as perfectly normal.  Though she does sniff when he explains about his wife liking his arms.  "Can't see arms being a big deal, when you have the most GORGEOUS eyelashes that a girl could ever dream of!"

7th Reinforcement:   His wife is delighted when she finds him with mascara'd eyelashes - that have been curled.  She now agrees with her friend (who has stayed) that 'maybe' her husband might be a bit of a sissy.  Sweetly, she asks him  "Are you a little sissy, my dear?"

And I'd say that her husband is now on the slippery path into femininity thnat he so richly deserves.

That was fun!


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say that I've enjoyed reading your story ideas and would love to hear more. x

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