Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A few thoughts

Wow!  I'm getting quite a slug of viewers from my stories page.  Didn't know that people read it much any more.  Feeling chuffed. (For those of you who aren't Scots?  It means pleased with oneself).

But ever since I wrote about Michelle and her giant dommes I've been thinking about my own dommes.  I wrote a LOT and in a few of them, the women were dommes, pure and simple.  Wanted males to be under their thumbs and do as they were told.  But in the majority of my stories, I think the domme that appealed to me most was the one who was (usually) married to a rather ineffectual male.

Now, remember.  I was brought up in a macho society where the women might bitch about their husbands being 'fechless' and worthless, but couldn't do anything about it.  My favorite situation then was one where the woman slowly realizes that her husband is weak willed - and that he can be 'talked' into doing various things - her favorite being him doing housewifely chores.  She can't understand her own feelings of enjoyment at first, but thoroughly enjoys herself as she gradually makes him her 'wife'.  A good part of my fun was having her start to criticise him for his lack of masculinity and ask him to do 'male' things.  When he proves himself incapable of this, she 'reluctantly' has him put on a little more makeup - or wear something prettier - to make him try the task again?

I never was into the whip cracking domme in the nazi cap and boots with spike heels.  Okay - a domme like that would probably be fun?  But I always felt that it would get wearing after a while.  I think that my views must have been shared as I was a fairly popular writer at one time - but I'd love to hear opposing comments.  (Or am I dreaming again?)


Teresa Bowers said...

This is good to know. Everyone seems to want the exact, same, thing only different!

Bea's TV Station said...

You said a mouthful there honey! (Like your icon)

Thanks for the comment - I need everything I can get!

little_giselle said...

I'd be happy to give you an opposing viewpoint, but I agree with you, so I can't. (wink)

Gina Vizavi said...

Wow! I just discovered your blog, Bea. Having been a fan of your stories for quite some time, it's fun to see your posts here. And I simply luv Tammie's pics! Please, do keep up the good work.

Jami said...

I've always enjoyed your stories, though I wished the "pretend" spankings in them were real.

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