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Rose and Jack pt 4

Thank you to those who posted comments I appreciate you taking the time to do so and those who found it interesting. Still am interested to hear people's views so please continue to comment good or bad, as I said it can give me ideas.
This storyline  could have run and run and there were several scenarios that I could have explored but I'm sure if it goes on too long it will begin to bore people. So the next episode will conclude this part and hopefully it will end  in such a way as whoever picks  upte story  will have a clean slate and can introduce other characters.

Time is an issue with me right now so unsure when I will be able to finish it, hopefully within 10 12 days.

Rose and Jack pt 4

Rose watched him as he went about his duties and she knew he was in total shock by his mother’s phone call. She almost felt sorry for him, almost but not quite, he had after all done something quite disgusting with an item of her clothing but this was an unexpected turn of events and being asked to take care of him until his mother’s return pleased her immensely. While the school employed several maids she had been working alone since the dismissal of her friend for an infraction of the rules and now had more than enough to do until she was replaced. For now at least she had a replacement and one who would not question her authority.

Observing the figure that moved about the room she thought he made a very passable if slightly gauche girl but undoubtedly appeared more feminine and attractive than some of the creatures masquerading as girls on campus. Until she had forced him into uniform and applied a little make-up she  hadn’t realised just how androgynous his features were and  thought to herself clothes really do maketh the woman. As he busied himself about the room the thought crossed her mind, minor changes to his deportment, a touch more attention to his make -up, discreet jewellery, perhaps some perfume would make him practically indistinguishable from the rest of the female population.

Jack was so crushed and deflated he could hardly believe what had happened, he thought briefly of running to his room and getting out of these clothes but he had noticed that Rose had locked his door and had hidden the key. Besides she already had what he now realised amounted to a confession of a lewd act which if revealed would have disastrous consequences not only for him but also for his mother. He had no option but to remain dressed – and he squirmed with humiliation at the thought of it - as a uniformed female servant, a housemaid.

He reluctantly set about his tasks and began thinking maybe later in the day  he may try and convince her to release him from this insufferable bondage perhaps if he did an outstanding job  ensuring all her instructions were fully complied with  she may relent, he applied himself to his work with renewed optimism. Moving about the room ever mindful of her watching gaze he tried to convince himself he was just doing household chores but the constant fiddling with his bra straps not to mention the various adjustments he had to make to the other items of his new underwear as well as the air circulating under the skirt of his uniform were a ceaseless reminder of his new status. Just as he was consoling himself with the thought that at least things could not get any worse the doorbell rang. He froze on the spot and his heart began racing, panic-stricken he looked to Rose who unperturbed glanced out one of the windows to see who was outside. Calmly she walked over to Jack.

“It’s Pamela” she said “she’s seen two people through the window so no point in hiding. Now listen to me very carefully. Do not panic, you have seen yourself in the mirror and even you must realise no one would take you for boy, trust me, not even your mother and unless you want Pamela and the whole school to discover your secret do exactly as I say. Continue your dusting and if I tell you to do something, do it immediately. Remember you are a maid and as such will barely register with her. I will deal with this. Understood?”

He couldn’t even reply and just nodded and with his legs trembling he returned to his dusting as she   she walked to the door and opened it.

“Good morning Miss” she calmly greeted this unwelcome guest.

As usual with Pamela she ignored the greeting of servants and got straight to the point.

“I’m looking for Jackie” she said in the disdainful voice with which she usually addressed servants as she breezed past Rose and into the living room.

“I’m afraid he’s not here Miss” Rose replied as she followed her.

“Where is he, girl?” Pamela asked in an arrogant tone.

Rose despised Pamela and most of her ilk for their arrogance, unwarranted sense of entitlement and their disdain for those they perceived beneath them but this position paid well and despite some demeaning condition such as curtsying currently served her purpose so she tolerated her circumstances for the moment.

“I think he may have gone away with his mother Miss” Rose said eyeing Jack.

Pamela was obviously disgruntled by this news and paced the floor. She settled herself on the couch as Jack continued dusting very slowly and afraid to draw breath in case it attracted her attention.

“You, girl” she barked in Jack’s direction.

Jack was terrified, caught like a rabbit in a car’s headlights. Rose who was standing behind Pamela gave him a reassuring look and silently beckoned him to approach and curtsy.

“Yes Miss” Jack mumbled almost inaudibly as he curtsied.

“Fetch me a glass of water, girl” she ordered.

“Yes Miss” Jack said repeating the curtsy and quickly scurried off to the kitchen hardly believing she had not recognised him. Pamela turned to Rose.

“Come here girl” she brusquely said and when Rose stood in front of her added

“What’s you name girl.”

“Rose, Miss” Rose replied curtsying.

Pamela always enjoyed having the maids curtsy to her it reinforced in her the feeling of power and superiority something which she wanted to extend over Jack.

“Yes, Rose of course, when in uniform you all look the same to me. When will they be back?”

“Not sure Miss probably Monday” Rose lied secure in the knowledge that if required she could concoct an excuse for his mother about Jack asking her to lie to prevent bullying from Pamela, Jack would obviously corroborate the story.

Jack arrived back with the water and after handing it to her curtsied again.

 “You may continue with your work girl” she said dismissing him with a wave of her hand.

Jack, weak kneed his heart pumping like a piston returned to his dusting still not quite able to believe she didn’t recognise him. She got up from the couch and turned her attention to Rose.

 “Monday you say Rose, pity I had hoped to catch him here today, not to worry I’ll get him on Monday. Oh that reminds me, I had no maid service since Wednesday and I need my room cleaned for this evening. Be a good girl and drop by when you’ve finished here.”

Rose was entitled to refuse but thought if she did Pamela may raise the issue with the principle and felt she couldn’t risk it.

“Yes Miss” she said, loathing her condescending manner.

Pamela finished her water and after handing the glass to Rose left.

Jack could feel a wave of relief pass over him, Rose sat on the couch and told him to join her and he settled himself on the couch in the appropriate feminine manner (now an almost unconscious act).

“See, I told you she would not recognise you” Rose said smiling.

“I still can’t believe she didn’t see through me.” Jack said and the relief turned to humiliation as he suddenly realised that it was because he appeared so feminine, not a trace of masculinity in his face and his tight girdle and temporary breasts gave him a girlish figure.

 “How long will it take you to clean her room?” he asked hoping he could get an hour maybe two on his own to recover from his ordeal.

“What do you mean ‘you’” Rose replied “I will take you along with me, are you forgetting you’re now a maid?”

Jack paled but he knew better than to argue, he would now have to venture outside and what if he encountered someone more observant than Pamela. The feeling of dread returned.

“You will finish your duties here and I will give you a quick lesson on how to walk like a girl it’s the only thing may give you away so you had better pay attention”

After he had completed his chores Rose gave him his lesson in feminine deportment, touched up his make-up and pushed him reluctantly out the door.

Being a Saturday there were very few people  around as they walked the few hundred metres to Pamela’s building. In the manner of girls adopt sometimes they linked arms as they walked, this allowed Rose to control the movement of his hips, pushing his as she moved hers so they swayed in unison as they walked. His skirt flapped around his legs as he was manoeuvred by Rose towards their destination. They entered the building and were largely ignored by the girls they met, one good thing for him at least about being a servant girl he thought. Pamela lived on the second floor and while she had her own bedroom shared a living room with other girls. Rose let them in and locating the necessary materials put him to work immediately. By now he seemed to instinctively know what to do and as he began dusting and cleaning he noticed she wasn’t supervising him but seemed to be looking for something specific in the nightstand and various drawers. He noticed her smiling to herself and then saw her put something into the pocket of her apron.

“You continue here” she instructed as she left the room “I’ll start on the living room.”

He was making her bed when Pamela entered the room. She ran her finger over the dresser.

“Well you seem to be slightly better than our usual maid” she said “put my nightgown in the laundry basket and fetch a blue silk one from the tallboy. I’m taking a shower, leave out a fresh pair of white panties and matching bra, make sure you tidy away my shoes. Don’t just stand there girl, get to it”

He opened the tallboy and was met with a distinctly feminine perfume and as he searched for the blue silk nightgown a shiver went through his body and he could feel his member enlarge and strain against the firm girdle. Taking the bra and panties in his hands only heightened the sensation and he rubbed his groin through the material of his apron and skirt. He suddenly remembered this is what had caused his predicament in the first place and shuddered to think what would happen if Pamela caught him. He quickly laid her lingerie on the bed and set about carrying out her other instructions.

She emerged from the shower as was just putting away the last pair of shoes.

“You can clean up the bathroom while I get dressed” she said

After he cleaned up the bathroom he heard her call him with her usual arrogance,

“Girl, get in here I need you”

She had dressed in a white silk blouse and a pair of tight black pants. There was a pair of knee length leather boots on the floor beside her. She slipped both feet into them and he noticed that they required to be laced.

“Come along girl, on your knees they won’t lace themselves” she snapped.

He got down on his knees and burning with shame he took her booted foot in his apron covered lap and began the humiliating task of lacing her boots. This was without doubt the most degrading task he had been ordered to perform in a day filled with such humiliations. As he laced his tormentor’s boots she looked down at him and lifting his chin with her index finger casually remarked

“You are a pretty little thing, I don’t think I’ve seen you before but you do look familiar have you attended me before.”

His mouth went dry and was barely able to mumble

“No Miss Pamela I’m new” as he quickly completed lacing the second boot.

“Oh well I suppose all you housemaids look the same when you are in uniform” she said standing up “ but you’ve done such  good job I may request you become my regular maid. Would you like that?”

Before he had time to answer Rose entered the room and announced she had finished the living room and remarked that they were due at one of the staff’s houses shortly.

“Well you’d better be off then” she said and as he left the room she squeezed one of his buttocks causing him to emit a slight girlish squeal.

Jack was grateful that Rose was linking him on the way home as he felt so traumatised after his latest encounter with Pamela he was barely able to put one foot in front of the other. As he reached the door he had a sudden urge to take a pee.

“I really need to use the bathroom” he said with a sense of urgency.

“I’ll come with you” Rose replied “just to make sure you go in the appropriate way”

He looked at her blankly. Now he had to pee like a girl and under supervision. He was in such a hurry he practically ran up the stairs and as he reached the bathroom began the unfamiliar task of removing pantyhose, girdle while lifting his skirt and slip as she watched from the doorway.Mortified  he sat on the toilet  just like a girl with his skirt and slip held over his now naked thighs. After he finished she degraded him further by telling him to wipe himself with toilet tissue.

“Just like real girls do, now fix yourself and wash your hands. I really should get you pantyliners” she mocked.

He again struggled with the pantyhose and girdle and when they were in place arranged his skirt ensuring the lace of his slip was not showing beneath the hem of the skirt.

Rose fixed a light lunch for which he was grateful as he had worked up a decent appetite throughout the morning. He asked her again if she would consider allowing him to wear his own clothes but she was quite firm on the issue.

“If you keep pestering me I will get very annoyed and make it even worse for you” she threatened him and he dropped the issue.  For the rest of the afternoon she found various other things for him to do, laundry, ironing, showed him how to prepare the evening meal. She told him as she was staying the night she would have to collect certain items from her apartment but was sufficiently confident that he could not change back to his clothes and could not run away either.

“I’ll be back soon, if you feel like it you can go out to the backyard” she smiled knowing stepping outside was the last thing he would do. His silence confirmed his preference for self- imposed confinement.

As she left he continued with his work hoping she would see he hadn’t been slacking and despite what she had said she would relent at some stage. In the course of carrying out his tasks he had to pass the floor length mirror and while he struggled against the urge to look he found himself in front of it and if he needed confirmation as to why he hadn’t been exposed as a boy, the feminine face and figure in front of him left him in no doubt. He was a now girl and a uniformed servant girl at that and under the firm control of his mother’s maid.

Rose arrived back after a short period with various bags.

“Kept busy I hope, got dinner under control like I showed you?” she said.

“Yes Miss Rose” he said reverting to servant mode.

“Excellent I knew you would make an ideal maid. I’m going upstairs to take a shower I’ll let you know when I want you, now carry on with your chores, nothing worse than an idle servant girl.”

He returned to the kitchen to finish preparing dinner as instructed and  when he finished that afraid of what she meant by her last remark busied himself tidying the living room. It was while doing this that he thought he heard the tinkling of a bell but thought he must have imagined it. A few seconds later he heard the same sound but a little louder and it continued with a second or two interval between rings. He followed the sound upstairs into his mother’s room where Rose sat on the bed in a full length burgundy satin dressing gown with high quilted collars. He noticed a black dress on the bed next to her.

“This is your evening uniform” she informed him “take it to your room put it on and then come back here”

This uniform was quite different to the one he was wearing. It was black velvet with white cuffs, high neckline and had a tight skirt. He had to take very short steps when he walked. When he had put it on he returned to his mother’s room where she was waiting for him. She held out a new apron, a much more elaborate affair into which she put him and pinned an equally elaborate cap on his head.

“Your housemaid’s duties are over for the day. For the evening you will act as my lady’s maid. I’m sure it will make a pleasant change for you” she said in such a way that he felt she thought she was doing him a favour and was required to respond accordingly.

“Yes Miss Rose, Thank you” he said and curtsied.

“I think it’s better if you address me as Madam” she corrected him “and I’ve been thinking I can’t keep calling you girl if you’re to be my personal maid, Jack is out of the question and I really don’t think Jackie is a suitable name for a lady’s maid, much too informal.”

Not knowing what to say he thought he’d better agree with her.

“No Madam” he replied.

“Good girl, I thought Elizabeth would be a appropriate name for such a position, suitably feminine don’t you think”

“Yes Madam” he said, knowing if he disagreed it would only make things worse.

“Well Elizabeth, I need to dress before dinner, as my lady’s maid you will assist me. Fetch me the pink satin slip I’ve laid out on the bed” she instructed as she slipped of her robe to reveal a curvaceous body encased in a white satin open bottomed corselette, black stockings attached to its six garters    “Now get on your knees and hold it out while I step into it.”

He struggled in his tight uniform to his knees and for the second time that day he knelt before a woman in a servile position. As she stepped into it she instructed him to pull it up her body and over her extended arms. Performing this task he could not help but touching her magnificent body sending spasms of pleasure throughout his body.

“Make sure the hem is falling correctly” she said.

He dropped to his knees again and tugged gently at the lace hem on the slip. The feel of the satin in his fingers and the sight of the material stretched tightly over her womanly body caused sensations he had never before known to well up in his tightly girdled groin. As she looked down on him their eyes met and he felt she could read his mind.

“As a further gesture of your repentance Elizabeth, you may kiss the hem of my slip” she said softly.

He placed his lips against the hem of her slip and kissed it gently, knowing this act of submission placed him fully under her authority.

After she had allowed him to his feet she surprised him by lifting his skirt and feeling the growing bulge between his legs.

“I think you’re beginning to enjoy your life as my maid Elizabeth” she looked him in the eye without letting go.

 Flustered and embarrassed by his wayward member he apologised.

“I’m sorry Madam I couldn’t help it” she blurted almost crying.

“Quite all right Elizabeth, the life of a lady’s maid is new to you” Rose said gently as she slowly seated herself on the bed and widening her nylon covered legs, added “there are a few more things to need to learn if you are to perform to my satisfaction. Or maybe that should be for my satisfaction. Nevermind. Now down on your knees, my sweet.”

“But what about dinner Madam” he asked

“Later, my girl I think I’ll have my desert first.”


To be continued.


Anonymous said...

Thankyou Carrie P. This is a fantastic story, it is getting better with each episode. I wonder whether Pamela does really know who this new maid is, but is pretending she doesnt so that poor Jack(ie) continues to suffer. Will he be made to become Pamela's personal maid and then also have to serve others in her horrible gang? He does deserve to!

rocketdave said...

Yikes, unless I'm mistaken, it seems as though Jack is about to be plunged headfirst into what I assume is his first sexual experience. I was not expecting that... not that I'm complaining.

Given that Jack is presumably very inexperienced in dealings with the opposite sex, it does seem to me that a bit more emphasis could be placed on his embarrassment and/or excitement at certain situations that could be perceived as potentially erotic. An example of that would be in the previous installment when he had to change in front of Rose. Obviously he's embarrassed, but he doesn't seems quite as reluctant or shy about this as I think someone of that age and nature would be in that circumstance. But maybe that's just me.

Anyway, I liked this chapter and appreciated the inclusion of Pamela. When Bea had proposed this project, I'd voiced reservations about the logistics of weaving a cohesive narrative. I'd pictured a potential train wreck of various authors writing at cross-purposes, but it does make more sense to me if each contributor follows this formula and tackles different, relatively self-contained aspects of Jack's life.

It will be interesting to see how long it takes for this to form a complete story. Again, I wish I could contribute, but I can't think of what I'd add and I find writing to be a very painfully slow process that I probably don't have the time to attempt right now.

Anonymous said...

This is getting to be a great story, one of the best ever on Bea's station. We're loving the Rose and Jackie (or Elizabeth) relationship and we adore the one between Pamela and Jackie. If Jackie/Elizabeth does become Pamela's regular maid, how long can it be before she realises who this maid really is? Or does she know already and is teasing him by pretending she doesnt? And what will happen when Jack's mum returns? This could make a really great film, with oscars all-round, especially to Carrie P for the screen play.

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