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Kammi's Serial

 Sorry it has taken so long for this chapter. I have been busy with a new consultant job that id taking a lot longer than expected. Enjoy!


It was planned that the last two years for the scholastics would also be a finishing school for them, preparing them for leading positions first of all in college and graduate school and eventually in their chosen careers. They would all be poised, mature, outgoing ladies, ready to take on the world. They would have learned to give orders to their male counterparts in the vocational school. It was also recognized that Roseville would not be able to provide all of them the high level positions they were trained for so these ladies would become “missionaries” to spread the gospel of female supremacy all over the country and eventually the world. The “good old boy” network would be replaced by a far more cohesive and effective ladies network. Lin Lu hoped that she would see at least the early start of this new world order in her lifetime.

Lin Lu and Rose along with Mildred and Amos, sat in the VIP section of the seats, along with Headmistress Taylor-Newcomb, the mayor and other town and state dignitaries including the governor (all of whom were females) to watch the first graduation from Dryfuss Academy. She took great pride watching the procession of graduates, the Scholastic pupils in white gowns with a gold cap and the Vocational pupils in pink gowns and mauve caps. Clearly, she thought, the scholastics had an air of class, poise, and maturity that the vocational kids did not, nor probably any other high schoolers in the state. And why wouldn’t they with all the hours of tutoring and personal attention they had received? Only two boys were graduating with the scholastics, the others had not been able to keep up with the challenging curriculum and so had moved over to the vocational wing. The two boys that made it could not be picked out in their group and only a very intimate examination would prove they were males. From their perfectly coiffed hair to their polished toenails showing in their open toed 4” heels, they were all female. Both had begun hormone treatment when they became seniors and also had breast implants, all at their own and parents approval. Both planned on full SRS when they became twenty-one.

Lin Lu flashed back through the last six years since the school opened. Yes, there had been conflicts and mistakes but all had been ironed out successfully. As she had hoped, all of the scholastic pupils were accepted to either Ivy League colleges or other top rated institutions, most with generous scholarships. Most of the vocational pupils had well paying jobs waiting for them in the fields of their choice. As planned, the school had become self-sufficient as far as office clerical work and janitorial services with the seniors doing all this work as part of their course requirements. Outside maintenance and landscaping was included. The cafeteria was now operating with only one paid staff member while the culinary pupils handled everything. The cosmetology and domestic arts department actually made money for the school.  For a small fee, towns people could get their hair done in the salon and drop off  their laundry to be washed and pressed with minor repairs included. It was a win/win situation.  Her life was happier than she had ever expected. She tuned out all the boring speeches – female politicians were just as bad as males when they got a microphone in front of them – and reflected on how her personal life gave her as much joy as her school and business did. Except when she was travelling, which was a necessary evil for her, she mad sure she was home every evening by 5 pm. Rose would be waiting for her in a crisp, very feminine dress enlarged by several layers of petticoats. Rose loved the “Donna Reed” show and emulated the star. Her hair would be beautifully set in a short, curly style and her nails would blend in with the colors of her dress, all this courtesy of her personal hairdresser and nail stylist, her brother Brad. After a long kiss and hug, with tongue action galore, she would flop down in her favorite easy chair where Rose would present her with a  martini in an iced glass. Her wife would kneel and remove her shoes – always six inch heels for work – and massage her feet. Lin Lu would close her eyes and let the cocktail ease the tension of the day. Soon, she would feel Rose reach under her dress and unsnap her garters and roll her nylons down her legs. She would sigh and moan as Rose would suck her toes and lick the bottoms of her feet. Rose would inevitably – the woman never learned – let her hands wander up Lin Lu’s skirt and try to get under her panties. Lin Lu would slap her hands and tell her “not now dear, and you’ll be punished later for being naughty”. After a half hour or so of this game, Lin Lu would go upstairs where Rose would follow and undress her and escort her to a steaming bubble bath and  sensuous bathing. Though she knew it was terribly improper, she would don only a satin robe to wear to dinner, wonderfully prepared and served by Brad. While eating, Rose and Lin Lu would share the events of their day. Once dessert was finished, the ladies would return to the den where Lin Lu sat back in her easy chair and Rose once more knelt before her. Lin Lu always had several business calls to make but took the edge of that unenjoyable task by letting Rose have her way between her legs. Rose did everything possible to bring Lin Lu to an orgasm while the latter struggled to maintain a professional demeanor with the person on the other end of the phone. Rose always won at least once but if the calls were long, two or three were not unheard of. Business over, they would cuddle on the sofa and watch television or listen to music. But first of all, Rose would do a slow strip tease in front of her “husband”. Wearing all the accoutrements of a woman of that era – dress, petticoats, slip, girdle, stockings, bra and panties – this could take fifteen minutes or more. Once finished, Rose would immodestly sashay across the room wearing only her high heels and go upstairs to put on a sexy nightie. The clothes she had shed would remain on the floor for Brad to pick up later. By the time she had returned, he would have finished clearing the dinner table and cleaning the kitchen. Once Rose was seated, Brad would stand behind her and set her hair on curlers, something Lin Lu never got tired of watching. While the ladies chatted, Brad was ignored as he expertly  wound her hair on over thirty brush rollers then finished off with a tightly drawn net of whatever color he had decided was a match for Rose’s nightie.

After Brad was dismissed to finish any chores that needed to be completed, Rose would lovingly brush Lin Lu’s long hair while the latter sipped her glass of wine. Her curling iron would be placed on a table to heat up after which Rose would make fifteen or more ringlets in her lover’s hair. Both of them would be purring by the time it was finished. Then it was off to bed. Rose would lay back and watch Lin Lu attach her strap on and then gently push the personalized  ivory penis into her pussy. She did not need any lubrication, she would always be sopping wet by now. It did not take long for her to climax. Lin Lu would remove her penis and let Rose kiss and lick it. It was then time to sleep.

This ritual was repeated almost every night unless Lin Lu was travelling or either one of them was sick. There was a once a month exception. Rose could never persuade Lin Lu to have sex with her when she was having her period, though the reverse was not true. For Rose, this was the time she was the horniest so the logical thing was to have Brad perform. Rose had long ago got over the taboo of having sex with her brother. Brad was good at what he did. Rose never had less than two orgasms for those several days. And Lin Lu participated, in her own way. With Brad bent over Rose’s pussy, Lin Lu would attach the largest dildo made and fuck Brad. He would make a muffled scream at the penetration, even though Lin Lu was generous with the KY jelly. While Lin Lu reamed him, she would roughly fondle his balls, and squeeze them if she was in the mood. Brad would scream again. However, he too would always climax at this sex game. At the end of the night, he would be sore but happy.

“Have fun with Brad tonight, my love?” Rose asked Lin Lu after one such session as they lay in bed together.”

“Fun? I don’t think I’d call it that. Nor was it lovemaking either, if you’re thinking that way. No, what I do with Brad is plain fucking him up the ass. As I think about what he did to you, which I will never forgive nor forget, I take some satisfaction as I drive that monster dildo up his ass as forcefully as I can. I am fully in charge and he is at my mercy. Funny, though, he manages to cum every time.”

For the most part, Brad was enjoying his new status. Yes, it hurt like hell when Lin Lu squeezed his balls, either for punishment or on the monthly occasion when he went down on his sister. Yes, he had felt terribly humiliated going from being the top dog in town as the president of Dryfuss Enterprises to being a servant at home and the resident hairdresser at his workplace. From dominant macho stud to a submissive sissy was a long way down, or so it would seem. But Bradley had these same tendencies growing up with Rose and his mother. It took him a long time to accept the fact that he had enjoyed those times tremendously and had willingly subjected himself to their control. Picturing his mother elegantly dressed and coiffed for a date at the opera was a fond memory, realizing that he was the one that had made her gown, painted her nails, applied her make-up and created the stunning hair do she wore. Once he realized that that had brought him the happiest times of his life, he allowed himself to love his new role. Not only did he become a very good hairdresser, he loved doing hair and was so meticulous preparing a style. He also loved giving the sensual massages to his clientele as he had so lovingly done with his mother. As his women became more relaxed around him, they looked forward to Brad’s fantastic massaging of their breasts and for the more daring, the excitement of his tongue in their pussy, even on “those days”.  Giving manicures and pedicures excited him also, though more and more these were being done by his apprentices, except for his “special” clients. Same for laundry services. He mostly just supervised his boys washing, folding, and ironing employees clothes. But again, for his “special” women, he insisted on ironing their luscious silk and satin blouses and pressing the pleats on their skirts and dresses. And he loved dressing them in these specially handled clothes. Still, his favorite activity was shampooing, setting, and styling their hair. Even after ten years of doing this on a daily basis, he still got tingly feelings in his stub of a penis. And though it was nice to have one of his boys do his hair, he much preferred to set his hair himself and enjoy the feeling of the rollers pushing into his head while he slept.

All the ladies knew that Brad was a man, despite his very feminine appearance – clothes, make-up, heels, painted nails and, of course, his elaborate and perfectly styled hair do’s. Initially, there was some hesitation accepting him as one of the girls, especially what he could, and couldn’t do when he gave his excellent massages. Most kept their panties on and a few their bras too. Slowly, that all changed until all were comfortable lying on the massage table nude. But there was still one barrier.

‘There you are, Miss Lorraine” he said to a vice-president as he placed a net over her roller set. “Ready for your massage?”

“Ah, maybe not today, Bradley, I’m not feeling well. Just put me under the dryer.”

“Oh, anything I can do to help, I have all sorts of magic potions for almost anything that ails you.”

“Nothing that can help my problem, I’m sure. I’m having my period” she said, and blushed.

“Cramps, Miss Lorraine?”

“Yes, bad ones.”

“Don’t you know that a good massage is the best thing for cramps? Come on, let me help you undress and get you on the table.”

“Oh, I’m not sure, I really feel messy and, well, dirty.”

“Once more, I have a cure for that too. A wash and rinse – new napkin and a sweet douche. How about it?”


“Yes, really – money back guarantee. Okay?”

Lorraine nodded and Bradley began unbuttoning her blouse. He soon had that, her skirt and slip, and her bra, girdle,  and stockings in a neatly folded pile. He left her panties on, for now.  She still looked very uneasy as he helped her get on the table. She lay on her stomach. Brad began his firm, but soothing massage of her back, shoulders, and legs using a scented  hot oil. Feeling her begin to relax, he reached under her panties and rubbed her warm cheeks. That done, he asked her to roll over and he did the same on the front. Sensing she was totally relaxed by now, he removed her panties and added them to the pile. She did not protest. He firmly massaged her pelvis and she began to purr.

“Oh my, that feels so nice” she said softly.

There was a little stiffness in her body when he unclipped her sanitary napkin from the clips of the belt but when he ran his open hand around her pussy she moaned. Once he was sure her resistance was gone, he slowly put his middle finger into her vagina.

“Okay?” he asked.

“Yes” she answered.

Five minutes later she climaxed.

He put his finger in his mouth and said “Delicious”.

She lay there with her eyes closed and a smile on her face while Brad got a small towel and soaked it in hot water. He cleaned her up. Next he walked her to the bathroom and asked her to sit with her knees spread apart. He inserted the nozzle and opened the valve to allow the warm liquid to squirt into her canal. He began to move it in an out and all around until he saw her close her eyes and smile. Just as the bag was empty, she had another orgasm. Brad wiped her again and attached a fresh napkin to the sanitary belt. He helped her into a warmed terry cloth robe and escorted her to the dryer. While she was under he rinsed and dried her panties and ironed them along with all of the rest of her clothes. By the time she left the salon, she did not have a trouble in the world. She kissed Brad on the cheek and said “I’ll be back, sweetie. Thank you”.

It was inevitable that a man would earn an employee of the month award, entitling the recipient to a day at the spa. The first male winner earned the honor for a particularly creative and beautiful embroidery design for a new line of Dryfuss lingerie. Having no idea he was a man, Brad welcomed him to the salon. The company made no distinction between men’s and woman’s uniforms – they all wore pink cotton, front buttoned dresses, white tights, and black shoes. Hair was expected to be neat and styled. Ronald, now wearing a name badge with “Ronni” embossed on it, looked like any other woman in the place. Brad could not wait to get his hands on Ronni’s hair. It was shiny, healthy hair but terribly styled, in Brad’s opinion. Chatting as Brad washed his hair, he learned that Ronni was new to town and lived alone. At his supervisor’s repeated comments about “doing something with your hair” Ronni let it grow longer than he ever had and set it on rollers every night but admitted he was not very good at it. Brad spent the time to show him how to properly roll his hair, making him do it several times until Brad was satisfied. He suggested the proper type of roller to use and the best setting pattern. Once set and netted, Brad escorted him to the massage table, instructing him to undress and lie down on his stomach. Brad turned away and prepared the hot oil he would use. After spending twenty minutes or so on the back side he suggested that Ronni turn over. He asked if this was necessary and Brad said “absolutely, I’m not letting you out of here half done”.

Ronni turned on the table, making sure that he pulled the towel over his private parts. Brad admired the small firm breasts and began massaging them. Ronni moaned. When Brad turned to work down his torso, he noticed out of the corner of his eye that something was making the towel tent. It did not take a genius to know what was causing it. Brad nonchalantly lifted the towel and dropped it on the floor. Sure enough, a hard six inch or so cock was standing straight up. Despite all his sexual experiences over the years, Brad had never touched a man’s penis. But it was his job to serve his customers in any fashion they wanted.

“Did you want a complete massage, Ronni?” he asked as he gently took hold of the penis.

Ronni blushed and hesitated before answering softly “Yes, please, if you don’t mind.”

“As you wish.”

Brad put more oil in his hand and spread it over Ronni’s prick and balls.  The latter breathed deeply. He softly rubbed up and down the prick and around the balls. Brad could tell Ronni was getting excited. It only took a few minutes to reach a climax. Brad picked up the towel with one hand while he continued to stroke the slippery prick and caught the cum in the towel. Ronni’s whole body twitched before he deflated like a balloon.

“I think you liked that, didn’t you?” Brad asked. The answer was obvious from the contented look on Ronni’s face. “I did too. This was my first time doing a man.”

“Me too” Ronni whispered.

Brad finished the massage rubbing Ronni’s legs and feet before seating him under the dryer. Ronni was in awe after Brad styled his hair in a very attractive way. He found himself hard again.

“Hurry back, sweetie”, Brad said as he opened the spa door after Ronni was finished his treatment.  Ronni gave Brad a quick kiss on the cheek. Brad responded by taking Ronni in his arms and planting a mushy kiss on his lips. They both blushed.

After Ronni left, Brad paused and looked at himself in the mirror. “Yes indeed, life is good!”


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