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Just a couple of things before the next instalment.

I hope he doesn’t mind me mentioning this  but perhaps readers should know Bea is experiencing some serious health problems at the moment and is undergoing heavy duty treatment so may not be in the best shape to make his usual contributions. But hopefully he has turned the corner and is starting the road back. Hurry up you cranky old Scot, we miss you.

Thank you to the people who took the time (and had the patience to persist) in posting comments and  who found the story interesting. Like Bea I have found it difficult to post comments, I think the trick is to sign in just before you post and this is not always visible in the window as displayed, you have to expand it. Anyway I really appreciate the comments. I’d like to clarify a point one commenter made regarding adding to the story.

Rosie and Jack are only one part of Bea’s concept which involves a wider female community by which Jack can be subjugated and this is my take on one member of that community – Rose - and her developing relationship with our hero/victim. I think in order to allow others who want to contributr/develop their storyline it’s probably best if I confine my bit to Rose and Jack (although I have an idea for a cameo appearance from Pamela in the next episode)  and I also think it’s important that what’s happened is their little secret so others can develop the story and Jack’s character  independently if they so wish.

The last contributor to the story – Bea -  has suggested that there will be a party. My part of the  storyline takes place before that so when this part ends (there is at least one more episode, if readers are still interested) maybe the story continues from there but the only people who are aware of what has preceded the party are Jack and Rose. Having said that I don’t think this should stop people from posting their own story line.

Shit! I hope that makes sense.

This kind of stuff may not to everyone’s taste and I could be boring the shit out of Bea’s readership  but I am interested in what people think good or bad. If readers find this storyline interesting, enjoyable, or just plain crap please let me know I’m not precious about it but feedback can give me ideas to develop it  or tell me where I’m going wrong.

Again thanks for taking the time to comment I really appreciate it.


PS I will finish this but not sure when next instalment will be, could be a week to 10 days.
Rose and Jack Part 3
Jack was still reeling from what had just happened he cursed himself for his bad luck. Why didn’t his mother tell him Rose was arriving that morning, why did he have to fantasise about Rose at that moment? Why, why, why, it made no difference now, he was in deep trouble and was dependant on Rose not exposing his secret. He had little time to think about this now Rose had made it clear that she wanted the room cleaned to her satisfaction and as his new attire aptly demonstrated, she usually got what she wanted.  
He tried to remember what Rose had shown him a few days previously, how to make a bed properly, dust all surfaces not neglecting the corners and difficult nooks and crannies, tidy the dressing table, he feared he was bound to forget something. As he scurried about the room trying to focus on the task at hand he was forcibly reminded with every single movement of his new feminine clothing. All his senses seemed to have been heightened. The hair clips holding his maid’s cap in place, the gentle rubbing of the soft pantyhose as he walked, the bra tightening across his back when he bent over, the restriction of the girdle stretched tightly over his stomach, the soft sensation of the slip in caressing his pantyhosed thighs, the tightness in his claves from the unfamiliar height of his heels.  The ignominy that all these were his mother’s was bad enough but his ultimate humiliation he felt was his imprisonment- for that is what it was -  in the capped and aproned uniform of a housemaid. Despite his best efforts he could not avoid catching glimpses of himself in the mirrors throughout the room. He hated to admit it to himself but  the reflections he saw in the mirrors bore little resemblance to a teenage boy, the figure moving about the room was undoubtedly that of a young uniformed servant girl her skirts swaying slightly with her every movement. He forced himself to snap out of these thoughts and concentrate on his work. Hopefully he could get through his chores in an hour or so and then he would be able to discard these degrading clothes. He had learned the error of his ways and resolved never to make the same mistake again.
 “Have you finished girl” he heard Rose’s raised voice as she approached his room for her inspection. He forgot for an instant the he was the “girl” to whom she was addressing her question. He recovered just as she entered the room. He noticed she had taken off her cap and apron and now looked more like the school matron than a maid.
“Yes Miss Rose” he said.
“Aren’t you forgetting something” she said giving him a bemused look.
He suddenly remembered and somewhat embarrassed, gave her a hurried curtsy.
“Are you reluctant to curtsy, girl, think it’s beneath you is that it?” she said in a stern voice.
“No Miss Rose, I’m sorry I forgot, it won’t happen again” he pleaded.
“Very well as you are new to service I’ll allow it to pass... this time.” she said “Now let me see if you have remembered what I taught you last week. Stand there with your hands held together in front of your apron. It is the pose properly trained maids adopt in the presence of a superior.”
He stood there as she had ordered bristling at the subservient stance he was forced to take while she inspected his work, first the bed then she ran her finger over various surfaces checking for dust, and examined every part of the room. Finally she finished and turned to him.
“Not bad, a few things need improving the dresser could be tidier, the pillows should be plumped more but we can work on that.”
He didn’t know why but he was so relieved he gave another curtsy.
“Thank you Miss Rose” he said and suddenly became aware of the instinctive and submissive nature of the gesture, he could feel himself blushing. Not to worry he thought, just something to keep her happy for another hour or so, but he was grateful that she smiled rather than barracked him.
“Much better my girl. I think you could make an excellent housemaid given the proper training and supervision” she said looking at him as if requiring a response.
He was both surprised and horrified by this remark and while he felt like asking sarcastically  if she was joking, he thought this would only antagonise her and felt  the best course would be agree and move on to the next task.
“Thank you Miss Rose” and curtsied, hating himself and wishing this would end soon.
“Ok let’s move on we still have a lot to do. We’ll start downstairs.”
He followed her downstairs the sound of their heels seemed to click in unison as they walked. This was the longest distance he had walked so far and was becoming less fearful of stumbling in his new shoes and also more aware of the way the skirt of his uniform swayed as he moved. She told him to begin in the kitchen, first sweeping the floor then loading the dishwasher, clean all work surfaces and a plethora of other tasks. She supervised him all the while pointing out errors here and there, he was kept so busy that he barely thought of how he was dressed.
As she watched him set about his work Rose smiled to herself as occasionally he would reach inside his uniform to adjust his bra or the straps of his slip just like a  girl would do. Once she almost laughed out loud as he unselfconsciously tugged his girdle back into place as it rode up the cheeks of his shapely behind. How very feminine of him she thought. After he had completed his various tasks she told him he could take a break for a cup of coffee. He was glad of the break, he wasn’t used to all this work as these were chores his mother usually performed. She poured the coffee as he sat down.
“Not like that” she corrected him “when sitting in a skirt a girl smooth’s the back of her skirt with her hands from her bottom to the backs of her knees so she won’t bunch her skirt and keep your legs together at all times. Now let me see you try it again.”
He did as he told and got it right first time, much to his surprise.
“Much better” she congratulated him “now that we’re on a break and you haven’t sulked you may revert to calling me Rose, but once you resume work it’s Miss Rose. Understood?”
“Yes Miss Rose, I mean Rose” he said thrown by this turn of events which was exactly what Rose was aiming for.
Now that they were sitting as equals he mustered enough courage to broach the subject of when he would be allowed revert to his male clothing, the thought of his mother catching him dressed like this was proving a major worry.
“I know I’ve done wrong Rose and I’m ever so sorry” he began “and like I said it won’t happen again.”
“I’m glad to hear that” she interrupted him.
“So after I finish cleaning can you forgive me and we can go back to being friends, if there’s anything else I can do I’ll do it.” he pleaded hoping this current humiliation would be sufficient punishment.
“Well I was very upset, it was a horrible thing you did and I think you still owe me but I haven’t  given much thought as to how you can make it up to me but as you have shown remorse for now I’ll settle for a written apology” she offered.
“No problem but can I change back into my old clothes, my mother is due back this evening and I obviously don’t want her to see me like this” he said.
“Lucky for you she’s coming home otherwise I would have insisted you remain as you are for a much longer period. Now that would go a long way to making amends. A pity ” she said and produced a pen and paper from a drawer and dictated his apology.
It was very embarrassing for him to write it down he barely took notice of  the words  “I apologise blah blah… disgusting behaviour, blah blah... no excuse blah blah, and on it went, but he was just so relieved at  getting her agreement for him to revert to male clothing  he couldn’t get it down and sign it fast enough. Without out reading it back he handed it over to her feeling it worth the price, another hour or so and he would be free and out of these humiliating clothes. She read it and smiling carefully and folding it placed it in her bra.
“That will do nicely” she said now let’s get you back to work, the living room needs vacuuming, the vacuum cleaner is under the stairs. But first follow me” she said as she strode into the hallway and stood in front of the large mirror.
“Come here girl” she commanded.
Obviously the break was over he said to himself as he stood beside her in front of the mirror.
“You must check yourself regularly in the mirror to ensure your cap and apron are in place and your slip is not showing. No harm to check your lipstick is touched up also.”
She fussed over his apron and cap adjusting them slightly until she was satisfied and showed him how to check his slip wasn’t showing. Then she handed him the tube of lipstick and showed him how to apply it himself. This was even more demeaning but at least not long to go now he thought and suffered in silence. She told him to keep the lipstick in the pocket of his apron for future applications and gently touched up his hair she stood back to admire her handiwork.
“You make a much more attractive girl than boy” she observed casually.
From the glimpses he caught of himself upstairs and now in front of this mirror he knew she was undoubtedly correct about his girlish appearance, it was difficult even for him to detect a hint of masculinity from his reflection. He was both fascinated and repelled to think his maleness disappeared in the space of an hour or so.
She smiled and added enigmatically “You know, some women prefer that kind of thing.”
He could feel himself blushing at her compliment but didn’t know what to make of her other comment.
“Well run along girl the floor won’t vacuum itself” Rose said dismissing him to perform his next task.
He vacuumed the room with her as ever supervising him and when he had finished she ordered him to polish the various surfaces. Five minutes into this the phone rang. Rose answered it. Jack could obviously could only hear a one sided conversation.
“Swanson residence, oh hello Madam, yes I got here shortly after you left. No, he’s being a very good girl…. sorry, boy, I’m so used to seeing only girls here.” Rose was smiling at Jack who had stopped his polishing and was listening intently to the one sided conversation wincing when she referred to him as a girl. The conversation continued.
“Oh sorry to hear that, is everything all right?….yes I understand Madam …. that’s no problem at all, of course I don’t mind, no, I have nothing planned at all. Yes he’s right here.”
She smiled as she handed him the phone. “Your mother would like a word.”
As he took the phone he noticed her place her hand inside her bra and take out his written apology, glancing at it in a casual way.
He took the phone and knew what was expected, he immediately became even more embarrassed as he spoke into the phone -if that was possible- of the way he was dressed, knowing he was wearing her lingerie made the embarrassment almost unbearable. He tried to sound as if everything was normal.
“Oh hi Mum, yes Rose is taking care of me” he lied. Rose watched him and smiled as she detected his black pantyhosed knees wobble slightly.
“But Mum I can take a bus there” he almost pleaded down the line and after a few seconds of listening in silence he handed the phone back to Rose.
“Yes Madam, of course it’s no bother. I would only be too happy to look after him until you return. Good bye Madam.”
She turned to Jack who seemed to be in a state of shock.
“Well it seems Miss Strang has had to be admitted to hospital for tests, just precautionary of course but your mother felt she’d better stay and Miss Strang is so grateful for the company. As she told you she wants me to look after you until she returns. Could be a few days, now won’t that be nice” she said with a smile Jack had come to dread.
Jack could barely believe what had just happened, Rose hardly meant to keep him dressed like this until his mother returned.
“But I can wear my own clothes after I finish the housework Rose? It’s what we agreed.” he asked in a voice almost pleading for a positive response.
“It’s Miss Rose my girl, you’re forgetting your place.” she said in an authoritative voice but continuing quietly “I think we both know the answer to that question. Now come sit here on the couch and I’ll explain.”
Patting the space beside her she motioned for him to sit beside her. He walked over to the couch and without even thinking smoothed his skirts the way she had told him and keeping his knees together sat close to her. Rose noticed this with a deep feeling of satisfaction but said nothing. He could feel the tears welling up at the prospect of spending an extended period dressed not only in feminine clothes but as a uniformed housemaid. As he sat she gently patted his thigh and said in a conciliatory tone,
“There, there, no need to be upset my pretty one. Now if you remember I said I didn’t think a few hours helping me dressed as you are would be a sufficient repayment for the horrible thing you did and it was horrible. Maybe this is an opportunity to wipe the slate clean and we can start afresh, if you are obedient, defer to me in all things, and conduct yourself in an appropriate fashion until your mother returns then I’m sure we will be even. I really think that’s fair don’t you.”
He knew he had no choice as his mother had already placed Rose in charge until her return and she held his signed apology or what now seemed like a signed confession. He bowed his head and sighed,
“I suppose so”
“That’s a good girl” she said and rubbing salt into the wound added “after all it really is for your own good. Isn’t that right?”
He nodded but she persisted and repeated the question, saying
“Now let me hear you say it”
“Yes Miss Rose. It’s for my own good” he said fighting back the tears, realising his feminised humiliation would not end today.
“Good girl, now back to work, you still need to finish your dusting”
“Yes Miss Rose” he said as he submissively returned to his housemaid’s duties.
to be continued



Anonymous said...

Carrie, your sub-plot is getting better and better! It is so well written, with delightful detail of exactly how Jack feels at each stage of his well-deserved ordeal. Rose is now in total control of Jackie and we can't wait to see how she handles the situation during the next few days while Jackie's mother is away. Will she continue to train Jackie so that he becomes a perfect housemaid? He certainly looks like being more use to the school in this role than any other.

Carrie P said...

Hi Anon
Thank you for you kind comments I really appreciate it. I just hope the next one meets your expectations. I've made a start on it but I think the difficulty will be to maintain the tension between them.


Anonymous said...

Look forward to next instalment and to see how Pamela reacts when she sees Jackie in his new role. Hope she appreciates having an extra maid there to do her bidding. Shoulf get interesting when Jackie's mum gets back...

Anonymous said...

Carrie I cant wait to see how you develop the next stage of the Rose and Jackie story which is one of the best I have read. Will jackie become a full time maid and like it so much that she wants to stay in this role? I would if I was Jackie.

kraftty said...

Love the story,Carrie. Looking forward to more chapters. Thanks Paull