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Kammi's Serial



Brad finished the massage rubbing Ronni’s legs and feet before seating him under the dryer. Ronni was in awe after Brad styled his hair in a very attractive way. He found himself hard again.
“Hurry back, sweetie”, Brad said as he opened the spa door after Ronni was finished his treatment.  Ronni gave Brad a quick kiss on the cheek. Brad responded by taking Ronni in his arms and planting a mushy kiss on his lips. They both blushed.
After Ronni left, Brad paused and looked at himself in the mirror. “Yes indeed, life is good!”

For Amos & Mildred and Leon & Agnes, life was good too. They were now a tight knit, loving family of four. They also watched the graduation with much pride, especially Mildred. The past seven years had been busy but rewarding too as she helped draw up the initial charter for the school and then was actively involved running the school through her role as chair of the board of trustees. Agnes too had played a part by taking over control of the house the four lived in. It was a running joke between the two women about how difficult it was to ensure that their husbands carried out their responsibilities.

“Would you believe I had to put my book down and get out of my chair four times today to put those two in order. They’re worse than children” Agnes had complained had complained to Mildred one day.

“Oh, you poor dear, how awful” she answered sarcastically, “would you like me to spank them?”

Agnes realized the ridiculousness of her whining and laughed.

“No thank you, that’s my job, and I love it.”

Amos delivered the invocation for the commencement. He wore his new robe, pink satin with mauve lace trim – the school colors - on the sleeves and hem. Contrary to the robes he had worn all his life, this one ended just above his knees thus showing off his shaved legs and sheer taupe stockings. He looked much taller in his six inch heels. Leon had done a lovely job with his hair, as he had also done for Mildred and Agnes, arranging it in a neat, tight bun with a gold bun net. Amos was no longer shy about people seeing his pearl earrings and necklace, modest make-up and bright red fingernails. It was true that Mildred had literally beaten him into this acceptance. His prayer was sincere and emotional without a hint of brimstone. The ladies wore identical pink mohair suits, made jointly by Amos and Leon. Their posh hairdo’s were Leon’s creations, now the proud graduate of Elegant Beauty Acadamy. Amos had helped, of course, in his position as shampoo boy. They looked smashing.

The boring speeches made this quartet reminisce just as Lin Lu had. Mildred glanced over at Lin Lu smiling in the sunshine. They were now best friends, and lovers. There had been tension at first when Mildred confessed her relationship to Agnes, who was now also her lover. Lin Lu had come up with a solution. She set up a “girls weekend” at a mountain resort for the four of them: Lin Lu, Mildred, Agnes, and Rose. By the time the weekend was over, Agnes and Rose were lovers too. They scheduled a monthly time away and were very faithful maintaining it. If you had set up a chart of the relationships, Lin Lu would be on top and Mildred just a little below. Agnes would be on a line under Mildred, and Amos on the bottom. For Lin Lu it would be Rose and Leon. All recognized and respected the positions of each other in this chain, and no one ever considered stepping over to the other side. Agnes adapted Rose’s style, dresses with full skirts and petticoats, hose and heels all the time, as well as permed, tight set hair styles. The men wore what their wives told them to wear, no questions asked. Real men’s clothing was almost impossible to find in stores in Roseville, though some die hards smuggled trousers and white dress shirts and ties from surrounding towns. Mildred allowed Amos to wear tight pedal pushers for outside work like mowing the lawn or washing windows but otherwise he was now always in a dress or skirt. The concession for the pedal pusher did nothing to make him look even slightly masculine – the two he had were pink (of course) and mint green. His tops were tight fitting so that his bra outline was easily seen, and more often than not, Amos had his hair in curlers when he did his chores. Leon fared no better.

In only a few years the foursome had melded into a loving, respectful, and very happy family. The men accepted the fact that they were now the wives, doing all the things a wife of that era would do. Housework most of the day, a little time to get themselves beautiful for their husbands in the evening, and preparing and serving wonderful meals three times a day. The house was constantly spotless, laundry always up to date, and the husbands sexually satisfied their wives every evening. Mildred was the most sex driven. She would often take Agnes’s hand and lead her to her bed for a screaming, orgasmic roll in the hay and then order Amos to join her in her own bed to for another round. Nobody made any attempt to hide what they were doing anymore. Sex was no different than eating – something necessary and enjoyable.

The men had taken much longer to become intimate than their wives. Yes, they often cuddled on the sofa at night, watching TV. They French kissed freely when they said good night to one another. But neither was anxious to go any further, despite their “husbands’” encouragement. It seemed that they were even scared to be alone on nights when the ladies went out together for one event or another. Often, Leon would say that he had some ironing to do in the basement laundry room. (The men had created a darling, feminine looking room downstairs that Agnes had laughingly labeled their workout room, with a heavy emphasis on  “pumping iron”. ) Amos would often join him. They had matching iron boards and irons and worked facing each other. Most evenings the men changed into their nighties after cleaning up the kitchen and tonight was no different.

“Can you help me with this, Amos?” Leon asked, holding up a new, heavily ruffled blouse that Agnes had told him she wanted to wear the next day.

“Sure, just give it to me and I’ll do it” Amos answered cheerfully. He was the undisputed ironing king, having been taught by an expert, Mildred’s mother, and had many, many more years of experience perfecting his skill.

“Thanks, but I should learn to do it myself.”

“Well, then let me show you. Iron hot?”

“Yes, all set.”

Leon spread the blouse across the board and picked up the iron. Amos placed himself behind Leon and put his hand on Leon’s which was holding the iron.

“We’ll do it together, hon, just this first time. Now, treat each ruffle as a single piece of cloth, keeping it apart from the others. Use just the tip of the iron and tilt it so that your are not putting creases in the rest of the blouse. Boy, this sure is pretty but it’s also a finger burner.”


“Well, first of all this fabric is so delicate you have to be super careful and then getting the iron into all the little nooks and crannies is almost impossible without touching your fingers as you spread the ruffle apart. See how I use two fingers to flatten the ruffle? Now let’s be slow and gentle.”

As Amos guided Leon’s hand, little by little he got closer until he was almost wrapped around Leon.

“Gee, I guess you’re glad to see me, big guy” Leon said in a poor imitation of Mae West.

“What do you mean?”

“Your cock is almost up my ass.”

“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry, Leon, I was concentrating so much on ironing I didn’t notice. Please forgive me, I feel so ashamed” Amos said as he pulled back.

“Hey, I’m not complaining, Amos, and now I’m disappointed that you weren’t planning to give me a good time. By the way, I’m hard too. See.”

Leon had set the iron down and took Amos’ hand and placed it on his hard cock. 

Leon!” Amos shouted, “what are you doing? Did you really think that I was going to, ah, ah, like, ah…”

“Fuck me? Is that what you are trying to say? Come on Amos, we have been good friends now for several years. No reason we can’t have a little fun together.”

“But, but, I’ve never, ah, done anything with, ah, ah, a man.”

Amos was obviously distraught  dealing with this subject. So distraught that he had not taken his hand off Leon’s cock.

“So why are you still holding on to me? ‘Fraid I’ll run away?” Leon asked and laughed.

Amos took his hand away like he had been holding a burning stick.

“Did you really want me to, ah, f…, ah, stick my thing in you?”

“Yes, I did, and I do, but I see you have lost your erection. Let’s get the blouse finished and we can talk. Okay?”

“Yes, sure Leon.”

As soon as they got back together and Amos was guiding Leon’s hand, he felt himself get hard again. And it did not help when Leon began to grind himself against Amos’ cock. They eventually finished ironing the blouse. Leon held it up for inspection and remarked how pretty it was. He hung it on the clothes rack then turned back to Amos. He placed his arms around him and pressed hard against him while he pushed his tongue into Amos’ mouth and began a very passionate kiss. Amos could not help himself, he responded in kind. With just their flimsy nighties between them, each felt the other’s hard cock with their own.

“So, big fella, want to go all the way?” Leon asked in a very seductive voice.

“Ahm, not tonight, okay? I’m not sure I’m ready for this. Maybe another time?”

“Sure, okay, I certainly don’t want to force you. But I do need to thank you for helping me with the blouse. Agnes will be so thrilled to see how nice it turned out.”

In what seemed like only seconds, Leon had dropped to his knees, lifted the hem of Amos’ nightie, and put his mouth around his cock. He was licking the tip with his tongue by the time Amos could recover from the shock of what was  happening.

“Oh Leon, no, please, you don’t have to do this. You know I love to iron pretty blouses and that’s what got me aroused. Oh no, aagh, that feels so good, please stop” Amos protested feebly.

Leon just mumbled something incoherent in response. It was not easy to speak clearly with a cock in your mouth. Amos’ actions spoke louder than words. He had placed his hands on Leon’s curler covered head and was pressing hard. Leon couldn’t have pulled away if he wanted to. It took only a few minutes for Amos to spurt his load into Leon’s mouth. He then leaned forward on the ironing board. He was breathing hard and for a moment Leon was afraid he was having a heart attack.

“You all right?”

“No, I’m not. I’ve just had the most wonderful experience of my life. Of course I’m not all right. Does this mean I’m a homo?”

This time it was Leon that wrapped himself around his friend and kissed his neck.

“No, you’re not a homo, nor am I. I believe the proper term is bisexual. It’s not bad, is it? Ready for round two?”

“Oh no, no way, you’d kill me. Come here sweetie, I need a kiss.”

They embraced and kissed softly. Amos could not resist putting his tongue into Leon. Though Leon had swallowed, there was still some residual cum in his mouth.

“That tastes different” Amos said after pulling back. “Not quite sure if I like it or not.”

“It’s an acquired taste, hon, you need to do it a few more times to know for sure.”

“Tease! I know one thing I do have an acquired taste for, that single malt scotch in the liquor cabinet. Come on, let’s celebrate.”

“That sounds  just like the mouth wash I could use right now. Lead on Mac Duff.”

They sat in silence on the couch for a while, arms around each other’s shoulder, curlered heads touching, sipping the scotch. Finally, Amos broke the ice.

“Forgive me if I’m being nosy, Leon, but have you done this before?”

“Oh yes, many times, I just love a good scotch.”

“Bastard! You know what I’m talking about.”

“Oh, did you mean have I had sex with a man before? Yes, I have.”

“Are you going to tell me about it or am I going to have to squeeze it out of you?” Amos asked as he put his hand around Leon’s balls and tightened his grip.

“Ouch, that hurts. Okay, okay, I’ll tell all. You can leave your hand there but please be gentle. Yes, I’ve had sex before, many times, but almost always with the same man, Butch, or as he’s known now, Andre. We started when we were only thirteen and the last time was when he gave me a perm, six weeks ago.”

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