Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Reports of My Death (etc, etc.)

I'm back for a little while anyway.  I'd very much like to thank anyone and everyone who have contributed to this blog in my absence - you guys have been absolutely TERRIFIC.

But something has been bugging me - and I wanted to address it just now.  Lucky Girl - Anon?  I see that you've been adding a lot to Jack's story - but as comments?

If I may suggest this to you and any other possible contributors?  Write me and give me an address to e-mail to - and I'll make you an approved author for this blog. Seems to me that your additions should get a far wider audience than will see your comments, and I'm sure that most of the readers on this blog will agree.

My address is :

Hugs to all of you


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Lucky Girl said...

"Back to School", the latest sequel to the tale of Jack at the Stuyvesant Academy for Young Ladies, will soon be part of the blog following Bea's kind invitation to Lucky Girl to be an approved author. Watch this space for the next part of the adventures of Jack, Jackie or Elizabeth.