Sunday, January 27, 2013

Yeah, yeah, YEAH!

 Thank you Carie and Belinda for writing your additions to the story - bloody marvelous! - just what I wanted.
I didn't make any plans before, as I didn't know if anyone was gonna participate before, but I have another thought for a humiliation and if I wasn't so bloody lazy I'd add it right away.  As it is though, I'll mull it over - THEN?  What I'm gonna try and do is merge everything that we have so far into a more cogent narrative.

That will NOT end the story - more pieces will be up for grabs and I'll probably add them every few weeks (If I get any).  But?  For goodness sake - won't somebody else take a shot?

Another point.  I DID try to add comments to both of those additions.  What a ROYAL pain in the arse that is.  Don't know about anyone else - but I couldn't read those stupid characters worth a shit.  Gave up in disgust.

So?  Girls, CD's, Transvestite, Cissies?   - Whatever - keep those bits and pieces coming!



1 comment:

rocketdave said...

Gasp! You can't read the characters Bea? Then how do we know you're not a robot?

Seriously, I don't find those things the easiest to decipher either. Sometimes it takes me two or three tries before I get it right.

...Like right now, for instance. This is my second attempt at posting this comment. Let's see if I get it this time.