Friday, January 18, 2013

A Wee Bit of Fun?

Some of you readers who have been with me since the beginning of this blog remember that I often talked of 'Hot  Buttons'?

Well, I was talking of things that I used to have.  Being pretty damn old and taking meds that discourage such sexual things?   I didn't have them any more. Then, a few mornings back?  Lo and behold!

But then I had another thought.  Suppose I started this off with my original idea - then let you readers see if I missed anything?  Maybe add your own?  Thought this might be fun.

I'll set the stage and a few of the characters.  Then?  I think I'd like segments only - and you can either use one of my characters?  Or bring in one of your own. Just use the same format.  

We can go on for a long time. If I get any responses, I'll keep it going and re-publish what we have fairly regularly.  If I get no or low response, I'll drop it.  Okay?

Approved authors?  Add as you will.  Others?  Write a segment and mail it to me as a Word attachment.  Either that or add it as a comment?  Whatever turns you on.  Okay?

There's all sorts of relationships here. Jack's relationship with a dithery mother - a stern housemistress - strong willed female teachers - classmates, maids. 
There's scads of possibilities.  Jack being asked to participate in a school play - band?  What will he have to do with restrooms?  Does he ever shop with - or for classmates?  How about Gym Class?

Anyway?  I Leave it to you for fill in.  

PLEASE? I'd love to get comments on this idea!

*     *     *

TITLE  (Any Ideas?)

HERO: Jack Swanson.
Fourteen year old.  Quite small and slight of build.

Gail Swanson:
His mother. She's a drama and music teacher.  Kinda feminine and dithery.

Miss Savage.
A Social Science teacher.  Does not care for the male sex.  Fairly large and athletic.

Miss Strang.
Principal of the school - Stuyvesant Academy for Young Ladies where Gail and Miss Savage teach,  She is also a part owner of the school,

Clean teacher homes.  Clean school house buildings.

Stuyvesant School for Young Ladies.
A fairly small school, where the students are, mostly, young women.  Most of the pupils stay in school dormitories, though some day student come to school from a nearby town.  There ARE a few male students, either because their mothers were graduates or, as in Jack's case - the children of teachers who also stay inside the school boundaries. There may also be a few male teachers but they are treated as if of no consequence

*     *     *



Just got me a BOY this year.  Seems to be a spindly little bastard.  I've met his mother.  She's quite pretty - and might be interesting.  Is the new teacher of Drama and Music.  I'd been told that the boy was coming  so introduced him to the class this morning.  Immediately saw some interest spark among the girls.  A real, LIVE, boy!  Could prove to be some fun, showing him up.

Oh grief!  Mom hasn't listened to me forever.  Her head is all filled with the idea that she now has landed a JOB!  On top of that, the school gives us a nice apartment, and even sends up our evening meals.  She doesn't seem to understand  that it's really strange for a boy to be in such a feminine environment.  It's not that I ever complained about how poor we were, she just seems to have it in her mind that we're next to being in heaven!  Money in the bank.  Nice living.  All of that shit!

I mean to say? By age group I'm probably the middle or lower third of all the regular pupils - but most of them tower over me! I've never pretended to be any kind of macho, but already I'm getting signs that some of the girls want some kind of macho behavior from me - then get auras of disappointment when I don't come through.  It's not MY fault!

Take my introduction into my Social Science class.  Here's this damn Amazon of a teacher, a Miss Savage, big and blonde.  Towers over everybody - yet wears high heels I noticed.  I never did a goddamn thing, yet I get the feeling that she doesn't like me at all.  She seems to think that I'm some kind of horny male, yet how can I tell her that she scares the hell out of me?

She has me stand up in front of everybody  "This is Jackie Swanson."  She says, all smiling and blinking her eyes.  "He is the daughter  . .no, no, I'm SO sorry," she murmurs as some of the girls start to giggle about me.  "Stop it ladies!  I'm just so used to girls in this class that I forget that there is a male sex."  She bares her teeth at me.  "You DO forgive me Jackie?".  She turns to the class again.  "He's the SON of Miss Swanson, your new Drama and Music teacher."

Here, I made my first mistake.  "Miss Savage?"
She turned and glared at me malevolently. "Get it into your head Jackie, that I don't like to be interrupted.  But this time?  What do you want?"

I gulped and could see that my fright had been noted.  "Miss Savage?"  My voice was getting tinier by the second.
She was getting louder.  "I asked you already!   WHAT?"
"Please Miss?  My name is Jack and . . ."
A cloyingly sweet expression crossed her face.  "What darling?  You don't like the way I say your name?"  The sarcasm simply dropped from her.  I felt like a rabbit in front of a snake, but although my teeth were chattering in fright I managed to stammer out.
"No Miss..  It's just like I don't really  ... really  . care for . .care for ..  being called Jackie. my name is Jack."

She blinked theatrically as she turned to the class.  "His name is Jack - J  A  C  K.  Yet he gets perturbed if I call him Jackie - a perfectly masculine soubriquet.  Now?  You take Jaqueline Kennedy - one of the greatest women ever provided by the United States of America.  Feminine beyond belief.  Yet, did SHE object to being called my a man's nickname?  Don't think so.   Yet?"  She turned back to me.  "YOU have a problem with that name?  Do you wish to complain formally?  Want to tell the headmistress of my terrible treatment How mean I'm being?"

"N . N . .No.  Ma'am" I stammered.
She gave me the falsest smile.  "Very good Jackie.  Now sit back down.  I know that you have to lower yourself to be in amongst a group of girls, but that's all that we have.  Now?  SIT DOWN - if you don't mind?"

Oh dear! Jack is a loving boy.  I just wish he would see things from MY point of view.  Surely he saw poverty at our door?  Surely he sees how wonderful it is for me to have a real, WELL PAYING job?   With lovely meals - and some maid service for a lovely house?

I'd thought and thought of how lovely it would be - and here, on the very first day, all he wants to do is complain about Ms. Savage calling him Jackie!  Right now, I'm sure I could think of worse names for him.

I mean to say!  I spoke to Ms Savage just an hour ago.  She feels that Jack has deluded himself to think along macho lines - and should be brought back into a more reasonable frame of mind.  PERFECTLY REASONABLE!

I saw the hurt on Jack's face when I told him that I agreed with Ms.  Savage.  But what's a mother to do?


rocketdave said...

Sounds like what you're proposing is an exquisite corpse. Just the little bit here makes me wish you were writing the whole thing, Bea. Apparently you still have a few good ideas in spite of the meds. The only potential downside I see is, if you've different authors taking turns with the text, there's a chance of the story being steered in wildly different directions. Then again, if the storyline is kept fairly consistent with what is normally to be expected from a Bea-style story, I don't see multiple authors being much of a problem after all.

As for titles... hmm. Let's see... Jack Swanson, Miss Savage... "Swanson TV Dinner"? "Jackie O-M-G"? "Savage Love"? Okay, sorry, those are all terrible.

Anyway, I hope this idea manages to draw some interest.

Anonymous said...

I thought at the start that this could become a fun story and I'm not disappointed. Thanks to Carrie P who's created some very entertaining and amusing scenes. Looking forward to Ms Strang and Ms Savage wielding their power, it doesnt look good for Jack(ie) but I guess he will just have to put up with whatever is in store for him. Maybe he'll find a suitable role for himself...

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