Thursday, January 24, 2013

Untitled Pt 2

I will take a shot at writing an installment of the story.  I would like to introduce another character.  Her name is

Pamela White.   A tall athletic blond girl from an upper class home, that is one the students in some of Jack's classes.  She is quite lovely so Jack is a bit smitten.  Unfortunately for him,  Pamela likes to lord it over certain types of boys....


On his way to school, the second morning,  Jack was not looking forward to Miss Savage's class, that was for sure.  She certainly had a way of intimidating him, and seemed to enjoy it.   As he was going up the stairs to enter the school, he saw a group of girls, and noticed one in particular.  She was tall, with a hint of womanly development under her school uniform.  (All the young women at Stuyvesant wear white blouses, with plaid skirts just above the knee, and grey school blazers.)  It was that girl who first noticed him as well as he ascended the stairs.
"Look girls its Jackie,  Hi Jackie"
How he hated to be called that.  He was frowning, and now they were all coming towards him.  Four girls all his age with the tall blonde one in the lead.
"Going to Miss Savage's class,  Jackie?  I'm Pamela.  We are all in her class too."
She was right in front of him, standing an inch taller than him.  Grinning at him.  He frowned back..
"I prefer to be called Jack, if you don't mind."
She continued to grin at him.
"I thought that Miss Savage had settled that yesterday.  You didn't argue with her.  So.. are you going to insist that she call you Jack?"
She said Jack in a deep voice, and then she and the others giggled.  
Well he didn't want to incur that She-Devils wrath again, but he also didn't see why the whole school had to call him Jackie.
"That doesn't matter I want you and the others to call me Jack."
He was surprised by what happened next.  Pamela reached out and grabbed his ear and pulled on it, almost knocking him over.
"I don't think so Jackie.  WE all like jackie just fine, not so macho man, and you aren't a macho man are you jackie?"
"Oww  stop pulling on my ear,   don't touch me..  Stop!"
He realized he was whining, but it did hurt.  He probably should have pushed her back, but well He was sort of a couch potato and this girl was strong and she was bigger, and you weren't supposed to hit girls anyway.
She continued to pull, an evil grin on her face.
"Oh is Pammy hurting you Jackie... say Please stop Miss Pamela and I'll stop"
Her friends giggled joyfully.
He was fuming, and in a few minutes he would be back under Miss Savage's watchful eye, and acid tongue.
"Please stop Miss Pamela"..  he mumbled...
" Jackie.. I can't hear you...."  she sing songed
"Please stop Miss Pamela"  he practically shouted it.
"Ah that's better Jackie!"    She let go of his ear, and holding his cheeks with both hands gave him a kiss!
Blushing he lowered his head.  I need to get to class..i don't want to be late.  I will see you there..
But She wasn't quite done with him.  Holding his hands now.. holding him there, as her friends pressed around him.
"You see Jackie.  This is a girls school, and girls have the power here.   You need to be nice and polite.  Isn't that right ladies?"
Laughing they all agreed.  He continued to blush.. speechless.
"I need to get to class." he finally pleaded.
We are all in the same class jackie.   You can sit in the back with us.  We'll protect you if Miss Savage is mean."  She chuckled.
"Now here take my books, like a good boy."
She handed him her books, before he could say a word.  If he hadn't taken them, they might have fallen on the steps.
"You can be in our group today jackie..  We have our own table at lunch near the windows.  You can sit with us.  Get to know the girls.  You'll love us we are such fun!."
He wasn't sure about that at all.
"I thought the boys here probably sit together.  I was thinking....."
" I dont think they do jackie.   There are so few of them.   Anyway, we have chosen you.  You will be our friend.  You will like that.  Won't you?"
"Yes Miss Pamela."  Now why had he said that..His mind screamed no..but She was so bossy.  He had difficulties opposing bossy girls.  It was like she sensed it.  The way a cat senses the movement of the mouse as she plays with it.
He entered Miss Savages class with the girls, following Pamela.. so he could place her books on her desk.  As he did that,  she indicated the desk in front of her.  That was where she wanted him to sit.  One desk was as good as another so he did as she indicated.
Settling into his seat, he saw Miss Savage had noticed there entrance.  From the front of the room, She looked at him with a look that could only be described as a smirk.


Anonymous said...

Interesting story. I visit your site now and again looking for more of "Bishop's Cartoons " . At least I think that's the name. Jackie /Jack had better watch out ; these girls are not done yet. Now having read this part , I am going to look for the beginning parts. Hopefully you have them. Please continue with this tale.

rocketdave said...

Hey Flygrl,

More of my art can be viewed at

rocketdave said...

This collaborative effort if off to a better start than I might have dared imagine. A very worthy continuation to the first part. I hope to see more installments soon.

Anonymous said...

Rocketdave, it has not just got off to good start but I see is still going, if you look at the Rose-Jack installments and also the back to school comments. I canot work out were it is going next but certainly is getting interesting.

Anonymous said...

Its over a year now and its still continuing with the heroine of havisham hall now as well, Pamela seems even bossier now and as for Jackie, he is very different now isn't he (or she!)

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