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Kammi's Serial



If an honest pole could be taken, the result would have shown an overwhelming increase in kissing in their town – women kissing men, women kissing another woman, and men kissing men. And they were all enjoying their new found freedom to express their emotions. The same pole would reveal that from a zero percentage to slightly thirty-one percent of men now were having their hair set in curlers, either by a wife, girlfriend, daughter, or even a son or by another male. Coincidentally, much the same number would admit to wearing pretty nighties to bed every night. An even larger number would say that they regularly did the laundry and ironing and some would even say they enjoyed it. But the greatest number on the chart would reveal that men in this town now considered themselves to be subservient to a woman, whether a boss at work or to their wives and girlfriends and again, many would agree that they liked it that way.
Yes, the revolution had begun and was moving swiftly to becoming a town that was 100% ruled by women. Concurrently, the happiness level, of both males and females greatly exceeded that of any town in America.
Lin Lu was ready to make a move toward her final goal, one that would be truly unbelievable.

Dryfuss Enterprises showed a steady growth of over 20% each year for the past ten years, an amazing feat in any business. Lin Lu credited this to her team and all her loyal employees. Quality control was at the top of the company’s goals. Sweet, mild Lin Lu would go berserk if she found a defect in any of her products and the responsible party, almost always a man, was chastised  in the cafeteria before all employees. A second offense resulted in dismissal. Granted, the defects were far less now than ever before which Lin Lu attributed to the increased number of boys enrolled in Home Ec in school where they learned to use a sewing machine, the backbone of the company.  There were even several boys in the high level embroidery department where they used their skills for the exclusive custom lines of bras and girdles.

The increased growth naturally necessitated an increase in the number of employees which in turn boosted the town’s economy with more housing, stores, and the service industry. Everybody knew that this newfound wealth, in a state with high unemployment and chronic financial problems, was all due to the success of Dryfuss and the CEO, Lin Lu. The town’s population had grown by 50% and the demographics told a very revealing story. Almost all of the new professional level positions were filled by women. The word was out all over the country, and abroad too, that well qualified female lawyers, doctors, engineers and MBA’s could find employment here whereas they were still pretty much shunned by the male dominated rest of the country. These women were all well educated, cultured, and, of course, in control of their lives. Before they were hired in any field or starting their own business, Dryfuss had, one way or another, control of the situation. The lesbian population increased significantly and was welcomed. Any family moving into town was carefully vetted to confirm that the wife was truly the head of the household and knew that the husband, if he choose to work, which was discouraged, would be in a low level job with little promise of rising much above that level. Janitors, bus drivers, laundry workers, waitresses, etc. were almost exclusively male and part time so that they could also attend to their work at home. All of this was carefully spelled out in the Newcomer’s Handbook which was sent to all prospective additions to the community. The head of the household – and it better be a female – signed the “pledge” which stipulated that they would always maintain their superior position at home and so would their daughters. While not spelled out, anyone with only a minimum of common sense could figure out that all boys would be in an inferior position at home, at school, and in their future employment. The picture album accompanying the handbook, with the aid of very carefully prepared captions left no doubt at all of what any prospective newcomer could expect if they moved to this unique town. Shots of a row of patrons sitting under hair dryers, some in dresses, some not, read “Men’s Night at the Beauty Parlor”. Another, the “Men’s Class”, showed a group of twenty people standing at ironing boards, iron in hand. A group of photos titled “A Day in the Life of a Househusband” showed men pushing carts in a supermarket, examining dresses in a clothing store, hanging the wash out on a clothes line, or serving in a restaurant wearing short skirts, aprons and cute little caps pinned to their hair. In contrast, a number of other pages were titled “Women in Charge” and showed pictures of well dressed and groomed women sitting at desks with their titles – president, CEO, owner, director, principal, etc. – prominently displayed. The police and fire chiefs appeared in their respective uniforms – both pink, of course.

Lin Lu now had both “capital” and “capitol” to proceed with her dream – establishing a school that would produce future leaders (female) and followers (male) to expand and continue the town she had created. An historian would label her a dictator, but would qualify the term by adding “benign”. She could control almost any aspect of life. And most surprising, very few people ever left this “queer” town, male or female. Most would describe their place of living as Utopia. There was not a single objection when Lin Lu had the town council take down the old, plain signs at the entrances to the town and replace them with large, somewhat ornate pink signs with mauve lettering that proclaimed “WELCOME TO ROSEVILLE, A FEMALE LED COMMUNITY”.

Lin Lu and Mildred had become close friends and met for lunch every week, always in the luxury of Dryfuss Enterprises’ executive dining room. Most times they were alone, but on occasion Lin Lu would introduce a team member or some new employee to their meetings. Mildred loved being a part of this enterprise as she learned of new products or ideas being considered. Lin Lu had included Rose to one of their luncheons. Lin Lu introduced her as her wife to Mildred’s shock. Lin Lu explained the whole arrangement with Rose and Bradley and how she had set up the mock wedding to Brad.

“And he’s your husband?” Mildred asked, trying to make sense of this peculiar situation.

“In name only. Here at work, he’s my employee. He does a very good in the spa and he loves his job. At home, he’s our maid and does a good job at that too, though at times he does need to be disciplined, like last night.”

“Can I ask what he did and how you punished him?” a very curious Mildred asked.

“He scorched my panties with the iron because he was not paying attention but he won’t do that again. I took away the television in the laundry room.”

“So that was his punishment?”

“No, not really. While Rose prefers to cane him when he needs to be corrected, I like to be more personal. I make him get naked and take him out on the porch. I put cuffs on him and attach the chain to a hook near the ceiling. That way he has to stand on his tippy toes. Depending on the severity of his offense, he will remain in that position for one minute up to five. I place a timer on the shelf that he can see. Then I give him a very loving massage.”

“You give him a massage?” a puzzled Mildred asked.

“Not a full massage, my dear. Just his balls, which are a mite tender. I just love to hold one in each hand and squeeze as hard as I can for the allotted time. Oh dear, does he squeal. I’m sure the neighbors must hear him. Poor dear has never made it to the full five minutes yet. He always passes out before that.”

“Oh my gosh, Lin Lu, that’s so cruel” Mildred said.

“It’s nothing compared to what my dear brother put me through, Mildred. You and I should have lunch together some day and I’ll tell you all the sordid details of my past, if you can handle it” Rose said softly.

Mildred saw the tears rolling down Rose’s cheeks.

“Yes, I’d love to have lunch with you Rose. It’s time we got to know each other better.”

The two hugged and Mildred took the initiative to kiss Rose on the lips after she had wiped her tears with her hankie.

The beginning and end of their lunches were always private. That was when Lin Lu and Mildred took a few minutes to be intimate. The long, passionate kisses at their first luncheon were repeated but had expanded to some light petting. Mildred loved holding Lin Lu’s small, firm breasts in her hands while Lin Lu developed a passion for Mildred’s buttocks. On one day, feeling particularly daring, Mildred did not wear a girdle, shocking for that time. She waited for Lin Lu’s reaction after her office door was closed and locked. The usual exploration of her ass by Lin Lu’s hands stopped suddenly. She broke off their kiss and looked at Mildred with eyes popping out of her head.

“What’s the matter, dear?” Mildred asked innocently.

“Nothing, my dear, absolutely nothing” Lin Lu replied with a smile and went back into their embrace and kiss.

Mildred felt Lin Lu’s hands again explore her bottom only now there was a lot of squeezing, and she liked it. She stiffened a little when she felt Lin Lu’s hand under her dress rubbing her panties. She let that continue until Lin Lu put her hand inside her panties and touched her bare skin.

“That’s enough” she whispered to Lin Lu.

“Why, my dear? What’s the difference between rubbing a wispy piece of silk and your smooth, warm skin?”

“But I know where you’re headed, you slant-eyed vixen” Mildred said and softly bit Lin Lu’s lip.

“Did you think I was going here?” Lin Lu said and in an action too fast for Mildred to stop, Lin Lu had her hand inside the front of Mildred’s panties and had put a finger into her very moist pussy.

“Oooh” Mildred purred, “damn you, that feels so good. Please honey, we can’t do this” she said but made no attempt to remove Lin Lu’s finger which was now moving in and out of Mildred’s love canal accompanied by Mildred’s sighs.

For perhaps the first time I her life, Mildred had lost control. She hugged Lin Lu tightly and pressed her lips tighter against Lin Lu’s. Nothing more was said until after Mildred’s body shaking climax when she felt herself almost melt into Lin Lu’s arms.

“Bitch” Mildred whispered into Lin Lu’s ear before reluctantly pulling away from her.

“Me a bitch? Who’s the whore that did not wear a girdle?”

“Well, I won’t let that happen again. Maybe I’ll wear two girdles next week.”

“Go ahead, I love a challenge” Lin Lu said with a smile on her face. “Let’s eat.”

Over a delicious quiche with white asparagus and the most delicious wine Mildred ever tasted, Lin Lu laid out her plan for a new school in Roseville. She had formed a special ad hoc committee to do an extensive study of this project. Local, state, and federal laws were scrutinized to make sure that what they planned was legal. Fortunately, the country had not yet got to the point of the “tyranny of the minority” which would raise its ugly head in future years. A proposal to replace the traditional yellow pencils with green ones would not have then created the outcry something as silly as this  would cause later. The courts still dealt only with real, life changing issues while trivial suits were thrown out quickly. The town charter was re-written to allow a private concern to build and administer a new public high school. There was considerable precedence for this elsewhere. The population explosion had resulted in crowding of all the schools and a new high school was badly needed. With Dryfuss Enterprises providing full funding for the building of a school, the town council had no hesitation allowing the project to go ahead.

“I have already acquired the land” Lin Lu said with great excitement. “Over 100 acres north of town bordered by the river. It is a beautiful site, Mildred. Can you imagine a state of the art building with big windows and plenty of outdoor walkways? A bright, cheery place that kids will love to go to. The teachers will be the best in the world and will turn out the best educated pupils in the world. No expense will be spared, now or in the future. There won’t be any interfering, self-serving school boards to interfere nor tight-fisted voters to limit funds. Would you like to be a part of this, Mildred my dear?”

“Me? What would my role be?”

“The school will be run by a board of trustees, controlled by me, of course, and I would like you to be the chairwoman. You have a master’s degree in education and you are an excellent, forward thinking organizer. I’ve kept close track of all you’ve been doing in town over the last few years and you deserve much of the credit for all the changes that have been made. Almost as much credit as me” she adding teasingly.

“Bitch! Remember, I’ve had to overcome a very, very conservative bunch of bible thumpers to reach my goals while all you had to do was snap your fingers and have your minions jump at your suggestions. But yes, you have been the unquestioned leader of  our little revolution, and I love you for that” Mildred said softly and placed her hand over Lin Lu’s. “My success could not have happened without yours.”

“So, does that mean you won’t wear a girdle next week – nor panties either?”

“You don’t give up, do you? Here, will this make you happy?” Mildred said as she reached under her dress, removed her panties over her garter belt and stockings and throw them in Lin Lu’s face.

“Very happy, my love” Lin Lu answered and licked the warm, damp gusset. “So, does this mean you accept my proposition? You Americans have such strange ways of expressing yourselves I am often confused as to what is a ‘yes’ and what is a ‘no’.”

“It’s a ’yes’, dammit, though I have no idea what I’m getting myself into.”

“You are getting yourself into the most fantastic project of your life, unless, of course, you agree to sleep with me which would really be the best experience of your life” Lin Lu said with a big smile on her face.

This suggestion of sleeping together was brought up by Lin Lu at almost all of their lunches but Mildred had laughed it off. She strongly believed in being faithful to Amos. But by letting Lin Lu bring her to orgasm today, had she violated that oath? She was not sure. And now there was the question of her loyalty to Agnes. Though they had not gone that far yet, Mildred knew it was only a matter of time before she was sleeping with Agnes and Amos with Leon. But that would only happen with Amos’ consent. Had her escapade with Lin Lu today made her unfaithful to both her husband and her best friend? Even though she had reached orgasm she did not consider this as adultery. And if she slept with Lin Lu was that different? She did not think so. It’s not like they could have intercourse. And if somehow Leon and Amos did sleep together and have sex, was that adultery? No, she rationalized, they were doing just the same as she was with Lin Lu and, hopefully, with Agnes. But she would draw the line at Amos having sex with Agnes or herself with Leon. Now that was indeed adultery. Oh dear, she thought, life is getting so complicated in this new world order.

“Maybe someday” Mildred answered, “but for now, let’s hear more about this school and what my role would be.”

“In a nutshell, I hope to make this the very best secondary school in the country, bar none. The building will be like no other school with a very heavy feminine emphasis on the decoration. Girls will love the soft, pastel colors but it may take the boys a little longer to accept the d├ęcor. I have a designer from Paris preparing the plans for that. Needless to say, the school will be run by women, from the board of trustees to the teaching staff. The only men involved will be the janitors.  Do not think of this as some frivolous pursuit of mine. The pupils will work very hard and we will maintain tight discipline. It will be modeled after the great British “public” schools, though with a modern touch.  I do not plan to make it a boarding school, at least not yet. It will be a six year secondary school and I expect that close to 100% of graduates to go on to legitimate, high level universities. Sorry, but so called “beauty colleges” do not qualify. There will be uniforms, of course, and again I have reached out to a wonderful French lady to design them. Aside from the board you will chair, the most important person will be the headmistress. Preliminary interviews have already taken place and I have narrowed down the selection to three British ladies and will begin personal interviews next week. I would love to have you present for them. The headmistress will be a member of the board of trustees. I expect that you two will develop an intimate relationship over time.”

“Does that mean you want me to attend meetings without wearing a girdle?”

‘You are incorrigible, Mrs. Reynolds. I was not suggesting a sexual relationship, though you are certainly free to pursue one if you wish, on your own time. But remember, as an English headmistress she will be experienced in administering corporal punishment. Considering your naughty behavior of late, you very well may  be the first person in Roseville to learn up close and personal the meaning of “six of the best”. And I will be sure to attend the event.”

“Me naughty? Hell, you’re the one who just raped me, you bitch.”

“My, my Mrs. Reynolds, your language today is totally unacceptable. Perhaps a little mouth washing is in order, which I can arrange very easily. And if you think that I raped you, I would have to defend myself with ‘But the bitch loved it, your honor’. Right?”

“I am not ready to make a final decision on whether it was rape or not. I might need to have the crime re-enacted before I decide” Mildred countered and gave Lin Lu a big smile.

Lin Lu returned the smile as both women stood up and embraced. With no panties in the way, she wasted no time getting her finger inside Mildred’s pussy and Mildred wasted no time reaching a climax.

“Wow! Guess the verdict is not guilty, my love” Mildred exclaimed after getting her breath back.

“See you next week, hon” Lin Lu said as she unlocked and opened the door to her office to let a beaming Mildred out.


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