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A Wee Bit More

Okay - I know I said I was gonna merge the stuff on this daft story already - but had the following in mind.  Didn't join everything though - I have the feeling that I've left an opening for what might happen at the soiree I mention?  Might get interesting.

BTW?  Don't be scared of duplicating somebody else's pieces - may give us something to talk about.

Hope that you enjoy this.

  Miss Savage:
I couldn't help but see how helpless Jackie had become - and saw that Pamela (the class hussy) seemed to have taken our poor little male over.  That gave me an idea.  Didn't do anything but mull it over in my head to make sure I had it right.  Then I excused myself and went to make sure that headmistress could see me - didn't want any time made available to my sweet little boy - wanted events to sort of 'overcome' him?  When I found that Miss Strang was available, I immediately made an appointment for fifteen minutes later.

Miss Strang:
I must admit to some surprise when Miss Savage appeared in my office with that new boy.  "Oh DEAR! " I thought to myself.  "Is he raising more trouble?"  But then I saw the gleam in Miss Savage's eyes, and I had them sit down, wondering what might be going on.  "May I be of some help? I asked pleasantly.

Jack Swanson:
I had NO idea what Miss Savage wanted from me.  She just seemed pleasant enough and chatted about trivialities as she led me to the headmistress's office.  I wasn't flummoxed for very long though after we sat down.
"I realize"  Miss Savage started "that this young man may feel that I have 'something' against him - or even the male sex?"  She blinked at me.
"Oh no ma'am."  I gulped.
"Wonderful!"  She continued.  "It has just dawned on me, how wonderful a chance to teach my young ladies something about real life I have, with a young male in my class."
"How so?" Miss Strang asked, sitting down herself, just across from us.

"Well?  I mean no disrespect of course."  Miss Savage said sweetly.  "But my girls are NOT very prepared for real life.  Once they graduate from here, they find out that men control a great deal of society - and?  To be perfectly honest, it takes my young ladies a long time to learn how to fit into a world where men are king." She smiled sweetly at me.  "But seeing YOU now?  It gives me what I thought would be a great idea!"

"But I don't understand dear?"  Miss Strang interrupted.  "You know very well that I think highly of your ideas.  I've never questioned you before.  Why should I do so now?"

Miss Savage explained.  "Well?  I know that this young man has certain doubts about me, and my way of thinking. I'm sure that he considers you above reproach - so I thought it a wonderful idea to bring the three of us together - and if he has any misgivings, I'm sure he won't hesitate to tell you.

I'd had a bad feeling during this whole episode.  I heard the bullshit Miss Savage was spouting.  ME?  Bitch about one of her ideas - in front of Miss STRANG?   I couldn't help but snigger under my breath as Miss Strang nodded in agreement.  Thank God neither of them heard me.  Miss Savage continued.

"It's quite simple actually.  What I'd like to do is 'split' my class into two.  One of the groups will be males both outside and inside the classroom.  The other group will be female.  I'd want HIM to critique the ones acting as male.  Let them know where they've gone overboard - or did more than the normal male."

This didn't sound TOO awful to me, and I felt a surge of relief.  That didn't get a chance to last too long.

"Sounds wonderful to me"  Said Miss Strang. "I think it an excellent idea.  Don't you agree young man?" she asked me.

I shrugged.  "Can't see anything wrong."

"But I'm still confused."  Miss Strang said.  "I still can't see why you brought this young man to sound out a perfectly sound idea?"

Miss Savage looked confused.  "I'm sorry to have bothered you headmistress - but I really thought he'd complain terribly. I had no idea that he would be this reasonable."

I started to get a dreadful sinking feeling.  "   .I....  I  ... I don't understand Miss Savage?"

Miss Savage looked a little discomfited.   "I'm SO sorry Jackie.  Didn't think you'd feel comfortable criticizing girls who are larger and physically stronger than yourself.  Wanted to make sure that Miss Strang also approved - because I don't want anyone to accuse me of being biased against the male sex."

Alarm bells went off in my head.  "But you WILL back me against the bigger girls, Miss Savage?"

She patted my arm." Of course, dear boy.  But outside of class?  I won't have much authority over them . . ."
"You're NOT implying that your girls would be unfair?  Surely NOT?"  Miss Strang interjected.
"Not really - but there may be one or two girls who don't always play by the rules?"  Miss Savage said.
"But surely that's easily solved?"  Miss Strang said thoughtfully.  "Jackie will simply tell you if any girls are mean to him?"
They both stared at me.
"I guess so."  I answered weakly.  Christ on a cross!  I was being put into a position as tattle tale?  My life would be a total misery!

But worse, far worse was to come.

"Aaah!"  Miss Savage sighed happily.  "I'm SO glad I asked for this meeting Miss Strang!  I definitely was puzzled by what I had in mind.  No offense to my young ladies that I designate as 'boys' - but I could see that some of them might take advantage outside of my class room.  Now I see a solution."

Miss Strang nodded encouragingly.

"Naturally?  I thought of having Jackie in amongst the 'boys'.  That way he'd be in closer contact.  But now I see it!  I'll put him in with the 'girls!"
"What?" I cried out.  "You CAN'T mean this, Miss Savage!"

She patted my arm again.  "But can't you see Jackie?  This way, you'll be amongst girls who are always at the receiving end of male macho behaviour.  You'll really see how it is.  And?  If you have any complaints about the boys?  I'm sure that the other girls will back you up!"
"But it's not FAIR!" I said, almost weeping.

Miss Strang glared at me now. "Well?  I must say that you didn't seem to object when Miss Savage indicated that she wanted some girls to basically change their personalities to become boyish?  But you feel it unfair that YOU be asked to change your behaviour pattern?  You are somebody SPECIAL?"
"No.  No.  No."  I tried.  "I'm not . ."
"Enough of this!"  Miss Strang said, looking at her watch.  "I have a meeting scheduled soon.  I think you have a most interesting experiment Miss Savage.  Please keep me informed!"

I was walking back along the corridor, when Miss Savage suddenly put her arm around my shoulders and pulled me in close to her.  "Doesn't this sound like FUN Jackie?"
I couldn't answer.

Mrs.  Swanson:
Sometimes I think that Jack has been put on this earth to do nothing but disturb my peace of mind.  I'd had a wonderful idea and wanted to spring it on him as a surprise.  He'd been moping around for days now and as I joined him in our apartment for lunch, his face was tripping him even more than normal. 

Naturally, I asked him what was the trouble, but for some reason, he always halted when Rose was serving us.  As she'd already approved my plans for that evening - and said that she would be more than happy to act as maid for a little soiree I had in mind, I didn't want him to find out about it yet so was quite happy to hear his complaints in a disjointed fashion.

I'll admit.  I was busy planning out the piano music I wanted to play that evening.  Some swing, some blues.  Nothing classical - just music that was decent for listening.  But Jack kept on interrupting me!  Something about some social experiment that Miss Savage had introduced that morning.  Finally, I lost patience!
"Jack!  For goodness sake!  Would you stop nattering and tell me what the matter is?  You are driving me nutty!"
Rose was tidying off the sideboard at the time, and smiled at my outburst.

Jack paled.  "Miss Savage has divided the class into boys and girls!"  Then he looked as if he's burst into tears!  "And she's made me a GIRL!"
I saw Rose shrug - but did feel that something was wrong.  "I can't say that I feel that this is right?  Not quite fair."  I said.
Jack gave me a watery smile.  "That's what I told her!" he said forcibly.  "But she feels that if she's asking a lot of girls to act like boys?  It's only fair that she asks one boy to act like a girl!"
That made me pause.  "Well dear?  That sounds reasonable.  After all . ."

He interrupted me. "A girl mom!  A GIRL!"
That got my dander up - I can tell you. I drew myself up.  "You find something wrong with girls?  How DARE you!"
He was close to tears.  "I didn't men to offend you mom.  I'm sorry - but . ."
"Well, it's nice you can apologize.   I wasn't going to tell you - but I've invited a number of your classmates for a little music and canapés this evening.  I think it's high time you started being more sociable.  Met your classmates in a more informal basis."

For some reason. I'll swear that my son got pale.  He gulped.  "You didn't ask the whole class?"
"Course not, silly!  Not enough room in here.  Just about ten or so."
"I've forgotten the names."  I admitted, but got Miss Savage's recommendations."
He got even paler.  "Don't remember?"
"No.  I'm sorry dear." Then I remembered.  "Pamela?  That seems to be a name I remember.  But you can introduce us all formally when they get here."

Rose smiled.  "I'm sure that I'll know them all - so that I can introduce them if necessary."
"You coming too?" - and I'll swear that my son wailed as he asked her.
"Of COURSE!" she said.  "Wouldn't miss it for the world!"

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Anonymous said...

Reading this now, as we wait for Part 5 of Jack and Rose, makes us realize how clever Carrie is being with the relationship between these two characters. Rose has had complete control over Jackie ever since they first saw one another, and this control continues even when the teachers are around. Once Carrie has completed her Jack and Rose sections we will see the true extent of the teachers contempt for Jack, as he will doubtless then be revealed to everyone as having chosen the role of maid rather than trying to compete with the other students. By then, having tried to pass himself off as Elizabeth the maid, he will have earned himself a new name, a new role and a new gender. Miss Strand, Miss Savage, Rose, and especialy Pamela, should all be satisfied that they have prepared him for a suitable future career.