Saturday, January 26, 2013

Untitled Pt 3

I'm a little unsure as to how this process is supposed to work and it may be difficult for contributors to pick up on someone else's storyline/character(s) but taking my lead from Belinda's great start here's my contribution. I've taken up on Bea's idea that there are maids on campus serving the staff/pupils and this explores our hero's first encounter with one of them.


Jack’s first days at school had not gone as well as he would have wished and as if his first encounter with the formidable Miss Savage was not enough he now had that bossy boots Pamela and her henchwomen to contend with. They seemed hell bent on imposing themselves on him, why oh why couldn’t his mother have gotten a job in a school with a better male/female ratio. If there were any other boys in this school he hadn’t seen them yet. It was bad enough being in an all-female environment without these girls constantly referring to him as Jackie, hopefully it was only with Miss Savage, Pamela and her cronies. Luckily he had a free afternoon as there was cheerleader practice and he had made sure he avoided Pamela after class despite her best intentions to corner him. He made a quick escape and was brooding on this as he made his way home for what would thankfully be a quiet afternoon alone as his mother had classes and meetings well into the evening.

Opening the front door he let himself in and headed for the lounge, there might be some sport on the TV. He changed into basketball shorts and  had barely settled himself on the couch when he heard the distinct sound of heels on the hardwood floors.

“Shit” he thought to himself “thought Mom was in class there goes my afternoon TV.”

“You must be Master Jackie” he heard a voice say from behind.

Startled by the unfamiliar voice he jumped up and turned to see a tall well-built brunette dressed in a grey knee length maid’s dress, a frilled white pinafore and matching cap completed the uniform. Standing in black patent leather three inch heels she gave a small curtsy.

“Sorry to have startled you Master Jackie, I’m Rose, your maid.”

“Jack, my name is Jack” he said annoyed that everyone in this place seemed intent on feminising his name.

“Oh, I’m also Miss Savage’s maid and she referred to you as Jackie should I mention this to her later maybe she got it wrong” she said sweetly.

The last thing he wanted was another tongue lashing from Miss Savage and thought discretion the better part of valour.

“No Rose, Jackie is fine” he reluctantly conceded “and there’s no need to call me Master Jackie.”

“I’m afraid I can’t do that Master Jackie I would be punished or worse if I didn’t, Miss Strang the principle is most strict in these matters, and one of my fellow maids just lost her job for a similar offence. That’s why I’m here earlier today usually there would be two of us for a house this size, there’s a lot to do and I’m sure Miss Savage or one of the other staff members may do a spot inspection and I will be in trouble if they find fault.”

This Miss Savage was well named, the poor girl was terrified and he could empathise having himself fallen foul of her. She really seemed anxious and she seemed friendly enough unlike the other females he encountered so far who were either scary like Miss Savage ,authoritarian like the principal Miss Strang or upper class bullies like Pamela and her entourage. Even though he had just met her he felt a kind of affinity with this put upon servant girl.

“No one will find fault Rose.  I can give you a hand if you like” he offered.

“That would be wonderful, I’d be so grateful, Miss Jackie” she said.

“Ahem, Rose ……. Miss Jackie?” he spluttered annoyed at the addition of Miss to his already feminised name.

“Sorry Master Jackie, it’s just that I’m so used to serving ladies it’s just force of habit, hope you’re not angry with me” she pleaded.

“No that’s fine, I understand” he said graciously, feeling the girl had enough of these people hassling her without him adding to it.

“We could start with the bedrooms” she suggested.

Start? he thought to himself, he had only intended maybe doing the dishes or loading  the washing machine, now he had gotten roped into something more. Although she was pretty though and he liked the way her breasts stretched against the fabric of her uniform. An hour or so in some pleasant company would be a welcome change to his recent experiences with the local female population. If he played his cards right maybe he’d have a shot with her at some stage.

He followed her upstairs and marvelled at the way her backside confined in its tight material gently swayed from side to side, her panty line stretched tightly against her ample buttocks.

“We can do the guest bedrooms first, they won’t take long as they haven’t been used, just a cursory dusting. I keep supplies in the small bedroom I won’t be a moment” she chirped.

He entered one of the guest bedrooms too wait for her and thought she was right this wouldn’t take long at all. A few minutes later she joined him carrying several items.

“Right where do we start” he said trying to sound enthusiastic.

“We’ll just do some light dusting and polishing but you’d better wear these Master Jackie, we can’t have you getting your clothes dirty” she replied.

She held out a similar apron and cap to the one she wore.

“Ah I don’t think so Rose” he blurted recoiling from the offered garments “it’s no bother if I get them a bit dirty.”

“I know Master Jackie but I will have to wash and iron them afterwards and as I said since my fellow maid was fired I already have so much work to do. Please it would mean so much to me”

“An apron and cap I would look ridiculous” he insisted.

“No you wouldn’t lots of men wear them, men on food counters, doctors in theatres, men in laboratories. Please, Master Jackie, as a favour to me … please, I’d be ever so grateful.” she pleaded.

He thought this really was a ridiculous request but there was no one was around and he might rack up a few bonus points with her, plus she did say she would be ever so grateful.

“Well ok” he relented “but not a word to anyone.”

“Of course” she agreed “just our little secret. Now let’s get you into your apron, hold out your arms.”

He held out his arms allowing her to place the garment over them and then she moved behind him.

“I’ll just tie it into a nice bow, I must show you at some stage how to do this yourself Master Jackie.”

Turning him around she made a few adjustments to the frilled shoulders of the apron and fluffed out the skirt until she was satisfied it fell correctly around his shorts.

“Doesn’t look too unlike a skirt” she said. “Now for your cap”

He was getting embarrassed and beginning to have second thoughts when she interrupted his thoughts.

“Is that really necessary?” he protested.

“Oh of course it is, it’s to protect our hair from the dust and grime and you really do have lovely hair, which reminds me I’d best tie it into a ponytail before we go any further. Make you look more presentable.”

He resented the word presentable but without giving him time to protest further she took a small hairbrush from her apron pocket and quickly brushed his shoulder length hair and tied into a ponytail at the top of his head holding it in place with a tight piece of elastic material. He squealed as she pulled his hair tight.

“Oh don’t be such a girl” she chided and placed the frilled cap on his head and fixing it in place with hair clips.

Again she stood back to view the finished article and not quite satisfied she began arranging his fringe.

“Much better” she announced, and finally satisfied with her work took  him by the hand led  him to a dresser mirror.

He was horrified. The effect of the apron and cap combined with his new hairstyle had undoubtedly altered his appearance highlighting feminine features which he had not noticed before. He raised his hands to tear off the cap but she anticipated this and caught his wrists quite firmly.

“You’re not going to go back on our agreement now, are you Master Jackie” she challenged him and then quickly softened her approach saying with an almost timid voice,

“I do really need your help…. please”

He dropped his hands and conceded,

“Oh all right then but let’s get started the sooner we finish the sooner I can get out of this.”

“That’s a good girl” she whispered

“What was that” he said unsure of what he thought he heard.

“I said that’s very good idea” she smiled sweetly.







rocketdave said...

Jack thinks maybe he'll "have a shot" with the maid if he plays his cards right? I thought he was fourteen? That rather sounds like extremely wishful thinking on his part. Other than that, I did enjoy his interactions with Rose here.

I admit kind of had been hoping to read more about Pamela. Why specifically did she want Jack sitting in front of her in class? This was another really good installment, but now I'm kind of back to my original concern about the story being pulled in different directions and wondering how all the parts will gel into a cohesive whole.

Anonymous said...

This story seems to have come to a standstill with nothing being added for some weeks. A shame because Bea's idea was a good one and the story was becoming really good due to Carrie and the anon contributors. Anyone out there want to pick up the story and get it going again?