Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Kammi's Serial



“This blows my mind, Mildred. I think of the way Pastor Reynolds acted and preached, like he was the ultimate male chauvinist and now I find out he was so totally different.  And you too, the very proper pastor’s wife and now I find out that  you are so different too. I like the ‘different you’ a whole lot better.”
“Me too, honey, me too.”

The big perm day came and went. The smelly lotion brought Amos back to the machine perm he received at Mommy’s orders. He had told himself that he hated getting a permanent wave, especially in front of a bunch of women in the salon. But when the pungent perm lotion was spread over the rods and became increasingly stronger as the clamps heated up, he had an erection. Why would any man get excited over something like this, he asked himself. This was really queer. But two weeks later, when Mommy brought him to the salon for a wash and set, he had smelled the lotion again and again he had an erection. He had forgotten all this until the same smell permeated the Jackson’s house and he had the same reaction as he had years ago and felt good about it, though he was very thankful that he was wearing a plastic cape to hide his tent. How could he explain this to his audience, that getting his hair permed by another man made him horny? Getting a perm was not so bad after all, he thought.

Leon had gone to see Andre on his business visit to Statesville.  He told his old friend that “someday” had arrived and spent a few hours having his hair permed by a very happy Andre. And Leon had the same reaction as his friend Amos had, but he had not been able to hide the tent in his thin, nylon gown as Andre insisted that Leon strip down to his underwear, just as he had his female customers do for any chemical procedure. To make matters worse, Andre seemed to have “butter fingers” that day, constantly dropping rods into Leon’s lap and then searching around with his hand to find them.

“I’m glad that you are enjoying getting your perm. You’ve certainly grown up to be a very big boy” Andre had whispered into Leon’s ear while he actually wiggled Leon’s hard member with two fingers.

“Thanks, Andre, but not today, okay?”

“Okay, my friend, but maybe someday?”

“Yes, maybe someday”, Leon answered softly, shocked by his response.

Leon though that his new style was too feminine. Andre said he would get used to it. He wrote instructions for Agnes on how to set this style. So now, he, Agnes, Amos and Mildred all spent their evenings in curlers with the men in charge of doing the sets. Both men were initially reluctant  to have their hair curled by another man, but like Andre said, they got used to it. They also got used to giving the ladies manicures and pedicures but balked at having the same done to them. Mildred said they would change their minds “someday”. They objected to being punished in front of the other couple but this time the wives insisted. “Court” was held every Friday evening when the men’s infractions were spelled out and they received the appropriate number of strokes for their “crimes”. This was done in the livingroom, stretched over the back of the sofa. They stood in opposite corners of the room afterward, their pajama bottoms around their ankles. The women, on the other hand, received their canings in the privacy of their bedrooms when the men were not around. Agnes had learned very well from Mildred how to apply the cane.

The men split up the household chores, choosing the ones they liked best and alternating on the ones neither liked, such as bathroom cleaning and scrubbing floors on their knees. Strangely, both of them were happy to do the ironing so they would set up their ironing boards so that they were  facing each other while they ironed. The ladies thought it was so nice to hear them humming a tune together and commenting on how pretty their wives’ lingerie was.

The wives enjoyed a lifestyle that neither could have ever imagined. Starting at the church and then spreading out to the whole community, Mildred and Agnes conducted seminars teaching women how to gain control of their husbands and thus their household. They also gave tutorials on practical housework for the husbands. It was a sight to see a bunch of men carrying an iron and ironing board into the church recreation hall and spend a couple of hours together learning how  to iron their families’ clothing. Leon also conducted classes for husbands, and boyfriends too, on styling women’s hair. This was particularly hilarious as they had to practice on one another. They all left with curlers in their hair to show their wives the progress they were making. The wives enjoyed exerting revenge by making the men sleep in rollers and pin curls. Initially,  not one of them dared stopping at their favorite drinking hole on their way home but eventually it became common to see a man, hair up and covered with a net, belly up to the bar sipping a Shirley Temple, exchanging recipes with one another . There were also classes in needlework, dressmaking, make-up application, and nail care. All were very popular and filled up quickly. Initially, it was the women that enrolled their husbands and boyfriends but gradually the men themselves watched for announcements on new classes and rushed to get registered before the class filled up.

Once a month, on Saturday evenings,  dances were held for couples. They alternated between square and ballroom dancing with lessons provided for the first hour. But the men had to learn to let the female lead, which was appropriate since the men, like the women, wore dresses. Increasingly, it was difficult to tell the genders apart as the men began to wear make-up and have their hair done in feminine styles. Laverne’s Beauty Parlor, now expanded to twice its previous size and extra help,  was packed on the Saturdays that the dances were held with men and women getting fancy up-dos for the ballroom dances and banana curls for square dancing.  

Amos and Leon, along with many other men, became less and less intimidated by being seen in feminine clothing and doing feminine things. The first time Amos had balked about hanging the laundry outside to dry, wearing a frilly apron, of course, Mildred had threatened him with serious consequences.

“But all the neighbors will see me” he protested.

Mildred was not sympathetic. “So what?” she had replied. “Would you prefer that I put your ironing board on the front porch and have you do that chore for everyone to see. You’d look really cute wearing your pink satin apron and curlers in your hair. Is that what you’d prefer, sweetheart?”

Amos hung the clothes out without another word. Had he looked around, he would have seen that he was not alone – many men were doing the same thing.

Leon began to have problems at his legal firm over his new look. Under Agnes’ direction, his starched white shirts were first replaced by light blue, then mint green, and finally pink. He also now wore flowered ties to match his shirts. Of course, his new curly hairstyle created a lot of gossip in the office, and elsewhere. Even his fingernails, though with only a clear polish, set everybody off. Since his office was in a different town, a feminine looking man was still considered to be queer. The grapevine had  spread the word that he and his wife had split because she did not want to be married to a “homo”.  Leon took it all in stride, laughing to himself at what they would say if they knew he was wearing panties and camisoles under his suit. Or that his toenails were painted a bright red. And what would they say when he quit, something secretly planned for next year, and went to beauty school to pursue his cherished career?

Mildred and Agnes became closer and closer while at the same time becoming more open about their new relationship, especially at home. They sat next to each other in the evening while the men stood behind the sofa and set their hair. And when they were rolled and netted, they stayed next to each other. The men were relegated to the love seat, taking turns  doing one another’s hair. The women would put their arms around their shoulders and cuddle. The men did not. When it was time for bed, the women embraced and kissed each other on the lips, often lingering. The men continued to give each other quick kisses on the cheek. After a day shopping together, the ladies  presented their husbands with gifts they had purchased at the used clothing store. The men were shocked to find floor length satin nighties in their bags, one lavender and one peach.
“We decided it was time for a change” Agnes said. “You two looked strange wearing ugly man’s pajamas with your hair up in curlers. Go change and let us see how you look.”

Two red faced men returned wearing their very sexy nightgowns. They claimed they hated them but the little rise in the fabric below their waists said otherwise. The following week, the wives provided them with matching baby dolls, also from the used clothing store. The women had laughed when they picked out the lingerie, wondering who the prior owners might be and how they would react if they found out that their clothing was now worn by two men.

“Hey, you two” Agnes said one night after the four of them had killed two bottles of wine, “Isn’t it time you put a little more passion into your kisses? After all, we’re just one big family now so we should act like family. Let me show you how to give a really great kiss.”

Agnes turned to Mildred, put her hand on the back of her curlered head, and, after a quick look into Mildred’s eyes, stuck her tongue out and licked Mildred’s lips, slowly and sensually. With a lot of motion, Agnes pressed into her friend and pushed her tongue into Mildred’s waiting mouth, twisting and turning like she was drilling for gold. Mildred got into the action and she placed both her hands on the back of Agnes’ head and pulled her closer, her tongue now obviously in action too. The men stared at the show, frozen in place. Suddenly both of them showed action as their pajamas tented in obvious excitement. After several minutes, the women pulled apart and together turned and stared at their husbands.

Amos and Leon looked at each other, neither one wanting to make the first move.

Leon!” Agnes snapped.

Leon knew what his orders were. He turned to Amos and kissed him on the lips.

“Bravo” Mildred said and both women applauded. “But let’s see a little more love in your kiss. How about a little tongue action?”

BY now, the men knew that they must do anything their wives ordered, or only hinted at.

Leon put his arm around Amos and pulled him closer. He initiated the kiss and licked Amos’ lips. Amos reacted by opening his mouth and a French kiss ensued. It appeared neither one wanted to end the kiss, either out of fear of their wives anger or because they liked it. Either way, they suddenly pulled apart when a bright light filled the room. Amos almost wet his pants, thinking that lightning had struck again. But it was only Agnes taking a picture with her Kodak Brownie Instamatic.

“Won’t this look lovely on the mantle?” Agnes asked Mildred.

“Make it up to a 9 x 7 dear and I’ll pick up a pretty frame.”

That night was the scheduled time for Amos to get his weekly hand job from Mildred. As usual, they sat back in bed and Mildred held her book in one hand while masturbating her husband with the other in a very unemotional way. Amos had learned, painfully, to make sure he pulled up his long nightie so that he did not soil it. Having to hand wash it was time consuming but the six strokes he got from Mildred was far worse. When she reached the end of a chapter she put the book down.

 “Looks like you have a new boyfriend, Amos dear. Did you like kissing Leon?”

“No” he said but his moan said otherwise.

“No? Oh, I think you did. Why else did you suck Leon’s tongue into your mouth?”

“Oooh, no, I didn’t want to” he protested weakly and began breathing hard.

“It sure didn’t look that way, sweetheart. I think you wanted to very much, just like you love having Leon put curlers in your hair every night, don’t you?”

“Noooo, I don’t” Amos said with great difficulty. Mildred knew he was close to erupting and so stopped moving her hand.

“Now honey, don’t lie or Mommy will have to get her cane out. You haven’t been doing a very good job of hiding your little man when he stands at attention every evening while Leon does your hair. I think the two of you looked so cute tonight wearing your pretty curlers and nets while you kissed. Maybe you’d like Leon to start giving you hand jobs. It sure would make it a lot easier for me if I didn’t have to do this nasty thing every week. Would you like me to ask Agnes if Leon can take over?”

“No…” Amos said softly but Mildred knew he was not rejecting this suggestion.

“Maybe the two of you could do each other while Agnes and I watch television. That would be so cute seeing you two being lovey dovey with each other just like two good friends should be. And maybe some day you could persuade Leon to give you that blow job you have been asking for all these years, as disgusting as that might be. But who knows, maybe Leon might like to take your tiny penis in his mouth. ”What do you think?” Mildred asked as she started stroking her husband again.

“Aaagh” Amos cried out as he arched his back and spurted into Mildred’s panties that she held to collect his cum. She squeezed his deflating member to force everything out. Satisfied that she had, she stuffed the dirty, and now wet, cloth into his mouth.

“Time for your midnight snack, lover” she said with a laugh. “Night hon” she added and kissed him on the cheek. Amos went to the bathroom to rinse out the soiled panties. Both of them had the same thought that night – how much their lives had changed in just a few short years.

If an honest pole could be taken, the result would have shown an overwhelming increase in kissing in their town – women kissing men, women kissing another woman, and men kissing men. And they were all enjoying their new found freedom to express their emotions. The same pole would reveal that from a zero percentage to slightly thirty-one percent of men now were having their hair set in curlers, either by a wife, girlfriend, daughter, or even a son or by another male. Coincidentally, much the same number would admit to wearing pretty nighties to bed every night. An even larger number would say that they regularly did the laundry and ironing and some would even say they enjoyed it. But the greatest number on the chart would reveal that men in this town now considered themselves to be subservient to a woman, whether a boss at work or to their wives and girlfriends and again, many would agree that they liked it that way.

Yes, the revolution had begun and was moving swiftly to becoming a town that was 100% ruled by women. Concurrently, the happiness level, of both males and females greatly exceeded that of any town in America.

Lin Lu was ready to make a move toward her final goal, one that would be truly unbelievable.


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It's our way to the future. ;)

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Worth waiting for! Thanks

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