Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Thanks for sharing Monica

Thanks to Monica for such an enlightening piece on the day to day work of a modern housemaid and what a great picture, a maid taking a break dressed in a very modern maid’s uniform but still retaining the symbol of the traditional maid – the apron. It has confirmed what I always thought namely it’s all very well us  fantasising  about being a maid in the way usually outlined in Bea’s stories (BTW where the hell are you, you were due back on Sunday) but the  reality of such a role  is quite different and very well documented by Monica’s list of duties.

Accounts of lifestyles like Monica’s( and Belinda’s) raises curiosity in me and others also I’m sure. If Monica reads this and if it’s not too intrusive and she has time I would be grateful if she could  let us know how she addresses her employer/wife and the reverse on a daily basis and (apart from when they have guests) does she stay in maid mode 24/7? I suppose what I’m really saying is does Monica’s wife view her as a housemaid at all times and is only allowed revert to male/husband status in company? Ditto with Miss Tina. Also would Monica’s wife/employer mind if Monica decided she wanted to revert to being male again? I understand if Monica does not wish to answer these questions but her lifestyle is so unusual and is the fascination and probably the envy of so many people.

I can really understand the idea that being a maid is not always erotic, when you are working that hard eroticism can be the furthest thing from your mind. Monica’s phrase “maid’s syndrome” captures it perfectly and resonates with me and many others, I’ve recounted before how my fascination with maids began and took hold from an early age and have often wondered (as distinct from fantasied) what it would be like to live and work as one.  I remember one old black and white film where a mistress has reservations about a new maid's suitability, her housekeeper replied that  once she wore the uniform for a few days she would soon get used to her situation. A case of the uniform maketh the maid I suppose. Thanks to Monica we now all have an idea of life as a modern day housemaid.  I doubt if many would follow their dream the way Monica does and I for one am most grateful she has shared her experiences with us.

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