Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I have been out of touch for some time but seeing Carrie's comment that I am a working maid, I come back to confirm it with a recent photo.
I am a full time housemaid now since my Philipino coleague who was helping me once a week has gone back to her country. So I work full time at home and it is quite a big three levels house and once a week I clean my other employer's (Miss Tina's) apartment.
I must tell to you all that being a real life maid is not an easy task. The work is quiter arduous and of course there are a million of other tasks except cleaning of course, that a homemaker has to do. I'll mention a few of them : daily cooking, all the shopping, basic sewing, laundry and ironing of course, gardening and driving my wife/employer and her friends around, serving in the house when we have guests (not as a maid in front of guests but simply as an aproned house partner etc etc..
But I don't complain; on the contrary I enjoy every single moment of it. And it is not necessarily all the time erotic, it is also fulfilling in the 'giving' sort of way. I simply have developed since my very young age the 'maid's syndrome' as I call it. Once a maid, always a maid!

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