Friday, October 19, 2012

Kammi's Serial



The man plaintively said, “Please no, Mommy, I’ll be good.”
“Too late, you bad boy” she replied and then pushed the dildo completely inside him in one trust.
After ten minutes of repeated trusts his body went rigid then relaxed a few seconds later. The deed was done.
It did not take long to “convert” him. After appointing a woman as his replacement as president, he resigned from the Rotary Club. He was also persuaded to resign his position as head coach of the high school football team, where he also taught math. Since there was no chance of receiving any references, he had no choice but to join the cleaning staff at Dryfuss. His wife made good use of his new found talents to keep their house spotless.
Lin Lu was riding high from her two conquests. She focused her attention on her greatest adversary – the pastor of the Holy Roller Baptist Church.

The Reverend Amos Joshua Reynolds, D.D. was a formidable opponent for Lin Lu. As pastor of the largest church in the county, he exerted considerable clout over all aspects of life. The membership of his church, The Holy Roller Baptist Church, provided a clear majority in any election in the county. Once told by the reverend how they should vote, few disobeyed him. While his salary was in line with most of his fellow pastors, he received numerous, and very generous, “stipends” from his flock. This made him a wealthy man. He did not display his wealth – he drove a stripped down  ’62 Chevy Biscayne, was seldom seen in anything but his plain black suit, and his wife made most of her own clothes. At his insistence, she wore no make-up and a trip to the beauty salon was considered a trip to the devil’s lair, knowing that his very conservative congregation would frown on these things. For as long as most anyone knew her, she wore her hair up in a neat, tight bun. Even jewelry, other than a simple wedding ring, was considered decadent. They lived in an old, but well kept house, courtesy of the church. He had built a hiding place in the attic to hide his “stipends”. He did not trust banks and besides, he knew that there was no way he could keep his wealth private in a town that knew everything about everyone. He often wondered how long it would take to spread all over the town if he dared to make a deposit of a thousand dollars in The Farmers Trust Bank. He guessed no longer than sunset. He was probably right. So, like Midas, he horded his money in the attic, a place his wife would never go to, awaiting the day of his retirement. He had it all planned out. He would announce, with much regret, that he was resigning to fulfill a call to become a missionary in Africa. In fact, he would move to Costa Rica where he could live like a king on his savings. He might even buy his wife a new dress and treat her to a visit at the beauty salon. He was in his twentieth year at Holy Roller and figured another five years, still in his fifties, would give him the money he needed to live a life of luxury. But now he was suddenly confronted with the arrival of an evil force in town – Lin Lu and her crazy feminist ideas.

He was a smart man. He had earned his Doctor of Divinity degree at Harvard Divinity School, not from some sleazy mail order place that many of his colleagues earned their phony diplomas from. And he was indeed a man of god, though the god he believed in was far from the angry, vengeful god that he preached about from his pulpit. He gave his people what they thought they wanted  and got rich doing so. Amos was marinated in church life. He was the fourth generation Reynolds to become a pastor. It was ordained that he would follow in his ancestor’s footsteps from the day he was born. His mother had even made him a black robe when he was seven and his father built him a small pulpit to preach from. Amos never wanted to be a pastor but he was too weak to resist his father and grandfather. He played his part very well.

“Mildred, have you heard about all the strange things that are happening in our town?” he asked his wife one evening.

“No, what are you talking about, dear?”

“Women are taking over men’s jobs and their husbands are staying home and playing the part of a housewife. Andy Snobnose told me that men are not coming out to meetings because their wives won’t let them. And someone told me that boys now have to take Home Ec classes and learn to sew and knit. This is an abomination against god.”

Mildred smiled. She had put up with her husband’s ranting and raving for as long as she could remember. But she alone knew that he was just practicing the speech he would deliver to anyone that would listen. She knew that he really did not believe all that he preached but he knew his parishioners and that this was what they wanted to hear. She closed the cover of the book she was reading, Peyton Place and placed it face down on the coffee table. Though “Banned in Boston”, she had managed to get a copy from a friend who went to the Episcopal church. No respectable woman in town would admit to reading such a book. She hated the hypocrisy but she too played the game, knowing her husband’s job depended on it.

“Now honey, don’t get all worked up over nothing. I think it’s nice that men are changing. What’s wrong with a man staying home with his wife instead of spending the night with a bunch of farting, belching men in a smoke filled room. And I think it’s wonderful for boys to learn to sew and be able to hem a skirt for their future wife. Maybe I should teach you how to sew, Amos.”

“You wouldn’t dare” he replied in a soft, loving tone.

“I will if you’re not a good boy” she said teasingly.

“Haven’t I been a good boy Mommy?”

“No, you haven’t sweetie. You didn’t fulfill me last night, did you?”

“But it was late, and I was tired. Damn deacons’ meeting went on all night.”

“I don’t want any excuses. You promised me when I married you that you would fulfill me every night, no matter what. I understand that sometimes little Amos cannot perform, but you always have your tongue. So, first I have to punish you for leaving me wanting last night and then you have to get on your knees and fulfill me – twice. Go get my cane.”

Amos dutifully went upstairs to his wife’s closet and removed the bamboo cane from its hanger. He placed it on their bed then removed his pants and shorts and lay down across the bed, his feet on the floor. He waited like that for fifteen minutes until his wife arrived. Without a word, she picked up the cane and quickly delivered a dozen hard swats across his ass.

“Ah, that felt good” she said casually. “Thirty minutes.”

Amos stood up, picked up the cane and rehung it in the closet, removed the rest of his clothes and walked to a corner of the bedroom where he placed his nose against the wall. As ordered, he would stay in this position for thirty minutes. She stripped off her clothes and let them fall on the floor next to her husband’s. He would pick them all up later. She donned a floor length satin nightgown and got into bed. She picked up her book and began reading.

“I’ll get myself warmed up dear. I’m already very juicy.”

Fifteen minutes later, Amos heard his wife groan then let out a deep sigh. He knew that her fingers would be “finger licking good” when he would be allowed to join her. He wished dearly that he could pleasure himself too. When his time was up, he hurried to the bed and lifted the bottom of her nightie then dived under it. Mildred’s second orgasm of the night came quickly. Her third took a little longer but Amos did not complain. He loved sticking his tongue in his wife’s wet pussy.

Still without a word being spoken, Amos came out from under the perfumed nightie and lay on his back next to his wife.

“Do you think you deserve it?” Mildred asked.

“Only if you think so, my dear.”

“Oh, all right” she said and gripped his erect, hard member in her right hand. In her left hand she held up her book and kept reading while stroking his cock.

“Oh honey, you’ll love this part, let me read it to you.”

She read a particularly steamy part of the “pornographic” book and felt her husband respond. She had barely finished the recital when she heard an impassioned “aaagh” next to her.

“I knew you’d like that. Go wash up.”

“I love you honey, sweet dreams.”

“I love you too, Amos. Don’t forget to rinse out my panties, or else.”

The “or else” was that Amos would have to wear the soiled panties the next day, He tried hard not to forget, though the penalty was not all that bad provided that she did not couple it with a painful ball squeezing. Now that hurt!

After hearing from several more of his puritanical members (he referred to them as “hypocritical bastards” to his wife) about the “work of the devil” in their town, Amos decided he needed to give one of his famous fire and brimstone sermons next Sunday. He finished his text on Saturday and looked forward to dinner with the Marstons that evening. Lydia and Jack were good friends and they enjoyed time together. They were far from being “hypocritical bastards” and truth be known, would actually be considered liberals, a title that would not be considered a compliment in this town. Amos looked forward to hearing their opinion about the “work of the devil”. It did not take long to find out where they stood, much to the Reynolds’ surprise. After ringing the doorbell, the door was opened by an apron clad Jack. And it sure as hell was not a man’s apron, Amos thought. It was pink with small white flowers and had ruffled hems. And there was something else about his appearance that had Amos wondering. His wife provided the answer.

“Thank you Jack” Mildred said with a smile. “I like your hair, very pretty.”

That’s what’s different, Amos realized, his damn hair. It was puffy and bleached.

“Welcome Mildred, welcome pastor” Lydia greeted them. “Like our surprise? Jack spent the entire morning at Laverne’s getting his new hairdo. I just love it” she said and patted her blushing husband’s hair with an open hand.

“Geez, it’s times like this that I wish I hadn’t taken the pledge” Amos said in the tone of someone getting a rectal exam. “Did you loose a dare, Jack?”

“No he didn’t” Lydia said in his defense. “I thought he’d look cute with a new style and he also looks younger, doesn’t he Mildred?”

“Yes, he does. It really suits him. So, let’s see” she added as she moved closer to check out Jack’s hair. “Looks like it was frosted and set?”

“Yes, Mildred, it was” a humiliated Jack answered.

“What was it like to have your hair pulled through the holes in the cap? I’ve heard it can hurt. And how did you feel about getting curlers in your hair and sitting under the dryer. And I’ll bet that you had tears in your eyes from all that teasing?”

“He won’t admit it, but he really had fun, didn’t you dear?” Lydia asked.

Blushing an even deeper shade of red Jack answered “Yes”.

“Maybe it’s time for you to pay a visit to Laverne, Amos. What do you think?”

Amos had been standing there through the conversation with his mouth open. He could not believe that his friend would subject himself to such a feminine experience. But he also felt little Amos stirring in his pants.

“I don’t think so, Mildred, at least not in this century.”

“We’ll see” his wife said and winked at Lydia.

Little Amos was growing bigger.

Amos continued to be shocked when Jack served them hot cider and crackers in the livingroom then returned to the kitchen to finish preparing, and then serving dinner. He kept his apron on the whole time, even when he sat at the dining room table. He remained behind when dinner was over and began clearing the table, alone.

“Let me help with the dishes” Mildred offered, as was the usual custom.

“No, he’s all right, dear. He’s just getting things soaking and he’ll finish up later, after you’re gone. Take a seat, you too pastor” Lydia said.

Amos noticed that his wife took all this in like it was normal. He suspected that she and Lydia had talked earlier.

When Jack joined them and stretched out on his easy chair, Amos saw the shiny, black, almost see through stockings his friend was wearing. What else was he hiding under his outer clothes, he wondered. Little Amos was twitching again.

“Say Jack, I am going to be giving a very forceful sermon tomorrow about all the changes in town. It’s already written so please don’t think it’s aimed at you and the, ah, changes you have made in your lifestyle. I’ve told both of you before, in total confidence may I remind you, that what I say from the pulpit is not always how I think. That said, may I compliment you on your lovely new look.”

“Well thank you pastor. Jack was so nervous about how you would react to seeing him look so feminine” Lydia said. “Please let me explain. Jack has always hated his job at Dryfuss. Bradley used to make fun of anyone, men only of course, that did not go along with his debauchery. He would not fire Jack because he was so good at his job. Despite that, he was let go when Miss Lu took over, along with all the other male executives. Jack loved not having to go to that place every day and then, to his, and my, great surprise, he began to enjoy helping me around the house. It was like he had been let out of jail. Of course, I loved it too. What woman would not want to be relieved of cleaning the hose, scrubbing toilets, doing the laundry, and most of all, the ironing, which I hate. So, with all that removed from my shoulders, I had time on my hands. My friend Rhonda Jacobs told me how wonderful it was to work at Dryfuss now, with all the changes. Do you know that they actually have a beauty salon there? I had majored in accounting in college, very unusual for a woman. But I never worked as I married this bum right after graduation and he would not let me work. Rhonda said they were in dire need of an accountant since they could not find a woman with this degree, not surprising. So, I am going to work there, starting next week, at a starting salary higher than what Jack was making.”

Wonderful, Lydia, congratulations” Mildred said and got up to hug her friend. “So what will you do, Jack?”

Lydia answered for the embarrassed man. “He’s going to be the stay at home housewife, aren’t you dear?”

“Yes, Lydia” he answered

“I suppose you’ll be signing up for a weekly appointment at Laverne’s, won’t you dear?”

“Yes, Lydia.”

When they were leaving, there was the usual hugs between the ladies and the men and the ladies. The men began to shake hands when Amos threw his arms around Jack and hugged him tightly.

“I’m proud of your bravery, Jack. I’ll always be your friend.”

“Thanks Amos, I’ll always be your friend too.”

“Just don’t ask me to join to join you at Laverne’s, okay?”

They all laughed then Mildred said to her husband “As I said earlier, we’ll see.”
There was another round of laughter. Amos was glad he had his overcoat in his hands to conceal the bulge in his pants.

Amos drove a little faster than usual on his way home. Both of them were aroused and there was a mad dash to run upstairs and shed their clothes. Mildred lay down on the bed and spread her legs. Amos dove in head first. Mildred climaxed right away. The second one took a little longer as they were no longer rushed. Amos was close to cuming too as he ground himself against the sheets. Mildred was running her hands through his hair while she gently pressed his face into her pussy.

“You know dear” she said, “I think tomorrow night I’d like to see what it’s like to have you between my legs with your hair in curlers. Okay?”

Amos could not answer verbally but his actions did. He went rigid and shot his load. When he recovered he said “Damn, I just changed these sheets this morning!”


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