Sunday, October 7, 2012

Late as Usual.

Sorry for missing last week.  Got deeply involveed in creating a LULU calendar for a non-profit group and lost track of time.

Which reminds me.   I'm having the devil of a time meeting their photo size requirements.  Has ANYONE ever published a calendar with them?  I'd love to talk to anyone who has - please write me at - would LOVE to find out what in hell's name is going on.  I've been in touch with (so-called) analysts there - and if they know their ass from a hole in the ground - you wouldn't know it by me.

But?  Don't expect a reply immediately.  I'll be going on a cruise next week - and how good my contact will be with e-mail, I have no idea.

But I'll get off my soapbox for a wee while.  Getting quite a few letters favoring Kammi's serial.  Thank you luv  I appreciate it kindly.

The story for this week?  Another oldie - "Kept man".  Wrote it many years ago - think it was one of my very first.  I hope that you enjoy it.

Before I publish it - and a few of Rosie's 'bits'?  Let me plead again with the other approved authors.  I'll be gone for the next three Sundays.  Anything you can contribute will be appreciated muchly.  Please sharpen your quills and get to work!

Okay.  On with the story.  See you all in three weeks or so.  BEHAVE!

Lunch had been surprisingly good - a pleasant fruit salad with a nice white wine, then some lightly braised filet of sole with baby carrots - a different, but just as tasty white wine to accompany it, then a Baba au rhum with a spicy dessert wine to wash it down - one that I was unfamiliar with.

The three girls had really surprised me with their invitation - after all, I hadn't been altogether nice to them during the semester.  Somehow or other though, they had discovered the date I was due to depart on my two month traveling vacation, and had practically pleaded with me to come to their house for lunch immediately before my departure.  As a matter of fact, my car was sitting in their driveway, packed with my suitcases - I would be on my way the minute I left their door.  I raised my glass.

"To the three girls with everything that anyone could wish for - looks, intelligence - and very wealthy parents!  Dorothy?  Karen?  Alice?  Your health - and thank you for a lovely going away lunch.  Cheers!"

Dorothy was in the process of tidying up.  She was wearing a floral apron over her pants and blouse.  She smiled, took the hem of the apron in her hands and dropped me a small curtsey, her dark hair bobbing delightfully as she did so.

Karen was at the buffet table taking a second helping of dessert.  She turned towards me, acknowledging my toast with a nod of her head, her blonde, shoulder length hair swinging around to cover her face for a second.

Alice was walking across the room towards me.  Her auburn hair positively burnished with the light from the window.  She had something in her hands that I couldn't quite identify.
"Gee Charles."  She said, her perfect teeth showing in a smile.  "That's the nicest thing you've said to us all year.."

I shrugged apologetically.  "Well, you know..."
She was standing over me now.  But still smiling.  "Actually Charles?  I don't know.. But would you do something for me please?"
"Certainly my dear."  I pontificated.  "What, exactly?"   
"Would you stand up?  Put your hands behind you - like this?"
She demonstrated by moving both arms so that her hands were at her back.

"As if I was going to be handcuffed?"  I chortled, standing up, and moving my hands to the position she'd shown me.
"Zactly!"  She beamed, moving behind me.
I felt something encircle one wrist, then a sort of metallic 'click' and next, an identical sensation and sound on the other wrist.  The wine I'd taken had slowed my thinking processes down somewhat but it didn't take long for me to realize that what I'd said in jest was now a fact.  I was handcuffed!

The other two women now came over to look.  "Guess you were right after all Alice.  I never thought he'd be that easy."  Karen said, grinning.
Then she took me by the arm.  "Why don't you come over here Charles?  Sit on one of the big chairs.  Lots more comfy than these hard ones here in the dining room - and we do want to make you comfy."  She led me across the room, then turned to the other two.  "Don't we, girls?"  As she did so, she pushed me gently towards the overstuffed chair in front of the fireplace.  Helplessly, not having the use of my arms to balance me, I toppled backwards into the soft confines.

"Why don't you just stay there while we clean up?"  Dorothy said happily.  "We won't be long."
I grinned foolishly.  "I don't understand.  What are you girls doing?"
"We're tidying up."  Karen said, as if puzzled by my question.  "Didn't Dorothy just tell you?"

And the three of them moved around me, almost as if I wasn't there.  It was confusing.  There was no doubt about that!  I looked closely at each one, trying to figure what was going on, but with a marked lack of success.

Dorothy.  The 'plump' one of the three - if such a description could be applied to a five foot four inch frame, carrying a trim one hundred twenty pounds.  Always the quickest to smile.  Probably the most conservative dresser of the three, I couldn't ever remember seeing her in any kinds of pants before.  Probably the most feminine of them all.

Karen, the ice princess.  A little taller than Dorothy.  Cool in demeanor, rarely laughed out loud.  Dressed almost exclusively in pastels, light lipsticks and makeup to match.  Somewhat colorless in personality I'd always thought, but seemed to be considered one of the leaders in the group.

Alice - the athlete.  At least that was the impression she gave me.  Always strode in light graceful steps.  Demonstrated a constant sense of confidence.  Had a tendency to dress in more primary colors - often wore what appeared to be men's shirts, sweaters, and so on.

They were all students of mine in French at the university.  I say students of mine - but actually, I was simply the T.A.  (This I'd always felt was extremely unfair.  I did all the work, professor Eunice R. Johnson got the dough - and the credit).

I was musing as I sat there.  To be honest, I'd probably given the girls a fairly hard time.  There was no doubt about it.  Dorothy and Karen were both excellent students - natural in the romantic languages.  Alice was almost as good.  She didn't seem to have the natural style of the other two - but made up for that by hard work.  Now, I have to admit that there was a certain amount of jealousy towards the three of them on my part - they just seemed to have everything come to them too damn easy!

But I hadn't been that bad.  Surely?  Certainly, I'd made minor digs at them, but as far as I could make out, they were totally impervious to my little remarks.  It couldn't be that, could it?  What were they up to?  As I sat there in a little discomfort, my arms pinned at my back, I tried to focus on each one's face - see if I could get any indication.  But I was baffled by their response.

They didn't ignore me or anything like that.  It was just as if they knew I was there - but I was someone else's guest.  They'd meet my tentative smiles with little nods or a wink - just as if they themselves weren't sure why I was there.  A sort of 'just wait a little while, maybe someone will explain' look.

When something did happen, it was so fast, that I had no time to analyze what was really going on, but I was left with distinct reminders that it was no figment of my imagination.

I had been eyeing Karen, and didn't notice Dorothy coming to my chair.  The next thing I knew, she was kneeling in front of me - and undoing the belt of my pants!
"Eh?  What?  Dorothy?  What are you doing?"  I heard myself stammering as she quickly went to unzipping my fly.
"Please?"  I continued as I was unceremoniously pushed onto my back, and I felt my pants being pulled down about my knees.

Then she straightened up, only to come and start squeezing into the chair beside me.  As she did, I was gradually forced up out of the seat as she worked her way under me.  I saw the other girls watching - but, other than a sort of vague curiosity on their faces, I still was given no clue as to what they were thinking.  She placed a thing that looked like a table tennis paddle on a side table.

But I wasn't able to see them for much longer.  Suddenly, my head was being forced forward and sideways.  And the sickening truth became clear immediately.  A girl had me over her knees, with my pants down.  I was in the classic position for being spanked!

Face down towards the carpet, I tried to get some leverage so that I could get myself up from this humiliating position, but couldn't.  My shirt tail was pulled up, and I felt Dorothy shift her body into a more comfortable position, one hand pushing my handcuffed hands out of the way and holding me down at the same time. I felt her thigh muscles tense and, disbelieving even then, her body stretch as she stretched for the paddle.

The pain when that connected with my ass was unbelievable.  I let out a sharp scream - of a pitch I would have never thought I could manage.  I bucked, and attempted to roll off her knees.  Another whack.  As bad as the first one.  I tried to get my arms between the paddle and my posterior, but she easily pushed them away, and whacked me again.

I started to babble threats, pleas, any inducements that would stop the dreadful hurt she was applying - all to no avail.  Finally, I just lay there, blubbering as she finished her task.  I'm not sure, but I think one of the others gave her a hand to get me back into a sitting position, and let her get out from under me.  I couldn't see who it was though, as I was blinded by tears.  I did feel my pants being pulled down all the way, then my shoes and socks removed.  The pants then followed them, and I was left sitting on the chair in only my shirt and underpants.

The women went back to doing what they had been doing before - as if absolutely nothing had happened!  If it was not for the terrible stinging in my buttocks and my tear-blinded eyes, I might not have believed it myself!

Then Karen appeared from nowhere, a cool soft cloth for my face.  Gently, she applied it, especially around my eyes.  I couldn't identify any specific words she used, but the tone was that of a solicitous mother who's child has just scraped a knee.  Kindly and comforting.  Her sympathy actually made me cry more.  But the cool water against my fevered face gradually brought me back to normal.  Finally, I was able to speak coherently again.
"Thank you Karen"  I snuffled.  "But please.  Please?  Will someone tell me what's going on?"

But she and the other two were back to maintaining the same infuriating silence - at least as far as I was concerned.  With each other they chatted easily, talking as if they didn't have a male captive sitting in their living room.  Finally they came and sat in the chairs and couch close to me when they had finished their chores.  Nothing seemed to have changed, but Karen was back beside me, peering closely into my face.
"Feeling better?" She asked.
"Yes Karen.  Thank you,  but... Mmm."

I couldn't continue.  One of her hands was behind my head, holding it firmly.  And her lips were on mine, kissing me.  Her tongue found its way into my mouth.  Probed.  And then I felt her other hand - down, caressing my privates, gently stroking my major and sudden, erection.  Then I was being forced onto my back again, Karen now straddling me.  Her lips lifted from mine, only long enough for her to ask  "Isn't this nice?  Isn't it fun?"
I couldn't see, my vision limited by her lying on top, but I heard them all laugh hilariously - this was one of my catch phrases when I was criticizing their work.  I tried to smile - show I was a good sport - but couldn't quite make it.

I could only squirm in total humiliation as she pulled my shorts down, lifted her own skirt, pulled her panties down  - and fitted her soft moistness around me.  She was now looking down on my sweat glazed face as she sat astride me.  She smiled, then increased the pace of her pumping.  I came in a paroxysm of shame - I had just been used publicly as if I was nothing more than a sex toy.  I couldn't even deny that she'd shown that she had the power of being able to make me come, even if I didn't want to.  She dismounted then removed my shorts.  Used them to wipe herself and me.

"Oh Karen!  That's uckie!"  Dorothy said, getting up and leaving the room.  In the meanwhile, Karen just looked down on me with a look of bland dislike.
"Enjoyed that sweetie?"  She asked, obviously not giving a damn whether I did or not.

I didn't quite know how to answer, but before I could, Dorothy was back.  She wiped my privates with something cool and moist, dried them. Lifted my feet, slid something over them, then up my legs, and around my midriff.  I realized that she had put some fresh shorts on me to cover my nakedness.
"Thanks Dorothy." I said gratefully.
"Oh?  Like them do you?"  She replied.
"Yes.  Of course."  I answered.  Just then looking down to see the scarlet satin, black lace edged panties I was now wearing.

I didn't have time to think over this new humiliation.  Alice was looking at me with an expression I could only describe as 'hunger'.  I felt truly threatened.
"My turn now?"  She asked Dorothy quietly.

Dorothy looked at her.  "If you must.  But I'd have thought you'd like a lot more changes yet?"
Alice gave a resigned shrug.  "Yeah.  You're right.  Guess I'll wait for the finished product."  Gave me a peculiar smile, then turned and walked off.

I had a ten minute hiatus - they all wandered into another room - but by now I was beginning to appreciate being ignored.  The alternatives didn't seem altogether that good for my ego.  Then it began again - but this phase lasted well over an hour.

It was Dorothy again.  She came in, very businesslike.  Knelt down beside my chair.  "Don't move please."  She said.  "I don't want to stick you in the eye with these"  showing me a small pair of scissors.
I certainly wasn't going to jump around, but was curious nonetheless.
"Would you mind telling me...?"  I started, but my question was answered before the words were totally out of my mouth - she was cutting my eyebrows off!
"Better close your eyes Charles - keep the hair out."

I did so immediately, and kept them shut for the few moments it took for her to finish both eyebrows - I have hair that I'm quite proud of, but only on top of my head.  Everywhere else, I'm light.  At twenty seven I still only shave about every three weeks - and it's not mandatory even then.

I was surprised then, when I heard an electric kind of buzzing.  "Keep them shut"  she ordered  "just be a minute" - and I realized that my eyebrows, such as they were, had now been totally shaved off.
"Oh Dorothy!"  I wailed.  "It'll take me months to get them to grow back in again!"

"I wouldn't worry about it"  she said.  You'll never miss 'em.  Now stay still again - just for a sec."  And I did. It felt as if she was drawing lines on my forehead.
"But what?   What? I don't understand.." I was babbling again.  But she was holding a hand mirror up to let me see her handiwork.

When you're as fair as I am, and don't have heavy eyebrows to begin with, you don't think too much of them in terms of how they affect your appearance.  Take them away, however, and replace with two fine, high arcing pencil lines and the face immediately takes on decidedly feminine characteristics.

Weakly, I struggled against my cuffs.  She pursed her lips and frowned at me.  "Getting naughty?  Want another session over my knee?  Or even better yet, over Alice's knee?"
I shuddered to a stop.  She nodded approvingly.  "Much better!"  And left me for another little while.

When she returned, she was carrying quite a lot of stuff.  She put it down on the couch, then pulled a little table over beside me.  Transferred some of the things to it - then proceeded to work on my hair.  Shamefaced, I sat as she worked on me because I knew full well what she was doing - I was getting a 'hair-do.'

It took her quite a while.  As I said, I'm proud of my hair.  Probably wear it a little - a lot - longer than is generally worn by males.  Humming, chatting about TV shows, films, books, she put some of my hair in rollers, applied lotion.  Crimped some with a curling iron, applied bobbi pins to hold the waves, then lotion on top of that.  Finally wound a green chiffon scarf around my head, fashioning it into a turban.  Stepped back with a satisfied grunt.  "That'll brush out real nice. You'll be happy with it I think."

But another thing was bothering me.
"Dorothy?  I need the bathroom."  I said.  "Honest."
"Wel.l.l"  she considered.  "I'll be needing to take the cuffs off you pretty soon anyway - at least for a little while.  Tell you what.  Just give me a couple more minutes then, if I have your promise that you won't try something stupid, I'll free you to go to the bathroom.  Fair enough?"
"Oh thanks Dorothy"  I said. 
"I promise.  But hurry please?"  I said sincerely.

She used the 'few' minutes to apply perfume and lipstick.
"Tell you"  she said, inserting the key into my restraints.  "I don't think you've got the balls to get past the three of us, but think about this.  Your car has been moved, we've got the keys - and you're gonna look awful sweet running around outside in panties, lipstick, your hair up - and smelling nice."  With that, she undid the cuffs.

I didn't want to see myself, but couldn't resist a peek in the bathroom mirror.  I was still somewhat recognizable as a male - but only because of the shirt.

When I returned to her attentions, I even lost that.
"Tell you what"  she said.  "Why don't we get the awkward stuff over?  Then I'll tie you up.  Won't be as uncomfortable as the cuffs, and you can still pretend that you're helpless.  O.K?"

The 'awkward stuff' was getting me into lingerie that matched my panties - bra, slip, and garter belt. I then had to go to another chair - this one had arms - and was 'bound' to it with lightweight scarfs at the wrists.  This was especially humiliating as it was now completely obvious that even these bindings were unnecessary - I was a totally docile, subdued captive.

And remained so.  As my toenails and fingernails were lacquered with a bright red polish.  As a 'cold' liquid was applied to my ear lobes.  As the same lobes were pierced, and dangly earrings were inserted.
"Not supposed to do this."  Dorothy explained  "but these are pure gold.  Won't get infected.  I promise."
I was now sitting, resplendent in satin lingerie,  earrings, perfume, some makeup.  The other two girls drifted in and out of the room more often now.  They weren't quite as mean as before - but now when they looked at me, little half smiles played across their faces - they widened their eyes in pretended surprise, made little 'kissy' moue's with pouty lips.

" Stop that you two!"  Dorothy commanded.  "You're getting yourselves all excited for nothing!  You Karen!  You had your turn.  It's Alice's shot next, and it'll take a while until she's ready.  So behave!"

I felt like a prize at a .. I don't know what.  But I knew now that the 'she' that Dorothy was referring to was me.

It was getting on in the afternoon.  I was finally released from my bindings, but made no attempt to escape from my tormentors.  Meekly, I even assisted in attaching smoky nylon stockings to the straps of my garter belt, then wiggled my way through the opening of a black silk dress and into the puffy sleeves.  Stood patiently while Dorothy buttoned me into it.  Sat still as a metal contraption was used to curl my eyelashes.  Sat placidly as the rest of my makeup was applied - the base, blush, eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara, were put on carefully.

Sat astonished in front of a mirror while the rollers and bobbi pins were removed from my hair - and saw the pretty girl emerge as the curls were brushed out.  Actually blushed with pleasure as the girls complimented me.  Put on the apron provided and, though functioning in a state of shock and disbelief, quite happily served up dinner.  Joined the girls at the table after I'd finished serving.  Felt quite natural as a matter of fact.  Discovered what had caused the whole treatment.

"Charles?" Karen said between bites of her dinner. "You do know why we're doing this, don't you?"
I couldn't help it.  Wilted away from her.  "Not really."  I answered.
"You don't know that you are a pretentious prick?"  Alice said, disbelieving. "Strutting around in class, spouting off reams of macho bullshit and miscalling the feminine gender, but all the time patting your goddam hair and preening like a woman?!"

"Yeah!"  Karen interrupted. "At first, we thought you had to be gay. But, when we checked you out with some of our swishy friends, they said 'no' - you'd never come on to any of them.  At the same time, you never came onto any of the girls either - we didn't know how to get to you.  If it hadn't been for Dorothy.."

Dorothy preened.  "I did some research.  Wasn't sure, but some indications pointed to the possibility that you might need a female dominatrix - so we thought we'd get you over here and find out.  Looks like the signs were right, eh?  And now you've got three!  Aren't you happy?  Isn't this nice? Isn't it fun?"

I was eating the meal in front of me.  I could see the crimson fingernails as I plied the utensils.  Could sense the creaminess of lipstick on my lips on the rim of my wine glass.  Could feel the tiny restrictions made by my bra and garter belt straps as they held portions of me in place. Felt the soft slickness of satin and nylon from my slip and stockings when I made the slightest movement.  Smelled my own perfume, felt the touch of long dangly earrings against my neck.  I wasn't really sure what it was ... but had to admit that it really wasn't ... too awful.

"And maybe, just maybe, you're going to stay with us here for a while"  Karen said.  "We've got you a few pretty uniforms, aprons, and if you take our offer, we'll get you more.  You'll make the nicest maid.  You'll even like the money.  We'll pay you fifty percent more than your current salary - I mean, a good French maid has got to be worth more than a lousy T.A. - You'll get free room and board - it may be more attractive than you think."
"But.. my vacation?"  I asked. "People will be looking for me."

"You told us."  Dorothy interjected.  "That you were off - no reservations.  Wanted to lose yourself.  That would indicate that no-one knows where you are. So now you're here - with us.  Your car and belongings are in our garage.  Nobody will look there."

"But?  When school starts again?" I had to ask.
"Then?  Why, we give you the choice.  Stay on here as our maid or go back to being a T.A.  - We don't mind.  By that time we're going to feel a lot better about you.. So you can make your own decision."

"Don't forget!  My turn!"  Alice said firmly. (Again, a sense of dread rose within me).
Dorothy wagged her head from side to side, smiling.
"Alice"  she said to me  "has a particular grudge against you.  We all did as a matter of fact.  But we wanted our revenge in different ways.  I wanted to give you a damn good spanking.  Karen wanted to screw you - her on top.  We've got ours.  Alice wants something different."

I looked at Alice.  My mouth was dry.  She had that evil glint in her eyes.
Again Dorothy saved me.
"Your new name is Madeleine."  She said to me.  "You did quite nicely serving up the meal.  Now get up from the table, curtsey, and clear off the dishes.  Then wash them.  And remember, you're a French maid.  Understand?"

I nodded.
"Then got on with it!"
"Oui madame."  I replied, and taking the hems of my dress in hand, curtseyed.

When I was finished, Dorothy and Alice were nowhere to be seen.   Karen checked that everything was done.  Gave an approving nod.
"Come in to the living room."  She said  "and have a seat.  We're going to have a talk."

When we had both sat down, she leaned forward in her chair.
"The three of us have talked it over, and decided to change our original plans..."
"Was there a reason?"  I asked.
"Don't interrupt me again Madelaine!"  She shot back.  "But 'yes', there is a reason.  See, we didn't know you'd be this easy."  She grinned, and looked at her watch.  "What's it been now?, Seven hours tops?  You come in here like you really are somebody.  Now here you are, sweet and docile, all gussied up in a maid's dress and apron, makeup, all that good stuff.."

She paused.  Leaned back in her chair.  "So we thought we'd give you a little .. ah.. test.  A choice?"  She shrugged.  "See how you do."

She saw the worried look on my face.  Laughed.  "Yeah.  You have damn good reason to look worried.  Alice has something extra special planned for you.  But the thing is now - you'll have the option to refuse, go back, well - almost go back - to where you started out this afternoon.  Of course it'll take a while for your eyebrows to come back, and the earring holes to fill, but that shouldn't be much of a problem - unless you intend to vacation on a cattle ranch or logging camp - but I don't see you doing that somehow."

I was bursting to ask how I could get clear of these women from hell, but decided not to interrupt her again.  She then started explaining.
"I'm going to teach you how to act a small part - how to stand, how to do certain things, how to talk - and certain things to say. I'm not saying that you have to be word perfect, but you'd better be damn close - and during this time, you don't have any options.  You will do what I tell you, and what I teach you.  Understand, Madeleine?"
"Oui madame."  I responded.
She nodded approvingly, and started coaching me.

It was strange, but not terribly difficult.  I realized immediately that I was playing a very feminine role, but it really didn't make a great deal of sense - and some of the gestures she had me memorize just didn't seem to fit the image you'd expect a maid to project somehow.  I was almost word perfect in about thirty minutes.

"O.K."  She said suddenly.  Stood up.  "Let's go.  Time to get this show on the road."  Started leaving the room.  Quickly, I jumped up and followed her to a bedroom.  There, I had to take my shoes, apron, and dress off.  Then I was given my new outfit.  I almost choked when I saw what I was to wear.

A scarlet, form fitting, satin dress.  So tight that I could barely breathe, with the hem riding a good three inches above my knees.  Bare shoulders except for a couple of wide straps.  No sleeves. Then a tight, jet black bolero jacket of tightly ruffled satin, ruffled all the way down the long sleeves.  Finally, a major shock.  Incredibly high, black, platform shoes like women wore in the sixties.  They had long ribbons which Karen laced around my ankles and up my legs.

"Almost done."  She grinned.  "Just a few finishing touches."
Scarlet, wet looking, lipstick brought my lips a high gloss.  She applied some sparkly type stuff to my eyelids, after heavying up my eyeliner. New, huge red plastic earrings that almost hit my shoulder.  Cheap plastic bangles on both wrists that clattered when I walked.

Then, tottering on my new shoes, I was put through my paces a few more times.  At that point, many of the things that had seemed strange started to make sense - I had been taught some basic behaviour patterns of a slut coming on to someone!  Sliding my hands down over my hips suggestively.  How to reach into a handbag, and touch up my makeup - making wet 'pouty' lips to my 'customer' as I did so.  Sway my body invitingly.
She gave me a tiny black, beaded handbag. Had me put all my makeup in it.
"Great!"  She said.  "We really made excellent time!  Let's go!"
And she took my arm in hers, and started walking me to the front door!

I had enough sense left to increase my French accent as she steered me outside, but all of my weak protests were of absolutely no use.  She even made me stand, trembling, for a few minutes while she fetched her car.  The door where I stood was fairly well back from the road, but it wasn't quite dark yet, and I knew that I could be seen by passing vehicles.  Then it dawned on me that I could probably take a fairly close examination, and still pass for a woman.

I was still grateful when she pulled up, and opened the door for me. Then I was terribly embarrassed to have my first experience of my dress riding up my thighs as I got in - displaying a fairly long piece of nylon-shod leg, and scarlet garter belt as I did so.  Karen laughed as I tried to pull my hem down in the car.  She sobered up quickly though.
"This place I'm taking you.  Not far.  Maybe a half mile, tops.  And here's the deal.  I'm going to drop you off.  You will have to stand there, under the light, for at least fifteen minutes.  After that, you're free to go if you want - come back here - your car will be parked at the curb - keys are in the ignition - take off.  Do what you want."

"Is that all?"  I asked nervously.  "I have to stand for fifteen minutes then come back here?
"Nah.  Alice will be coming and talk to you.  You'll make the responses to her that I've taught you.  Then, she'll make a suggestion to you.  All you have to do is say 'no'.  She'll leave, I'll leave, and you'll be on your own."
"To walk all the way back - like this?"
"That's it, sweetie"  she said, not a trace of sympathy in her voice. Then continued.  "Better get out now."

"But I don't have a watch."  I said petrified.  "How will I know when the time's up?"
"Never thought of that."  She conceded.  "But I'll tell you what.  I'll be parking up the street, just to keep an eye on you.  I'll peep my horn.. You can either wait for Alice to show up, or leave then.  O.K?"

"But Karen.."  I started.  But she was not in the mood to answer any more questions.. "O.K.  Madeleine.  Out!"
Her tone brooked no argument.  Hastily, I opened the door and stepped out on to the curb - and found myself amongst a small group of women close by.  They paid me no attention though, other than quick appraisals - then settled back to their own private worlds, as Karen wheeled the car in a tight 'u' turn and went back up the street aways.

The curb was well lit by a sign overhead "Sapho's Bar."  And I realized that I had joined a group of single women either waiting for dates, or looking to pick up someone for the evening - and I knew that I was also standing outside the best known lesbian hangout in town!

And, less than five minutes later, I was hit on!  This stocky woman, hair cut short, no makeup.  Jeans, man's shirt with the sleeves rolled up, man's watch, walks out of the door from Sapho's.  Obviously knew some of the girls standing there by nodding, smiling, giving a quiet "Hi" to a few of them, but focused on me.

Desperately, I looked up the street, all of a sudden praying for Alice to appear - but I didn't know her car anyway, so wouldn't have known if she was coming or not.
"Hey miss?"  The stocky woman was talking to me.  "Like a friend for the night?"
I lowered my voice.  Spoke very softly.  "Thanks.  But I have a date.."
She came right up to me.  Started stroking the ruffles on the arm of my jacket softly.
"Mm.Mmm..Mm.  Feels nice.  Why don't you forget him, O.K?  I'm really good to my girls.  Give you a good time.  You won't be sorry."

She wasn't threatening or anything.  Actually, she was quite nice.
"I would.."  I protested quietly, but she's.. He's due here in a few minutes."
"I  wouldn't keep a looker like you waiting.."  She pressed.  Continued to stroke my arm.  "But I'll tell you what.  Why don't I just wait here with you.  That way, he doesn't show - well, you'll still be lucky."

I was in a panic.  Now, if I did turn Alice down, how was I gong to get away, back to my own car?  But all I did was make a small shrug.  She touched my sleeve one more time, then went and stood, leaning against the wall.  Looking as if she was waiting for someone as well. A few minutes later, I heard the car horn.. my fifteen minutes were up.

But I didn't - or couldn't - make a decision.  Before I could, Alice was standing beside me, Dorothy next to her, holding a cam-corder.
"Mind if I ask you a few questions Miss?  My friend and I are finishing a social study project for class.  Need a few more interviews.  You wouldn't mind, would you?"
I shrugged.  Dorothy turned on the camera and started shooting.

Nervously, I did what I had been shown.  Did a slow stroke of my thighs.
"Oh.  I guess it's O.K,  Alice."
She pretended surprise.  "You know me?"  Then she peered at me closer.  "You do look familiar.  Remind me of somebody... Let me think."  She put her hand to her mouth in pretended astonishment.
"It's me.  Charles.  The T.A. In your French class."  I said.

"No!"  She gasped.  "I always thought you were a man!"
I actually welcomed what I had to do next.  Gave me a second or two to think.
I opened my handbag.  Took out my compact and opened it.  Took my lipstick out and, using the compact mirror, carefully applied a new coating to my lips.  Pouted my lips towards her, rubbed them together seductively. Closed the compact and lipstick.  Returned them to my handbag.  Closed it.  Said my next line.
"I know.  But I heard you liked girls.  That you might be coming by here tonight to work on your project.  Thought I'd see if I could meet you."

"You'd be my girl?"  She asked. Giggled meanly.  "Do you have any idea of what I'd do to you?"
I shrugged.  Tilted my head to one side.  She leaned in to me and whispered in my ear, but loud enough for Dorothy to catch on the camera.
"I'd get you in bed.  Do some heavy kissing on you, touch you in different places.  When I'd got you all sexy, I'd have you kneel on top of the bed.  Your shoes would be off, of course, but then I'd pull your panties down - all the way - but, you are wearing panties, aren't you?"

"Yes.  Of course!"  Was my next practiced line.
She smiled.  "Of course!  What else would you be wearing?  But then?  I'd pull your panties off.  Then.  Then I'd put this nice, gooey stuff on your bottom, and I'd work it up your ass.  I don't know.  Do you think you'd like me making you all slippery in there?"

This was one of the test questions.  I had been given the answer, without being told what the question would actually be.  But I knew now, that if I said "no", she'd walk away, and leave me.  And how could I possibly get back to the house on these tottering sandals, in my tight dress - how was I going to get away from the butch standing waiting patiently for me at the wall?

"I don't know."  I answered.  "I'm a virgin."
"Well.  I'd try not to hurt you when I came in."  She said. "I've got some pretty small dildo's.  Might be o.k.  What do you think?"

She stood aside enough that Dorothy could now get my face and answer, on film. I knew why they were doing what they were. Without my consent, what they had done, and were proposing to do constituted both kidnapping and rape.

By filming me standing by myself, then answering they way I had, there was nothing involuntary about my participation in my 'deflowering'.  I had admitted waiting for her.  Admitted transforming myself into a woman to seek her favor, and was now agreeing that she was going to make love to me, with me playing the willing female role.

I batted my eyelashes at her (this was not in the script) and smiled as I followed her into the back seat of her car, leaned back into her arms.  "Sounds like it might fun to me"  was all I was able to get out before her demanding lips landed firmly on mine.


And now for Rosie's stuff.   BTW?  Don't crab at me because of missing numbers in her 'bits'.  It's not ME that's doing that.  I just copy them the way they are.


I avoided going back home as long as I could. I had no reservations about meeting my mother – she’s been a frequent guest at our house – but I really didn’t feel like going to her house. Especially not without Stephanie and longer than a couple of minutes.
“When are you going to clean up your room?” she kept asking me.
“I don’t need any of that old stuff,” I’d reply, “Just give it away.”
“I’m not throwing anything out without your approval,” she’d say.
I thought I could keep putting this off indefinitely but she made arrangements with Stephanie instead.
“I have to go see my mother,” Stephanie said, “And it’ll take the whole day. I though I might as well drop you off at your mother’s since it’s along the way.”
“I’d rather wait here, honey,” I protested.
“Oh, just go there and clean up your room. Maybe you’re not tired of hearing about it, but I sure am.”

There was a stack of old magazines in the corner of my old room – something that would, I thought, last me the whole day. Without any unnecessary haste, I began leafing through each one of them – after all, I had to make sure if they were of any value before I threw them out. Unfortunately, it didn’t last. My mother came to my room soon enough and she wasn’t satisfied with the pace of my tidying up.
“Leave that old pile of paper alone, would you?” she said, “There’s more important things you have to take care of.”
While I knew she was talking about just the thing I was trying to avoid, I had no choice but to stand up for her to show that to me.
“I’m talking about what’s in here,” she said, knocking on the door of my old closet.
“Don’t need that anymore,” I shyly shrugged.
“Are you sure?” she said, her commanding gaze boring holes through my confidence.
“Mom, please, none of these things no longer fit me,” I almost whispered.
“Oh, I don’t know about that,” she replied, “You don’t seem to have put on any weight lately.”
“I think I have,” I replied.
“Well,” she merrily said, “It shouldn’t take us too long to find out.”
Before she even opened the closet I knew she had won. I took off my sweater, kicked off my shoes and followed her inside.

Even though it took quite some time to verify if my old clothes would indeed fit me, I was nonetheless ready long before Stephanie arrived – giving me enough time to thumb through the magazines before they’d be thrown out. In fact, I was starting to doubt even that decision as I become so engrossed in reading an article that I didn’t realize Stephanie had arrived until I heard her voice from downstairs – hers and her mother’s.
“Bobby?” my mother called out, “Stephanie’s here.”
I put down my magazine and stood up. I hadn’t counted on her mother coming as well but it was too late to change anything – not that I would have been able to do things differently anyway. I checked my reflection in the mirror then slowly made my way downstairs.
My mother kept on talking as if nothing was out of the ordinary but she couldn’t mask the stunned silence that arose when I entered the room.
“Bobby?” Stephanie spoke first, “My god, is that you?”
Nervously, I smiled, then plucked at the skirt of my dress and dropped a curtsey.
“Just what on Earth is going on here?” she turned to my mother.
Before she could explain, Stephanie was already at the two suitcases I had filled with my clothes. She unzipped one and pulled out my dark blue velvet skirt. The other women watched her with amused expressions as she kept on rummaging through my suitcase only to find one article of girls’ clothing after another.
“I don’t really need to open the other suitcase, do I?” she asked when she finally stopped.
“Actually, you didn’t need to open this one either,” I blurted out, “It’ll take me ages to fold everything up again.”
“Don’t bother,” she said and quickly left the room.
“Honey?” I stupidly called out after her, but she didn’t respond.
“Oh, damn it,” her mother said, “Kids these days.”
She ran after her, but turned back towards us at the door.
“I apologize, but I do have to run,” she breathed, “Lovely seeing you again Bobby. Dora.”

Although tears were welling up behind my eyes, I managed to give my mother a victorious, told-you-so glance.
“Oh, stop it, Melissa,” she said and hugged me.
“Guess I have to unpack all that,” I sniffled.
“Just go to be,” she said, “You’ve had enough work for one day.”

“Melissa?” I heard my mother call, “Someone to see you.”
I rushed to the front door – as fast as my four inch heels and my tight skirt allowed.
“Stephanie?” I said excitedly as saw my mother talking at the door.
“Janet?” I gasped in surprise when I realized that the woman my mother was talking to was not my fiancée but her mother.
“Melissa,” she smiled at me, then further surprised me by embracing me and kissing me full on the lips.
“But I thought… I mean… Where’s Stephanie?” I stammered.
“Stephanie needs some time to think things over,” she said, sliding her hand down my back until it rested on my silk clad behind, “I though it would be a good idea if we used this time to get to know each other better.”
Fearfully, I looked up at her smiling face, then at my mother, nodding in encouragement.
“I hope you haven’t already unpacked all your clothes,” Janet said, “I’d hate to see you have to do it all over again.”
“Oh, it’ll only take a minute,” I breathed and scurried to my room.


Knowing I wasn’t supposed to kiss her, it took all my willpower not to let our lips touch. Instead, I press my nose to her neck, our cheeks brushing softly as I do so. I probe Anne’s soft skin with the tip of my nose while her long black hair slowly enwraps my face. Not able to keep my hands of her anymore, I put them round her back, place them on her shoulders then slowly slide them over her red silk blouse until they are resting on her firm ass, seductively encased in her black slacks. My fingers start probing between her legs and she arches her head back in delight.
“I want to suck you off so baaad,” she mutters in my ear.
“Not here… not now…” I whisper my protests but she doesn’t pay attention. As she slowly kneels down in front of me I ignore them as well and obediently raise my full skirt. She unhooks my teddies, pulls down my pantyhose and my panties. I feel my rock hard penis spring forward, suddenly free from it’s lacy confines. I lean back on the steel railing and look down, but my view is obscured by powder blue satin frills – the front of my blouse rising and falling in synch with my breast forms glued to my chest.
I lean forward to get a better view, but I’m finding it hard to keep my balance. Anne has pulled my panties and pantyhose down to my knees and I simply cannot keep my legs apart enough as my four inch stiletto heels require me to. When her lips wrap around my erection, my legs start to buckle and I have to grab hold of the railing behind me. First with one hand only soon, I’m gripping the railing firmly with both hands. I have let go of my skirt which has covered Anne’s head and shoulders completely.
I’m loosing track of time as Anne’s mouth is applying negative pressure to the tip of my penis until I feel the orgasm nearing unstoppably, first my sphincter begins to clench then my legs lose their strength and it’s only Anne’s firm grip of my hips that keeps me from collapsing on the floor. My penis begins to throb and I shoot globs down Anne’s throat.
As if waking from a daze I watch her take a tissue from her purse and dab her mouth. I reach under my skirt but remember that we – with joined forces – have just pulled up my panties, pantyhose and clasped the teddies over my crotch again. She disengages the ‘stop’ switch and I almost collapse again as the elevator starts moving upwards again.
As I walk through the elevator door she’s holding open for me, I’m beginning to have second thoughts about the situation. Suddenly, with the realism that only a freshly drained nutsack can bring, I no longer feel comfortable in my blouse, skirt and heels – forget comfortable, I want to run away, run back home, rip off my silly clothes and wash off my makeup. Anne, however, as if she senses my sudden reluctance is keeping a firm grip on my wrist and before I can yank my hand out of her arm, she takes that extra step forward, stretches out her right hand and rings the doorbell.
She looks at me with a triumphant smile and I admit my defeat. As the clicking of our high heels stops reverberating in the hallways, I can hear the clicking of my mother’s heels growing louder through the door.


The whole morning was a rush. I had set up my alarm clock early enough but my nerves wouldn’t let me take things in stride and so I kept darting from one corner of the house to the other as I was getting ready for work.
I really was glad of having a job again, even if it was just helping out my mother in law in her dressmaking shop, but on the other hand it has been a long while since I last went to work in the morning and I had gotten used to the luxury of staying at home. Moreover, I had naively assumed that contributing to the household budget again would release me from the task of making Wendy’s breakfast, but I was wrong.
“At least I don’t have to leave almost an hour after you do,” she had said the evening before, “So you don’t have to get up any earlier.”
At the time it made sense but when I got about it I’d have preferred it was her leaving an hour earlier than me. This way, at least I wouldn’t have to worry about her breakfast, or her clothes, as I’d get ready myself.
“Look at you,” she smiled at me when I popped in the kitchen for a sip of coffee, “My husband getting ready for work. Just like the old days, isn’t it?”
Her words reminded me of my last position – the head of a department in a successful company – before she had made me give up my job to look after her, but I didn’t have time to reply. I took a small bite of the toast I had set up for my self while I was making her scrambled eggs, but her merciless teasing took away the little appetite I had. Struggling to swallow the dry food, I rushed off to the bedroom to prepare Wendy’s clothes.
I picked out a black lingerie set, along with black stockings, a dark grey pantsuit, a burgundy red silk blouse and a pair of patent red shoes with a three inch heel. As I started to carefully lay them out on the bed I noticed that I forgot to make the bed. Cursing under my breath, I stretched out the linens, rearranged the blanket and pulled the bedspread over them. When I was finally done laying out her clothes I glanced at my watch – my mother in law would be there to pick me up any second.
Grabbing my own things, I rushed towards the front door where Wendy was already waiting for me.
“Aren’t you forgetting something?” she said.
“Sorry, dear,” I said and gave her a quick kiss.
“Not that, silly,” she giggled, “Are you going out like this?”
“Oh, right,” I said – apparently I had forgotten I was still wearing my apron. Hastily, I untied it’s strings and took it off.
“Give it to me, I’ll take care of it,” Wendy said.
“Thanks,” I said turned towards the door.
“Wait!” she laughed again, just as my mother in law’s car horn sounded from the driveway.
“Oh, Wendy, what now?” I moaned, “Please don’t make me late, I really don’t want to get mummy mad at me.”
“Just take a look in the mirror,” she said.
I was really reluctant to keep my mother in law waiting but at the same time I knew better than not to obey my wife. I looked at the mirror.
“What?” I asked her.
“Look closer,” she said.
“Oh, please, Wendy, can’t you just tell me what’s the matter?” I said.
“Look below your waist, honey,” she said.
I looked again at my reflection. For a second I could see nothing wrong but then Wendy took the handbag I had been holding in my lap away from me. Suddenly I realized that I could see two things I normally wouldn’t see below my waist – the tails of my pink silk blouse and the white lace-edged hem of my slip. I let out a squeal of panic and turned to Wendy.
“Oh, god, what do I do?” I said.
“Don’t worry,” she laughed, “I’ll go and talk to mummy. I’ll explain her that my husband was so excited about his first day at work, he forgot to put on a skirt!”


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