Sunday, November 4, 2012

A wonderful insight Monica. Thanks

Dear Monica

Thank you for replying with such openness. Because of your unusual but wonderful relationship with your wife/employer and my keen interest in all things associated with domestic service particularly the dynamic between a maid and her mistress I must admit that I was very curious as to how you addressed her, to me this is a fundamental part of the relationship. During the day you are maid/mistress but come evening this reverts to a more relaxed mode which I think is ideal and I’m sure helps keep your relationship on an even keel. Otherwise it could descend into farce or worse.   I heard a quote by T.S. Eliot today “Humankind cannot stand very much reality” I’m sure the same applies to fantasy. As you have been together for so long you seem to have achieved just the right balance. The same probably applies to me regarding cross dressing I love it but don’t know if I would do it all day everyday. I’ve often had the opportunity to cross dress 24/7 for days at a time but choose other activities instead but I suppose that’s the thing about cross dressers we each have varying degrees of intensity towards it some stronger than others. Perhaps the same thing can be said about submissiveness but that’s a whole different subject. Your wife is definitely somebody very special indeed and the most important thing is you sound very happy and content.

Your description of working for Miss Tina was also wonderful and it rings true in every detail. It’s exactly how I know some women used to treat (probably still do) the hired help. Chatty and polite but keep their distance and don’t wish to get too familiar. After all they are domestics. What you said about using a separate WC is exactly what was done by ladies in the interwar/post war years which I referred to in a previous post. There was a clear distinction between maid and mistress, she was good enough to clean the toilet but not use it. A very subtle signal of your place in the household.

Giving you the name Mika is also another method of reminding you of your place as you rightly pointed out. I remember vividly the opening scene in Upstairs Downstairs where the Mistress didn’t like the new maid’s name so she changed it to a name in keeping with the girl’s position. Miss Tina obviously is from the same school. What you said about her obviously liking to be called “Madam” struck a chord with me. I’ve often wondered do many women have such aspirations i.e. not only to have a maid but also requiring to be addressed as “Madam”. Very like the post earlier this year about the woman who was employed by a titled lady in England and while she didn’t insist on being curtsied to but was very pleased when the maid suggested it. Does this suggest a dominant streak or just a way of rich or well off women flaunting their wealth? I think secretly a lot of women would like to be addressed in such a manner by other women but in this day and age, but in first world countries at any rate may not go down so well.

You also answered a question I didn’t ask but was very curious about namely about how you dress outside whether en femme or as a male. Good solution, and one used by many women also, not every women goes out done up to the nines every day.

I’m sure there are more questions but I don’t want to impose any more than I already have, you’ve been so good to share the details of your lifestyle and given us all such an insight into a life most could only dream about.

Thank you also for the photo, you look really good  and must say have great legs. Could be thrown out of the straight club for saying that.

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