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Interactive Story 2

There was a good response to my interactive story questions, so I have written the first part of the story consistent with your answers. It was almost evenly divided between those who wanted Miss Hancock Mid 50's, dressed in a long black dress and hair in a bun and those who preferred Stylish in a tight sexy dress not like a maid at all so I Miss Hancock will sometime wear her uniform dress, and sometimes let her hair down. The overwhelming choice for Robert's new name was Jennifer. The most popular answer for how the outcome of the spanking was The young maid Marsha enters, laughing surprised at the ridiculous sight which was chosen by 35% while She caresses his sore bottom.. "Oh did I spank you too hard?" referring to Miss Hancock was preferred by 31%, so once again I have tried to accommodate both answers in the story. So here is the first installment. I hope the writing isn't too clunky, and the story is fun. After the story comes a new set of questions, and the second installment will be written based upon your choices.


We start in the middle.   Robert has been left in the house of his fiance's mother a large mansion with maid servants for a few days while the Ladies visit an old friend.   He had been looking forward to the run of the house, but a series of events have left him confused and overwhelmed.   He finds himself pantied and put in a skirt by the Head Maid,  Miss Hancock, and just recently completed a task that is certainly a maid's task! cleaning the downstairs bathroom.  He sits in the hall in a daze, wondering how this has happened to him so quickly. 

He could hardly believe what was happening. Hadn't he just two days ago wished his fiance Donna a pleasant trip along with Her Mother, and Sister, and anticipated a jolly time in the fine house. ….

But events or fate or plain bad luck had intervened.   The Ladies were only a few hours gone.   I had been exploring looking in Mrs Garner’s room.  She had closets full of clothes and drawers full of lingerie.  Frankly I   was mesmerized.  Since I was a child  fine lingerie could do that to me.   I  didn’t even notice Miss Hancock entering,  watching, smiling the way a cat might smile, the first time it noticed a fat juicy mouse on the porch.   She must have quietly come up behind me.  I was admiring the silkiness of a pair of exquisite white satin panties with delicate lace trim, feeling it against my cheek, when I felt a hand on my waist, and practically jumped, but now two strong hands held me firmly about the waist.

“Those panties are lovely, aren’t they?  Mistress has the most beautiful lingerie don’t you think?”

As She pressed upon my waist to turn me around so I faced her.   I was pink with embarrassment of course, but also there was a certain excitement in the room.  Miss Hancock, who Donna called Amelia had been in the house for many years.  As other times that I had met her,  she wore a long black skirt and an white silk blouse.  Her hair was raven black, and looked to be long, though She kept it pinned up in a rather severe style.  She stood so close to me, a woman of 45, a beautiful woman, who held me now tightly about the waist, and was smiling at me in a way that should have worried me.  I however was taken with the proximity, the smell, the presence of this physically powerful woman, with perfect skin and makeup.

Umm..  I just noticed this underwear… it must have slipped off the bed.. I was just retrieving it”

“Don’t lie to me Robert.  It is not nice to lie.”   She warned quietly,

 Now taking the same white satin panties… and touching my cheek through them..caressing it.
“But these are Mistress’s panties,  they are not for you.   Come with me.”.
and like that She took me down the hall to her own room. 

 I should have resisted… I..  well… I can’t explain it.. She was such a presence! And I have never been able to resist the power of raven haired beauties.

It was as if Miss Hancock  had hypnotized me.  Before I knew it, I was wearing a pair of black silk panties.   Her panties!  She told me they were a gift, but that I needed to return the  favor.   Before I knew it, my excitement obvious and shameful, I was wearing a plain navy blue pleated skirt and a somewhat feminine looking light blue sweater.  She was began calling me Jennifer as soon as She pantied me, and told me that I could repay the gift of panties, by relieving the maids’ of a little work so that could have a nice easy day.  I was instructed to go down and clean the downstairs bathroom off the hall. 

“A small matter Jennifer.   A token of your respect.  The Mistress isn’t back for 3 days.   I think you and I may have some fun this weekend.”   And She smiled.. that same smile I would come to know so well.  

 And so I started to clean the bathroom.   I however did a very quick job,  I mean,  standing in the bathroom myself with the cleaning supplies She had given me, in a skirt and panties,  I felt ridiculous.   Out of her presence, it was as if a spell was wearing off.  I needed to speak with her.   To explain that she had made some mistake about me.  I was Donna’s fiancĂ©,   an important guest.   She needed to be more respectful.

 I was sitting  in the upstairs hallway thinking of how I needed to straighten things out when my revery was interrupted by the dong of a handbell, and Her voice  “Jennifer,  Come Here Now”  loudly declaimed.   And despite myself, my resolve I  felt a tingle of fear.  Was she angry but why..  maybe I should do as she asks, make sure there isn’t any misunderstanding. 

I hurried down heading toward the parlor from which it appeared the summons was from.  Just outside the parlor door I ran into Alice, one of the maid’s under Miss Hancock’s superivison.  I was embarrassed and flustered, and I practically knocked her down in my haste, and then realized that she was starring not at me, but at my skirt.   I blushed, but she seemed to ignore it, only saying.

“Miss Hancock is quite cross, you better get in there!”

And so it was a moment later that I found myself standing in front of Miss Hancock who was seated in a large stuffed chair.  She looked as I had never seen her before.   A tight stylish blue silk dress that just barely reached her knees as She was seated there, sheer silky stockings, and heels.   Her dark tresses were indeed long enough to cover her neck fully.  Her ample breasts pushed at the silky dress.  She was lovely, but her face clearly showed aggravation.

Well, She exclaimed,  Marsha  (the youngest maid, a girl of 18)  has examined the bathroom., and tells me it is filthy, the tub unscrubed, filth behind the toilet, the towels every which way.   A disgrace!  We had an agreement, and you have failed to fulfill it with a task than any 18 year old maid servant can perform.  Disgraceful!” 

 She looked at me standing in front of her with such disdain that my legs were trembling.  All thoughts, all resolve seemed to leave me.

Over my knee now!”

 I came to in confusion as she lowered me over her silken lap  She didn’t say a word just roughly lifted the  skirt and began to spank me hard on my pantied bottom over and over while I begged. 

“Please don’t do this.  Don’t spank me like a child!”

“I shall you little sissy.  I shall!”  And she only began to spank me harder. 

Oh it was too much!  I began to kick a bit in frustration.  Her one arm held me strongly.   Too my greater humiliation, I could feel Her firm thighs beneath me, and knew I was excited.  I only hoped that she could not tell. 

“I began to complain on the verge of tears,  don’t please I am sorry.. I will do better ..It hurts!”

At that moment,  I heard the parlor door open, and turning my head to look saw the young maid Marsha come into the room.   Her mouth opened in a wide O of astonishment, and then she began to giggle girlishly. 

“I reddened anew with shame.”

Continuing to spank me.. Miss Hancock,  looked up.  

“Don’t be alarmed girl.  I am only performing some correction to  jennifer’s bottom.   Have you cleaned the bathroom?

Barely able to conceal her mirth, the maid replied.   “ Yes Maam”. 

Giving me a few last stinging spanks,  Miss Hancock pulled me off her lap, where I stumbled, anxious to cover my tenting panties with my skirt. 

Now I faced the young maid, who looked at me, as if she had never seen anything like me. 

“Now apologize to Marsha,  Jennifer for causing her to have to correct your sloppy work”  

“I am sorry Marsha.. I am.  I didn’t mean to cause you trouble.”

I don’t think a spanked sissy boy should be so familiar.  Now apologize to MISS MARSHA again.  Miss Hancock said as she gave my bum another swat!

“OH!”  I am sorry Miss Marsha… I am truly sorry… I yelped.

That ‘s alright  Jennifer  She lilted as she burst into laughter…  and then reddened with embarrassment herself. 

I stood there with my eyes downcast,  absent mindedly rubbing my sore bottom, all thoughts of clearing up misunderstandings chased from my head by the events, events that strangely compelled me. 

As I stood there, Miss Hancock stood up, and touched my hand, while rubbing my sore bottom in a soothing fashion. 

“Did I spank you too hard?   She said aloud, but then whispered in my ear. 

“I felt you sissy, and I saw your tenting panties.  There better not be a mess in MY PANTIES sweety.   But you are going to be a good girl these next few days so we don’t need to spank you day and night.” 

“Yes Maam” 

I whispered in return.    


How shall we proceed with the story?

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