Thursday, July 5, 2012

Dream Domme

I went to a Fetish Event, The annual meeting of the Eulenspiegal Society known informally as TES,  the past weekend, and I wanted to talk a little about what I learned about real Female Domination at this event.  But first I wanted to provide the results of the survey I posted.  

When did you begin trying on female clothing in private?

before 10

age 10 -15

age 15-20

in my 20's

after age 30



When did you first dress completely as a girl for your own pleasure?

before 10

age 10 - 15

age 15 - 20

in my 20's

after age 30



 I got almost 100 responses to the survey questions I asked.  These weren't the most exciting questions, and the results perhaps are not surprising.  75% have tried on female clothes in private by age 15, half of those before age 10.  Only 4% had never tried them on.  Only a little more than half had fully dressed as a girl by age 20, and more than 10% have never done so.  
A hundred responses encourage me to try some questions which interest me more, and which I have included at the end.  
I was privileged at this meeting to spend some time with a group of Dommes, including assisting one in her presentation to the meeting.  There was also an opportunity to be played with.  Play being the term that is generally used when people engage in consensual  acts involving S&M or Dominance and Submission.   I also served at a tea in full sissy maid outfit.  In my case, there was no forced feminization.  I came to the event dressed, and never wore male clothes at all during it.   I was accepted by these dominant ladies as a submissive t-girl or sissy and I was treated in much the same way that they would treat any other submissive whether male or female.  These Ladies expect respect, and obedience, in return they provide the company of true Domina's.  I understood that if I was a good girl, I would be invited to play and engaged.  Including the sissymaid service at the Tea, and attendance at a committment ceremony where a Dominant Female renewed her vows with a stunningly crossdressed  "bride".  I had many of the experiences that are elements of my fantasies, but not forced feminization.  There were male submissives among the entourage of the Ladies.  They did not require them to dress sissy. This is consistent with my belief that many of the elements of the fantasies that Bea writes so well about, are possible with actual Dominants.  Though there are still many more males requiring domination than Women who will provide it.   One element that is not realistic and is pure fantasy is forced feminization for two reasons;  1)  It is something you want, so it cannot be forced.   2)  Dominant Women who like t-girls and sissy girls would not generally think that they should take a male who doesn't have this fantasy, and insist upon his dressing sissy.    Of course this does happen sometimes, but who is willing to pretend to be that masculine male in the hopes that She may like force feminizing.  Better to put your frillies on and smile pretty, and hope She has an eye for t-girls.  

I hope the questions below are fun to answer.  I am excited to find out the answers from the readers of this blog.   Of course all answers are anonymous.


sissy maid_tiffani said...

Thanks for the recap of your experience. i also find it quite amazing to be in the presence of a true Dominant Woman... it is amazing to be dressed as a sissy or a maid, serving however They wish, with all of the embarrassing feelings racing through your head, and amazement in how They are completely un-phased by it, and it is perfectly natural to Them to have a sissy serving Them.
It is another reason that we are, and should be, truly enamored by Them :)

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