Saturday, July 14, 2012

Dream Domme Results

I am going to be attempting some spiritual renewal at an ashram for the next week or so.  No meat, no booze, no internet.. ok very little internet, so I wanted to post the results of the survey I posted before I left.
I received more than 60 responses to the survey, once again a nice sample of the readers of Bea's blog.  Thanks everyone.

The first question was regarding the ideal age of your Dream Domme and the results were


In her 20's


Over 45


It seems most of us prefer our Dream Domme to be on the mature side.  That fits my own preference, but I am pretty "mature" myself! 

The second question was

What is her preference in dressing you when you are with Her friends?

She dresses you in childish and humiliating costumes that scream sissy

She dresses you in a manner appropriate to a woman your age

She dresses you like a slut

She lets you dress as a male, except your bra and panties underneath

She doesn't care how you dress


The most popular answer was to be dressed in a manner appropriate to a woman your age, though being dressed sissy was a close second.  Being dressed like a slut was definitely less popular, only 16%.  I posted a survey on my blog that I cross posted to club sissy a little while ago,  my first attempt at a survey.  The questions were not exactly the same, but the most popular choice for how Mistress would dress you was slut, more than 30% with dressing as a regular woman, also popular. 

 The last question was

What is your relationship in private?

You are a chastized maid who sleeps in the maid's room

You sleep in the maid's room, while she shares Her bed with men.

You sleep together with Her determining when and what.

You serve her when she wants and are sent home

Your only release, humiliating and public masturbation


The most popular answer chosen half the time was that you sleep together with Mistress, with being a chastized maid sleeping in the maid's quarters second most popular.  I asked a different question on my club sissy survey.   What is your relationship with Mistress.  Only 4% chose monogamous relationship with Mistress while more than 40% chose slut to be used by men and women, and another 18 % chose that she would only allow relationships with men.  So even though the questions are different the trend of the answers is quite different.  The readers of Bea's blog choose  a real relationship with Mistress more than the club sissy    survey.  In addition, club sissy responses are broadly more oriented toward part of  Female Domination being to train the sissy to serve men, while Bea's readers are more heterosexually oriented, at least showing more interest in the sexual interaction with Mistress.  Anyway that is how I would interpret it, and I think it is consistent with Bea's stories.   
I hope that the results were interesting to readers.  I enjoyed putting the survey together.  I would do another one if anyone has some specific questions or particular questions that they would like to see.  If you do email me or post a comment.  

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Anonymous said...

Hi Belinda
very interesting questions and equally interesting results.Always wondered about the age range of people's fantasy domme.I'm with you on having her on the mature side, while I'm in my mid 50's my fantasy domme has always been mature from a young age and she remains so BUT my fantasy now involves me being much younger. Maybe that's the same for some other readers also. Look forward to some more surveys.