Friday, April 1, 2011


A word of thanks to my contributors like Monica and Belinda - I just hope they continue!

I was deep in the closet, so have very little to go on for posting to this page.  I've been asked if my stories were based on true life.  Just a two word answer to that - "I Wish!"

In all honesty most of the stuff I wrote was strictly from my imagination.  When I needed information I got it from people who were much better versed in what was actually happening than I was.  But writing stories? I did a LOT of that - and thought that how titles were picked might be of interest.

But truthfully?  I have no real idea.  I published a lot with MagsInc - and he often disliked my titles - even changed them a few times.  Some were easy - Dinner with Jasmine - about dinner with a dominant sister.  Easy.  $90,000?  Another easy one.  Maid Machiavelli - another easy one. But one of the best sellers I ever had was "Career Paths May Be Slippery When Wet."  Now?  I don't have a clue where that title came from, nor why it was so popular - but as I don't write any more?  It's no big deal.

BUT, BUT, BUT?  I still read and want to pass on a title of a book I just finished.

I've been a voracious reader for many years - mostly fiction.  I have favorite authors - then favorite books, with my all time favorite being "Out of Africa" by Karen Von Blixen.  Last week, I read a book "Half Broke Horses" by Jeanette Walls.

For some reason, I like books about women who work their asses off.  I'm not talking domination here. In all the thousands of books I've read, I can only remember one book that had passages that REALLY turned me on.  I found the book in a ship's library.  I don't know the title - but it was by Emile Zola.  In it, a step mother makes her step son into a little sissy.  Proceeds to screw him good.  I had all the 'good' passages memorized - but have never been able to find that book again.  Bugger!

But getting back to Half Broke Horses?  I'm not getting a dime for this recommendation - but I thought it was a great book.  (And if you haven't read "Out of Africa?"  Shame on you.- Though the movie was trash).

But I have another 'Hot Button' to write about - though will let it keep for another day)

Hugs to you all.


rocketdave said...

I liked "Career Paths May Be Slippery When Wet," though I think it was more the premise that drew my interest, rather than the title.

whyguys said...


Might the Zola novel you mentioned be "La Curee" (The Kill). There are two characters in it who have an incestrous relationship and are stepmomother and stepson.

The male, Maxim, is a foppish effeminate youth who is pretty much dominated by Renee, his stepmother but who is only about three years older than he.

Here is a link to a synopsis.

Hope it is the book you are looking for.

Bea's TV Station said...

Thank you for that suggestion. I'll have to look and see if you're correct - though God knows, I won't enjoy it as much!