Friday, April 22, 2011


I don't know why it's taken me so long to discuss something that's near and dear to my heart - well, other places if the truth be known.

I'm submissive to females. Not submissive to males in the slightest, nor does that facet enter my fantasy life at all.  But I've been aware of an obvious conundrum in my daydreams for years.  A large portion of any personal fantasy involves being dressed up - but yet if I'm being punished or humiliated by being dressed in feminine clothes? Where can the punishment be if I'm being dressed in the gender of those I see as being superior? I read years ago that the weak always want to dress in the uniform, or clothes, of the strong - so my mental need to be dominated doesn't seem to match anything that makes sense.  As the king of Siam said?  "It's a puzzlement!"

But in talking about spanking. 

I've written a lot of stories in my life that deal with relationships between a male and a female.  A constant theme behind almost all of those tales is the male gradually abdicating any power that he has within the relationship to the female.  In doing so, he is gradually transformed into the appearance and behaviour of the weakest sex.

An apron is a rough indication of practical servitude.  But the prettier or frillier that this apron is - the more is the association with femininity.  So a male, being dressed - or willingly putting on a feminine apron is indicating that he's accepting that he's a mental inferior to his female partner.

This is all well and good.  But being spanked is a totally different thing.  Maybe putting an apron on is a temporary thing - where a spanking is an acceptance of a complete role reversal, and damn near permanent.  I mean - a man can wear even the prettiest of aprons for a time and this can be forgotten after a period of time.  But let his wife put him over her knee - then spank him?  I doubt if he can ever act the male in front of her again.  His goose is cooked!

To my mind?  Spanking is 'La Creme de la Creme' of subjugation and what makes it so wonderful is the complexity of the facts behind it.  The woman can range in age (though I've never been comfortable with the idea of an adult male being spanked by a pre-teen female.  There, I prefer her to have the power to give him a whack with a spatula or wooden spoon - something like that).  I especially like a situation where a male has a dithery mother - but gets involved with a dominatrix who sees this and dislikes his assumptions of superiority - so has him go over his mother's knees - thereby accepting her authority.  The poor dolt in this position acyually IS superior to his mother - but has accepted the position that all women, regardless of capability, are superior to him.

Then there is the level of the spanking.   I thoroughly enjoy it when a male is actually talked over the knees of a woman with logical reasoning.  She doesn't want to hurt him - but as long as he's accepting the fact that she's more powerful - shouldn't he have his pants taken down?  Then?  As he's willing to assume the position generally taken by the weak female - wouldn't lacy panties be more appropriate?  Now?  Doesn't he appreciate the fact that she's not hurting him, when it's obvious that she could?  A nice smile from him would show that?  Maybe posing for a camera shot?  Wouldn't a garter belt, lacy stockings and high heels make a GREAT photo?  This can go on and on!

Then, he can be disciplined for being naughty.  This, naturally, involves a more physical spanking - and while he is easily held in place, he squirms, howls, and cries for forgiveness - with lots of tears. (Nice if his face has been made up and the tear marks are highly visible).  This type of spanking is probably the easiest to write about - though I must admit that I prefer the more complex situations.

I'm not sure if it qualifies - but one of my favorite situations is where our hero (?) is with another group of sissy males, being trained into becoming a ladies maid or something like that.  It is usually the first night of their training and they are all bedded seperately in a large room, but already wearing feminine nightwear - curlers, that kind of thing.

Then their 'trainer' appears early in the morning hours and gets them all awake, then herded into the center of the room.  She has a cane and proceeds to whack our poor sissies as they all scream and run helplessly about in total disorder with their lingerie floating about them, discovering that the door is locked and they are completely at the mercy of this dominant woman. She enjoys this thoroughly of course.

I think I've always preferred the woman to ascend to the power position in a relationship by mental strength - but must admit that the physical element in a male being disciplined by a woman is most attractive.  Turns me on (Well, used to as a matter of fact!).



Xaxasissy said...

A fantastic post, Bea

Bea's TV Station said...

Gracias - lass

rocketdave said...

When you try to dissect the logic behind wanting to be dressed like a woman and yet be dominated by them at the same time, I can't help thinking of occasions when the women in your stories use some form of logic to feminize or dominate the protagonists. I can't think of specific examples off the top of my head, but either she can convince him that because he's the weaker one in the relationship, he should be the one in the feminine role, or it could go the other way and she could say that if he doesn't look down on women, then he shouldn't have a problem dressing like one. A lot of it seems to me like rather specious reasoning designed to mess with the sissies' minds. That probably doesn't have any relevance to this topic, but it's just something I think I've noticed.

While I guess I'm pretty submissive, I'd probably have a tough time accepting the notion that all women are superior, if that included someone like, I dunno, Ann Coulter or whatever.

Bea's TV Station said...


Who said there was anything logical in this whole thing? It's like saying that fantasies should make sense.

I think I'm being honest when I say that I want to have spankings in my stories - and if a domme wants to mess with the mind of a my sissy hero? I certainly wouldn't want to deny her.

In all honesty - I can't say I consider ALL women to be superior. Just the ones that I wish would mess with me!

It's all in fun anyway.

Big Hugs