Friday, April 29, 2011

Much Ado - about bugger all, really

  My Birthday today.  I've had so many that is usn't worth mentioning, but my wife got me a card with a message that I felt should be passed on:


God grant me the senility to forget the people I never liked anyway, the good fortune to run into the ones I do . . . and the eyesight to tell the difference!

I thought it great!

I'd also like to talk about specious reasoning.

Rocketdave commented recently (not critically) about the specious reasoning that I had some of my dommes use in my stories.  I took a stab at answering his comment, but I kept thinking about it and came up with a little more.

As I've admitted before, I'm into a male being humiliated by a female - and the more humiliation, the better.  Now, let's suppose that a wife can convince her husband that black is white - and admit that she's right?  That's kinda silly - but she is exacting a form of dominance over the poor husband - is that not correct?

Take a man being physically forced into going over his wife's knees - then spanked soundly.  That is a 'physical' domination.  But suppose, she talks him into admitting that he deserves to be spanked - and that it is all for his own good?  That's 'mental' domination.  Now, while he's been spanked,  suppose that he smiles, kicks his legs and lets out delighted little squeals as well?  I think that our poor little sissy has been dominated properly.

Another piece of idiotic reasoning I enjoyed using.  The wife has 'discovered' some sissyish tendencies in her husband - but says that she wants him to be a REAL man!  Wants him to perform in some 'masculine' manner - that she defines.  The poor dear cannot 'quite' perform as she wants.  To help him - she has him start to wear some feminine article  - but suppose he still can't meet her expectations?  Maybe something MORE feminine will help him arouse his male beast? 

But now just supose that this works.  Makes the poor thing rebel?  THEN?  It's obvious that he's reverting to some old masculine trait - and this will never do!  He'll obviously need to dress or act more like a wee girl to get him 'balanced'!  Into a skirt - or a pair of panties!  There is absolutely no way of winning for the poor bugger

It's just another instance of a male accepting an obviously-flawed piece of reasoning.  By doing this, he is admitting subservience.  Lot's of FUN!

So the poor bugger is damned if he does - and damned if he doesn't.

But that's my thoughts for the day.



rocketdave said...

Happy birthday!

Cool to read your thoughts on my comment, as that was an aspect of your stories I always found interesting.

belinda said...

Belated Happy Birthday Bea

I agree that even more than physical domination, it is mental domination when the Domme knows that he is a sissy and doomed to be turned into one even before the poor male does. Then she masterfully manipulates him, to lead him to where he is destined to go. Delicious

Tammie said...

Hi there Bea, Happy Birthday!! So sorry I've been away for so long, funerals, vacation, work training. Anyway glad you made it another year, keep going

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! (late)
I like your thoughts about humiliation ... and hoping for more here with the Wife (sigh)...good insights! :) Z