Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Few Things

I still haven't figured out how to get permanent displays of good web pages or blogs - so until I do, want to mention them this way.  Xaxasissy is the first - a fascinating blog.  If you haven't tried it yet - go and have a look.  The next is

I got put onto the above page by one of my readers - they make short TV (and other types) of movies.  I can't speak for the quality of their films as I'm a frugal Scot who doesn't get much fun any more - but?  From what I see, their prices are reasonable.  I wrote one of the ladies (Claire) who runs it - offering to be a scriptwriter, but it appears that they just work from short themes - and turn the actors loose.

They look nice a decent outfit - and I get so bloody tired of some of those TV type places that want to charge an arm and a leg for bugger all, that I felt like talking about them a wee bit.  If anyone does order a film from them?  I'd appreciate hearing what you thought.

That being said?  A general comment on my use of the word "bugger".  I was born and brought up in a working class area of Glasgow.  I was evacuated for four years of WW2 to a farm in the NorthEast of Scotland.  Dispelling any romantic ideas that one may have of farm life?  The language there is obscene, to say the least - and I swore like a trooper by the age of ten.  Obscenities and the whole bit.  Between the ages of 16 and 21 I worked as an apprentice in a factory.  I then spent two years working on ships as a marine engineer.  If anyone thinks that my language is/was ladylike?  They might wish to reconsider.

Now - I didn't learn where 'bugger' came from until I came to the U.S.  Up until then, I'd say that it was an extremely mild swear word - something like "A pain in the ass" - about that level.  It also had the meaning of "Tired" - so that when I said I was "All buggered up"?  It did NOT mean that I'd just had a homosexual experience.  I was just very tired is all.  I know that it isn't used a lot in this country - except within the original meaning - but old habits die hard.

So, I do wish to apologise to my American friends - my use of the word indicates something very minor - it was not intended in any nasty way.  I was talking to my doc yesterday (He's English born) and mentioned my drop in popularity for using 'bugger'.  He laughed - said he'd gone through the same thing here!

Oh yeah!  Saw that comment quoting Rabbie Burns!  (I hope that all you non-Scots realize that there is only ONE country in this whole world whose National hero is a poet!  Scotland!  (I dislike flag waving patriotism - but couldn't refuse the chance to say a good word for my country!)

On that subject, I seem to be getting more comments - keep it UP!  Makes this blog more interesting!

And just in case?  I didn't find Kitten's inability to read as funny.  What I found funny was an adult's lack of capability in remembering how to pronounce ONE simple word in a foreign language.  (I'm saying this because my writing may not have explained it properly.)

A hot button!  A thing that used to turn me on a LOT - was the idea of having my hair done into a feminine style - especially by PINK rollers! (Don't ask me why other colors did nothing much for me - they just HAD to be pink - and preferably plastic!).  Then I got a shock one night when working late.  I was working on the ninth floor of a ten story building.  Probably about ten at night - and apart from the cleaning people I was probably alone.  It was a very old building in L.A. and the elevator was an antique.  It arrived just after I pressed the down button - and the doors opened up to reveal one large, black, male - with his head covered in rows of pink, plastic, rollers.  He was one of the cleaning crew and looked nice enough, but I wasn't about to take any chances.

If you think I giggled or made any comment other than "Hi" - you must be daft.  Luckily, nobody else got on, so our descent was about as quick as that old elevator could manage.  I don't think I ever laughed, even when I got to the parking lot.  But I do remember breathing a huge sigh of relief.  I'm not renowned for being tactful - but it's amazing how the thought of being slaughtered can increase the amount of tact that one has.

OH!  This has happened to me a few times and I thought I'd pass on a word of warning to any of you that ever pay for a download through Paypal.  Be EXTREMELY observant of the e-mail address you use.  Paypal do not seem to check its validity.  Last week I got an order for a book. Sent it as a 'reply'. It bounced.

Now, normally someone who sells downloads has a problem.  He can go back to Paypal - but they only show the address they've been shown.  Luckily, this time, I saw what was an obvious error - and sent a query to what I thought iut should be - and it worked.  BUT? If you've ever ordered some download - and didn't get it? Check your ordering transaction again - it may not be the vendors fault at all.

But that's enough for me today.  I'm SURE there was something else I wanted to cover, but I'm damned if I can remember it.  Maybe next time.

Hugs to you all

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Athena said...

I am frankly astounded that from a country which has taken profanity to new heights in its music, drama and films, that anyone could be offended by "bugger".

Don't recall meeting any male wearing pink rollers in public but I did once meet a guy walking down the road wearing a French Maids outfit, it was 10am so either it was a great party that finished late or ?. For those of you familar with Red Dwarf he bore a remarkable resemblance to Lister.

Look forward to your next post