Monday, April 18, 2011

The Poly Household and Types of Maids

I am what you would call a late bloomer. Most of my adventures have taken place over the last few years. Currently besides being invited to serve at local teas, I also am part of a poly family. That can mean many things, but in my case it means that I have special status in a household that is run by a woman who we call Goddess or Mistress A. She lives in the house with her submissive husband, and then there are a number of us who visit at times, particularly we visit for parties and social events. There is a dominant T-Girl who has a special relationship with Mistress, I'll call her Mistress B, and other t-girls and a few Women. I am happy to have a special relationship with the Mistress, where I have responsibilities for cooking, seeing to snacks and meal service, and occasionally supervising other sissy maids who may be serving at the house. That role has given me an opportunity to see how a number of my "sisters" interact with the Dommes and Mistresses. It is from one perspective an elaborate role play that we all enjoy, and which allows us to meet other people, and to live out our fantasies a bit. this type of arrangement I think is only possible because the internet and particularly social media have allowed people to meet and interact in safe ways, that have expanded the boundaries for people. Before I ever was involved with role playing in person, I experienced role playing on site like Mrs Silk. I think of the poly family as an activity like community theatre which allows people to express themselves. In my role in the household, I have had an opportunity to observe a number of Dominant Women, and a number of submissives and particularly sissy girls. One thing which is interesting to me, is the different types of sissy girls who come to the house to help at dinners and parties. I would classify them into 4 types.

nervous newbie A sissy of this type, comes early but doesn't make the full effort to dress their maid's part completely. They are easily distracted, obviously not used to appearing in short maid's uniform in in front of others. Because they are distracted, they aren't always the most helpful maids, and distracted sloppy looking maids are not what Mistress and her guests enjoy.

bratty barbie This is a sissy that I have seen more than once. The sissy is usually well groomed, and can function as a competent maid performing her duties, but she likes to make mistakes or even directly disobey commands. Mistress can see right through bratty barbie. This sissy is trying to be punished. She so craves to be treated sternly, spanked or put in a corner. Missy is often disappointed in her expectations, and not invite back.

victoria the vain A girl of this type is certain to be made up, dressed and coiffed wonderfully. Everyone is excited that a beautiful maid will be helping out that evening. Time to work! but where is victoria? The girl is hard to find, lost in bedroom or bathroom in the ecstasy of her own reflection.

miss perfect Dressed and made up nicely, always properly aproned, quick to attend to the task at hand. Attentive to Mistress and Her guests. the girl's service is a delight, as Mistress has told me more than once. she may even be rewarded for good service this evening with a spanking for some small oversight that Mistress has noticed.

My advice to prospective maids. None of us can be perfect of course, but we should try since our service reflects on Mistress and the household.

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