Friday, October 3, 2014

Swiss Miss Sissy: the Sequel

A little over a year ago, I uploaded Swiss Miss Sissy to this blog, a story Bea wrote with the aid of a couple other authors.  It's always been among my favorite Bea stories, even though it can't technically be called Bea's story alone.  In my opinion, the only real glaring flaw of the story is that it was left unfinished.  For Bea's account of the circumstances under which Swiss Miss Sissy was written and why it was never completed click here.

Bea had openly encouraged readers to attempt to write their own sequel, but there were never any takers.  Until now.

For the past few months, I've been corresponding with Bambi, another fan of Swiss Miss Sissy, who felt, as I did, that it was a shame that the story ended so abruptly, and who set out to remedy that. To say I've been pleasantly surprised would be a gross understatement.  What Bambi has written has far exceeded my expectations.  Not only does it feel like a very organic and virtually seamless continuation of the original, in a lot of ways, I feel it surpasses the original, transforming the story into something that I have little trouble describing as epic.

I've held back on posting chapters up to this point, at first for the simple reason that Bambi is not writing entirely in order, so for example, chapter 17 was done before chapter 7.  Also, I had the bright idea that I'd like to contribute a few illustrations, which was easier said than done; my muse took an extended leave of absence for a large portion of this year, and I've only recently regained my creative drive.

I did offer to contact Bea to see about making Bambi a contributor to the blog, to eliminate the necessity of using me as a middleman, but Bambi nixed that suggestion.  I did at least inform Bea that someone was penning a sequel to Swiss Miss Sissy, which he was pleased to learn, as I suspected he would be.

Assuming all goes according to plan, I intend to start posting chapters within the next day or so.  I'm extremely proud and excited to be the one to bring you this story.  I hope you'll enjoy reading it as much as I have, and that you'll make Bambi feel welcome by offering positive feedback, either by clicking the "interesting" and/or "more" buttons or, even better, leaving comments.  We creative types tend to thrive on praise.  

If you haven't read Swiss Miss Sissy before or would like to reacquaint yourself with the story, here are the links to the first six chapters:

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6

If you don't have the time or inclination to go back and read chapters one through six, here's the CliffsNotes version:

Charles, a cash-strapped American tourist travelling across Europe, is sitting alone in a Swiss sidewalk cafe when he is invited to share a table with three sisters, Martina, Ingrid and Brigitt.  During the course of their conversation, Charles reveals most of the pertinent details of his life: he's jobless, unattached and has no family.  Christina, the elegant and beautiful mother of the three young ladies, stops by and is introduced to Charles.  When Charles happens to mention that he has nowhere to stay for the night, the girls offer to put him up at their place.  Before taking her leave, Christina makes Charles promise to attend her birthday party the following day.

Once arriving at their home, Martina, Ingrid and Brigitt waste no time in forcibly feminizing Charles, offering the flimsy excuse that their mother's party is a fancy dress, and the only costume available is a maid's uniform.  The next day, the three sisters' true intention becomes clear as Charles- now renamed Cheryl- is presented to their mother as her new sissy maid and plaything.  He can supposedly walk out the door anytime he wishes... just so long as doesn't mind facing the embarrassment of explaining to the U.S. consul how he lost his passport and why he's dressed as a maid- assuming he can even find the U.S. consul in a town where he doesn't speak the language.

During Christina's birthday party, Cheryl suffers several indignities at the hands of of Christina's friends, most notably the cruel Margot Rosenberg.  Margot's 18 year old nephew Daniel is a reluctant party attendee- he's in the process of being feminized by his aunt.

The next day, Cheryl is woken by Christina's employee Esther Rosen (aka Madame Directrice), who browbeats him- or rather, her- into signing a contract with Christina, making Cheryl's position in the household official.  Over the following couple of weeks, Cheryl learns how to act as a proper sissy maid and endures numerous humiliations, including being instructed to act as a flirtatious "coquette" for the benefit of Margot and becoming Christina's girl in the bedroom.

In chapter six, Cheryl and Daniel- now called Danielle- are taken to "Miss Daphne's Exotic Illusion Salon and Boutique," where they receive makeovers, new hairstyles and... more intimate services. While there, Cheryl learns that Christina has agreed to loan her to the dreaded Margot in exchange for Danielle.

The End?

Not anymore it's not.

What depravities does Margot have planned for Cheryl?  Will Cheryl ever escape her predicament and become Charles again?  What of Danielle?  How the hell can the employees of Miss Daphne's salon get away with performing sexual acts on their customers in full view of the public?  For the answers to those questions and more, stay tuned to this blog.

Soon, Cheryl's saga continues...


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