Monday, October 6, 2014

Swiss Miss Sissy, Chapter 7

by Bambi

Chapter 7: The friendly little boutique. Cheryl finds a friend amidst frilly outfits.

Mistress Margot held me tight as we walked out of the salon and back into the lobby. She had locked her right arm around my left one, but with her left hand she held on to my wrist. Held it tight. She was looking in front of her, but I saw her eyes drift towards me occasionally. Her smile was disconcerting.

Danielle was walking at my right, holding Mistress Christina who was at her other flank. She looked miserable. Weak and defeated. Whatever fight there may have been left in her this morning, it was gone now. Her gait was feeble and it seemed that if Mistress Chistina didn't support her with her arm, Danielle would have collapsed then and there.

Surrounded on both sides by these two women, Danielle and I were led past the lobby and towards the back where the boutique was. I heard our heels click on the marble floor. I adjusted my pace to match Mistress Margot's. Somehow Danielle managed the same with Mistress Christina. Soon our heels hit the floor in a perfectly synchronous rhythm. The clicking echoed throughout the lobby. The receptionist smiled and nodded at us as we walked past in formation.

I heard someone hurry towards us from behind. I wanted to turn my head, see who it was, but did not dare to. I somehow felt it would break the perfect symmetry of our little group. And it is always dangerous for a sissy to show too much curiosity.

“Madame Christina, Madame Margot, une moment s'il-vous plait!” someone called behind us.

My two Mistresses stopped and turned around. Danielle and I followed their movement. Miss Daphne hurried towards us.

“C'est terrible!” she said flurried. “La robes! Je viens d'entendre...“ the rest of the words were lost as Miss Daphne rattled on rapidly.

Mistress Christina listened intently, her eyes concerned, then disappointed. She and Mistress Margot exchanged a few words.

Miss Daphne finished with what I assumed were humble apologies. Mistress Christina gently touched her shoulder and replied some comforting words. 

I had no idea what had happened, but whatever it was, it sounded serious. Miss Daphne briskly walked off in the opposite direction, taking out her cell-phone and with her unintelligibly rapid speech, chattered agitated at someone on the other end. Mistress Margot let go of me, and turned to Christina, exchanging words.

As our Mistresses were discussing this recent development, I just stood there with Danielle, feeling lost. Separated. Mistress Christina was only a metre away, but it felt like she was on another planet. I felt eyes on me, standing here in the centre of the lobby. Standing on an alien world. Danielle had crept up close to me. Or had I moved closer to her?

I caught the eye of the receptionist. She smiled at me, but it was a dutiful smile. Just part of the job. Did she hide contempt behind that mask? I turned my head to the left. Miss Katherine walked past, holding a bottle of lotion and a towel. She noticed me and gave me a wink. “You look lovely, my dear,” she said without stopping. Her smirk stung. Two women entered though the front door. One looked in our direction and turned to her companion, grinning as she pointed at us. The other lady looked at me, chuckled as she said something to the first, then ignored us.

I felt so vulnerable out here in the open. People were friendly enough, I suppose. The worst was a girl who only smiled a bit contemptuously as she asked me something in a language I could not even identify. She touched the hem of my skirt with her index finger and thumb, then bared her teeth as she smiled some more and walked away, not even waiting for me to respond. I felt more exposed than I did at the window seat. There at least solid glass separated me from my spectators.

I noticed I was fidgeting. I quickly pulled my hands to my sides and stood with heels together, hoping Mistress hadn't seen it. I felt very uncomfortable, feeling the pressure of the various restricting items I was wearing. I didn't have much in the organ department, but the gaff was becoming uncomfortable. I felt it chafe as it pushed my clitty and sissy-bells back. The corset felt like it was slowly tightening itself.

I turned towards Danielle, looking for some comfort. Or at least a friendly face. But she was just looking at the floor, avoiding everyone's gaze. Her eyes were watery.

“Girls?” Mistress Margot called. “Come here, please. You too, Danielle.” I quickly grabbed Danielle's hand and gently pulled her towards our Mistresses. She followed without protest or enthusiasm.

“It appears there are some problems at the boutique. I'm afraid you will not be trying out gowns today.” She said with a disappointed tone.

I fought back a sigh of relief, but forced a pout on my face. Danielle looked up slightly. I guess that was all she could muster.

“Let's go back to the car,” Mistress Christina said. “No use staying here.” She turned to the receptionist. “Get Miss Rosen here, if you would be so kind.”

The receptionist acknowledged respectfully, then went towards the lounge area where Madame Directrice was waiting.

“Wait, Christina. We've come all this way. Why don't we show the girls Freistaat?”

I noticed Danielle's eyes widening a bit further as she heard Mistress Margot speak. Then that defeated look again.

“I'm not sure that is a good idea. We already agreed to wait a two more weeks. They might not be ready.” Mistress Christina looked at Danielle thoughtfully.

“Oh, nonsense. Danielle is just moping a bit. She'll be fine. And Cheryl here is just itching to see it, don't you Cheryl?” Mistress Margot said.

I had no idea what she was talking about, but I smiled shyly. “Oh yes, Mistress Margot. I would love to see 'fry-stet'. But I fear I have no idea what it is.”

Mistress Margot sniggered amused. “It's Freistaat, my dear,” she corrected me. “And it is just past that door. It's the name of this quaint part of town. We are going for a walk. Catch some sun.”

I must have turned pale. You might not have seen it under layers of makeup, but I felt the blood flee from my face and hide in my pounding heart. That short walk from the parking lot to the lobby was frightful enough, but now we would actually go outside!

I saw people walk past the entrance from the left and right. Were those the people that saw me get treated in the window seat? That saw me... It became difficult to breathe.

I turned towards Danielle. She had just closed her eyes, in dismay or resignation, I couldn't tell.

“And where would you want to go?” Mistress Christina asked unconvinced. “We already had lunch, and at this hour Freistaat is not all that interesting.”

Please, Mistress. Tell her we should go home. I thought.

“We could go to Weissestrasse. Visit the boutique there. They always have those lovely frilly outfits. Our girls would look so cute in them.”

“I'm really not in the mood to shop for dresses, cute or frilly. I wanted to see them in proper gowns.” She sighed. “We are leaving. We'll just make another appointment for next week.”

Yes! I almost said. I exaggerated my disappointed pout I, but deep down I felt elated.

“Oh Christina, you can be such a spoilsport sometimes,” Mistress Margot chided. “Very well, then. Let's get the car. Come here Cheryl. Give me your hand.”

Madame Directrice walked up to us, looking rather relaxed. Guess she got a massage too. “Christina,” she said as she rolled her shoulders. “That boutique now sells a line of gowns as well. I've been told they are quite lovely.”

“Really?” Mistress said thoughtful. Mistress Margot was smiling. “Perhaps we should take a look then...” the former said. 
Oh no!

“Well, guess that settles it then,” Mistress Margot interjected happily as she pulled me against her. “All right, girls. Shopping trip.”

I looked at the exit. Bright sunlight fell through the glass doors, reflecting on the white marble floor. As I watched, it was as if the exit disappeared, consumed by light. I now saw only a white void, an abyss that was waiting to swallow me hole. I saw half-glimpsed shades moving in that white darkness, and they were all looking at me. Smiling. Laughing. Waiting for me to step over the edge. I felt my stomach twist and knees turn to jelly.

Mistress Christina put her arm around Danielle. “Relax, my dear. You are perfectly safe. I promise. Now, let's go.”

“...No...” I heard a whimpering voice say.

“Danielle!” Mistress Margot snapped. “How dare you speak to Christina like that? I should...”

“It wasn't Danielle,” Mistress Christina interrupted. Her eyes grew cold. She looked right at me. “Now was it... Cheryl?”

Mistress Margot turned her head towards me. She was looking furious, still holding my arm. She tightened her grip.

I felt like I was gasping for air. “Please Mistress... I can't... Please don't take me out there... I can't... Gah!”

I didn't even see the slap that hit me in the face, but I sure felt it.

“Not one more word out of you, young lady.” Mistress Margot said,

My cheek burned. I felt I was about to cry. “...Please...”

The second slap echoed throughout the lobby. 

Mistress Christina stepped up to me, still holding Danielle. The girl looked at me with shock and concern as Mistress Christina rose above me. I didn't dare to look my Mistress in the eyes, but I couldn't look away either.

“When we get home, you will be in so much trouble, young lady,” she said icily. “I might have expected this kind of behaviour for Danielle, but not from you. I told Margot what a well-behaved young lady you were. So obedient. How proud I was of you.”

I felt tears in my eyes. Tears of fright? Or was it remorse? I didn't know.

“Don't you dare mess up that expensive makeup of yours,” I heard Mistress Margot say. She held me tight, so I couldn't back away as Mistress Christina leaned in on me.      

“And then what happens? Disobedience!” She snapped at me. “In front of my friend. In front of sweet impressionable Danielle. In public!” She almost spit out that last word. I felt my legs were about to give in.

“I've given you a job, a home and pretty clothes to wear. And this is the thanks I get?” Her voice was calm now, but I heard the venom in its tone. “I could have left you at the mansion, chain you to the washing machine in some ridiculous pink uniform. But I brought you here, let you wear normal clothes, because I believed in you.”

“Christina, don't waste your breath on this pathetic little sissy.” Mistress Margot spoke. “Let me deal with this. I promised you I'd take care of little Cheryl today, and that is exactly what I intend to do.”

“Thank you, Margot. Please do. I do not want to see her again until she shows some gratitude. We'll be waiting in the lounge.” Mistress Christina said as she turned around and walked away, dragging Danielle with her. I caught her eye as she looked over her shoulder, eyes now very much alert, but filled with concern. Concern for me.

“Mistress...” I tried pleading with her as she burst out of the circle of people that had gathered around us.

“Don't look at her. Look at me!” Mistress Margot shouted. I hesitantly turned my head towards her.

“Est l'arrière-salle libre?” Mistress Margot said to someone behind me. I heard Miss Daphne reply. Mistress Margot smiled as she bored her eyes into mine. It was a mean smile.“Très bien.”

She grabbed one of my earrings, yanking it hard. I shrieked as I felt like my ear was being ripped apart. I doubled over, and Mistress Margot grabbed me by the neck with her other hand. Pulling with one hand and pushing with the other, she dragged me forward.

I desperately tried to remain upright on my heels as she hauled me across the lobby, past the small circle of onlookers who found the spectacle to be very entertaining.

I squealed as she dragged me along the back hallway, then stopped as an unassuming door. 

Still holding me by the neck, she turned the handle with her other hand and threw the door open. Then half-pushed, half-threw me inside the room.

I shrieked as one of my heels tipped over and I lost my balance, falling sideways. A mattress broke my fall. Mistress Margot stepped inside and locked the door.

“I only had to show Danielle this room to get her to calm down,” she said menacingly as she walked across the room towards me.

I wanted to back away, but one of my heels collapsed again when I tried to get up. Then Mistress Margot had reached me. She grabbed both my hands and pulled me up. I didn't notice the bonds before it was too late.

Hanging from the ceiling was a pair of cuffs suspended by a chain. In a fluid motion she put my left wrist in one, snapping it shut. I tried to pull my right hand back, but she took hold of it and slowly pulled it upwards, then binding it as well.

“Mistress Margot! Please don't. I'll be good, I promise.” I pleaded.

“Be quiet, girl.” She said as she pulled on the other end of the chain, dragging me up higher. If I had not been wearing heels, I would now be standing on my toes.

“Mistress, I'm sorry for being disobedient, I swear! I'm very thankful for Mistress taking me here. I would love to go outside!” I started pulling on my bonds in desperation. 

She stepped right in front of me, holding something. It looked like a red ball with two black straps attached to it. “You know what this is, Cheryl? Correct, it's a gag. If you do not shut up right now, I will put it in your mouth and your annoying wailing will be reduced to pathetic moans and groans. Music to my ears. The only reason why I haven't done so already is because I do not want to ruin your makeup. But do not test me.”

I felt my mouth open and close. Twice. No words came out.

“Better.” She stepped back. “Now, I will go easy on you. Knowing Christina, you probably haven't got much experience with these yet.” She showed me a crop. I gasped.

She twirled the crop in her hand, like a majorette. “Now tell me, Cheryl... do you regret being disobedient? Feeling guilty for disappointing Christina?”

“Yes Mistress!” I almost shouted. “I'm very sorry! I'm very thankful for everything she did for me. I wish I could take it all back!”

A smirk appeared on her face.

“So you are truly remorseful, then? You feel that you deserve to be punished?” She lifted my chin with the tip of her crop, forcing me to look into her eyes.

I breathed heavily. Why didn't she just get this over with? I tried to think what she wanted to hear, because I had absolutely no idea what I really wanted to say. She had caught me in her eyes, and I could barely think straight. She was getting impatient. I needed to give her an answer, now.

“Yes Mistress,” I replied meekly.

Her smile was malicious. “Very good. The first step for a sissy to improve herself is knowing when she should be punished. The next step is to properly ask her Mistress for it.” 

“Mistress? What do you... ask her? I... er... don't understand.” I stammered.

“It is simple, my dear. You must ask me to spank you. Ask me as a proper sissy. And then you will thank me for graciously correcting you. And if you feel you need more punishment, just ask me again.” She walked around me and took up position behind me.

I was to beg her to spank me? I thought incredulously.

“Well?” She said impatiently.

I fought back some tears, coughed as I put my most feminine tones in my voice. I smiled.

“Mistress Margot? I have been a disobedient little sissy. I humbly request being spanked as just punishment in order to improve myself.” I almost sounded merry.

She chuckled. “If that is what you want...” She said. I felt the crop strike my bottom, just under my petticoats.

I yelped. “Thank... you... Mistress.” Truth be told, she didn't hit me all that hard, but up to that moment I just couldn't really believe this was happening to me. It took me a lot of effort to ask for more. “But I fear I have not been disciplined enough. Would you please spank me again, Mistress?”

“Well, since you ask so nicely...” and she hit me again.

I groaned, and the chains jingled as I pulled on my bonds. How often would she spank me, I wondered. How often would I have to ask her?


Mistress Margot had locked arms with me again as we walked towards the lounge. She was sharing some random gossip, merrily talking about how someone I didn't know had cheated on someone else. It was like she had already forgotten that hardly five minutes ago, she had me tied up and spanked. I certainly had not forgotten: my painful behind was very much on my mind. 

We entered the lounge and I saw Mistress Christina and Danielle at a table, both having an almost empty cup of tea in front of them. They were chatting. Well, more like Mistress was complimenting Danielle, who just blushed shyly. The girl looked bashful and anxious, but at least there was life in her eyes.

She saw me approach with Mistress Margot. “Cheryl!” she called out. “Are you alright? Are you hurt?” She looked concerned.

“Hush, girl!” Mistress Christina admonished Danielle, giving her an annoyed look. Danielle's fell silent immediately, her gaze shifted towards her tea cup.

Mistress watched me as we walked up to their table. Her face was stern, but not so cold anymore. It even betrayed mild amusement.

I kept my eyes front, but I could feel heads turning as I passed tables. People who had seen what happened in the lobby, no doubt, and who were hoping for more.

Or perhaps it was the thick leather collar I wore around my neck that drew their attention. Mistress Margot had found it in the room and put it on me. A needful reminder of my position, she said.

In my polka dot dress I looked like a proper young lady in reasonably normal female attire, but the pitch black collar stuck out like a sore thumb. Everyone could see what I really was. With my free hand I fidgeted nervously with the large metal O-ring at the front.

We stopped at Mistress' table. Margot smiled widely as she presented me to her friend. “Here she is Christina. Sweet and obedient. She was very sorry for disappointing you. And she didn't even smudge her makeup.”

I looked down submissively. Remorseful even. But Mistress ignored me and spoke to her friend. “Thank you, Margot. She looks lovely, though the collar is an odd choice. She is very quiet. You did not break her, I hope?”

Mistress Margot  laughed. “Oh, she is fine. I barely touched her. A stern tone of voice was quite sufficient for a sensitive girl like her.” She wiped a curly lock of hair from my face. “She just needed a reminder on the consequences of speaking out of turn.”

Mistress smiled, then shifted her eyes towards mine. “Look at me, Cheryl. Is there something you'd like to say to me?” Mistress Christina said. Miss Rosenberg let go of me and stepped back.

I hesitantly looked up, into her deep blue eyes. They betrayed little except for the determination and dignity with which she was evaluating me. I felt so very small, like a deer caught in a headlight.

I took hold of the hem of my skirt, heel clicked as I put one foot behind the other, and bobbed a deep curtsey, not coming up.

“I am so very sorry, Mistress,” I pleaded. “Please forgive me for disobeying you. And I cannot express my regret for shaming you in front of others with my improper behaviour. Please know that I'm so grateful for everything you have done for me. I beg you to please let me make amends. I promise I will be a good girl. A proper sissy.”

I was looking to the floor in front of me, but I could hear mumbling coming from the other tables. 'Aww, how cute', I heard behind me. 'That is a boy? He looks better in a dress than I do', I heard someone else say. 'Oh, Christina, be merciful with the sissy; she is really sorry,' another voice spoke. 'If you don't want her back, you can just give her to me, Christina.' That one gave me shivers.

For a moment, she was silent. It must have only been seconds, but it felt like an eternity. “Stand up, girl,” she finally said.

I obeyed, and struck my most submissive pose. Knees straight, torso bent slightly forward so my bottom and boobs were more pronounced, elbows in my sides and wrists limp. I heard spectators mutter approvingly.

Mistress looked me right in the eyes with her enigmatic expression. Then a smile appeared on her face. It was a warm smile. Content.

“Very well, my dear. I forgive you.” Her tone was stern, but her eyes looked pleased. I heard applause erupt throughout the lounge, but I hardly noticed. I was completely focused on Mistress. 

She continued with a content smile. “I'm very glad to hear you've acknowledged your mistakes. Let's forget about them and just have a nice day together. But you better be careful not to make any others, is that understood?”

“Yes Mistress,” I said obediently. “I promise I will make no more mistakes. And I'm very excited to go outside and see Freistaat. And then try out some pretty gowns with you.”

“That is nice to hear, Cheryl. Perhaps we should just leave Margot and Danielle here and go together.” She studied my face. “Would you like that?” 

Danielle turned towards Mistress Christina in surprise. But did she look hopeful, or jealous? I couldn't tell.

Mistress Margot shot her friend a look. She smiled, but it definitely contained a warning. “Sorry Christina. Cheryl is mine for today.”

“Of course, Margot. I'm just teasing the little sissy. Finish your tea, Danielle. We are leaving.”

Mistress Christina and Danielle got up and locked arms. Mistress Margot gently nudged me forwards, making me mince towards the exit on my own accord. I heard some more comments from the onlookers as we crossed the lounge. Several complemented Mistress Christina and Margot on their adorable sissies.

Our little group stopped at the front door. Mistress Christina made a phone call, while Mistress Margot spoke with the receptionist. Making arrangements about my new collar, I suppose.

“You okay?” I heard Danielle whisper next to me as we stood in front of the exit. But I didn't respond. I mentally prepared myself for stepping outside. I checked my posture, making sure I looked cute and submissive. There was little sense in trying pretend to be a young lady, the collar was a clear sign to anyone that I was a sissy.

Mistress Christina came back, and put her arm around Danielle. “All right girls, let's get you in some pretty gowns.”

Mistress Margot walked past us towards the glass front door. She pulled it open. “You first, Cheryl. Show how excited you are to step outside. Show all those scary strangers you love wearing a dress and heels.” Her smile was just mean.

“Yes Mistress Margot,” I answered dutifully. I hesitated for a second, but then took a deep breath. I stepped forward and minced towards the exit. I heard the click of my heels change frequency as I stepped over the threshold and onto the pavement, into the bright sunlight.  


Heels clicked rapidly on the concrete tiles of the sidewalk. Mistress Margot had locked arms with me again, keeping up the pace. She was holding my sun hat. So I could absorb some sunlight, she had said. I suspected it was to simply prevent me from pulling the rim of the hat over my eyes. She smirked every time I held her tight whenever a passer-by looked at me.

At first glance, Freistaat looked like any other Swiss town district. Houses lined the streets, with many containing shops on the ground floor. The houses reminded me of those chalets you'd see in the Alps, with pointy roofs and plastered walls, and a liberal use of dark wood. But you could see it was a mostly a façade, hiding much more modern apartments that were probably built an entire block at a time.

But there the similarities ended. Everywhere you looked, you could see there was something off. For every shop or convenience store that sold normal stuff, there was one that sold some very adult items. Many sold both. The people lining the streets were remarkable as well. I saw several men in woman's clothing, two of which where most definitely sissies. One wore a collar much like mine, pulled along on her Mistress' leash. A blond woman was wearing an outfit completely made of latex.

My mouth was agape as I looked around. I had seen some Swiss towns, even visited a red light district, but nothing was like this place. It was clear many of the locals knew Mistress Margot and Christina. They greeted them warmly, occasionally even complementing Danielle and me. 

Mistress Margot saw my astonished look. She sniggered.

“Welcome to Freistaat. Our little Swiss Sodom and Gomorra,” she said. “You may call it 'sissy-ville', if you like. I do.” She laughed heartily.

She relished my utter bafflement before she started to explain.

“This little part of town is what I believe the world would look like if people just accepted their sexual preferences and fetishes, instead of fighting them. Fighting each other.”

She told me how Freistaat was part of the industrial district. Surrounded on all sides by warehouses and safely isolated from the rest of the town.

“It is not really a city district, actually,” she continued explaining. “This whole area is private property. Did you see the gate when you drove up here? No? Well, there are entrances up north and down that road. Fences surround the rest.” She swept her arm around in a broad circle.

“It mostly developed itself. Years ago there were plans for a rezoning project. Some project developer bribed a city official to ensure this whole industrial sector would be demolished and replaced by a residential area. Eventually the affair got out and the project was cancelled, but by then a lot of housing had already been built at this location.” She nodded to a passer-by who greeted her.

She gestured to the left. “However, a year later the warehouse complex to the east was bought by...”

“…Some big company,” Mistress interrupted.

Miss Rosenberg looked at Mistress Christina for a moment. Then nodded.

“...Some big company that needed storage space. They acquired the deed to Freistaat with it. The buildings here remained vacant for some time, useless for the new owners. Swiss law prohibits residential areas to be so close to industrial zones, even if they are only used for storage and housing, so they couldn't rent them.”

We passed a shop that sold bondage items. Many I couldn't even identify. “But the municipality disliked the idea of having an entire unused city block in town, slowly but inevitably decaying. We Swiss like to keep things tidy, you know.” Mistress Margot said.

“So they approached...” She wanted to say something else, but caught herself in time. “...That company. Asked them if they perhaps wanted to turn the district into an artist's commune or cultural centre. The authorities offered significant tax benefits for its patronage.”

“It truly was... What was that word again?” She looked up as she pondered, scratching her chin. “Serendipity? It just so happened that at the time Baroness Von Wytenbach was looking for a location to establish her exclusive school.”

We turned a street and arrived at a small square. A large building dominated the north side. Mistress Margot halted to let me get a good look. 'Von Wytenbach's Etikette-Schule für junge Damen aller Geschlechter', the letters read above the main entrance.

“And as they say, like attracts like, and things kind of escalated from there. So we now have a very vibrant little fetish community. Probably not quite what the authorities had intended, but they did not complain. Much.” She chuckled. “Here sissies can frolic around safely, while amusing spectators and other visitors.”

Realization hit me like a ton of bricks. Now I understood how it is possible for a salon to perform sexual acts at the front window. Why no-one intervenes if one person it dragged along by a leash by another. It was all legal here! I told Mistress.

“Well, 'legal' is a strong word, my dear,” Miss Rosenberg said with a shrug. “But you'd be amazed what you can get away with if you just call it 'performance art'. All part of Freistaat's peculiar atmosphere, as far as the authorities are concerned.”

“Nevertheless, we need to keep vigilant. In order to keep out dangers, criminal elements and unwanted interference of the government, access to Freistaat is heavily regulated.” The school's frontage loomed above us as we walked past.

“Visitors are welcome, but must not cause trouble. And sign a waiver promising not to be offended by some of the more... remarkable sights. Only people who will actively contribute to this community are allowed to settle here.”

I was flabbergasted. A whole town district for enthusiast of kinky sex? Granted, Freistaat wasn't large. It would hardly be a town block in the US, but still...

On the other hand, being forced to walk its populated streets while wearing girl's clothes and a collar, it felt endless. The fact that my heels only permitted short steps didn't help.

“Margot! Christina!” I heard someone call. A regal figure walked down the steps in front of the school. I recognized her as the Baroness Von Wytenbach. A young lady followed close behind her.

“Gisele!” Mistress Margot shouted. Mistress Christina smiled a she waved at her friend. The three ladies greeted each other warmly, yet dignified, as the Baroness walked up to our group. They exchanged some enthusiastic chatter.

“And who are these lovely ladies?” The Baroness asked as she turned towards Danielle and me. We huddled together, trying to hide behind each other.

“Oh, come now Gisele. Surely you recognize these sissies?” Mistress Christina laughed. “You saw them both a few weeks ago.”

The Baroness looked us up and down. “Is that Daniel?” She said incredulously.

“Danielle,” Mistress Margot corrected. “It took me some time, but I finally got her in a proper skirt and heels.” She smirked at Danielle, who was looking very small right now.

“Good afternoon, Baroness,” Danielle said wavering. “It is a pleasure to meet you again.” She bobbed a curtsey. It wasn't a very good one.

The Baroness squealed with delight. “Oh you have got to let me enrol her. Right now! I'll make a proper young lady of her.”

Miss Rosenberg laughed. “What, are you unable to fill your courses, Gisele?” She said teasingly.

The Baroness smiled in amusement. “Quite the opposite, Margot. But for little Danielle here, I'll always have room.”

“Well, now is not the time, I'm afraid. Though I'm sure I'll take you up on your offer soon enough. I'll bet Danielle cannot wait to go, can you, my dear?” Mistress Margot shot Danielle a nasty smile.

I saw Danielle straighten her back somewhat. “Oh yes, aunt. I'd love to enrol here, learn how to eat with a salad fork,” she said perkily. If Mistress Margot had picked up on Danielle's defiant tone, she ignored it.

“I already have the perfect monitor for you,” the Baroness continued, turning to the girl behind her. “Gretchen?” The young woman stepped forward. She wore a comfortable but very tidy green dress with white blouse and heels. Her brown hair was loose, resting partially on her shoulders. She was younger than me, but older than Danielle. Danielle's eyes grew wide.

“Gretchen is my star pupil. With her as Danielle's monitor, she'll be a proper lady in no-time. Gretchen, may I introduce you to Danielle, or should I say Daniel? I believe you two know each other?”

“That's Daniel?” She said with a wide smile. “He looks lovely. Much better than last time I've seen him, when he was just a stupid boy with a stupid crush. It is my pleasure to meet you, Danielle. Say, can you make a curtsey, like this?” She bobbed. It was flawless.

Danielle was turning red from shame. To his credit, he tried to play his part.
“It's my pleasure to meet you, Miss Gretchen,” she said with whatever dignity he had left, which wasn't much. Her curtsey was better than her previous one, but nowhere near as perfect as Gretchen's.

The young woman observed Danielle perform, then turned to the Baroness. “Miss Wytenbach? She'll need a lot of training, I'm afraid. But I'm sure I can help her. I'd be more than happy to be Danielle's monitor.” She winked at Danielle, who just stood there motionless, still blushing.

“Great. That is settled then. She turned towards me. “And who do we have here? You must be... Cheryl!” She smiled at me. “Look at you! Who would have thought you were a young man just weeks ago? You were made for that dress. I love the collar, by the way. Suits you perfectly.” Her smile turned into a smirk.

I was feeling quite uncomfortable. Last time I had met this lady, I was kissing her bottom, and I was sure she remembered. Still, I knew what was expected of me.

“Pleasure to meet you again, Baroness,” I spoke as I bobbed my well-rehearsed curtsey. She looked at me thoughtfully. Gretchen sniggered.

She turned to my Mistress, sighing. “Oh Christina, what have you done? It will take me forever get the bad habits out of this sissy. I've told you: teach your sissies to curtsey before you get them in heels. And if you insist on plugging the poor girl, at least let her bob a few times a day without one.” She admonished Mistress. Gretchen was laughing now. It was my turn to blush furiously. I didn't have much to brag about these days, but at least my curtsies were fine, or so I thought.

“You are such a perfectionist, Gisele. But let me tell you that little Cheryl here is a natural in the feminine arts. I'm sure that with some proper instruction she'll get it right very quickly,” Mistress Christina countered. I considered that a compliment, which actually made me feel somewhat proud.

“At any rate, she is more than welcome to enrol too, Christina.” The baroness sniggered as she gently but patronizingly tugged my earlobe. “If only to allow me to undo your shoddy handiwork.”

There was some more teasing chatter back and forth, until finally our Mistresses said goodbye to the Baroness. Gretchen took her leave of Danielle, but not before giving her some additional instruction on proper bobs.

Miss Rosenberg hooked her arm in mine and guided me forward.

“There is the Wissenstrasse,” she said.   


It was a small shop. Well, not that small, but it was nowhere near as large as Miss Daphne's salon and boutique.

There was a plain sign over the entrance, 'Die freundliche kleine Boutique' it spelled. The window left of the entrance showed an elegant maid's outfit. The one on the right displayed two very frilly dresses. One yellow, the other pink.

We were welcomed by the shop's matron, whose name I didn't quite catch.

“Miss Rosenberg, Miss Jäger, it is my pleasure to receive you,” she spoke with the soothing voice of a true saleswoman. “I got your phone call, and I'm happy to say that we have readied a lovely selection of gowns for your girls. I've prepared rooms on the first floor, so you will not be disturbed.”

We were escorted upstairs, where Danielle and I were each directed to a dressing room, while our Mistresses remained in the parlour. A young woman in casual but neat clothes was waiting for me. Her auburn red hair was striking.

“Hello, my dear. You must be Cheryl. My name is Mikaela Heiland. I will be helping you and your Mistress to find the perfect gown for a sissy like you.” Her smile was warm.

“Thank you, Miss Heiland,” I said. I bobbed a curtsey.

She smiled. “I must say, you are perfectly behaved. You probably make your Mistress very proud. But I am not Mistress or anything. Just call me Mikaela.”

She had me strip down to my undies, though I could keep my heels on. “No use trying on a gown with bare feet if you intend to wear heels at the event itself.”

She explained to me that Mistress Christina had called beforehand. She was looking for a formal gown. It had to be a white one, but no other requirements.

“So I've basically been given a carte-blanche to find something that will look great on you. Something that complements your curves. I have just the thing...” And with that she went the first of many times among the many hangers with gowns and accessories in all shapes and sizes, whistling merrily as she searched for the perfect combination.

The first gown was a beautiful satin and silk piece with a skirt that came down to my ankles. After Mikaela had put me in it she used pins to keep loose parts in place.

“This is the window model. The one you buy will be custom made to fit,” she explained as she worked.  

When she was done, she revealed me to my two Mistresses. They were waiting in the parlour, where they had been served tea and biscuits. I have to admit that I actually felt beautiful in my elegant gown. They rejected it outright.

“I want to be able to see her ankles,” Mistress Christina said. “And I want to be able to see her knees,” Mistress Margot added.

Mikaela chuckled. “Well, so much for carte-blanche,” she said. “Guess it has to be a bit more sissy-like. Ah well, let's see what we have here...”

Mikaela was chatting with me while she worked. Well, she did most of the talking, really. But she made me feel at ease with her. I told her of the various outfits I've worn this week.

“You are very brave,” she said suddenly.

That was unexpected. I didn't know how to respond. The last few weeks I've been called many things, mostly variations on weak and cowardly, but never did anyone call me 'brave'. Was she mocking me?

I smiled unconvinced. “Thank you, Mikaela, but I'm not brave. I am a sissy.”

She sniggered as she looked up from her work on the hem of my current gown. “I was talking about wearing a polka dot dress this time a year. Not everyone can pull that off.”


“Nevertheless, it takes a certain kind of courage to say that. To accept who you really are.” She sounded much more serious now.

“But that is not who I really am. I hate wearing girl's clothes,” I countered.

“Says the person wearing a gown and four inch heels,” she snarked.

I raised my voice. “I'm serious! It's Mistress Christina and Margot. They are forcing me to do all this!”

I told her of my trials and tribulations of the last few weeks. It didn't outrage her at all. As a matter of fact, she found it a very entertaining story.

“They've been horrible!” I said exasperated.

She looked up from her handiwork. Her eyes were sceptical. “Really now... If they are treating you so horribly, why don't you just leave? Thank Miss Jäger for a very interesting time, kiss Miss Rosenberg goodbye, and simply walk away.”

I was dumbstruck. Didn't she understand? I was a captive! 

“I cannot leave!” I cried. “Mistress wouldn't allow me. And where would I go? It is not like I can go to the US consulate dressed like this.” I gestured at my skirt, the hem of which flared up thanks to the petticoats underneath.

She snorted as she put another pin in. “What is she going to do? Lock you in your room? Tie you up twenty-four/seven?” She shook her head “I've met quite a few Mistress by now, and none wants a sissy who doesn't commit herself fully.”

She judged her work, then shook her head dissatisfied and pulled out several pins.

“And what could possibly happen at the consulate that you aren't supposedly experiencing every day?” She said as she tugged on the fabric. “Afraid the consul will laugh at you? Want me to laugh at you, right now? I assure you I can make you feel a lot worse than some stuffy old diplomat.”

“It's not that simple,” I tried to tell her. Surely she should be sympathetic to my plight?

She spoke as put a tape measure around my waist. “Ask yourself this, Cheryl: Was it really a threat that they had to make in order to prevent you from leaving them?” Next she measured my hips. “Or is it perhaps an excuse? One that they knew you needed to hear in order to justify to yourself why you will not leave?”

“It's not...” I fell silent. She just didn't understand, so why bother?

I fell silent as Mikaela continued working. “How come you know so much about sissies?” I finally asked.

She was silent for a moment, her hands not moving either. “My brother was a one,” she eventually said.

“I see,” I simply replied. Then my mind caught up with what I had heard. “Wait, 'was', you say?”

She nodded. “Yes, he is no longer with us.”

“Oh, I'm so sorry, Miss... I mean Mikaela. My condolences. I did not mean to cause grief.”

“It's okay, Cheryl. It was years ago. And I do not mind talking about him. Keeps my memory of him alive,” she said as her eyes drifted towards something only she could see.

I felt obliged to continue “Did he become sick?” I asked after some hesitation.

“In a way, he did. He... died by his own hand.” I heard the sadness in her voice.

“Oh...” Was the best I could say.

She was silent as she stuck a few pins in my gown, keeping the soft fabric in place around my waist. I didn't say anything either. She continued on her own accord.

“At the time, I had no idea Günther was a sissy. He certainly didn't look like one. Tall, broad shoulders. Muscular. He exercised a lot.”

She got a sash from one of the hangers, which she wrapped around me. “And he was smart too. While I was struggling to make it through high school, he  already had college degrees in History and Political Science. Every time he came home, he would try helping me study maths, science, of whatever course I was failing at the time. It didn't stick of course, but he never gave up on me.”

She told me to raise my arms. The sash looked nice, but didn't really match with this gown. Mikaela apparently thought the same and she untied it again.

“I always was a bit jealous of him, you know. I was his baby sister, and compared to him I always felt... inadequate. He was so good in so many things. He even had a commission in the Swiss army. Commanded men. He looked very good in uniform.”

She tried again with a couple of ribbons. “One day, he saved the life of one of his men. Dragged him out of a burning building. They gave him a medal for that.”

“Could you twirl around, please?” She watched as I turned around my axis, dress flaring up and outwards, then nodded and continued speaking. “But he somehow couldn't maintain a relationship for longer than a few months. Perfect Günther living the carefree life of a bachelor, I thought at the time. Spitefully”.

I looked at her surprised.

“I was a bit angry back then. Couldn't get many dates. I had a lot of pimples,” she said bashful. I found that hard to believe. She looked just fine now, especially with that lovely red hair, though she could stand to lose a pound or two.

She sighed. “Two months after I'd last seen him, his neighbours heard a loud bang. Called the police. When they found him, he was still holding his service pistol.”

“I see...” What else could I say?

“My parents did not let me see him before the ceremony. He was buried in a closed casket.” I saw the old pain on her face.

She looked at me with a broken smile. “It may have been an accident. They apparently found alcohol in his blood. Drunk. It looked like he was just cleaning his gun. But I now know it was his doubt that killed him. His inability to accept that he was - amongst so many other things - a sissy.”

“How... How can you be so sure that was it?” I asked hesitantly.

“I didn't know at the time, of course. But I found out later,” she told me. “I could not get my mind around why Günther, of all people, would have done this. I had to find out. Understand what drove him to this end. So I started to retrace his steps. First I contacted his exes.”

She tied two ends of the ribbons in a pretty bow at my back.

“They all told me the same thing. Günther was a good and loving boyfriend, but he carried something around. A secret. He harboured an urge that tore him up from the inside. Soured each and every relationship. Soured him.”

She worked on the lace around my neck, giving an annoyed grunt when the metal ring of my collar got in the way.

“But the last girl, she was interested in bondage. She took him here, to Freistaat, probably hoping to get him interested as well. I guess they weren't on the same page, because that relationship soon ended as well. But here Günther found a name for his secret urge. Feminization. Sissy.”

She tugged at the fabric. “I went to Freistaat, find people who had spoken to him. I discovered he started coming here occasionally. To this very store even. Bought clothes. Very girly stuff.”

“At the time I was shocked. My big brother Günther, who I thought to be the perfect man, was a sissy? Took me a long time to accept. I cannot imagine how hard it must have been for him.” She looked into the distance again.

“I never found the outfits he'd bought. I later learned that shortly before his death he had set light to something in his garden. His feminine attire, no doubt. Purging them. Hoping to purge himself, his very being, of feelings that his male pride could not accept. Because he did not have the courage to accept them. And in the end, it killed him.” I heard the sadness in her voice.

She gently touched my shoulder, looking me right in the eyes. “So yes, I think you are brave. You may not have the bravery to drag someone out of a burning building, like Günther had, but at least you dare to accept yourself for who you really are. That takes a lot of courage too.”

We were silent for a moment or two. I shook my head. “No... you just do not understand...” I sighed.

She kept looking at me. “Maybe you are right. I had a hard time understanding my brother. I will not presume I can understand you. But perhaps I can help you find yourself, wherever that may take you.” She had a gentle smile.

“What do you mean?” I asked surprised.

She stroked my hair. “Cheryl, it is obvious you are plagued by a lot of doubt. You must not let it consume you like it did my brother. I do not know if I can help you with that, but I can promise that if you ever need to talk, I will be there to listen. And if it doesn't work out with your Mistress, I'll come pick you up and together we'll figure out for you what to do next.”

I could hardly believe my ears. “You... you mean that?” I asked hopefully.

She smiled empathically. “Of course, silly. Here, let me write down my phone number...” She grabbed a scrap of paper and wrote down a string of numbers.

I stammered in baffled gratitude. “I... Oh, Mikaela... how can I... thank you... I mean… repay you...”

She sniggered “Don't break yourself, dear. But you are most welcome.” She put the small piece of paper in her pocket as she searched for more pins. “Remind me to give it to you later. We still have work to do. Fit you in that gown...”   

I heard a cough coming from the doorway. The matron was standing there.

“Mikaela, may I speak with you for a moment?” She asked.

“Of course, Miss. Sorry Cheryl, I'll be back shortly.” I could hear that she tried to hide annoyance.

She walked up to the matron, who whispered something in German. Mikaela answered with an agitated tone.

I couldn't hear much of their altercation, just individual words and short sentences. “...Ich habe dir schön gesacht: keine verbrüderung mit den Tunten...“ The matron told Mikaela, who replied with a defensive tone.

Mikaela finally turned towards me. “Cheryl? I'm sorry, but it appears I'm... needed down in the store. I will not be able to help you with your gowns anymore. My boss will take over from me. You'll be in very capable hands.”

She smiled at me, but shot the matron an angry glance as she walked past her, picking up her jacket that was lying next to my purse. I felt devastated as I saw Mikaela leave the room, and with her my only chance of escape.

The matron continued where Mikaela left off. She was capable for sure, but very distant. She spoke little aside from curt commands she practically barked at me. She didn't ask my opinion on the gowns either.

When we were finally done, I had modeled six different outfits. Mistress Margot and Christina finally selected a frilly gown for me that fell just above my knees, fluffed with petticoats. It had a deep décolletée and was loose around the neck, with poofy shoulders. It came with matching bows, gloves and choker. Its colour was off-white, which contrasted nicely with Danielle's one, which was similar but with subtle differences, as well as being a pristine white.

“Danielle is still a virgin, but we all know I took your virginity weeks ago, don't we Cheryl?” Mistress Christina said tauntingly. I turned red from shame as Danielle looked at me in shocked dismay.

“Oops. Guess Danielle didn't know yet,” she added, then laughed.

The walk back to the car was mercifully short. Madame Directrice had driven it up in front of the store.

In the car I was ordered to take off my collar. I opened my purse to put it away safely. When I looked inside, I saw a scrap of paper was stuck underneath my lollipop.


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This flows very naturally from Chapter 6 into the very new chapter 7. An excellent job.
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