Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Comment on Swiss Miss Sissy - from Bea

Long time no see - but Carrie had asked me to approve Lucky Girl as an author - and while dusting off my lousy tech side and remembering how to add an author, I saw Rocketdave's post on Swiss Miss Sissy.
Naturally, I'm happy - thank you Rocketdave - but?  Swiss Miss Sissy is one of the few serials I ever attempted when I was just starting out as a writer - and it WAS NEVER COMPLETED.  As a matter of fact one of the reasons I declined to do serials afterwards when other people were involved.  At that time, I was also a bit of a homophobe.  Pretty well knew that I wasn't homosexual - but scared shitless of associating with one.
So?  Let me try and give you an idea on why Swiss Miss Sissy was written - and why writers shouldn't let stupid ideas get in their way.
I was writing a story that involved a lot of hairdressing.  Knowing damn little about this subject I let it be known that I needed assistance in writing it.  A young Swiss lady answerered my call for assistance.  She was of great help - I think the story was "You".  (Memory fails).  Anyway?  I wrote and thanked her profusely and - having got an idea of her 'hot buttons' wrote her a short story - just for her.  As it so happened it arrived to her on her birthday and she was delighted.  Wrote - offering to be my maid.
I sent her a laughing response saying that I was a sub.  I was more inclined to be a maid than a mistress.  She responded - immediately domming me - and saying that she wanted a story written, where she would provide the skeleton of a story that I would flesh out.  I was delighted with the idea and got all sexually stimulated - BUT - would only do it as long as I was convinced that she was a 'real' woman.  (Dumb shit.)  She agreed - and we collaborated for five or six episodes.
THEN?  I discovered that 'she' was 'male'!   My heavens!  I couldn't have that.  Dropped her like a hot stone.
But?  If you look at the 'style' of this story, you can see a difference between it and everything else I ever wrote.  I could NOT finish it.  I liked it - enjoyed it immensely if the truth be known - but it was well and truly beyond my capabilities to write in that fashion.  A year or two passed and I even suggested a competition where readers could attempt to finish it.  No takers.
Then, close to twenty years passed with me trying to contact my Swiss Miss - until finally I got serious - honestly wanting to offer my apologies for my stupidity - and I finally managed to make contact.
She was pleasant - and accepted my apologies.  I think that I slyly suggested a collaboration again - but she wasn't interested.
So, there it stands.  I always looked on this story as a favorite - but it wasn't only 'just' mine.  It was the only story I ever published that was never finished - but I hope that you read it anyway - and just blame my stupidity for it being incomplete.
But?  It looks as if this blog is starting to stand on it's own two feet.  Thanks to all of you who contribute.   Keep it up!

Big Hugs.


rocketdave said...

Hi, Bea! Interesting stuff. I do know that you credited the majority of final chapter to someone else, but I wasn't aware of how much of a collaborative effort the entire story was; regardless, your personal style does show through.

I'm pretty sure you're correct about the story you're thinking of being "You"; that was the only result I got when I tried googling the words "bea swiss miss sissy."

I did seem to recall you inviting someone else to continue the narrative, which I would have been more than willing to do had I thought my writings skills were up to snuff. Naturally, I'm very curious about what happened beyond Chapter 6; I just don't think I'm imaginative enough to construct a satisfying continuation on my own. If you couldn't do it, I'm not sure how I could. Even without a proper conclusion, it's still a very enjoyable tale. There are a number of your stories that I kind of wish were longer, but as I said recently, there's something to be said for leaving 'em wanting more.

I'm very pro-gay (for example, I just spent an inordinate amount of time attacking idiots who were leaving homophobic comments on a Yahoo article), but I can kinda understand your knee-jerk homophobic response. One of the first feminization pics I ever posted online was of two sissies who look like they're about to be forced to kiss each other, and I was so nervous about how it would be perceived, I somewhat defensively titled it "Gayest Commission Ever," just to make it very clear to all and sundry that I'm not like that and the idea for the pic wasn't mine. While your own reaction might have been a little excessive, in your defense, your collaborator probably shouldn't have led you to believe he was female when he wasn't.

I hope things are going relatively well for you, Bea. It's really good to hear from you again.

Kammi said...

Bea, I loved Swiss Miss. Can I expect more? I'm a little confused when you say you didn't finish the story but you list this as chap 1 of 6. Can I at least look forward to five more chapters? I hope so.
Loved the way you applied the ultimate sissification action, at least to me, on the very first night - a full head of rollers with a strong setting lotion, a solid hair net, and then having to sleep in them. Wonderful!
You mention a story with a lot of hairdressing (my passion). Is that story still available? I'd love to read it. I've written several stories (unpublished) with this theme.
Thanks for providing me with such an entertaining read.

rocketdave said...


Yes, there will be five more chapters. As I said when I uploaded the first part, the plan is to update it on a weekly basis- in much the same manner as when Bea was uploading serialized versions of his lengthier stories, therefore making it last a bit longer than if I attempted to upload the entire thing in one shot.

Bea said he thought the story with a lot of hairdressing was called "You" and I confirmed that in my response. It can be read at this link:

Carrie P said...

So Moses has come down from the mountain- and about time too. You’ve been sorely missed and hope this won’t be the last contribution you make. It is a great story and there’s no doubt the writing style is different from your other work but it’s difficult to discuss it in more detail as some readers may not have read all six chapters previously. Having read it in its entirety before I’m not surprised you found it difficult to finish it and in some ways I’m glad it ended the way it did.
The background to the story is very interesting, bearing in mind that you entered into the collaboration on the understanding that it was with a woman which later turned out to be a lie I think your reaction at the time was understandable. I see it as an issue of a trust being violated rather than a homophobic one. Maybe there was more to it than that and I’m missing something but on face value I don’t think there was anything for you to apologize about and it doesn’t take away from the overall quality of the story.

Thanks Dave for posting the story, the artwork is marvellous, those heels with magnificent reinforced heeled stockings- incredibly erotic, one of your best. Your remark about the “Gayest Commission Ever” is understandable given that it was a commission and not your personal preference. Until relatively recently I naively thought that all CD/TV’s were hetro obviously I now know different and it illustrates that even within a sub group(no pun intended) of the CD/TV community there is a variety of preferences. I’ve seen some great artwork containing the subject you mentioned (two sissies) and while the clothes were very erotic the bi/gay aspect was not for me. Again just a personal preference.


Kammi said...

Thanks, Rocketdave.

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