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Swiss Miss Sissy, Chapter 4 of 6

                                                      Chapter 4 :

  Cheryl spends her first evening as a coquette.  

I awoke with a start, almost falling off the sofa, but managed to put a hand down to the floor to save myself.  Dazed with sleep, I was in that position when a light knock came to the door and Ingrid appeared.  She smiled nicely at me.  "Awake already?  And what a strange position.  Did you sleep that way?"

I grinned sheepishly, trying to gather the strength to push myself back onto the sofa  "No Miss Ingrid.  But I seem to be stuck."

"You ARE a weak little thing, aren't you?" she said.  "Here,  let me help you."

With that she came and kneeled beside me, then wrapped her arms about my shoulders and lifted me back up on the sofa.  "My!  You feel so nice and soft and feminine." She said, giving me a soft kiss on the lips.  I gave a small sleepy sigh then twined my arms around her neck and kissed her back.

"And sexy as well!"  she laughed, disengaging my arms.  "Well, you'll get plenty of chances to be sexy tonight.  Lets get your makeup and dress on.  Going to make you all nice and pretty for Mutter and her guests.  But go and wash your face first while I look out your clothes for the evening.  We've got a lot to do Cheryl."  With that, she stood up, took a hold of my hands and tugged me upwards.

It took her almost two hours before she was satisfied.  Mortified, I stood in front of her.  She had kept on giggling while she attended to my makeup and clothes.  My reflection in my mirror showed all too clearly the reason for her laughter.

I wore a sparkling, short satin dress, heavily ruffled at the décolletage, with  puffed elasticized sleeves that closed about my arms, just above the biceps.  I had the most frivolous excuse for an apron I had ever seen – extremely frilly – red and white and tied at the back with a huge bow.

Underneath the skirt of the dress was a multi-layered petticoat of tulle, taffeta,  and organza layers.  The only thing was that the layers were almost completely horizontal, leaving my panties exposed with almost every step I took.  They were heavily frilled pink panties – with an extremely unusual design.  My genitals projected through a slit in the front of the panties and, just in case anyone could miss it?  I had a  scarlet satin ribbon tied in an ornate bow around them.

I wore a bra that pushed my breasts up, and practically out of the dress.  A short bustier in hot pink, that supported them even further while exerting a force to keep my tummy in.  Thigh-high stockings in a pinkish white completed my underwear.

Around my neck I wore a ribbon choker that matched the one around my privates.  My hair had been brushed in an upsweep of tight little curls and topped with a ruffled maid's cap to match my petticoats.  On my feet, pink, four inch high heeled shoes. In my ears,  I wore cheap plastic earrings consisting of what seemed to be a multitude of miniature pink, red, and white plates that rattled and clattered at the slightest movement of my head.  A series of matching cheap plastic bracelets adorned my wrists.  A gold slave bracelet hung around my ankle.

But it wasn't only the clothes that humiliated me – it was the makeup as well.  Wet, scarlet, lipstick.  Highly rouged cheeks, sharply defined arching eyebrows.  False, thick, jet black eyelashes with a huge curl, blue eyeshadow with some sparkle added to it.  False, crimson, fingernails extending a half inch beyond the tips of my fingers.  Perfume – a nice one, but far too much of it, surrounded me in a cloud of flowery scent.

Ingrid clapped her hands delightedly like a little girl.   "Oh, what a pretty coquette you're going to be!  Mutter will be SO happy!  Now let's start working on how you will behave tonight."

 She told me that there would be two guests coming to have a light dinner, and then to spend the evening.  She would not tell me who they were exceptthat I would be told to focus all my attention on only one of them.  I was to flirt, tease, and act outrageously towards that particular guest.  Naturally, I would be required to behave with propriety towards Madame Christina, Madame Directrice and the other guest, but my total task for the evening was to 'worship' the guest I was assigned to.

Ingrid warned me.  "I've taken the liberty of removing your butt plug because, quite frankly, I don't see you being able to walk as freely as I want you to if you are wearing it.  At the same time?  If you forget how you've been walking for this last day or so?  You will be taken back to your room, and another bigger one will be inserted.  Do you think you can remember to walk properly, like a sissy maid should?"

"Oh yes, Miss Ingrid.  I'll do my best not to make you ashamed of me."

"That's a good girl." She said, patting me on the cheek.  Now come and learn some of the things I wish you to do.  I must say, you look the part of a  coquette.  Now all you have to do is learn to act like one."

I didn't know what a coquette was, though the  clothes I was wearing  were giving me a clue.  I soon got a much better idea though.  In the States we'd call a girl who acted like that a 'cock-tease' or, if you wanted to be polite, a 'sex kitten'.

I had to flounce when I walked, and make sure that  my petticoats moved up and down to provide 'tantalizing' views of my ribboned privates while my hips had to show a decided sway.  If talking, I had to use my hands to accentuate what I was saying, with feminine 'breaks' in my wrists.  I had to 'fluff' the back of my hairdo on a regular basis.  I had to bat my eyelashes regularly.  I had to open my mouth and moisten my lips with the tip of my tongue seductively, while looking at someone directly in the eyes.  I had to smile.  I had to squeal.  If  I was to be spanked, I had to squeal and kick my legs prettily.  If I had to bend over, I had to bend from the waist, keeping my legs together and allowing my petticoats and dress to tilt up at the back..

The noise my clothes made when moving was incredible.  The taffeta swishing, the earrings and bracelets clacking away seemed so loud, that I couldn't hear myself think.  Gradually, however, I got used to it.

Miss Ingrid laughed and laughed as she put me through my paces.  This did not mean, however, that I had to take my lessons lightly.  At one time, she thought I wasn't listening closely enough and made me get over her knees for three smacks with a hairbrush.  It didn't take but one for me to realize that I didn't want to get her upset again.  Thereafter, I hung on every word she said.  She noticed this change in my attitude and laughed.  "Think I hit hard?  You better hope that Madame Directrice doesn't spank you sometime.  I remember one sissy maid of Mutter's who cried and cried after one of her spankings.  Was scared to sit down for two whole days!"

I was frightened when I discovered that Miss Ingrid was not staying for dinner.  She saw my fear.  "Don't worry Cheryl.  Frau Seiler has set up a buffet dinner in the Dining room.  Everyone, even you, will be serving themselves.  You will not be required to perform as a maid too much tonight.  Answer the door when the guests arrive, serve drinks, that kind of thing.  Maybe help clear the dishes from the kitchen – but don't do that unless Mutter tells you to.  And remember!  Make yourself very attractive to the older of the two guests!  It's important!"

Something had been weighing on my mind.  I was terrified to ask, but knew that I would be totally incompetent without knowing.  I plucked up what little courage I had.

"Miss Ingrid?  Please tell me that it's not going to be a man!"

She looked at me, horrified.  "What ever put that stupid idea in your silly little head!  No, it is not a man!  That much I will tell you!"

I let out a sigh of relief.  "But what do I do if she doesn't like me?"

"She'd better like you!  It will be considered your fault if she doesn't!" Ingrid said ominously.

She came and gave me a kiss on the cheek.  "But don't worry Cheryl.  You'll be fine – just as long as you act the way I showed you!.  Let's go.  I think I hear Esther."

Madame Directrice couldn't hide a smile when she saw me flounce down the hallway towards her.  She motioned for me to stop, and turn around while she inspected me.

"She certainly looks different Miss Ingrid,"  she said,  "You've performed miracles in a very short time.  Come here Cheryl.  Inspection time."

Blushing, I stepped forward and lifted the front edge of my skirt and petticoats.

"A little higher girl!" she snapped quietly. "Expect me to bend over?"

Blushing an even deeper shade of red, I obeyed her.

She grinned when she saw the ribbon.  "That's a pretty bow Cheryl.  Tie it yourself?"

"Yes Mistress." I said, dropping my dress and curtseying.

"It took her quite a few tries before she could learn to do it correctly."  Ingrid said laughing.  "But I must run.  Give Mutter a kiss for me Esther.  Tell her I'm sorry I couldn't stay for the fun but I have a date with some girlfriends of mine.  Goodnight.  And Cheryl?  Behave properly now!"  With that admonition, she came and gave me a quick kiss, then hurried out of the house.

Madame Directrice tapped me on the shoulder.

"Hurry up to Madame's room.  See if she needs you to help her dress.  Hurry girl!"

I curtseyed then started to obey, only to see Madame approach the top of the stairs, and start to descend.  As always, I was struck by her regal bearing and erect carriage.  She wore a long skirt of deep blue silk, a slit going almost up to her thigh, and a beaded white top of some shimmering material.  Her hair was swept up and coiled, topped with an airy, diamond tiara.  Long, sparkling diamond earrings emphasized the lean, aristocratic features.

"You are very beautiful this evening Madame."  I said sincerely, dropping a deep curtsey.
She accepted my homage with a nod, but then smiled widely.

"Isn't she the sweetest little confection Esther?  All pink and white – with a little bit of scarlet for spice.  Good enough to eat?  Notice I'm calling her "she" now?"

"Yes Christina."  Madame Directrice replied.  "I was wondering about that.  Has she been…" she paused before continuing..  "Indoctrinated into the ranks of women?"

Madame had reached the bottom of the stairs.  She walked directly to me, staring me in the eyes the whole time.  "No Esther." She said  "But it won't be long now, will it, my little sweetmeat?"

Then she lifted the front of my dress.  Laughed a little.

"Would you look at that Esther.  All gift wrapped.  What a lovely present!"  Then she chuckled.  "Though it's the other end of this present I intend to open first!"
Just as she finished speaking, a knock came to the door.

"That will be our company for the evening Cheryl.  You have been instructed to make yourself attractive to…? " she paused and smiled.

"Yes Madame Christina."  I said, still beet red from her previous comment.

"Very well then!  Go and answer the door!  Welcome our company – and your very special friend for the evening!"

I went and opened the door.  A young lady stood there in the light, with someone I couldn't see too well in the darkness behind her.

And then I realized.  It wasn't a young lady at all.  It was Daniel!  But a changed version.

He had been feminine the first night I'd seen him, but the initial impression he'd given was of  at least 'some' masculinity.  Now he was different.  He wore a long skirt of lustrous black velvet.  A sheer white blouse adorned his upper half, clearly showing the lacy bra and camisole underneath.  There was also a swelling in that area indicating that 'something' was filling his bra cups. He held a black evening stole around his shoulders, and I saw the pink fingernails on his manicured hands.  A tiny foot, encased in a high heeled velvet slipper showed under his skirts, and a gleam of nylon at his instep showed that he was wearing stockings.  That he wore lipstick, blush, and mascara was immediately apparent.

He looked down his nose at me.  "What a ridiculous looking thing you are!  Have you no shame?" he drawled with contempt.

Blushing with repressed fury, I managed to restrain it.

"I'm sorry Miss Danielle," I answered pointedly, while I curtseyed prettily.  "If my appearance offends you."

"I'm not a Miss, you stupid sissy… " he started angrily.

"Girls!  Girls!  Behave!"  I heard Mistress Rosenberg say.  "Behave!  Both of you!.  Danielle?  Haven't you learned to be pleasant to servants yet?  The little sissy is only doing what he has been told to do."
As she spoke, Madame Christina had advanced  on Mistress Rosenberg, and hugged her in greeting.  She then approached Daniel.  "My!  How precious you look tonight Daniel.  That blouse is truly lovely.  Why don't you give your stole to Cheryl?   Come in to the house."

She linked her arm in his possessively, and steered him towards the living room.

At that point, I was suddenly filled with fear.  For some reason, I had been thinking that Mistress Rosenberg and her nephew had just dropped by.  Now, it was obvious that   they    were the expected guests for the evening – and I had been ordered to tease and flirt with his aunt!  I was terrified as both guests entered.  Heart beating furiously, I took Danielle's stole and purse along with Mistress Rosenberg's and,  after curtseying, flounced away to store them in the hall closet.

When I rejoined them, Madame Directrice was in the process of pouring drinks.  "Ah!  There you are Cheryl.  Would you serve those drinks for me please?  This for Madame Rosenberg.  That for Daniel.  And?  What would you like?.  I think a 'Shirley Temple'  might be appropriate?"

"Oh yes ma'am.  That would be lovely!"  I replied then, remembering the trouble I had generated by serving Mistress Rosenberg last before, made it a point to serve her drink first – also remembering to flounce my petticoats while I walked – though I did forget to sway my hips for the first few steps.

As I approached her, I could see the way her eyes smoldered as she looked at me.  A nasty smile, curled the corners of her lips.  I stopped in front of her and leaned forward, offering her drink on the tray.  She reached forward but, instead of taking the drink, slid her hand under my petticoats and took a hold of my penis!  I got an immediate erection!

"Aha!" she cried triumphantly. "I wondered if this thing would ever work again!"

I almost spilled the drink all over her with surprise, but didn't.  I even managed to simper at her, bat my eyelashes, then lick my lips seductively as I'd been taught.

"Mistress Rosenberg?  You're being naughty!"  I giggled.  "Your nephew is waiting patiently for his drink.  If you'll let me go?  I'll take it to him, then I'll be   right    back!"

"Promise?"  she cooed mockingly.  "You wouldn't lead an old lady on, would you?"

"I might lead an old lady on, Mistress – but never a young thing like you!"

"You are a little tease, aren't you – you hussy!  Yes – take my nephew – should be my niece – her drink.  But hurry back now!"

I delivered the drink to Daniel, then returned to Mistress Rosenberg  making sure to wiggle and flounce as much as I could – and, before I could resist,  was pulled down into her lap!  With a girlish squeal  I laid back in her arms, then stretched upwards to kiss her cruel mouth.  With a shock, I felt her tongue poke its way fiercely into my mouth.  I almost gagged, but remembered my training and wrapped my lips about it and sucked on it suggestively.

"Oh what a hard thing!"  I squealed when she backed away. "I bet all the girls just love it!"

"I think its bigger and harder than this little thing !" she sneered, fondling my erection under my dress.

"Oh yes Mistress!  Of course it is!  I just have a little girlish thing down there.  Not much use for anything."  I giggled.  "I mean, what can a girl do with something like that?"

"Yes.  It is pretty worthless,"  she said – and shoved her hand all the way under me and ran a finger up into my anus!  I couldn't help it.  Let out a squeal, but managed to change it into a high pitched giggle "Ooh darling!  You're so naughty!"

"Move up and down" she whispered in my ear. "Nice and slow.  Yes.  Just like that."

And, sitting in plain view of  My Mistress,  Madame Directrice,  and Daniel, I had to slide up and down on my tormentor's finger, smiling like an idiot the whole time.

Not that anyone was interested.  To my astonishment Madame Directrice was reading a book!  To make matters worse, Madame Christina had Daniel sitting on her lap and was kissing and caressing him.  I was consumed with jealousy!  My Mistress and that haughty little boy!  I was far prettier than he was!  Just to show her what she was missing, I started to pant in pretended passion and smother my partner in a flurry of kisses.  I'm sure she was surprised, but accepted all my squeals and girlish compliments as if she deserved every one of them!  She never removed her finger though and, strangely, I started to feel very erotic.  Almost as if I was melting.

My squeals started to quiet down, and I found myself moving to a rhythmic beat – very slow, but extremely sensual.  Margot's free hand found my breasts and started caressing me.  I started to whimper a little,  gradually leaning more and more into her body.  Then my body started to spasm.  Laughing cruelly, my partner pushed me from her lap.  Luckily, the floor was carpeted because my backside hit it hard.  It didn't stop me from ejaculating though – all over my petticoats!

I wept with shame and mortification but saw Madame Margot's face.  To my surprise, she was delighted!  "Your silly girl has gone and messed herself Christina!" she gloated  "All over her pretty undies!"

"Just proving that you can still excite these foolish young sissies?" Madame said, laughing.  "Cheryl?  Go and clean yourself, then put on another petticoat and clean underwear.  Hurry now, there's a girl!"

I was astonished.  Not only was Madame Christina NOT unhappy with me, she sounded pleased!

To add to my confusion, Madame Directrice put her book down and smiled nicely at me!  "Come Cheryl.  I'll show you where you can find a change.  Hurry now!  Don't keep Madame Margot waiting!"

Truthfully, I thought all the smiles had to be an act.  Once we were out in the hallway, I apologized tearfully.  I'm SO sorry Madame  Directrice.  I didn't know that that would happen…."
"You did very well!   Madame Margot is delighted with you!"

"But I made such a mess .. of my nice clothes..  I'm embarrassed…"

"Clothes can be washed.  And you'll be doing them tomorrow.  There's plenty more.  Lets get fresh panties and petticoat on you.  Don't want to keep Madame Margot waiting now.  Hurry!"

"She's mean!"  I said spitefully.

Madame Directrice stopped and looked at me.  "Yes.  Perhaps.  But her personality has nothing to do with you.  You are here to please her tonight.  So far, you've done well.  If you cease to please her, I will probably have to discipline you.  So?"

"I'm sorry Madame Directrice,"  I whispered.  "I'll try to be good."

"I should certainly hope so."  She said.  "But enough of this chatter.  Get yourself changed."

I had wondered why she had accompanied me, but discovered that I was expected to change from head to toe.  I obviously didn't have time to shower, but under her eagle eye, had to disrobe then sponge my body anywhere there had been a chance of me 'wetting' myself.  When we returned to the main room, Madame Margot clapped her hand in a ferocious glee – I was now resplendent in a totally yellow and white rendition of an almost identical outfit to the one I had worn earlier.

"Oh!  I just LOVE butterscotch!"  she said.  "Come here Cheryl, and let me see if you have a pretty yellow ribbon where I think you'll have one.  My goodness!  You do!"  With that, she put a possessive hand up under my skirts, got a hold of me, and pulled me towards her.

Soft music was playing  and, after she had me close to her, she wrapped her other arm around my neck and started leading me around the floor.  Helplessly, twining my arms around her neck, I followed her lead, blowing softly in her ear, then putting the tip of my moist tongue in there as well.  I was too pre-occupied to see what was signaled, but suddenly found myself being pulled down to sit on her lap again.  The only difference was that this time, we were sharing the large couch with Mistress and Daniel.  Now he and I were two little sissy boys sitting like two girls being kissed and fondled on the laps of dominant women.  We were both giggling and squirming, letting out tiny squeals, apparently just as happy as we could be.  Once though, I caught his eye, and knew that he was suffering the same level of humiliation that I was.  We both blushed instantly, knowing full well what the other thought, then our mistresses pulled us back into their arms again.

My make up smeared all over my face, my dress and hair in total disarray, runs in my stockings I finally was granted a few moments of relief.

"Cheryl, my pretty little girl?"  Madame Margot purred in my ear.

"Yes Madame?" I whispered seductively.

"Go and get me a glass of wine."

"Yes mistress.  If you'll let me get up?"  I tittered, wriggling my backside suggestively into her lap.

"Of course.  I'll even help you!"  she said – and poked her finger right up by backside.  That was one squeal I made that wasn't  phony.  She laughed raucously as I jumped up to my feet.

Then I heard Madame Christina say  "Danielle sweetness?  How's about getting me a drink as well.  Would you dear?" and the sissy boy in disarray similar to mine, joined me at the bar.  His haughty demeanor seemed to have disappeared.  He even looked at me apologetically as if to sympathize with my plight.  I gave him a light nod to show I appreciated the gesture, however slight it had been.  Then Madame Christina spoke again.

"Girls?  You really are a shocking sight.  Cheryl?  Go and get Miss Danielle's evening purse.  That way she can repair her makeup."

"Yes Cheryl.  Do that."  Madame Margot added.  "And while you're at it?  Fix yourself up as well."

"My makeup's in my bedroom Madame.  Would it be all right if I went there? " I said.

"Of COURSE!  And why don't you take my nephew along with you.  You can have a nice girlish chat while you fix your lipsticks.  As a matter of fact?  Why don't you take your time, I have something to discuss with Madame Christina.  We'll call you when we want you."

Danielle followed me to where I'd put his purse, then to my bedroom.  There, he sat down on my bed.  Started to whimper a little.

"What are we to do?  I'm not a girl, and I know that you're not.  But they're going to turn us into girls, and I don't think we have very much time."  He looked up at me.  "I'm sorry I've been so mean to you, but I'm so ashamed that another boy is seeing me like this."

Then he paused. "Did you know that you have runs in your stockings – and that your apron bow is all mussed up at the back?"  As he spoke, he opened his purse, took out a compact and, looking in its mirror, carefully applied a new coating of lipstick with an expert touch.

While he was speaking, I hurriedly took my stockings off and replaced them with a new pair.

"Would you mind fixing my bow?"  I asked.  "I'm not that good at tying them at the back yet."

He nodded and came and stood behind me.  Quickly, he undid my apron bow, then re-tied it.

I felt strange having a male perform such a thing, and I think he did as well, because neither of us met each other's eyes.  I mumbled a 'thanks' and he nodded.

He joined me in the bathroom and we both used the mirror to repair the ravages to our makeup and touch up our hair.

"Did you know we're going to be together tomorrow afternoon?"  he asked as he carefully applied his mascara.

I was dabbing my nose lightly with powder at the time.  I put the applicator back in the compact and closed it.  "Doing what?" I asked quietly

"Don't you know?" he said with just a tinge of bitterness in his voice.  "You're getting a makeover, and I'm having my hair styled just like yours.  That silly, lacquered, old fashioned style. Remember?  You suggested it as a punishment for me the last time I was here?"

"I'm sorry."  I said meekly.

"Oh, I guess I deserved it." He answered, taking a comb from his purse and deftly touching up his hairdo, turning a little to catch himself in profile, then licked his lips and peered into the mirror to check his lipstick.  "Ready to go back?"  he asked.

"I just have to touch up my eyelashes,"  I told him taking the mascara applicator out of the tube and beginning to apply it to my lashes – very carefully.

"Be careful of my aunt.  She's very mean and nasty,"  he said quietly. "You're teasing her a lot tonight, but you should know that you don't want to get her too worked up.  She'll really hurt you.  I don't quite understand why you're making such a big play for her."

"I've been told that I had to."  I said simply.  Then I picked up an atomizer and sprayed a tiny splash of perfume at the back of my neck..

"That's a nice perfume,"  he said  "I like the floral based scents."

"Like to try some?"  I said, holding out the atomizer.

He smiled.  "Maybe just a little?"  and sprayed himself.  Then a look of horror crossed his face.

"What's wrong?' I asked anxiously.

"Oh God!  We're in here, putting on our lipsticks, touching up our hair – experimenting with perfume!  She's turning me into a girl!  And I'm helping her!  When we go back in there, I'll sit on your mistresses lap and be kissed and fondled – and so will you!  My aunt will be doing to you, what's she's been doing to me!"

"Why is she doing this to you?"  I asked.

"I'm going to be very rich in a few years, but she controls my fortune totally right now.  I think she wants to turn me into a weak little womanish man that no girl would ever want for a husband. Wants me to become just a companion for her – one that she can lend out to all her old lady friends who want nothing but little sissy boys to have sex with.  Little sissies like you."

"I'm NOT a sissy!"  I argued fiercely.

He looked at me, honest amazement on his face.  "What are you talking about?  Of course you are!"

"They're making me do all this stuff!  Less than a week ago I'd never worn a girls thing in my life!  They just started on me the first day I met you!"

"I'm sorry,"  he said gently  "I didn't know.  But you mean you've just been dressing like a.. like a.."

"Coquette?" I interrupted.

"Like a coquette for only a few days?"


He blushed.  "I'm sorry  - but you're very good at it."

"You're quite a pretty girl yourself!"  I retorted bitterly.  "Who are you to talk?"

He surveyed me calmly.  Spoke quietly.

"My aunt has been working on me for over a year.  She's caned me and starved me and spanked me.  Had some of our maids beat me.   I've almost given up, but at least I made a fight of it."  He stared steadily at me.

I saw what he was getting at.  Without hardly any force being applied against me I'd been 'feminized' in just a few days.  I blushed in shame.  "I'm sorry Daniel."  I said sincerely.

He sighed, then smiled nicely.  "You'd better start calling me Danielle, Cheryl.  I don't see either of us getting out of this trap."

With that, he came towards me, and we kissed each others cheeks lightly.   Just like the girls we were becoming should do.  No sexuality involved – just one girl to another.

He took my hands in his and pulled me through to the bedroom, then sat down on the bed, still with my hands in his.

"Your mistress and my aunt are up to something.  I'm sure of it!  Have you any idea of what it is?"

I shook my head.  "No.  I haven't a clue."  But as soon as the words were out of my mouth, I knew!  Luckily, he had looked away for a second,  because I knew that the knowledge had flashed into my eyes.  By the time he was looking back at me again, I had raised my guard.

"If you think of something, will you tell me?"  he asked.

"Yes."  I said, ashamed of lying to my new friend.

I was quite sure that my reasoning was correct, and I was very frightened.  My mistress wanted Danielle!  She had admitted that she was very attracted to male virgins.  I knew she wanted me, but it was Danielle she really wanted.  I wasn't altogether positive, but it struck me that my mistress and her friends had all been competing to 'get' Daniel – or Danielle.  Danielle was having his hair done the following day – in the style that she adored, and turned her on sexually!   I had been an unwitting tool to force him into this position.  In addition, it had been obvious from the beginning that his aunt wanted me.  For what exactly, I wasn't sure – but was positive I didn't want to find out!  With sickening clarity, I saw that I had been taught to behave in a way that would inflame Madame Margot's desire for me – I was to be used as a pawn in an exchange for Danielle!

My first thought was to immediately make myself as unattractive to Madame Margot as possible.  Then I thought of what Miss Ingrid had told me of Madame Directrice and her spankings, so reconsidered immediately, and started laying my new plans.  It was just as well I had those few moments to think, because we were summoned back to our respective mistresses in very short order.

"Girls?  Time you were going back."  We heard Madame Directrice say outside my door.

"Okay Esther.  Thanks."  Danielle replied getting up from the bed and pulling me up with her as Madame Esther came into the room.

"Why!  Both you girls look MUCH better!  I'm sure the ladies will be delighted!"  Madame Directrice said.  "But I'm heading for bed.  Behave now girls.  Goodnight!  And don't do anything I wouldn't"  she added archly.

Danielle and I both wished her a good night and minced our way back down the hall, arm in arm, into the room to our waiting companions.

The next few hours generated a haze of sexuality that I would never have believed possible – at least not without some release.  I firmly believe that , at the end, the only thing that saved Danielle and I from being forcibly taken was the fact that our two mistresses were involved in some kind of 'macho' contest of disinterested control over their own emotions.  I do know, that frightened of Madame Margot as I wa, I was very glad to see her and her nephew leave.  I was very close to total surrender.  At the same time, I knew what I was going to do and could hardly see for the haze of sexual longing that clouded my vision.

Mistress had a dreamy expression herself, but was very kind.

"You were very good my little sissy maid.  Margot is entranced with you, I can tell.  Leave the clearing up for tomorrow.  If anyone complains, tell them I said it was all right for you to leave it."

"Oh THANK you mistress!" I said happily, curtseying prettily, blushing with pleasure.  "Would you like me to come and assist you in undressing?"

She moved her head back and forward for a moment, considering.

"No.  Normally I'd say yes, but this has been a long day for you.  Go to bed, little sissy maid.  I shall see you tomorrow."

We bade each other good-night and left for our respective bedrooms.

Eagerly, I threw myself into what I'd been planning.  Tore my clothes off rapidly, taking only enough care to hang my dress up, then rushed into the shower, remembering just in time to put a shower cap on to protect my hair.  I scrubbed myself thoroughly, making sure that I was cleaned of anything that might show Madame Margot's influence over me.  Then I dried, powdered, and perfumed myself.  Took the shower cap off and touched up my hair.  Added a little perfume up there as well.

Then I looked for my prettiest white lingerie – just the panties and a lightweight bra.  Then I slid my buttery soft, lustrous white satin gown over my body.  Over it, I put a diaphanous peignoir, a little feminine thing that wafted around me with every step I took.  Tied the bow at my neck with a great deal of care.  Slipped into a pair of white, velvet slippers.  Carefully applied nice wet, scarlet, lipstick.  Touched up my lashes with just a trace of mascara.  Started to leave my room, then thought for a second.  Went back into my bathroom.  Found some K-1 jelly.  Pulled my panties down. Applied a little to my anus.  Blushing, wiped my finger on a towel and pulled my panties back into position.

Checked the clock.  I had only been about twenty minutes in getting ready.  Wafted upstairs.  Knocked on Madame Christina's door.

"Yes?  Who's that?"  she called.

"Just me mistress.  Cheryl.  May I come in?"  I asked.

"Of course, dear"  I heard.

'Let's see how much she wants Danielle after this'   I thought, smiling to myself as, given her permission, I opened the door and went in, closing it behind me.

                                              End of Chapter Four


Carrie P said...

Dave thanks for another great illustration. The style seems different from your other contributions. Was that deliberate and specifically for this piece. Don't quite know the best way to express it- maybe a little darker than your usual style. The background detail is perfect( he's like a bird in a gilded cage)and this may sound odd but for me it really enhances the whole piece.
Great work


rocketdave said...

Thanks, Carrie. I feel a little guilty about having used a stock photo instead of drawing the background myself, but I guess it serves its purpose. I've noticed that too many of my drawings have characters standing around in an empty void, which just looks lazy to me. But this was meant to be a quick drawing, and simply coloring the two figures took up enough of my time without drawing and coloring a whole background as well.

One thing that certainly sets this apart from my other work is the fact that this is the first time I've drawn male genitalia. That makes it slightly more graphic than what I'd normally do, but I just couldn't figure out a clever way around it.

Are you familiar at all with Daphne's work, which can be seen on the Petticoat Punishment Art site? "Daphne" told me a few times how much he prefers feminized males to be recognizable as males. Well, there's no mistaking Cheryl for anything else in this drawing, at any rate.

Someone else asked if this pic was influenced by Prim, and my answer is that while I'm sort of familiar with who that is, it wasn't a direct influence, though Prim's art is kinda similar to Prissy's, and that was an artist I had somewhere in the back of my mind as I was doing this piece. I almost thought about making the Prissy connection more blatant by having Christina's dialogue coming from a word balloon in comic sans font.

Carrie P said...

Hi Dave
I think the stock photo used as a background certainly adds to the piece and it wouldn’t make sense you spending so much time drawing such an elaborate setting. The point you raised about background in illustrations is an important one ( well at least for me). I find a good background really enhances the piece -makes it come alive if you will. If the two figures were set against a blank or spartan background it would still be very good but the background you used makes it special I’d imagine it would have taken a lot of time to create it from scratch, so in my book you were perfectly entitled. I don’t think the male genitalia takes away from your piece and after all it was in context.
In fact I think Daphne’s work – good as it is – would benefit greatly from a decent background.
I agree there is a slight similarity in Prim’s and Prissy art, both are excellent. Some of clothes in Prissy’s stuff are very elaborate and I find the way he dresses the dommes wonderful -authoritarian without descending into cliché. I think you mentioned Christeen’s work in a previous post I find her stuff outstanding and while the work may not be done by pencil or brush it is still marvellous and another example of how the background enriches the piece.
Thanks again it was a great piece.