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Swiss Miss Sissy, Chapter 3 of 6

                       SWISS MISS SISSY

Chapter 3:   Cheryl's training begins, and he learns what a sissy maid can, and cannot, do. 

I was very tired after doing all of the tidying up.  I put all the dishes and glasses in the dishwasher after rinsing them.  Then I tidied all the chair cushions, and placed the chairs in their original positions, then vacuumed.  Madame was kind.

"Do just enough to get the worst of the dirt, girl.  You can do a proper job tomorrow."

I curtsied gratefully.  My feet were hurting from my unaccustomed high heels, and I was dying to sit down, as my skirt had been too tight to allow any sitting during the evening.  On top of that, the tightness of the skirt and my butt plug forced me into tiny, mincing, little steps that slowed me down considerably.

Madame was reading, but I sensed that she was keeping an eye on me, so tried my best to act like an experienced maid, walking erect and dignified and in an as ladylike manner as I could.  My suspicions were confirmed when I heard her call as I stood checking to make sure that nothing had been missed.

"Cheryl?  Come here please?"

I hurried as gracefully as I could into the room.  Curtsied prettily.  "Yes Madame?"

She put her book down after marking her place, then smiled nicely at me.  "Cheryl?  I am very pleased with you.  You are clumsy and slow, very slow, but you show signs of being an obedient little sissy..."

"Oh Thank you Madame!"  I said, blushing at the compliment and curtseying.

"I wasn't finished talking!"  she growled.  "You stupid girl!  You'll have to learn some manners - and quickly!"

I blushed even more at the reprimand.  "I'm sorry Madame."  Curtsied again.

She pursed her lips, but seemed mollified by my apology.  "Very well. Let's get you started then.  Follow me."

I wasn't sure what she wanted, but followed her obediently.  She led me to her bedchamber, a spacious, beautiful room with an eclectic mix of furniture mix of styles and periods - all blending into a harmonious whole.  A large canopied bed held the center of the room - a wonderful period piece hung with glistening swaths of materials in pale pinks and blues - the color scheme pervading the room.  She sat at a chair in front of a dressing table.  Stared at me from the mirror.

"Well girl?  Come here and make yourself useful!  See if you can undo my hair without tearing any out by the roots!"  She was taking her earrings off and placing them on the table in front of her. "Any pins or clips you find?  Put them in this china dish here.  Come on then!"

I was SO nervous.  Afraid to touch her.  But she was very patient with me as I gradually was able to find the various pins and clips that held her wealth of hair up into the fashionable style that made her so ravishing.  As it gradually tumbled down to below her shoulders, she became softer - more feminine.  This was probably the reason for my error.

She was smiling at me.  "You ARE slow - like I was saying - but you really do have nice soft, girlish hands."

"Oh Thank you Mistress!"  I said.  "I'm so glad...." Faltering to a halt as she glared at me.

"Did I give you permission to talk?" she grated.

"No Madame.  I'm...."

"Shut up you silly chatterer!  Have you no sense!  Here!"

As she had spoken, she went into a drawer in the dressing table.  Pulled out a silk scarf.  Stood up and crooked her fingers at me to come forward.  Shaking, I did so.

"This might help you to speak when you're supposed to!  I want you to keep this on until I allow you to take it off.  Understand?"

As she wrapped it about my face, effectively gagging me, I couldn't look at her for the shame.  I could breathe quite easily through the material, but was well aware of the scent from the gag I was wearing, as well as my stupidity that had forced my mistress to discipline me.

To increase my shame, she took me firmly by the ear and pulled me across the room to a large cabinet with many drawers.  She opened on and took out an ugly thing.  Waved it in front of my eyes.

"Do you know what this is?"  she grated.

I shook my head in terror.  It looked like an angry, thick, red penis with leather ties at the sides.

"It's what you get NEXT time I have to discipline you for speaking out of turn!  I'll stuff it in your mouth - and it'll be there for at least six hours!  Not quite the same as the scented scarf you have just now."  Then she stuck her angry face in mine.  "Want to have a little 'talk' Cheryl?"

I was so terrified, I could only shake my head a little from side to side.

She nodded approvingly.  "Well, well!  Our talkative little maid is learning.  Well , well!"

Then she led me back to the dressing table.  "Brush my hair.  Softly.  I don't expect you to do it properly because you are not trained yet.  But do you think you can listen to what I'm going to tell you?  Think you can stop chattering all the time?"

I was so frightened that I was barely able to nod my understanding.  She smiled, and slumped her posture as I started to brush her lovely hair.  After about a minute silence, she spoke again.

"You have the makings of a good girl.  Did you notice, I said 'girl'?  Not maid?"  She waited for a second. "That's all right Cheryl.  You may answer a direct question.  Well?

I nodded.

"Good!  Then you understand that I will make you a 'girl' quite soon?  I will take a dildo and penetrate you?"

I looked at her in horror.  Could not answer.  Even by nodding or shaking my head.

She shrugged.  "If you stay?  You will be trained as my maid - and as a girl.  You will do housework as the maid, and I will penetrate you often as my girl.  You will be expected to enjoy both of these activities - or at least pretend that you do."

She examined my reaction.  "Oh don't pretend to be so shocked!  You can leave this house any time you wish."  She smiled  "Of course, you will be terribly embarrassed at going into the public dressed the way you are - and trying to explain?  But?  If you're that concerned with retaining your masculinity, the embarrassment is a cheap price to pay.  Leave me if you wish.  But do it now."  She paused.  When I made no movement she continued but using a soft seductive tone of voice now..

"Cheryl, my little sissy girl?  One night, very soon?  You are going to knock on the door of this room.  You are going to be wearing your prettiest nightgown.  You are going to be made up at your prettiest - perfumed and lipsticked.  You are going to know that you are offering to be my bride for that night.  I will lead you over to that bed and?"  she paused.  "When you get up in the morning?  You will have acted as a girl would in lovemaking."

Madame looked at me.  Smiled at my expression.  "Stay?  Go?  It's up to you.  But, if you stay and DON'T come to my door soon enough?  Why, then I'll come to yours.  If I do?  I'll be wearing the biggest dildo I have.  It will hurt you a lot.  Whereas?  You come to me to be my little girl?  I'll be SO affectionate.  Wear my smallest dildo.  Make sure that you're well lubricated?   It will be SO nice - you'll see.  See all the choices you have?"

As I continued to brush her hair, she added, "Tomorrow I'll give you the schedule for your work day from now on.  You will be my maid.  It will NOT be fun and games.  Nod if you understand."

I nodded.

"Good!  Take my dress off!"

My mind was in turmoil.  What she had just told me was freezing he marrow in my bones.  I knew that all I need do was to walk away - after all, she had just given me permission.  But what was I to do?  Walk unknown streets, hoping to meet someone who could talk English?  How was I to find the U.S. consul?  If I did find them, how explain my dress and appearance?  How explain the loss of my passport?

 Despite all of my mental carrying on, I was quite happily engaged on another plane - unfastening the various buttons and fasteners that held my mistresses dress on.  She finally stood, and this allowed me to remove the dress and reveal her body in all its perfection.  Beautiful breasts of good size pointed forward aggressively, despite their containment by a lacy bra.  Her waist was tiny, and her stomach flat.  Hips swelling naturally out to a magnificent backside.  Straight legs, enhanced by smoke-shaded nylons.

I finally did something right.  "Oh Madame, you are beautiful!"  I gasped. "What a tiny waist!"

I wasn't sure if I'd be understood through the gag, but it was light enough material that I didn't have a problem.

She preened a little. "Yes, but I was corset trained from a very young age.  In a month or so, Brigitt will have your waist nice and small as well.  Not like mine of course, but I'm sure you'll do her credit."

She sat back down on the stool again.  "My shoes and stockings please?  Don't just stand there gawking.  Get me undressed."

She leaned back a little, a slight smile playing about her lips as I knelt down in front of her and started undoing the buckles on her shoe straps.  She let out a grateful sigh as I eased the shoes off her feet.  "How do you like wearing high heels?" she asked kindly.  "Getting used to them now?"

"Not really mistress."  I answered.  "My feet are all sore, and my ankles feel swollen."

"That is a shame," she said.  "But you'll get used to them.  I'm afraid that I'm going to start you in higher heels tomorrow.  These are only three inch heels.  I don't like my girls in anything less than four inches."

As she spoke, she was slowly lifting the hem of her slip up, revealing the tops of her stockings and creamy white thighs.  I was shocked at what she was saying about my shoes - but mesmerized by the view that was taking place right in front of my eyes.

"Well?" she said throatily.

I didn't know what was wanted for a second, then realized what my duty was to be.  With trembling hands I reached forward and undid the stockings from the suspender belt clips.  Then, using only my fingertips, I slid the stockings down her smooth legs, one at a time, unrolling them off from her toes.

Her eyes had a sleepy, sultry, expression and her mouth was pouted in a half smile.  Then she put a hand on top of my head and rose up to stand in front of me.  Kept her hand there for long enough to let me know that I wasn't to rise, then took it away.  Stood,  waiting.

I could not take my eyes away from hers.  Put both hands just above her knees.  Felt the lace edging of her slip.  Frightened, because I didn't know if I was doing the right thing,  slid my hands up beneath the fabric.  Paused for a second waiting for a possible reprimand.  It never came.  Her eyes closed for a second, but that was all.

Slowly, I raised the slip all the way up to her thighs, revealing her panties and the garter belt.  Delicately, I pulled the suspender straps up free of her panty legs, then carefully, unfastened her garter belt and pulled it free, letting her slip cascade down over her knees again.  She still stood there!  I licked my lips nervously.
Then, delighted once more by the silky feel of her thighs, and the fabric of her slip, I raised my hands up under her slip and, very carefully, pulled her panties down - all the way to the floor. Silently, she stepped out of them.  Then she patted me on the head twice and turned around to face the other way.

Instinctively, I knew what she desired of me.  I got up from my knees, and unfastened her bra.  Trying not to stare, I gently freed her arms and removed it.  She now stood, attired only in her slip.


"You did that very prettily Cheryl.  Don't forget how you performed.  Now?  There's a beige nightgown in the top drawer of that chest over there.  Get it for me please."

I curtsied then went to the drawer she indicated.  Found the nightgown and turned back towards her.  She had removed the slip and was standing perfectly nude!  I immediately averted my eyes, blushing.

"It's all right Cheryl," she said kindly.  "It's all right for you to look.  I'm a lady, and you're a girl  - well, maybe not yet - but soon.  There's no need for embarrassment.  Help me on with my nightgown please.  And?  Look at me!"

 I took the gown to her, trying as hard as I could not to look away - or stare at her.  She was so beautiful!  I opened up the bottom of the gown and lifted it up.  She slid her arms in and let the material cascade down her body, then shrugged herself until the gown settled on her.

"Very good!"  she said, then yawned. "It's getting late Cheryl and you've had a long day.  Normally my secretary - her name is Esther Rosen - but  you will refer to her as Madame Directrice, - will perform inspection before you retire for the evening, and will assist you in your corsets, but she had a family emergency and could not be here today - so I shall assist you.  Come along!"

In my high heels and tight skirt, it was very difficult for me to keep up with Madame as, in her light nightgown she was unencumbered and could walk quickly.  She started talking over her shoulder as we went, and she continued even after we had reached my room.

"Cheryl?  The next two weeks will be used to establish if you're worthy to be my maid.  As I said earlier, you will also become my girl for sexual purposes, so you will be trained on two levels.  To do this, I am going to be very firm with you.  You will be constrained in the type of clothes you wear.  You will be purposely humiliated and severely disciplined.  You will do as any woman tells you to do - that even includes the cook.  This may seem cruel to you, but, frankly my dear, your opinion counts for nothing, and this is how I wish you to be treated.  Understand?"

"Yes mistress" I said, mumbling in the scarf, and curtseying.3

"Very good!  Get started undressing while I look you out a nighttime corset."

I almost started to say something!  Stunned, because I'd so looked forward to getting rid of the constriction that had made my breathing so difficult all day.  Now I could see my mistress with a much shorter version turning towards me.

"Don't look at me like that you silly girl!  Get your blouse, skirt and camisole off.  You need corset training, and you're going to get it!"  Her voice softened a little with sympathy.  "You'll get used to it Cheryl.  I fought mine as well - but it will do wonders for your figure.  Here let's get it on you.  And,  while you are at it?  You can remove the gag now.  Just remember what I told you will happen if you talk improperly"

Grateful to get rid of the gag, I was still embarrassed standing there in full female lingerie.  The mistress went to my back and I felt the corset I wore being loosened. 

"Step out of that Cheryl, and we'll put your sleeping corset on," she said.  "And get that camisole off please."

I took the camisole off and wrapped my new corset around my waist.  Mistress laced me in tightly, but I was gratified to find that it was not as tight as the one I'd worn all day.

"Now?" she said firmly  "I want you to wear bra and panties under your nightdress.  The bra will be very comfortable.  The panties you put on will always be very frilled and feminine.  The bra will help you become accustomed to wearing one and help train your figure.  I want you to wear nice girlish panties under your nightgown because?  Because I just   adore    pulling a sissy's panties down for lovemaking" she grinned,  "or spanking!"

She sat down on my bed.  "I want to see what kind of taste you have.  You'll find fresh bras and panties in that drawer over there.  In the one underneath it are nightgowns.  Pick what you wish to wear tonight, then go and change in your bathroom.  While you are in there?  Find a hair net.  You really don't need one, but I've discovered that wearing a net is a good thing for impressing sissy boys with how feminine they've become.  Hurry now!  I am almost asleep!"

I found a pale yellow matching bra and panties, both very frilled.  The bra was tighter than I wanted, but it did give me a nice uplift.  The satin panties felt lovely and cool when I put them on.

My nightgown was silk and a lovely shade of teal.  It was heavily ruffled at the bodice, but the rest of it was long and clinging.  I found a pink hair net.  It didn't really match, but wasn't too bad I thought, arranging it over my hair.

Mistress nodded approvingly when I returned.  "Come closer girl. Let me see you.  Your bra shows off your breasts nicely, but after this, I 'd suggest you wear one with less uplift for sleeping.  Just one more thing?"  she added.

"Yes mistress?"  I asked, taking the side of my gown in my hands and curtseying.

"The night you come to me?  Wear a white gown.  Something  pretty and virginal.  Don't forget."

She got up from the bed and came towards me. Meekly, I stood still as she came and took me in her arms. Kissed me on my mouth. Lifted her lips from mine.  Kissed me softly again, pushing her groin against my erection.  Lifted her lips again.

"And you are going to be my little girl, aren't you?  All in white.   All  soft and giving.  You are, aren't you.  My sweet little Cheryl, eh?   Going to be Christina's little girl.  Mmmm!  I'm going to eat you all up!"

 I couldn't talk.  Just held on weakly.  Because  I knew.  Knew that I would wear white for this goddess.  Knew that I was going to belong to her, body and soul.

She smiled.  Knew exactly what was going on in my mind.  Slid her hands down my back and cupped my buttocks.  Pulled me gently towards her.  "Oh Cheryl?  Something else?"

"Yes mistress?"  I whispered softly.

"Starting first thing tomorrow?  I want you shaved here."  She put one of her hands gently on my erection. "And I want you to be powdered and perfumed there as well.  At all times!  You will be inspected there by  either myself, Madame Esther, or mademoiselle Brigitt.  If you are remiss in this task, you will be disciplined most severely.  Do not forget!"

"No mistress.  I will not forget but..."

"Yes?  Speak!"

Nervously, I licked my lips.  "This thing.  The thing in my backside....?"


"May I remove it mistress?  It is most uncomfortable."

"Oh dear!  My poor little sissy." she said in a soft cooing way.  "Of course you can remove it.  I would never, ever, want you to be uncomfortable.  What kind of mistress would I be, letting my favorite sissy be uncomfortable?  In fact I   order    you to take it out!  Right now!"

There was something in her voice that disturbed me, but happily I started to curtsey and thank her, but she held up her hand.   "Just one thing my little sissy?"

I paused.  "Yes mistress?"

"Wasn't it mademoiselle Brigitt that suggested you wear that?  You are not afraid of offending her?"

My bottom lip started trembling with fear.  "Oh mistress.  Oh yes - oh no!  No mistress I do not wish to offend mademoiselle Brigitt."

"But now you wish to offend me?  Make me think of myself as cruel?  I mean, I knew that you must be uncomfortable, but consoled myself with the fact that it reminded you to walk properly, like a girl should.  Knew that if you took it out before you had learned that, that the slightest mistake you made would mean that you had to wear a bigger one - a MUCH bigger one?"

I felt my eyes fill with tears.  "Oh mistress!  I am sorry.  Please forget I asked."

"No, no, no! My poor little Schatz."  she said  "Out with it!"

A tear slid from my eye and down my cheek, then another.

"Unless?"   She cooed softly, promise in her voice.

"Yes mistress?"  I pleaded.

"You thought that you actually needed a bigger one?  Just a tiny bit bigger one?  To remind you better?"

I gulped, but knew I had no option.  Nodded.

"Ask me nicely then." she added.

"Please mistress?  I think I need a larger butt plug, so that I will be quicker to learn how to walk properly - like a maid should."

"Very good!"  She said.  "Let me check your bathroom.  I think there are some there."

She came back with some things in her hand.  "Yes!  Aren't you lucky!  I found everything I need."  She went and put them on a small table by my bedside.  Sat on the bed.  "Come here little sissy.  Christina's going to change you.  Isn't that nice of her?"

She was talking to me as if I was a little girl, but I nodded and smiled happily and went to her.  She pointed to her lap, and I went as if to lay face down across her.

"No sissy.  The other way.  On your back."  she said.

I sat on the bed beside her, then twisted myself so that I was lying across her, looking up at her, my legs and back supported by the bed.   She smiled softly down on me, and started lifting my nightdress hem up slowly.  The delight ran through my body, and I started to shiver uncontrollably.  "My!  Aren't you a sexy little thing!"  She said softly, starting to pull my panties down.  I squirmed ecstatically inside my nightdress.

I couldn't see what she was doing, but she removed the restraint from my penis.  It immediately stood to attention.

"My, my!  What sort of pretty little thing is this" she laughed softly, placing a cool hand over it.  "Not very big, is it Cheryl?"

I couldn't speak.  Just shook my head from side to side.

"Well?  I wasn't going to do this.  But why not?"  She said as if to herself, sliding out from under me, leaving me lying on the bed.  Then she stood over me, sliding my legs so that my feet found the floor and I was lying halfway on the bed.  Lifted her nightgown and straddled me.  Pulled her own panties down then leaned forward.  "Such a pretty sissy.  Such nice wet lips.  I've wanted to kiss them all day..." She put her hands on my arms, essentially pinning me to the bed.  Kissed me gently, then eased her tongue into my mouth.  Fitted her moistness around my erect penis.  Started to slowly rise and fall above me.  I started to jerk.  She lifted her lips from mine.

"Don't you DARE ejaculate, sissy.  You come when I give you permission.  Not before!"

I don't know how I did it - but I obeyed her.  She didn't keep me in torment too long though, just a few minutes of ecstatic coupling.  I looked up at her with glazed eyes.  She smiled and nodded, obviously giving her permission.  I ejaculated in a series of muscular spasms that threatened to throw her off the top of me.

She laughed in delight.  "My, my!   We must do that again sometime.  But first?  Let's get you cleaned off.  Go wash yourself.  Apply some scented powder down there and use any atomizer to spray some perfume there as well.  Then come back and we'll fit your nice new plug.  Run along, there's a good girl."

After I did as she directed, I returned to find her sitting on the bed, just as before.  "Stand in front of me, and lift your nightdress until I see your panties." she told me.  "Yes, that's good."

With that, she pulled my panties down again and once more her hands were on my penis.  It started to rise again but she simply flicked it with her fingernail and it drooped immediately.  She tied something to it, then made me lay across her knees, face down this time.  She put a clear plastic glove on her hand.  "Relax dear," she said.

The plug was uncomfortable being removed.  It felt almost like I was going to the bathroom.  Then I felt her fingers applying a jelly-like substance to my anus.

"Oh!  What a lovely little asshole!  All pink - like a little rosebud.  You're a virgin, aren't you!  Oh my!  Please don't keep me waiting too long now Cheryl!  Now that I've seen how beautiful it is?  I don't know if I can wait.  Seems such a shame to put this plug in - we don't want to enlarge it - not yet anyway, do we?"

 Then she inserted the plug.  It was bigger than the previous one, I could tell that.  It was highly uncomfortable as well, but my body accepted it, just like it had done the first one.  After she was finished, Mistress pulled my panties back up, then let me stand. 

"Time for sissy maids to get into bed.  You will have a long day tomorrow.  But do not get out of bed until Madame Esther comes in her to see you.  Do you remember what you must call her?"

"Madame Directrice?"  I said.

She nodded.  "Very good.  Good night sissy."

"Good night mistress."   I said, pulling my bed covers down, and slipping between the sheets.

She leaned over and gave me a soft kiss.  Left the room and turned off the light as she exited.

                 *      *          *

I was awakened by something prodding my shoulder gently.   Sleepily opened my eyes with absolutely no idea of where I was or who the woman looking down at me was.

From what I could see, she was very pleasant featured with nice round hazel eyes behind framed glasses, a touch of humor showing around a nice firm mouth, Auburn hair framing a rather pear-shaped face and - very large breasts, visible under a pristine white blouse.

"Good morning sissy - or do you prefer Cheryl?"  she asked pleasantly.  "Time for you to get up.  I'm Esther Rosen, but you should call me Madame Directrice.  Up now!"

"Good morning Madame Directrice."  I answered.  "I prefer Cheryl, if you don't mind."

As I said this, I opened up my bed covers and started to slide my legs out of bed.  She nodded approvingly at my teal nightgown and yellow underwear but lifted the net off my hair disdainfully.   "Try for a better match than this the next time please?"

"Yes Mistress" I said and curtseyed.

She smiled.  "I hoped you'd be an obedient sissy.  It appears that you are, so I'm sure we will get along.  I am partly responsible for training you so your behavior will reflect on me.  If you misbehave, I will spank you.  You may like the idea of being spanked by a woman - but take my word for it, you will not want me to give you a second one.  Understand?"

I bowed my head in shame at being talked to in this manner, but too weak to do anything about it.

"Yes Mistress"  I acknowledged her.

 "Who did your hair?  I suppose it was Miss Ingrid?"


"Thought so.  In my own opinion that is a silly, old fashioned style that needs far too much of your time to maintain.  BUT - our Mistress Christina desires it of you, so your hair will be kept in that style until she desires otherwise.  You will have it neat and tidy at all times.  Follow me."
She had a lovely calm voice, but one that brooked no argument, so I followed her over to my closets.  She opened the first door.  Turned to face me.

"You are here for three purposes.  You will work as a maid doing things that maids do - serving food, cleaning house, doing laundry.  Things like that. Second?  You are here to act as a sexual release for Madam Christina.  She likes girlish young men, so you will be taught how to act like a girlish young man - though it appears that you don't have much to learn in that respect.  The third thing?  Madame may lend you out to some of her friends.  They have different.."  she paused and smiled before continuing  "... tastes than Madame.  You will learn to cater to these different tastes."

 She pointed to the left side of the closet.  "There are seven uniforms here.  As you can see, they are all of satin or silk.  Feminine uniforms for the feminine functions you will perform as a maid.  With them, you will always wear an apron and cap.  You will find them comfortable to wear.  These you will wear in the mornings, which is when you will do your maid's work. You will wear three inch heeled shoes, which you should find comfortable also."

She made a division with her hand between the remaining clothes in two places.  "This next group of clothes are more restrictive. You will notice that there are, again, seven outfits.  The blouses will be more revealing, the skirts will me very restrictive and you will wear four inch heeled shoes.  In these, you will be trained as Mistresses sex toy.  You will learn the arts of makeup and hair care specifically required by her.  Miss Brigitt will be your corset mistress.  She will not be here every afternoon, so sometimes I shall be your instructor in that area."

She smiled gently as she indicated the third collection of clothes hanging there.  "To call this next group, your evening wear, a 'uniform' is absurd in my mind, but you would be wise to consider it as such, because you will wear such clothes every evening, except when instructed otherwise.

They are designed to make you look and act like a whore - one that acts like a slut for any woman who she is told to please."

 She looked at me calmly.  "I have been informed that Madame has allowed you one opportunity to walk away from this house and promised that no one would stop you.  I have been told to offer you that opportunity again.  If you refuse it now, you will sign a legal contract binding yourself to Madame for two years.  Do you wish to leave?"  She stared at me before continuing.  " If you say 'yes', the clothes you wore last night will be made available to you. If you say 'no', your training will commence immediately after you sign that paper on the table."  She pointed towards a paper I hadn't noticed before.

"Can I have some time to think about it?"  I asked softly.

"Cheryl?  No!  Go and sign the paper.  You know you wish to become Madame Christina's' sissy maid.  Want to become her little girl.  Just sign it, and we can get started.  Hurry up now!"

I sighed and signed the paper without reading it.  She looked at it to make sure I'd signed it correctly, then put it back on the table.  "Your story?  You're a poor American student who wishes to learn our language and our culture.  Madame Christina had only the position of maid to offer you.  You accepted and have signed a two year contract.  You will work seven days a week with Wednesday afternoon and evening off.  Your hours are from seven in the morning until eleven at night.  You will have a half hour for breakfast and lunch and an hours rest each afternoon.  You will have an hour for dinner each day.  You will be required to visit a beauty salon once each week for beautification and hair treatments.  This is what you have signed for.  Go and shower.  Report to me in twenty minutes wearing a morning uniform and fresh underwear.  Any questions?"

"No Madame Directrice"  I whispered.

She looked at her watch.  "Twenty minutes - and do try to do something with your makeup!"

I reported to her eighteen minutes later.  I had on white undies - bra, panties, slip, and garter belt under my black satin maids dress.  I had a pristine white apron and matching maids cap on as well.  I also wore a three layered petticoat.  I'd had trouble getting the corset off, but had finally managed.

I knew I was supposed to put another on, but didn't know how.  When I reported for inspection, I mentioned this to her.
"That's all right." she said   "We have plenty of time.  I will put you in your daytime corset when we have finished our little chat - but there are things you must learn - and quickly. Just sit here and listen, and remember what I tell you."

"Yes Directrice.  Thank you mistress"  I said, curtseying and sitting down where she pointed.

"First of all?  You will find that both Madame Christina and I are kind mistresses - IF you behave properly.  Madame Christina has certain expectations that are different than mine.  I will tell you mine first.  Are you listening?"

"Yes Directrice"  I whispered.

"I will have no sex with you.  I am not interested in sissies.  You will perform certain maid duties for me.  My lingerie will be washed and kept fresh and clean by you.  You will make my bed, and clean my room. You will do other errands and chores when I ask.  You will treat me with all due respect at all times.  Is this understood?"

"Yes Mistress"

"Next!  Most important!  You will do everything in your power to please Madame Christina.  You will be her maid - and her girl.  I understand that you are a virgin in that respect.  I would suggest that you get her to 'de-flower' you very soon.  She is VERY particular about hair!  Your hair will be immaculate at ALL times!  If,  for any reason, it gets in disarray?  You must rush to put a wig on immediately!  If you do not?  You will be disciplined immediately!  Understood?"

I was so frightened that I could only nod.

"Very good!  You are not supposed to have sex with her daughters!"

I looked at her in stupefaction.

"You are not to seduce any one of her three wonderful daughters!"

The Directrice then laughed.  "This may prove difficult.  Martina will not give you any problems - she only likes real men.  Ingrid just loves to tease sissy boys by doing their hair and making them girlish - but sometimes I think?   She becomes attracted to them."  She paused.  "But madamoiselle Brigitt?  I think she wants you to be her girl.  You'd better be careful.  I think she could be most persuasive?"

"Madame Directrice?  I do not understand?"  I said carefully.  "If mademoiselle Brigitt wants me?  How can I refuse?"

She looked at me.  No expression showed in her eyes.  "You can't, but I'd suggest you do not let Madame Christina find out? But?  A suggestion?"

"Yes mistress?"

"Make sure that Madame Christina is the one to take your 'virginity'.  It would be a very bad idea to allow Brigitt to be the first."


She held up her hand.  "I will say no more on this subject.  I have covered the important things now.  You have been informed as to how to dress, how to behave."

She looked at her watch.  "Just enough time to get your corset on..  I will help you just now - but keep in mind that from now on, mademoiselle Brigitt is in charge of your corset program."

"Oh mistress!"  I moaned.  "She will have me!"

"Yes.  I think you are right.  But also keep in mind that other ladies will 'have' you as well.  Madame Christina is well known for her generosity.  You will be loaned out to her friends as she sees fit.  I would advise you not to complain."

"Loaned out?"  I asked.

"Yes.  Madame has a select group of friends who have similar tastes in sexual matters.  You will probably be taken to the 'meetings' they generally hold on Friday evenings.  There, you will demonstrate how well your training as a - shall I say 'loose woman'?  - has been.  But enough of this talk, we need to get you into your corset and ready to be at your serving station for breakfast."

Ten minutes later I was dressed properly and at my position for Madames entrance to the dining room for her breakfast.  Madame Directrice had fastened me into my corset quickly and efficiently.  It was tight, but I had become more familiar to the compression and could breathe much easier now.  I stood there, white frilly apron on over my black satin uniform and a dainty matching cap pinned on my hair.  My lips were heavily lipsticked and I had been told to stand at the head of the table as long as the ladies - Madame Christina and Directrice were there.  I had also been told to make sure that I pouted my lips in a very feminine manner at all times while standing there.

I had been introduced to the cook, Frau Seiler a rather heavyset woman.  She made it very clear that she despised sissy maids and constantly sneered at me as I prepared Madame's breakfast tray of orange juice, a croissant, cheese and some fine grapes. I then left and set the places at the dining table for both ladies, though I was informed that Frau Seiler would serve Madame directrice.  My job was to attend Madame.

Madame Christina entered.  She looked extremely elegant in a tailored suit and blouse.  Nicely made up.  She smiled at me.  "Well.  If it isn't my own little sissy maid Cheryl!  How are you this morning?  Sleep well?"

"Oh yes Mistress.  Very well.  Thank you."  I returned her smile, and now having an apron on, could curtsey properly - which I did.

"Come here girl."  she said  "Let me have a look at you.  That's a pretty uniform you're wearing.  Do you like it?  Like wearing your maid uniform and little apron and cap?"

I blushed walking towards her.  "Yes mistress"  I said.  "I do."  And stopped in front of her and curtsied again.

 She leaned forward and lifted my skirt.  Lifted the hem all the way until my panties were fully visible.  "Pull your panties down, girl.  Let me see."

My face a bright shade of fiery red, I pulled my panties down to just above my knees.

"Very good Cheryl!  All shaved and powdered.  Perfumed too?"

"Yes mistress."

"Good.  Now pull your panties back up and turn around."

Puzzled, I did as I had been ordered.  She lifted my skirt hem again.  As she did so, the cook brought a plate containing some sausages into the room.  Mistress Christina just pointed to a bare spot on the table, right beside her chair.  The cook nodded and placed them there, then left, giving me a glance of pure scorn.  The sausages smelled delicious.

"Esther?"  Madame said.  "Cheryl's stocking seams are a little twisted!"

"Indeed Madame.  Do you wish her punished?"

"Well .... not today.  But if she is careless that way again?  Yes, I think a sound spanking would be called for."  She dropped my skirts, then sat on her chair.  Looked at me again.  "Cheryl?  Come and kneel here beside my chair."

I knelt down quickly.  Madame smiled down at me. "What a pretty picture!  Now just come forward a little please.  Yes.  VERY good!  Now just stay there."

She then discussed me with Madame directrice saying how happy she was with her daughter's birthday gift.  Asked if Madame directrice agreed.  That lady smiled agreement.

Madame picked up a sausage with her hand, then brought it around to my mouth.  "Show Madame Directrice what you learned with your lollipop yesterday Cheryl.  Let me and her see how well you remember."

With Madame directrice looking on and smiling, I had to do everything I'd done with the ivory dildo the day before - smiling, licking, kissing, then receiving it in my mouth.  Then my mistress proceeded to carry on her conversation, paying no attention to me except for moving the thing slowly in and out of my mouth, my crimson lips sliding back and forward over the outer skin.  I couldn't help it.  A tear slid out of my eye and down my cheek - then another.

"I do believe that your sissy maid is upset about something Christina"  Madame directrice pointed out.  "He seems to be crying."

"Whatever for!" Madame said crossly. Then to me.  "What are you crying for you silly girl?"

I could not answer as my mouth was full of the sausage.

"I think he's humiliated Christina.  Is that what it is Cheryl?"  Madame directrice asked.

I nodded, my tears coursing faster now.

She shook her head. "Christina?  He thinks you are punishing him!  Cheryl?  You silly girl!  You are being rewarded for doing such a good job on your very first morning.  Now smile, or I'll give you a very good reason to cry!"

I blinked my tears back - then opened my lips around the sausage and showed my teeth in my best approximation of a smile.  From then on, Madame fed me as if I were a pet dog, cutting up the sausage and sometimes giving me a little of her croissant.

After mistress left the room  Madame Directrice told me to tidy up all the breakfast dishes and take them to the kitchen.  Then she told me that I had to make the beds for myself, her, and the mistress.

The cook was busy in the kitchen and said something to me in Swiss.  I didn't think it was complimentary, but smiled sweetly at her anyway.  She shook her head, then ignored me for the rest of the morning.

Other than to give me more chores, Madame directrice didn't say much to me either, so I had a fairly nice morning.   I could see that, even though I wasn't used to doing the maids tasks, they  wouldn't be too difficult once I became used to them.

Madame Directrice inspected my work about eleven thirty.  She made me re-do some areas but, on the whole, seemed pleased with what I'd done.  In fact, she seemed surprised that I'd been so competent.  Allowed me a half hour to eat lunch.  The cook was still grumpy, but did serve me a nice meal.  I didn't think I had much of an appetite, but the scents of the cooked meal made me hungry, and I ate with verve - which seemed to appease her.  She actually smiled at me once or twice as she cleared the dishes away.  I think I got even more into her good books when I smiled, rubbed my tummy, and said  "Danke!"
I then had to go and set the table for lunch.  It turned out that the Mistress would be gone - but Madames Brigitt and Directrice would eat there.  Naturally, I was terrified.  I made as sure as possible that my lipstick was fresh and my hair neat.  I put on a fresh apron then went and stood in my serving position and waited for the ladies to appear.  It didn't take them long.

Madame Brigitt gave me an evil stare, then stood in front of me. She held a small leather quirt in her hand.  Started tapping it firmly into one of her palms.  The slapping sound made me even more nervous.  She stuck her face into mine. "Lift your skirts sissy.  Let me see your panties!"

 Quickly I obeyed her.  She nodded approvingly. "I'm glad to see that you've cleaned yourself  there.  I hate hairy sissies more than just about anything.  Now turn around to face away from me, and lift your skirts up, then bend over."

Ashamed, I obeyed her again.  "Your stocking seams are crooked you stupid girl!"  She said, then whacked me on the bottom with the quirt.  It stung, and I squealed.

 "Listen to that squeal!"  she laughed, and hit me again. I squealed again.  "Can you believe that this little sissy actually thought of herself as a man only yesterday?"

"It does seem odd, doesn't it?"  Madame directrice said.  " He seems to have taken on so many feminine attributes so quickly."

"He's going to be taking on a lot more if I have anything to say about it."  Mistress Brigitt said. "Go girl, bring me a glass of white wine."

Grateful to get some distance between us, I went to the sideboard and poured her a glass of wine, then  put it on a tray, and walked carefully back to her making sure that I didn't spill any.  Then I placed it in front of her and curtsied, returned the tray to the sideboard, then resumed my serving position, my hands laced in front of me, my mouth pouted invitingly.

Mistress Brigitt took a sip of her wine and gave me an evil smile over the glass.  Spoke to her companion without taking her eyes from me.  "I understand that she - Cheryl - gave a wonderful performance last night?  I wish I'd been here to see it."

Madame directrice laughed. "I heard the same thing, but wasn't here to see it myself.  The countess was most impressed I believe."

"Oh!  That's right.  You weren't here either."  She turned to me.   "Cheryl?  Why don't you go and get your toy and give us a demonstration?  You were quite creditable yesterday before I left.  I am hoping to see a big improvement though - more enjoyment?  More suction?  After all, we want to make sure that Esther here sees you at your best, don't we?"

I curtsied.  "Just now Madame?"

"Of course, you silly girl!  Hurry!  Go and get it!"

I got my purse containing the lollipop in my room.  Before leaving, I applied more of the wet looking lipstick.  As quickly as I could, I minced back to the dining room.  Mistress Brigitt smiled icily.  "Begin, sissy!"  was all she said.

I knew that I had to show that I was enjoying what I was doing.  Strangely enough, it was becoming easier for me to smile and I made sure to do so, as I licked the thing, caressing it with my tongue, then took it into my mouth, my mouth  forming a seductive  "O" as I did so.  Both women smiled approvingly at my efforts, which continued all the time they were eating.

"Clear the dishes away Cheryl."  Mistress Brigitt ordered calmly.  "You did very well.  But first? Come here!"

I went and stood  in front of her, still sucking the ivory penis.  Again, she nodded approvingly.

"You ARE better Cheryl.  Very good!  Do you like your little toy?"

I nodded, and smiled as well as I could.

"Well, I can't let you keep playing with it now, can I?  You need your hands to clear the table, don't you?"

I nodded.

"Does that make you sad?  Having to give up your toy?"

I nodded again.

"Well.  Tell you what..." With that, she reached forward and took my hands away from the dildo, leaving it in my mouth.  Then she pushed it further into my mouth.

"There!"  She said  "Now you can keep it, and do your maids work too!  Isn't that a good idea?"

I smiled as happily as I could manage, curtsied, then proceeded to clear the table and room of the lunch dishes.  As the ladies left the dining room, she turned to me.  "Go to your room.  Take your dress and your shoes off.  Lie down for an hour. I will visit you then and start your corset training.  I will not knock coming into your room, but you will be sucking on your lollipop when I do.  I want to see you very attached to that thing.  Understand?"  She did not wait for my response - just took Madame Directrice by the arm and left, the pair of them laughing quietly at something that had been said.

 When I reached my room I kicked my shoes off, sighed, then took my dress and petticoat off.  I was so tired that all I wanted to do was lie down.  Instead, I went and tidied my hair, then put a hair net on.  I used a tissue to blot my lipstick so that I wouldn't mess my pillow, then, dildo securely in my mouth again, went and laid down on top of my bed.  Despite my tiredness I really didn't think I'd sleep – but I must have done so in seconds.

I dreamed I was being released from prison.  I had no idea of why I'd been there, but as the gates closed behind me I filled my lungs with the fresh air.  Breathed deeply, and smiled.  Enjoyed the fragrance of the flowers. Loved the feel of the silken air around my shoulders.  Inhaled deeply, again and again.  Gradually became aware of a voice whispering seductively in my ear, fingers caressing my shoulders.

"Little Cheryl enjoy getting her corset loosened?  Being such a   good    girl!  Taking her uniform and pretty petticoat off so that it wouldn't get wrinkled?  Putting her hairnet on to keep her hair pretty?  Doing what all the trained maids do!  Sucking deeply on her very own, special, lollipop! Isn't she   good   ?"

And I awoke, to find Madame Brigitt kneeling on my bed, close behind me.  She had undone the laces of my corset, and was removing it from around me.  Her perfume surrounded me and her fingernails were gently sliding under the shoulder straps of my bra and camisole.  Every so often, she'd caress my backside.  I couldn't help myself.  Rolled over on to my back and gazed up at her with helplessness in my eyes, totally under her command.

She smiled down at me, then straddled me, her skirt bunching up around her waist.  "You are a helpless little thing, aren't you Cheryl?  Like to be my girl?  Would you like to turn over?"

I remembered Madame Directrice's warning – barely.  Managed to shake my head from side to side, although it took a tremendous effort of will on my part.

She accepted my refusal graciously.  "That's all right my little schatz.  You'll be my sweet girl sooner or later.  I can wait.  But let's get down to your proper corset training.  Get up out of bed.  Stand here, in front of me."

Hardly daring to look, I raised myself from the bed, and stood with my back in front of her.  I couldn't help notice though, the royal blue, long line corset that she had laying on the bed beside her.  I didn't expect what happened next.  She started undressing me!  My camisole, my bra and breast forms were the first articles to go.  Shivering with fear and embarrassment more than the cold, I folded my arms in front of my chest.  Then, quickly and surely, she undid my stockings and rolled them down my legs so that I could step out of them.  Then my garter belt was removed, and lastly my panties.

"I want to check you for hair."  She said.  "Take your hands away from your privates please.  Let me see."

Blushing, I stood totally nude in front of this commanding young woman.  She picked up her quirt, which had been lying on top of the bed and moved my penis and testicles from one side to the other.

"Very good!"  she said.  "You have cleaned this area very well.  Did you powder and perfume yourself this morning?"

"Yes mistress."

She nodded.  "That is one area where you will be inspected regularly.  If you neglect to keep yourself smooth, powdered, and perfumed there, you will be punished severely.  Now turn around and lift your arms."

I had to re-shave my underarms and spray on hair remover at the backs of my upper legs, then shower before I passed her inspection.  Naturally, I had powdered and perfumed my privates before presenting myself.  Then, in front of her mocking eyes I had to put on fresh panties and bra and fit my breast forms into the cups.

"You dress yourself just like a girl does Cheryl.  It looks as if you've been wearing a bra all your life.  Now come here, you pretty little thing.  We'll start your corset training.  Give you a tiny little, girlish waist.  You're going to become SO proud of your figure!"

She was holding up a long, bright blue, brocade corset.  I could see what looked like whalebone stays, and heavy lacing all the way down the back.  I went and took it from her hand.  It felt very heavy.  "That's a girl!" she laughed.  "Put your corset on.  See?  It fastens at the front.  Wrap it around your waist.  There!  Doesn't that feel just nice?  Breathe in now.  Deeply!"

I'd thought that I'd become used to the constriction of the corsets before, but it was nothing compared to what was happening to me now.  She mocked and teased me all the time as she pulled the laces tighter and tighter.  "Do you know that there's a little message embroidered into al of your corsets?   Want to know what it says?"

"Yes mistress."  I gasped.

"It says 'I'm a sissy who loves to wear this lovely comfy corset'.  Isn't that nice?"  She tightened the laces some more.

I was almost fainting, so made the mistake of not answering.  She cinched the laces temporarily, then turned me around to face her.  Slapped my face lightly.

"Sissy's have to answer when they are spoken to.  Understand?"  and slapped my face again.

"Yes mistress.  I understand." I panted.

She slapped my face once more. "Cry for me sissy.  I want to see you cry like a little girl.  Cry!"

And, standing there, my face being slapped very lightly, but often, I sobbed and cried for all the indignities that had been heaped upon me during the last few days.  Then, weeping like a baby girl, I was pulled into her lap and caressed and kissed until I sniffled my way to a stop. 

"There, there!  Feel better now?  Had a nice cry?"  she whispered gently.  "Girls like to cry.  Makes them feel better.  Isn't that right?"

"Yes mistress."  I said, still weeping, but softly now.

"And what is embroidered on your corset?  Is it true?  You just love your comfy corset, don't you?"

"Oh yes mistress!  Oh yes.  I love it!"

"But if you're to have a nice slim figure that will make all the other girls jealous?  You'll have to have it tightened, won't you?  And that's what you want, isn't it?"

"Yes mistress.  Please tighten it some more?"  I asked with all the enthusiasm I could muster.

 I fainted twice before she was satisfied but she revived me with smelling salts both times.  I then had to put on a bright blue slip, heavily edged in lace around the bust line, then my nylons.  Again, she teased and mocked me as I put on my skirt and blouse, reminding me how I'd been a boy, but now I was a girl – an obedient little sissy girl wearing a corset and other lingerie, who was now going to put on a maids hobble skirt and who was going to learn how to walk properly in high heels – and behave properly, like a girl should.

The skirt was a dark blue, extremely tight, with just a tiny kick pleat at the hem that allowed the absolute minimum of movement.  The blouse was in a matching blue, but almost completely transparent, the frothy lace top of my corset, slip, and bra all clearly visible.  The sleeves were long and bloused out a great deal, and fastened by tight cuffs with tiny buttons "the kind that   feminine    girls just love" Madame Brigitt told me as she fastened me in.  "You think that they're just   wonderful   , don't you Cheryl?"

"Yes mistress," I simpered.

Then, a lacy apron that tied with a large bow at the back, and a matching lace cap that she pinned into my hair.  Lastly, a pair of four-inch high-heeled shoes that she fastened to my feet as the skirt made it next to impossible to bend.

The next two hours were probably the most uncomfortable period I have ever spent in my entire life.  I could barely breathe.  My walk was a mincing, stumbling, trembling disaster with legs that constantly cramped and drew sarcastic comments from my mistress – and sometimes sharp smacks with her quirt as I could not master the art of walking, dressed as I was.  In time though, I gradually learned that my step was limited to barely four inches and that one foot HAD to be placed directly in front of the other when I walked.  It was an extremely slow method of transportation, but it drove home the femininity required to walk in such a way.

She was merciful enough to see when I was just totally incapable of walkiany more, so started teaching me certain mannerisms and habits that Mistress Christina liked her sissies to have.  How to smile over a shoulder.  How to flutter ones eyelashes.  How to kick one's legs and squeal when being spanked.  How to pleasure a woman with feather touches of the lips, tongue, and fingers.  When to curtsey suggestively – and deeply.  How to pout one's lips seductively.  How to be passive in bed – and when not to be.

She finally led me back to kitchen around five o'clock  where  Frau Seiler had prepared dinner for me.  The old lady laughed when I minced into the kitchen, but once she saw how the clothes and corset were hobbling me, she was much nicer.  She even cleared away my dinner dishes for me after I'd finished my dinner.  Mistress Brigitt left shortly after I started eating, warning me to behave properly – like a good sissy – or she might get me a tighter corset for my next training session!  She laughed at the terrified look on my face, then kissed my cheek and left.

Miss Ingrid came in just as I finished my coffee.  I hadn't eaten hardly anything because my stomach was so constricted, but the coffee was sweet and strong and I was sipping it, trying my best to drink it in a ladylike fashion.  She nodded approvingly then, seeing my discomfort, motioned for me to follow her back to my room.

"I'm your makeup and clothes mistress for tonight Cheryl, but this is silly!  That Brigitt and her corsets!  She and Mutter!  Let's get you out of that monstrosity.  Normally, you'd wear a corset for me as well, but I think that today you've had enough. Tonight?  I want you soft and feminine so I'm  going to give you the evening off, free of corsets.  Here, let me help you undress."

I started to weep a little with gratitude as the restriction around my stomach and legs were removed.  Finally, I sat on the couch with her for a little while, cuddled into her as she comforted me and told me how pretty she was going to make me for that evening – but first, I needed some sleep.  She got up and let me stretch out on the sofa..  She put a blanket over me, I think, but I was fast asleep very quickly, so cannot say for sure.

End of Chapter 3


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