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A Suitable Position Chapter 7

Below is Chapter 7 of ASP.

Thanks again to all who commented it was very much appreciated. Good to hear that Dave and Bambi have collaborated on a sequel to Swiss Miss Sissy it will be a great addition to the blog. I was hoping to get an illustration done for this chapter before posting but just didn’t have the time maybe next time.

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Chapter 7

My Mistress’s Mistress

Frau Kirchen’s new servant reached the door of the under-housemaid’s room in the servants’ quarters, a room he was shamefully forced to admit he was now occupying in that very capacity and to ensure he would never be in doubt he was forced to wear the uniform of a housemaid as a constant reminder. Although for some reason best known to herself his employer now deemed it appropriate that he should divide the duties of under-housemaid with those of her lady’s maid and when serving her in this role- as if wearing a maid’s uniform wasn’t sufficiently degrading - he would also have to wear the pearl choker she had given him as a gift which was more like the collar a pet lapdog or worse still – a slave - would wear rather than a piece of jewellery. This really was the stuff of nightmares. He opened the door with a heavy heart knowing that his humiliation would not end when he would eventually free himself of his hated uniform for the evening. No, his masculinity would be further diminished as he was instructed by his mistress, a form of address he was quickly being acquainted with, to wear the satin nightgown she had given him when he retired to bed. If that wasn’t bad enough she further insisted he would have to wear a tight corsellette to ensure he would not experience another regrettable leakage as was the case the previous night.
He felt exhausted, he had just spent an hour with Greta being taught how to conduct himself as a member of the opposite sex, she had him walk up and down for thirty minutes constantly drilling into him the need to sway his hips. Women did this naturally as a result of their physical construction however this was a whole new experience for him and he had to concentrate hard as he shifted his weight from one leg to the other in order to manufacture this unusual gait. Sitting in a similar fashion as a girl also posed problems, keeping his knees together and hands resting in his lap also proved to be counter intuitive.
“Oh dear we really do have a lot of work ahead of us.” Greta sighed at his abject performance.
His fear of being exposed as a male had persuaded him to allow Greta to teach him how to behave like a girl but of course she had an ulterior motive.  Being forced to work as a uniformed servant in the opulent surroundings of her mistress’s home, witnessing at first hand her expensive clothes and jewels had created a deep envy in Greta, a gilded lifestyle that she witnessed every day but would always be out of her grasp. She longed to experience the life of a lady of wealth and privilege, to be the mistress and not the maid, even if only for a few fleeting hours. In exchange for coaching Robert in all aspects of all aspects of feminine comportment in order to prevent his secret from being discovered she would require him to serve as her lady’s maid. As she reminded him,
“A lady without a maid is not worthy of the name”
All this was just adding to the mixture of confusion, helplessness and humiliation he was experiencing and he just wanted to get out of his damned uniform even if it was for a satin nightgown. Standing with his back to the mirror he glanced over his shoulder trying to find his apron strings so he could untie himself, it took him longer than he thought but once found he quickly proceeded to divest himself of the rest of his shameful clothing. Greta had told him to shower before bed and use the various cleansing and moisturising lotions afterwards. He took longer than usual in the shower trying to delay the inevitable but eventually he knew he could put it off no longer and emerged from the bathroom enveloped in his pink quilted satin dressing gown his head turbaned with a towel in the feminine style he was now becoming used to. Greta insisted that if he was to pass as a girl he should immerse himself in all aspects of feminine behaviour which included a lengthy night-time skin care regimen which for some reason she insisted made the turban necessary. He sat at the dressing table and consulted the list she had given him, arrayed in front of him were various bottles, cleanser, toner, moisturiser, cotton balls as well as a whole host of other stuff. Fear of her barging in to discover he was not following her orders ensured he followed her directive to the letter. Twenty minutes later and rapidly losing the will to live he completed the procedure. Thankfully he did not have to apply a face mask, Greta felt it would be too much too soon - that particular torture would have to wait.
He looked at Greta’s list hoping there might be something else that would put off the unavoidable act of dressing for bed a bit longer, but to no avail. He bowed to the inevitable and rose from the padded dressing table seat and moved to the bed where he looked at his nightwear with a mixture of resignation and shame. He slipped off his dressing gown and laid it on the bed and with a fixture of disgust and fear he picked up the dreaded long legged panty corselette with the thumb and forefinger of each hand  and examined it. It was a neutral nude colour with a rose motif satin panel the full length of the front with strong elasticised nylon down the sides and top half of the back, the lower half of the back was also satin, it had elasticated legs which reached to mid- thigh. He slipped his feet through the leg section and pulled the horrible garment up careful to place his member firmly between his legs before struggling to pull the corselette over his hips and up his torso. He slid his arms through the bra straps and almost instinctively settled his breasts into the soft lace cups adjusting the straps on his shoulder to find the most comfortable position.  There was no respite for him from the restrictive feel of female underwear, the  freedom from the confines of female foundation wear lasted only as long as his shower and his face cleansing routine he was now firmly back under the control of Madam’s hideous foundations.
A short sharp knock on the door snapped him out of his thoughts and before he could respond Greta had burst in.
“What a picture you make” she mocked seeing him at the bed standing knees together and  legs slightly askew, ridiculously placing one arm over his breasts and the other hand covering his groin, “don’t worry I’m not here to ravish you………… least not this this time.”
He was too embarrassed to speak and just stood there hoping either he or she would disappear.
“Madam rang to find out if you were suitably prepared for bed.” she informed him, her eyes loitering over the sight of the shamed youth before her, she continued “Obviously not, I see . Come along young man into your nightgown…. Like a good boy.” 
Her sardonic masculine emphasis wounded him, what little morale he had received another direct hit and his eyes fell to the floor. Seemingly oblivious to his distress she picked up the satin nightgown and held it out for him as he obediently moved towards her.
“That’s a good boy.” she commended him, her voice softer now as she observed how docile he was,  she slipped the nightgown over his head and he manoeuvred his hands into the sleeves, “my, my, Daphne you do smell lovely you’ve followed your skincare regimen then?”
“Yes” he mumbled
“Yes what” she snapped a swift and hard smack of her hand landed on his satin clad behind.
“Yes Miss Greta. Sorry Miss Greta” he yelped surprised at the strength and sharpness of the blow.
“And don’t forget it, unless you want to feel my hand across your pretty backside again.” she quickly added.
“No, Miss Greta.” he replied, quickly this time.
“Good, now I really would like us to be friends so let’s forget about it” she said returning to a more gentle tone and arranging his hair to her satisfaction.
“Did you moisturise your hands also?” she asked.
“Yes Miss Greta” he answered holding out his hands for inspection.
“What a good boy you are Daphne.” she said softly, clearly pleased at his adherence to her instructions. “Oh dear I almost forgot Madam told me to ensure you’re …. well shall we say… nice and secure.”
He winced in shame as she lifted the nightgown and with one hand gently but firmly felt between his legs the other cupped his left breast, tenderly squeezing it. It had the expected response and his member despite being held tautly by the corselette between his thighs twitched with each of her caresses. As if on cue he felt his nipples harden against the soft palm of her hand. She looked at him in the eye, a smile creasing her face.
“Yes nice and secure, that horrible male thingy won’t raise its ugly little head tonight” she whispered squeezing him gently once more, “no danger of you having another mishap, now is there?”
He was caught in a maelstrom of emotion, her caresses between his legs and breasts had him greatly aroused but her scornful look and contempt for his masculinity reduced him to a submissive shadow of himself, he could not meet her look and meekly lowered his eyes as he answered her in a low voice.
“No Miss Greta”
“That’s a good girl.  I do believe you’re learning. Now into bed, you’re mistress will want you rested for your duties tomorrow. She can’t abide tardiness, so do not be late.”
He climbed into the bed the soft satin skirt of the nightgown enveloping his legs and sending tremors of pleasure to his brain, his confined and pulsing member reacting to every movement of his legs. She left him to his agony.
The alarm woke Robert from a deep sleep and dreams of recent good times he’d had in college, in his dreamy half-sleep he smiled at the memories as he stretched his arms and legs, feeling a strange and unusual sensation he slowly opened his eyes. The billowing sleeves of his nightgown were the first thing he saw and he quickly raised the bed clothes to reveal the long satin skirt. He heart sank and he knew he had woken to another nightmarish day.  
Greta’s warning about Madam’s dislike of unpunctuality soon roused him from any thoughts of lingering in bed feeling sorry for himself, he quickly divested himself of the nightgown and struggled out of the corselette but before making for the shower he examined the foundation garment and nightgown for semen stains. He felt a sigh of relief as bot were free of any evidence of an unwelcome ejaculation.
At least this horrible thing prevented that happening.”  he said out loud as he held the corselette in his hands.
His eyes were drawn to the now familiar underwear that Greta had left for him on the ottoman and a shiver ran down his spine, he shook himself and he moved quickly to the shower. Even though alone, showering  was always a source of embarrassment as he was forced to confront his feminine breasts, he had to soap them gently as they were sensitive to the touch  and this almost inevitably led to his nipples to become erect,  soon to be followed by his male organ following suit. Because of his present situation this was now even more of a nuisance, thoughts of a spanking for lateness focused his mind and soon he was back in the bedroom struggling into the high-waisted girdle and long line bra. As he pulled on his panty hose he thought it no wonder women took so long getting dressed, he pulled the satin ivory slip over his head and adjusted its satin cups over his bra and arranged the four inch lace hem evenly around his knees, the grey morning uniform dress followed and he cursed out loud as he tried to get the pinafore apron tied in the large bow at the back that Greta had insisted on. Eventually with his three inch heels on he took the lace cap and placed it on his head, making sure it was straight before fixing it in place with hair pins. Greta’s words, about how a girl should always check herself in the mirror before leaving her bedroom, still echoed in his brain and he duly examined himself in the long mirror taking a minute or two to tweak his apron and cap as well as straightening his dress. Observing himself in the mirror he became embarrassed realising not only just how feminine a trait this was but , and this was even more disconcerting, how girlish he looked, his masculine features morphing into feminine ones. He comforted himself with the knowledge that he still felt one hundred percent masculine and this deception was an unfortunate consequence of a terrible misunderstanding. Despite appearances he vowed to himself he would never see himself as anything but male.
“There is no way I’m anything but a man” he said out loud to reinforce belief in his masculinity and examining himself closely in the mirror  he made another small adjustment to his cap and apron before turning his back to the mirror to  check his apron was tied properly in a nice bow and that his slip wasn’t showing. With an increasing lack of self-awareness added “And that’s not going to change anytime soon.”
Satisfied his appearance was up to standard he made his way to Greta’s room for her inspection and after knocking softly on the door was instructed to enter. She was sitting up in the bed awaiting him.
“Good morning Miss Greta” he announced his presence.
“You’re forgetting something boy!” Greta upbraided him.
“Sorry Miss Greta.” he apologised and curtsied.
“Don’t let it happen again, now turn around.” she instructed.
He did as he was told, deducing from her demeanour she wasn’t exactly a morning person.
“Not bad” she conceded as she threw back the satin quilt lifting her legs onto the floor and as she stretched her arms over her head looked at him and said “come along ….my slippers”
Robert hesitated for a moment, thinking this was taking their arrangement a bit too far but quickly decided as her mood had improved there was not much point in getting the day off to a bad start besides he did need her help.
Best let it go he said to himself.
She lifted her left leg and watched him closely as he knelt down and fitted the kitten heeled slipper onto her foot, silently she raised the other leg and he performed the same procedure.
“Good girl.” she commended him, her mood visibly lightening “now run along have some breakfast while I shower, then report back.”
“Yes Miss” he replied unsettled at the way she alternated the words  boy and girl when she addressed him but as he tottered towards the door he was relieved that at least she was in good humour, just as he reached the door she called to him.
“Daphne dear, you’re forgetting to sway your hips, it’s a sure giveaway you’re a boy. I’m sure you don’t want people noticing that?”
“ No Miss, thank you Miss.” he answered thinking she was right, it’s the thing he always noticed in women as they walked, he made a mental note to ensure he constantly remembered  it.
He made himself a light breakfast wondering what would be required of him later and as he sat to eat in the silence of the kitchen he considered his situation.
Only for those two stupid short-sighted women Lady Agatha and Miss Clarissa I wouldn’t be wearing this ridiculous uniform, ok I may not exactly be the archetypical macho male but I’m no pansy either, how they didn’t recognise me as male I’ll never know. Of course these damn breasts didn’t help, I just don’t understand why my aunts didn’t have them removed when I was younger, every time I asked it was always the same story “It would be too much of a trauma Robert” or “The doctors say to wait until they’re fully developed, Bobbi.” “It won’t be too much longer Bobbi once they’re a C- cup we’ll ask that nice lady doctor again.” “Do you even know what a C- cup is Robert?”  On one occasion I had to sit and listen as they explained exactly what was meant by a C –cup while the parlour-maids served afternoon tea, it was infuriating not to mention mortifying. I hate it when they call me Bobbi it sounds so like a girl’s name and I’m sure it was no mistake when Jenny their lady’s maid called  me Miss Bobbi. I know she apologised later but I thought it was mean that she did it in front of the housemaids as they cleaned my room, I could be wrong but I’m almost sure they were giggling. At least with the money I’ll get here I’ll be able to have the operation…that will stop their laughing, pity I have to go through all this crap to get it.
I suppose if it’s only Miss Greta and Madam –shit! I’ll have to stop that – if it’s  only  Greta and Frau Kirchen know my secret it won’t be too bad and perhaps there won’t be too many visitors but still I need to ensure I don’t appear too masculine, people seeing me as a male in a dress- even worse a housemaid’s uniform-  would be devastating. It’s a bit much what Greta is asking but  I suppose  I have little choice if I’m to learn how to act like a girl under the circumstances  it’s probably better to be safe than sorry.
I just wish I’d read that damn contract but at least I can have these breasts removed with the money I’ll get I’ll just have to keep my head down for the next few weeks and try and blend in.
He finished his coffee and returned to Greta’s room and recalling her advice on his new feminine walk he gently swayed his hips and looking down he could see the skirt of his uniform swing lightly from side to side and he felt the soft caress of the pantyhose on his thighs making a quiet swishing sound as they rubbed together. Greta had showered and was slipping into her uniform when he entered.
“Ah there you are ” she said smiling “ Now be a good boy and tidy the room, make my bed and clean the bathroom while I have my breakfast then report to the kitchen, you’ll have to bring Madam her breakfast.”
He felt a sudden urge to refuse but quickly reasoned that as she was in good humour there wasn’t much point in getting her angry over something like tidying her room.
“I hate wearing this uniform” she muttered as she pulled on her pinafore apron “it’s so degrading don’t you think?”
What the hell does she expect me to say that?…. I love wearing a maid’s uniform, at least she’s a woman.  Stupid cow. He said to himself  but felt it best to show sisterly support and gave her an empathic look.
Oh silly me, of course it must be a thousand times worse for you.” she said casually as she struggled to tie her apron strings.
Harrump  he silently snorted at her feeble attempt  I tied mine faster and had a better bow. OH SHIT what am I thinking?
“Let me help you Miss Greta” he said thinking it best to get on her good side.
“Good girl. You did yours on your own, you’re better at this than me.” she said giving him a friendly peck on the cheek and after fixing her frilled cap on her head she headed for the kitchen leaving him to his work.
“How demeaning is this?” he said out loud as he picked up her discarded panties and bra and placed them in the laundry basket. He gave a weary sigh “Now I’m a maid to the maid.”
After he had finished he joined Greta in the kitchen where she had finished breakfast and had prepared a tray for Frau Kirchen and as they waited for her bell to ring Greta took the opportunity to give him further advice of feminine deportment. His lesson was interrupted after a few minutes by Madam’s bell and he soon found himself outside her bedroom door cradling the tray in one hand and knocking gently on the door with the other.
“Enter.” The command  came from inside.
It took him several seconds to adjust his eyes to the semi darkness, he deposited the tray on the coffee table unsure of how best to proceed, he wasn’t waiting too long when an order from the large bed rang out.
“Oh do open the curtains for heaven’s sake”
He navigated his way across the large room and duly drew the curtains, careful to tie them correctly and returned to the coffee table to retrieve the tray.
He was concentrating so much on not rattling the china or spilling the juice as he made his way to the bed that he nearly tripped over a pair of shoes.
“Thank you Robert.” Frau Kirchen said as he approached his destination, his eyes still fixed in concentration on the tray careful to ensure there was no spillage or breakages.
“What an unusual name for a maid!” a second voice announced itself from a prone position behind her.
Suddenly the room seemed to fill with the sound of cups clattering as he looked up to see dark haired woman emerge from under the heavy satin quilt and  propping her frame  up on the large frilled satin pillows  brushing her thick lustrous  hair back with her hand.
He felt his knees tremble and stomach tighten, a bright crimson glow immediately appeared on his cheeks and his mouth fell open. He was discovered.
“Oh Maxine stop teasing the poor boy. I must apologise Robert… oh dear, silly me…. I mean Daphne, the Countess has an absolutely horrible sense of humour.” Frau Kirchen said chiding her companion and patting the satin quilt “now bring the tray here, dear boy.”
Robert still trembling his secret now out in front of this stranger advanced to the bed and somehow managed to place the tray in front of her without breaking anything now acutely aware that this stranger was following his every move with intense interest.
“Apologising to the servants now,  Rozamund?” her companion remarked “so very unlike you.”
“Don’t be so crass Maxine,” Frau Kirchen snapped, but softened her tone as she looked at him “Daphne is special and so brave, aren’t you my dear?”, still dumbstruck he just nodded and automatically curtsied, recognising the fear in his face she continued,
“Don’t be concerned Robert the Countess is very discreet” Frau Kirchen reassured him as she squeezed the Countess hand “she’s also a very influential woman, aren’t you my sweet?”
The Countess leaned in to Frau Kirchen nuzzled her neck and kissed her gently on the lips before replying with a playful smile.
“Yes I suppose I am. Don’t worry your little secret is safe with me, now come here boy and let me have a look at you.”
Robert moved to within inches of the large bed, his head lowered in ignominy and heart still racing as his identity was revealed to yet another woman, a new wave of shame enveloped him and his hands clenched his apron tightly.
“Remarkable, Rozamund” the Countess began, as she looked the crimson cheeked boy up and down, “you are right he is quite girlish and while I can make out some masculine features they are barely discernable. A little make-up would disguise them satisfactorily. What is your name again boy?”
“Daphne” Robert mumbled, the colour of his cheeks deepening, his eyes still lowered.
“You will address me as M’Lady or Your Ladyship, boy.” The Countess snapped.
“I’m sorry, Your Ladyship” he blurted and automatically curtsied.
“That’s a good boy.” she said her humour improving, satisfied at his quick response.
“Maxine, don’t be hard on the boy” Frau Kirchen chided her companion and glancing at Robert added “he’s obviously been taken by surprise, you have to remember he is new to domestic service and is still in training for his new role and if I may say so doing an excellent job in such a short space of time. Isn’t that so Robert?”
“Yes Madam, thank you Madam.” Robert responded grateful for her intervention.
“ Yes…. I’m sure he is.” the Countess said as she stroked Frau Kirchen’s arm, her gaze remaining firmly on the frightened boy in front of her, “don’t worry my darling boy I won’t tell anyone your mistress has a boy for a lady’s maid. It will be our little secret and if your mistress feels I can help then I shall only be too delighted.”
Robert despised and was deeply humiliated by being forced to wear his maid’s uniform but this humiliation deepened considerably when Frau Kirchen was referred to as his mistress. Mistress! The very word proclaimed his subjugation as a servant.  However much He hated the idea he had to concede that for the time being at least this was now his new reality, he was forced into the role of a  female servant  and worse -his employer’s total control over him. Aware of the Countess and his mistress looking at him intently he felt a response was required and gave the only one he knew would be acceptable for a servant. The last thing he wanted was to make an enemy of Frau Kirchen’s friend.
“Thank you M’Lady.” he said lowering himself into the now obligatory curtsy which elicited an approving smile from the Countess, this gave him some reassurance that her attitude towards him had softened.
“You may go now Daphne I will ring for you when you are required.” Frau Kirchen said.
He was still in shock giving a curtsy as a response and as he crossed  the bedroom now bathed in the soft morning light he noticed items of lingerie strewn over the room, the floor, chairs, the chaise longue, a bra even adorned an Egyptian figurine by the door.
“Back already?” Greta said surprised to see him.
“Yes Miss Greta, Madam had company and said she would ring for me later.” he replied, the walk from her room to the kitchen having calmed him.
“You can stop calling me Miss now that we’re on duty” Greta told him then her curiosity getting the better of her, “who has she with her this time?”
“A Countess” Robert answered assuming that the Countess had joined her from the adjoining bedroom although the scattered underwear perplexed him. 
“Countess Maxine of Argyll?” Greta said nervously, Robert nodded.
“You did everything correctly,” Greta said anxiously, “curtsied, Yes M’Lady, No M’Lady the usual fawning and scrapping”
“Yes” he replied noticing the apprehension in her voice.
“So she’s in good form?” Greta mused, more as a statement than a question and continued “well I suppose she would be after waking up next to Madam.”
Robert didn’t know what she meant and was about to ask but felt he had better tell her his secret was out first.
“She knows I’m male, the mistress told her. What do I do now?” he blurted, the words were barely out of his mouth when he cursed  his subservience for using the word ‘mistress’, he put it down to shock at  being exposed.
“It’s not ideal but there’s nothing you can do about it, it just means one of the most powerful women in the Principality is now aware her friend has a boy working as her maid.” Greta said “Hopefully, she will just see it as a novelty but I would strongly suggest you do not get on her bad side.
The kitchen door opened and Frau Braun stomped in followed closely by her timid kitchen maid dressed in a hideously drab brown dress which came to several centimetres below her knees, it had long leg of mutton sleeves with beige collar and cuffs. Now more familiar with his surroundings and the fact that his secret seemed to be safe as Frau Braun already considered him a girl Robert for the first time looked at the downtrodden kitchen maid more closely.
What a ghastly uniform, that colour does absolutely nothing for her, it’s a pity because she’s a pretty girl, has a nice figure despite that shapeless uniform and she’s got nice hair but it’s covered by  that awful mob cap. Hmmm.. A nice pale blue colour would really suit her and maybe a knee length hemline. Oh shit I’m now taking notice of colours and dress styles just like a girl.  He said to himself as another shiver went down his spine.  
I’ll really have to get a grip.
Greta and Frau Braun were in deep conversation as the girl caught his eye and blushed when he smiled at her but scurried away like a frightened cat when Madam’s bell rang ,Frau Braun broke off her conversation and began bellowing orders at her.
“Hop to it.” Greta snapped before giving him a patronising smile as she added “your mistress calls.”  
It was now his time to scurry off and soon he once more found himself in Frau Kirchen’s bedroom, she had obviously showered and was lounging in one of the large armchairs flicking through a magazine, she was wearing a deep turquoise silk dressing and matching kitten heeled slippers.
“Ah there you are Robert.” Madam said as he entered and now without even thinking he curtsied “the Countess requires your assistance in dressing she is choosing something to wear from my closet, so run along like a good girl.”
Once again the use of his name combined with her use of ‘good girl’ just served to deepen his subjugation but given his circumstances he had no intention of voicing his objection.
“Yes Madam.” he replied and made his way to the extremely large walk-in closet where he found the Countess dressed in a cream silk dressing gown her breasts barely contained by the material, the belt around her waist accentuated her large hips and behind, quilted fur trimmed heeled slippers peaked out from under the hem. He knocked softly to announce his presence, she acknowledged him with a regal nod of her head as her eyes once more seemed to scan every inch of his body. He had an irrational feeling that she could read his thoughts and after what seemed to be an eternity she finally spoke.
“I must say this is a very strange situation” she began, initially looking directly at him before casually turning away to peruse some business suits “a male employed as a maid, very unusual indeed but I have to admit dressed in your uniform you do not look out of place and with your very feminine bosom it really is difficult to tell your true sex.”
She broke off the conversation as she took a blue violet skirt suit from the hanger and held it up to herself.
“I think this one suits me what do you think?”
 Robert, now extremely nervous being alone in the presence of this powerful woman did not know quite how to respond and just blurted,
“Very nice your ladyship.”
His reply barely registered with her as she mulled over the suit for a moment before returning it to its hanger and picked up the conversation once more,
 “Your mistress tells me that you conducted yourself admirably during the unfortunate misunderstanding with her aunt and companion, not creating a scene and accepting your new post as her maid with little fuss and…… of course the uniform that goes with it.”
My mistress, he fumed to himself….Conducted myself admirably, accepted my new post, does she actually think I had a choice?
With Greta’s advice still fresh in his mind Robert resisted the urge to tell her the truth he knew she would not take kindly to him contradicting this version of events from  a lady of superior rank who was also his mistress  as well as a very good friend. She drew her eyes away from choosing her outfit and looked at him intently. He quickly decided she required a response of some kind and could only answer,
“Yes m’lady.”
“I imagine your mistress thought she was doing the right thing,” she continued turning her attention once more to the line of expensive clothes while Robert continued to act as her audience of one, “her aunt can be a bit overbearing although her heart is in the right place. With all this talk of gender equality for women and their suitability for traditionally male roles I suppose there is no reason why it should not apply to males when it comes to the position of housemaid or even lady’s maid .”
She once more ended her deliberations abruptly.
“Ah…. here’s the one…… I think.” she said excitedly removing a mauve silk shantung skirt suit and once more held it up to her body, “what do you think about this one?”
“That one would really look good on you m’lady,” he said and added something he’d heard his aunts’ maid say on a few occasions “it compliments your hair colour so well.”
She turned to look in the mirror and after a few moments contemplating her reflection said,
“Yes I suppose it does. What a clever boy you are, your mistress said that despite your sex you were quick to learn and had the potential to make a good lady’s maid, she may be right but I suspect  it is too soon to tell, I must confess when she told me I had my doubts. I felt that if she was forced by circumstances into having a male maid foisted on her then at least he should be out of sight, ‘put him to work as a kitchen or scullery maid’ I said ‘lest his presence cause you embarrassment’, but she said no, you were different and I should see for myself.”
Robert felt his stomach lurch, a vision suddenly appeared in his mind’s eye of the downtrodden kitchen maid in her drab brown uniform being hounded by Frau Braun.
 She would never put me to work for Frau Braun he screamed silently, would she?  A panic rising from deep within him, he didn’t know how to respond.
The Countess continued to examine the suit and not taking her eyes of it addressed her remarks to him,
“Perhaps as a male, dressed as you are and to avoid further embarrassment you would prefer to be out of sight, maybe somewhere quiet like the kitchen where you would not come into contact with too many people.
“Oh no, your ladyship, I’m fine.” he blurted hoping he sounded calm, the thought of being dispatched to Frau Braun was more than he could bear.
“Mmmm…I see” she said, now turning her attention to him and  looking directly into his eyes “so while you remain in service you would prefer to remain as your mistress’s housemaid or even her  lady’s maid.”
Robert recognised that given the alternative he had little choice and eyes downcast replied.
“Yes m’lady”
“Obviously you would have to remain in your uniform dress, capped and aproned at all times.” she insisted.
He knew it was a high price to pay and desperately wanted to refuse but was acutely aware he had run out of options.
“Yes, your ladyship.”
 “Strange,” she said, sounding surprised as she held her finger to her chin “to hear a male voluntarily agree to wear a maid’s uniform. Of course as I stay with your mistress from time to time I too require the assistance of a maid to help me dress and while I am broadminded and trust your mistress’s instincts, I need to be certain that you will take on the role in the same way an actual servant girl would. Do you understand, boy?”
To hear her repeat his admission that he was prepared to remain dressed as a maid served only to increase his mortification but all he could utter was the now standard reply,
“Yes, your ladyship.”
“I see, as you probably know by now being a lady’s maid may entail seeing me undressed from time to time and your mistress has told me you have displayed that most unseemly male characteristic which I find extremely distastful” she continued still holding him in her gaze “can I be certain that this will not, for want of a better phrase ……raise its ugly head?”
“Yes, m’lady.” he mumbled the picture of his erection in front of Greta and Madam now came sharply into his mind.
“Lift your dress.” she commanded and as he obeyed immediately she let her hand drop between his legs and gently felt for any incriminating evidence.
Robert had been so traumatised that his member was by now quite limp and barely discernable to her touch, the satisfied look on her face told him he had passed the test. While her hand had loosened its grip his fear had not and he kept his dress raised well after she had removed her hand.
“Oh do settle your uniform you silly girl.” she said and as he arranged his dress around his knees she continued “ well you seem satisfactory in that respect and I suppose the fact that you have breasts would indicate that there is a reasonable degree of femininity to compensate for your disagreeable male appendages.”
Robert was now only too well aware of her disdain for the male sex and breathed a sigh of relief as he heard Frau Kirchen’s voice from behind him call to the Countess,
“You’re taking forever Maxine, I do hope you’re not terrorising the poor boy,” Frau Kirchen gently scolded her companion as she entered the closet, “heaven knows he must be nervous enough already, have you chosen your outfit?”
“Your boy was very helpful,” she conceded although Robert didn’t like the way she referred to him as ‘boy’ she moved further down the closet and removed an item “I think I’ll wear this navy Yves St. Laurent pin striped trouser suit if that’s acceptable to you my dear, having being so close to so much testosterone I feel somewhat macho this morning.”
Robert cringed at this remark ,yet another barb directed at his fast disappearing masculinity.
“Perfect” Frau Kirchen said as she approached the Countess and kissed her gently on the lips she retrieved a mid- length coral coloured dress with a rear slit and handed it to him “he can attend  me first, darling.”
Leaving the Countess in the closet Robert was relieved to follow his mistress into the bedroom where under her instructions he set about dressing her and as he dropped to his knees and fumbled with her girdle she looked down on him saying gently,
“No need to be nervous about the Countess Daphne, she’s just gently teasing you” she consoled him “just remember you’re a maid performing what is after all an everyday part of a maid’s duties, and you’ll be fine.”
“Yes Madam, thank you Madam.” he replied somewhat reassured and recalling his experiences the previous night managed to complete his task without any further problems despite the unsettling presence of the Countess who had now entered the room. Draping herself over the chaise longue she took a keen interest in her friend’s new servant go about the intimate task.
“Not bad,” the Countess said after he had finished and rising from her position she gracefully crossed the expansive bedroom to join them at the bed, untying the belt of her robe she allowed it to fall open exposing her statuesque body to Robert, she picked her girdle from the bed and handed it to him. Wordlessly he once more assumed his kneeling position and held out the formidable garment for her to step into, he struggled to ease the girdle over her ample hips and had a slight difficulty in hooking her into her long line bra but as she didn’t scold him he felt he had accomplished his duty reasonably well.He quickly had her in her trousers and shirt, dropping to his knees once more to fit and tie the laces on her highly polished brogues. As he held her jacket for her to slip her arms into she addressed Frau Kirchen
“I will grant you Rozamund,” she said, moving to the full length mirror to adjust her jacket “for someone unused to the position of lady’s maid he certainly does show potential and I suppose with the proper training and a firm mistress to guide him he may yet make a passable lady’s maid, perhaps I could help?”
“I’m so glad you agree.” Frau Kirchen replied her voice dripping with sarcasm “but I have already began his training and am confident he will prove to be an excellent lady’s maid capable of attending to any female in that capacity regardless of the obvious gender handicap. Isn’t that right Daphne?”
Robert’s experience of living in a household of women had given him an insight into female interactions and immediately understood he was the source of friction between the two women. Naturally he blamed Frau Kirchen  for his current humiliating situation but she had shown him kindness on occasion however the Countess was such an intimidating figure he was truly disturbed by her  presence. Of course he was utterly mortified by Frau Kirchen’s open declaration to the Countess that he was now being trained as a maid he was relieved that she had declined the Countess’s offer. It was the lesser of two evils he thought and had no hesitation in agreeing with his mistress.
“Yes Madam.” he answered with a curtsy.
“Oh you’re so protective of your new girl Rozamund ” the Countess remarked , eyeing Robert in a way a cat would toy with a mouse just before pouncing on it, turning back to her friend  she  softened her voice and purred “I was only teasing you.”
The Countess kissed her on the cheek and then embraced her and with her head resting on Frau Kirchen shoulder looked Robert directly in the eye winked at him and gave a smile that completely unnerved him.
“I’m visiting one of my female correctional facilities later this morning,” she said, as both women parted she linked Frau Kirchen’s arm and guided her towards the couch by the large bay window while giving Robert a furtive glance “we are instigating a new educational program for inmates which you may find interesting not to mention appropriate now that you are breaking in a new maid.”
For a reason he could not fully understand Robert suddenly became extremely nervous as he watched the two women move away, he tried to manoeuvre himself within earshot without being seen to be obviously eavesdropping.
“Daphne, see to the room, while the Countess and I talk.” Frau Kirchen instructed him, dashing any hope he had of hearing their conversation and turning back to her companion she lowered herself onto the couch and patting the space beside her indicating the Countess to sit  said “that does sound interesting, do tell me more Maxine darling.”


rocketdave said...

It's interesting that while Robert is shocked to discover someone else who is privy to his secret, he doesn't seem even mildly surprised this new person is a woman who shares a bed with his mistress. Maybe he's too concerned with his own predicament to process this information, though I guess it could be possible that his mode of thinking is modern enough that a person's sexuality is a complete non-issue for him.

Anonymous said...

This story gets better and better. I love the way Robert/Daphne is getting ever deeper into what now seems to be becoming a permanent role as a ladies maid. I look forward to each episode with huge excitement.
Marcia x

Anonymous said...

Your story is simply wonderful and so very well written! Can't wait for the next chapter! Thank you! Sandy

L.G. said...

Carrie, this is your best ever! I know just how much it takes to put together such a story - and you have all that talent, that imagination and that energy in abundance!
You now have Robert so deeply immersed in his ultra-feminine role that it is difficult to see how he is ever going to regain his male identity! This is what is so delicious about "A Suitable Position" and, like others, I hope we will continue to enjoy his humiliation and his agony and ecstasy for a few more episodes to come. Daphne for ever!!
Congratulations, L.G.

SteffieH said...

Absolutely wonderful..I wonder what's in store for poor Robert ?..... You've got me gasping for the next chapter !! Thank you for another wonderful read.
Steffie xx

Anonymous said...

The psychologically perfectly constructed, intelligent engaging story " a suitable position" amazed us all, dear Carrie.
I sincerely hope that there are still very many consequences of thee be written. The potential for that to happen seems to me enormously.
Roberts awakening in his femininity is brilliant. I can't wait to read the next installment! Thank you for all the thoughts and the hard work that went into it.
Looking back on his situation at the aunts is extremely interesting. More of this, please.
His evening cosmetic care will also have to become routine, as it would be with a little bit of color in the face during the day?
It is very feminine and beautiful! Or now and again a nice bra with lots of lace!
Perhaps a good word to the Madam Carrie can insert.

Many greetings from Germany

Damn, I love this story.

Carrie P said...

Regarding RD’s point I suspect Robert has been so dazed and confused by recent events that finding another woman in her bed barely registers with him and you’re correct right now he’s more concerned about his current situation than the sex of the person waking up next to Frau K.
LG, much appreciation for your kind words I’m hoping to make Robert’s descent into femininity as humiliating as possible. I’m always wondering which he(we) finds more humiliating being dressed as a maid or a woman, are both equally humiliating or is there a scale of mortification, just a thought?
Thanks also for the appreciative comments to Sandy, Marcia and Steffi I’m delighted you find the story good so far again apologies for not posting episodes more quickly but time is a big issue with me.
Vielen Dank also to OFG.- Robert’s aunts? Now there’s an interesting proposition – but perhaps that’s for another time. I’ll up your suggestion with Madam regarding a nice bra for him.
Thanks again

L.G. said...

Carrie, you ask an interesting question about degrees of humiliation! Personally I think that being a maid, which must be the lowliest position in terms of status, has to be the most humiliating - especially for somebody like Robert in this story, who seems to have come from a rather superior background. Imagine this all happening to a proud young man in real life!

Of course, a degree of embarrassment is always going to be involved when one is forced to dress as a woman - of whatever status. However, as a humble maid one is required to defer to one's superiors at all times, to wear a very feminine uniform, to curtsey and to obey, to undertake the most menial of tasks without question, and of course never to speak unless spoken to. This surely is the ultimate in what you refer to as the "scale of mortification". Let's have plenty more of it!

Your humble and obedient servant, L.G.

Carrie P said...

Hi LG I’m glad someone picked up on the point and shared their thoughts. I’m probably going to bore people with this but it’s a question I’ve been wondering about for some time so it’s great to get someone else’s views on the subject.
I've read a lot about life in domestic service as I suspect you have and I agree with you wholeheartedly about the lowly status of a servant girl, even within the humble ranks of domestic servants they were considered lowly – women always seemed to be of a lower caste in that particular system- with the exception of housekeepers who as you quite rightly portrayed in the great HHH series were held in greater esteem. There are so many reasons why a female servant would feel such abject humiliation and you’ve covered probably all of them, of course you are also correct that for a male to submit to such a regimen dressed as a woman would indeed be excruciatingly humiliating.
But that is the stuff of fantasies and short of visiting a domme I would imagine is a very rare experience – the wonderful Monica Graz being the most envied exception.
I think being forced to dress as a woman – equally fantastical in my opinion – or even voluntarily being dressed as a woman but being discovered would be equally humiliating. In the serial this fear is Robert’s constant companion and I think in reality it is also true to a greater or lesser degree depending on the personality. I speak from personal experience on this particular issue, some years ago my wife came home unexpectedly when I was en femme luckily I had the door locked and she had to wait until I got undressed before I opened it, I would have died of mortification if she had seen me dressed, it nearly ruined my marriage. Being publicly exposed would have ruined my life – or worse. Sorry to get too heavy I didn’t mean this comment to take this direction.
I really don’t know how women(men’s reaction is a given) would react if they saw me dressed and I don’t know how I would feel – ashamed or excited it would depend on the circumstances I suppose.
Thanks for responding LG it got me thinking about it a little deeper and also to put my thoughts down on paper.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you and thank you


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