Sunday, November 4, 2012

Back Again!

Hell's Bells!  What a help you contributors made while I was on vacation - bloody good - and thanks to you all.  Absobloodybeautiful to see you back Monica - and thanks to you Carrie - and Kammi - and anyone else I might have missed.

I really DID try to get back on here on Thursday, just to say 'hi' but there was something wrong and I couldn't get on.  We got back from vacation late last Sunday, but catching up with a bunch of stuff has really kept me on the hop.

Won't bore you wiht details of the vacation - but DID (finally) manage to get on one of those 'Air-boats'.  Quite a thrill - it feels as if you're boating over almost dry land at speed.  I've learned that I have pretty acute hearing and this was a worry to me because I'd heard that those boats are noisy, but ear plugs are provided, so that was one unnecessary worry. Saw one alligator - but just the head.  Then had a visit from one that was 12 feet long.  Came right up to our boat!  Scary buggers!

Went through the Panama canal.  I'm pretty damned old and not impressed by too much nowadays - but that is fantastic, when you see the work that actually went into doing it.  See what humankind can do when they set their minds to it.

It still gets to me when I see how some people - Monica in particular - an function as a maid - and be perfectly happy.  Prostate medications have practically sterilized me - but I remember full well that there is no way on earth that I could have refrained from masturbating if dressed and treated as a maid.  I remember full well, that one of my fantasies entailed being 'forced' to continue being a maid, after sexual release.  It never happened, but in all honesty, I doubt if I could have allowed it to happen. Still wonder - though it's pretty damned academic now.

I'm picking a short story at random - but as I'm too lazy to check - and my memory sucks?  I may be duplicating stuff I did before.  If so?  My apologies.  I'll try and be better prepared next week.

Hugs to you all!

Dust Buster

By Bea


This is totally unlike my other stories. I just got the notion that cross dressers are not always soft and mild.  That the women who domme them are not always nice.  I also use language in this story that is unlike my other work, so if you're offended by strong language of any sort?  Stop reading here.

Take a herd of wild horses.  Every one of them is a small mountain of meanness. They run free and wild and the ranchers cuss them because of the damage thy do. But let them fall into the hands of humans and they're gradually broken down.  Become meek and mild.  Do whatever they're told . . .

Then this old gal called Delilah?  Sweet talked old Samson into getting a haircut. Nagged that strong and nasty man until he did.  Then guess what? That mean old man just became her little pussy cat . . .

It was a Dustbuster that did me in. Yeah, that's right, one of those small hand vacuums.  Buggered me.  Made me what I am today.  I still look back and cuss – though I do that quietly.  I can get into some awful shit if they catch me talkin' natural.  Not ladylike, they say

I've got plenty of money in the bank – so I must be okay.  That what you think?  But what happens if someone else has the power to stop you, huh?  Has no intention of robbing you, just likes the power of being able to say 'no' or 'maybe'.  It's no sort of life for a man.  Tons of money – just not allowed to get to it.  It's like the punishment of one of those old Greek Gods.  Having to undergo all sorts of nasty bullshit – with the keys to escape and happiness always just beyond the reach of your fingertips. I get some money back – just a little to let me buy some nice things – but I'd have to change completely now to get the rest.   I might.

I should have been used to a miserable life.  Born poor.  Better looking than most admittedly, but small and scrawny.  Went through all the levels of school being mocked and taunted – even by GIRLS for Chrissake!  Couldn't punch any of those bitches though.  After all, a man has to have scruples.  That's what my old daddy used to say, though I did see him stomping on poor old momma now and then.  With  guys though, it was a different story.  Lots of they poor mothers thought that because they were bigger than me they could fuck me around?  Ha.  Put some of those fuckers into hospital.  Like my daddy said.  "Ain't the size of the dog in the fight.  Size of the fight in the dog."  I had LOTS of fight in me.

Left home at sixteen after hittin' daddy (from behind, I gotta admit)  He was a mean old bastard and my life wouldn't have been worth a plugged nickel when he came to.  I joined the army.  Got a dishonorable discharge and did eight month in the stockade at Leavenworth.  Traipsed all over Texas and Oklahoma afterwards doing whatever I could – not always honestly I'll admit.  Finally left for California – the land of fruit and nuts.

It was in San Diego – just North of there, that I started to grow up.  I fell in with a coyote  - a guy who smuggles illegal aliens into the States from Mexico.  For a small fee I started meeting him on this side of the border and escorting the Spic men – and women – to somewhere safe here.  Some of these women were pretty damn nice.  It didn't take much for me to get them grateful – and some of them made nice fucks, let me tell you.

Then I had me a real juicy one. Kept her cleaning house for me in a little area not far from San Diego.  Let's face it, there's LOTS of Spics around the whole area – a lot of  the honest johns KNOW they depend on illegals for their field labor and cleaning their houses.  All of a sudden this little gal is doing housework on the side as well as mine – and I'm making a chunk of money.

One thing leads to another and she is talking some of the other Mexican gals to join her.  Frankly, I don't do much, but I do a little bribery here and there keeps the INS off their backs.  A little strong arming with small time crooks who want to break into the racket, and all of a sudden I have a business – a whole mess of Mexican women cleaning houses.  I'm starting to roll.

 I start renting houses for them.  Okay, I lose some people – including that sweet little senorita who started the whole thing but let's face it.  I'm not a bad guy.  Okay, I fuck some of the better looking ones – but a lot of it is consensual.  I give them a reasonable amount of what they earn – even have a cheap doctor (Okay he'd been barred for drugs) to keep them healthy. A roof over their heads.  What more could they want?

I did have one problem.  Not big. In fairly large groups of women, you'll get some who want to wear men's watches?  Cut their hair short?  Come on to the other girls?  I wasn't mean.  Didn't have to be. They kept some of the other girls happy.  I just let it be known that I'd kick ass if they ever stepped over any lines that made trouble. A few of them tried to give me those flat hard black looks?  But I used to laugh at them.  One time a big, muscled real guy took a shine to one of my gals.  She didn't want him, so I asked him nicely, to go away.

He thought that his size and muscles frightened me. I broke four of his ribs and his nose.  Damn near tore off one of his ears.  He'll never walk without a limp again.  The gals in that house saw what I'd done. No lesbian ever really wanted to mess with me after that.

Through time I got nearly respectable.  Donated to the Police and INS – politicians too of course. Started wearing a cowboy hat and loved to be called 'Tex'.  Still loved my nooky though.  Maybe if I had just stuck to Mexican gals I'd have been all right.  Still? I loved a big titted juicy blonde – and I found one - waitressing in a local coffee shop.

Her name was Hope and she laughed when she talked about her sisters Faith and Charity. "Our daddy was religious before he ran away.  Don't think any of us took after him."
A few good tips and me telling her how I loved her - and I was screwing her – and oh boy, could she fuck!  Just like a hot bunny, she'd take it every time – in front, up the ass – anything I wanted.  Laughed at the size of my dick but admitted that I knew how to use it.  I didn't take offense.  Why should I? I'm small and scrawny.  I should cuss because I don't have a big prick?

We did it everywhere either of us could think of. The Ladies room at the restaurant, behind the kitchen.  In my car.  She LOVED that big ornate Caddy – spread her joy juice all over the seats, but I didn't mind.  Loved the smell of her.

One night it was cold and my Caddy was in for some minor repair.  "My sister's will be out for a while – most of the night.  Why don't we go back to my place?" She suggested.
Christ, that place was untidy. I'm not exactly a neat freak, but it was a mess.  Women's clothes all over the furniture.  Dust in a few places where there shouldn't have been any.  I shook my head.  Had other, more, important things to think about. Fucked her on top of the big, unmade, bed in her room, then did it again on the kitchen table – though I didn't care a lot for the old ketchup stains I saw there.

We were sitting enjoying a beer when her sisters came in and I was introduced to Faith and Charity for the first time.  Immediately, I could tell that Charity was a dyke – she didn't try to hide her lack of interest in me.  I didn't give a shit – I wasn't interested in her either.  Faith?  I noted her immediately.  Blonde like Hope, but soft and willowy. One of those true, feminine, women.  Right away I could sense the jealousy coming from Hope – but ask me if I gave a shit.  Right then, Hope was filling my needs just fine.  A few weeks?  Who knew?

I went home by taxi. The next night I had this urge – Hope would do that to you – so called her up again.  My Caddy wasn't fixed even then, so she agreed that I would pick her up and we'd go out and eat.  Don't ask me why – I hardly ever buy a gal presents and, if I do it'll be something like candy or perfume – none of that pansy lingerie or anything. How guys have the nerve to go into some women's store and buy all that stuff?  Beyond me.  Mind you, I don't think a woman is a real woman unless she's wearing all that sexy stuff – perfume as well!

Anyway?  I'm passing this hardware store and I see one of those Dustbusters – you know, the handheld vacuum cleaners?  On an impulse, I go in and ask for it.  What possessed me to have it gift wrapped in one of those sissy pink wraps, I'll never know.  Stupid, I suppose.

That night I'd arranged to take Hope out to a really nice restaurant – had reservations and everything.  Unfortunately one of my cleaning gals got into a bit of trouble early that evening.  Nothing serious, but it had to be taken care of.  Accordingly, I was later that I wanted to be so kept the taxi waiting for me when I went to get her.  Hope just about shit when she saw the present.
"For me?  Oh darling!  That's the first present you've given me.  Oh DARLING!"  She was gassing all over the fucking place.

I saw that the stupid shit was taking it out of proportion and, to tell the truth, felt kinda ashamed.  Was scared she was starting to open it.  "It's nuthin' Hope!"  I said.  "I don't want to be late for our reservation, so hurry up!  Just put it aside and you can open it later.  More a joke present than anything else!"
She looked at me with starry eyes.  "Okay sweetness.  It's wrapped so darling – I know it's not a joke!"

I felt oddly ashamed for a little while but we made it to the restaurant where I had a few drinks – let's face it, I wasn't driving.  It was probably the drinks, but I managed to spill a mess of my favorite Bouillabaisse onto my lap.  Christ, what a mess. Screwed up most of my romantic feeling – though not all of it, of course.  Cleaned myself up as well as I could then saw Hope home.  The lights were out at the front, so I thought I'd grab me a quick piece of ass, then get out of there and get changed, the front of my pants were clinging to me in a sticky sort of way.

Hope had been hanging on to me all night and nattering about that goddamn present.  I did feel awful now, but had no idea what to say to the stupid broad.
"I have to open that lovely present!  I've been waiting all night!" she giggled as she led me in the door. Then she paused.  "That's funny.  I left it on that table there. ."
"This what you're looking for?" Faith came from another room, the vacuum in her hand.  "Sorry, we didn't know who the present was for.  There wasn't a label on it."

Hope looked at me, her face a blank. "Is that what you got me?  A vacuum?"
"I told you it was a joke," I said defensively.
"Some fucking joke!" Charity said, coming in at Faith's back. "You saying we're dirty?  That it?"
"Go take a flying fuck to yourself.  It wasn't bought for you." I told her angrily.

The broad actually took a threatening step TOWARDS me!  Her voice was venomous. "What you need is to vacuum this place out yourself, then scrub it – then lick the shithouse clean with your tongue – you MAN!" The scorn was dripping off her tongue.

I was angry, but managed a laugh.  "Lucky you're a broad.  I don't give a shit of you're some kind of dyke – I'll punch your lights out if you come any nearer."
"Hey Tex – Charity?  Knock this off.  It's gone far enough."  Hope was talking, although she still looked pretty upset.  "Look Charity?  Go and watch television along with Faith. Cool off!  You Tex?  You need to cool off too. Want a drink?"

I was still upset but could see the sense in what she said.  An idea crossed my mind. "Thanks Hope.  But know what? I feel real dirty from dropping that bouillabaisse.  If I went and showered, do you think you could sponge my pants off, then maybe iron them dry – while I go and shower?  I'd really appreciate it."
"I don't know if they'd be any too dry," she said.
"Have to be better than they are just now."  I remarked.

The bathroom was stacked with woman shit – pantyhose all over the place and bottles of perfume and cosmetics all over, but the shower was clean enough I guess.  I handed my pants out to Hope. 
"Take your time." she said.  "That's one thing about this place. Tons of hot water."
I guess I shouldn't have barked.  "Maybe you fuckin' women could use some of it to clean this fuckin' place now and then!"  But I did.
She didn't say a word.  Just closed the door.

For a second I felt bad.  After all Hope shared the place with two other women. But then common sense started coming through to me.  Maybe this was what they all needed.  Smiled at the thought – a little motivation!

The shower stall was big enough.  Not as big and luxurious as mine, but the hot water was lovely.  I relaxed as I let it stream over my head and face.  Yawned, feeling the tension drain out of me.  Then, to my amazement, I felt the door open – and here was Hope and Faith – naked as jaybirds – joining me.  Faith looked shy, but I gave them both a grin. "Come to say you're sorry ladies?"

Then the three of us were together. Christ – talk about sensory overload – those two white bodies, soft and smooth as silk, yet muscled and their hands were touching me – all over! Hot water, clouded by steam making visibility next to impossible.
"Isn't this lovely?" Hope asked and Faith giggled and agreed – and then Faith was washing my back – my LOWER back with this oval perfumed soap they used. Then, so help me – the soap was pressing up against my back passage.
I wiggled.  "That feels funny."
"Not nice?"

But now Hope had a gentle hold of my dick and as I relaxed, I could feel the soap enter me.  "Aw shit!" I said in delighted amazement. Then the shower door opened – and here came Charity.  I looked at her. Okay the short hair was getting soaked by the water but her tits were pretty damn fine.  You would never have guessed that she was queer.  I'll admit to not liking being raped in a way if front of her, but what the hell it was just sex play between adults, right?
"Maybe Charity wants to say she's sorry too?" Hope laughed.
I sighed, sexed up as all hell.  "Hey she just overstepped her bounds, that's all.  I forgive her."

Now I had three naked women, all young and nubile, pressing in and around me.  Then the hands – there could only have been six, but it felt like hundreds, were touching me like butterflies. I'd honestly never felt anything like it.  Then Charity was stuffing soap up my ass and it was Faith that was jacking me off – slowly and delightfully.  But the soap was starting to make me uncomfortable – it was far too suggestive as it was starting to punch in and out of my ass – as if I was a woman!

I went to use a hand to stop Charity, but found that Hope was grinning at me, a sort of golden sash from a robe in her hand.  "Stand still, little Tex.  Let Hope tie your legs just like she tied your hands." Then she disappeared from sight.  I was slow and sluggish and it took me a moment to react, but by then it was too late.  Now I could only blink at the three women as they pushed me into a corner.  Then Charity got a hold of my hair and pulled my face, none too gently into her.  "Suck my tits! she ordered.

I couldn't help but grin as I did what she told me.  Hey this was punishment? Then Hope was gently jacking me off  – but that damn soap was doing its thing up my ass again.  I started to complain about it by opening my mouth but was rocked by a stinging slap to my face.  "SUCK! You fuckin' pervert!" Charity laughed.  What made it worse was the fact that the other girls laughed in agreement. 

I was somewhat amazed.  Hey, I was tired and all sexed up – but this broad – a BROAD – had rocked me.  My natural inclination was to complain. I even thought of giving her a fuckin good bite – right on the tit – but common sense prevailed.  I was all tied up.  The broads had me in their power just now.  But later? I was gonna spill some blood, broads or not.  But I was being jacked off.  I could hardly keep my eyes open.  I had NEVER been jacked off like this before. Dazedly, I opened my eyes to the three women who were now watching me intently. Then I ejaculated – pulsed - while the women cheered – jeered? Then I slumped.

The water was turned off and I was slowly herded – with a great deal of cooing, whistling, and jeering from the three women, into the bathroom. Sleepily – almost unconscious, I was draped in warm towels and dried. My nostrils widened as I smelled the powder they were using on me. Then I saw the clothes they had laid out on the bed and I came awake for a minute.

They had freed one arm, thinking I was comatose, but I fooled them. Hit Charity a good punch on the shoulder, that hurled her half ways across the room.  Hope and Faith babbled apologies as they both took a hold of my free arm.
"Jesus!"  Charity laughed, rubbing her shoulder and coming back.  "That little bastard can HIT!"

It seemed that Faith had tried out for a TV commercial one time and had a Maid's outfit made for her.  THAT'S what they dressed me in.  Once they started, I felt so weak and helpless, almost as if I'd been drugged although I was sure that wasn't the case.  Then Faith and Hope were holding me face down on the bed and holding me that way. To my awful shame, I felt Charity at my back.  She was lifting my little skirt and pulling down my panties.  I did something I knew was useless and had never done for any one in my life – and now I was begging  - from a woman no less!
"Please Charity?" I asked slowly and clearly. "Please."
"My goodness!" she laughed. "Beggin' me to screw him? What a pretty piece of ass. All soft and white. With these panties down around his knees and his skirt up? I'd swear I was just about to screw a woman.  Relax for me darling.  You don't need to beg me.  I'm a lesbian, remember?  Can't turn down a pretty piece of ass! You'll probably enjoy it!"

She lubricated me, telling Faith and Hope every detail about the shape and feel of my anus and surrounds.  Then she inserted her fingers in me, giggling as I jumped and tried to free myself.  Then I heard the hum of a vibrator and it wasn't long before I was writhing as a plastic shaped penis was working slowly up and down inside me.  Then after a pause I felt her work her way in between my legs, stroking my ass and telling me how pretty it was.  Had I ever thought of selling it?  Then I felt her enter me and that woman did things to me that no man alive could ever say he had. To further my shame she had the other two girls let go of my arms. Yes, it was my chance to break away and I realized it, but her arms were around my waist, holding me in and I felt as helpless as a rag doll as she pumped slowly in and out of me calling me her girl.  Finally, she let me go.  Straightened up my panties and pulled down my skirts.
"Time for Dolly to get her work done.  She obviously thinks this pace needs to be cleaned and tidied.   Won’t be happy until it is all spick and span,"

Then, they wouldn't be happy until they got me to tidy up the place – and shame of shames – use the vacuum to help and clean the place up.  This was made possible by the fact that they had taken pictures with a digital camera that Charity had loaded so that I couldn't get to them.  I felt, and probably was, stupid in my petticoats and uniform with the apron and high heels – Christ did they laugh as I tried to navigate, all three of them walking around me with spatulas or wooden spoons and hitting me on the ass.

Finally though, the place was a lot cleaner and tidier.
 "Thank Charity nicely now – a curtsey will do."  Faith said   "For not making you clean the shithouse bowl with your tongue.  You don't want to thank her?  She may change her mind."
The women all howled as I clumsily did what she asked – though I had murder in my heart.  A deadly calm came over me as I finally started getting ready to go.  I was still in panties, though I'd taken the top and skirts off, when Charity came too close. I couldn't resist. Hit her again.

I expected all sorts of shit, but surprisingly, didn't get any.  I was surprised that she pretty well ignored me.  Just gave me a funny look. By the time I got ready, Hope had called a taxi and it was waiting for me.
"No hard feelings Tex?" she asked , but with a laugh in her voice as I was leaving.
"You're gonna get yours, sister.  Fuck off!" I snarled and was gone.

But I knew there was nothing I would do.  They had taken photos of me and, being well aware of what I did for a living and where my houses were threatened to expose me to my girls.  To say that Mexican girls are macho is ridiculous – but the thing is that they take these posturing males seriously.  If they ever saw me in a dress?  I was done.  They'd lose all respect for me.

For the first time in my life, I found myself weeping into my pillow and cried myself to sleep that night. I had been totally humiliated by three WOMEN!   How could I ever accept the fact that I had allowed them to dress me in a maid's uniform – and then perform the drudgery of housework – while they cavorted about me – with things like WHIPS in their hands – and hit me contemptuously.  And I let them!  I did all sorts of criminal things to them in my mind, but knew that my chances of getting revenge were slim. 

A few days later I had regained some of my aplomb.  Started going out of the house again.  Actually broke up a fight between some of the girls.  It was strange.  I felt like a fraud somehow.  Almost like I had no right to boss them.  It was strange.  Then, Hope called me.
"Aren't you ever coming near me again?" She asked.  Her voice was amused.   I knew there was a difference in her tone, but it wasn't until later I realized that there wasn't any deference there.
I was appalled. "Why should I?  Humiliate me again.  That what you want?"
I could practically hear her smile.  "Hey.  Fair's fair.  You pissed off my sisters – and I can't blame them.  But you're not too shabby in the sack – and I figured?  Let bygones be bygones?"
"Get fucked sister!" I snarled and hung up on her – but heard her laughing as I did so.  Was mad at myself at having a hardon.

The next afternoon, I nearly had a fit. A knock came to the door and when I opened it, a girl stood there, with a florist van in the background. She had this huge bunch of flowers in her hand.
"You want something?" I asked her, confused.
"If you're Tex?  Somebody likes you."  She smiled and passed the flowers to me.  Automatically I took them and thanked her.  She thanked me in turn and left.

Inside I looked at the attached note.
"C'mon! Don't be a sore loser!  We all miss you."  And it was signed.  "Faith, Hope, and Charity."
Angrily, I threw the flowers into the trash bin.

I couldn't believe my eyes the following day.  Here was the florist van and girl again, with more flowers.
"Stick them up your ass." I said to her angrily and went to close the door.
She sniffed. "The girls who sent this?  Said that you might be nasty and strongly suggested that you read the attached note!"

It said.
Don't be naughty now! Otherwise we might have to send our little gifts to your girls at the other houses for delivery.  That what you want?  Now you should thank the girl that delivers these nicely and display them properly.

We still miss you.
Faith, Hope, and Charity.

Shit.  They had me over a barrel. "Ma'am?"  I decided quickly and said to the girl that delivered them. "I'm sorry.  Just in a bad mood about something else."  Then I gave her a few bucks as a tip.  She thanked me, but obviously knew what was in the note and guessed that I might be being blackmailed so there was quite a lot of malice in her voice as she thanked me.  It set my teeth on edge, but I found an old vase, put some water in it and displayed the flowers in a window.

That note made me very wary. I didn't want to call them, but was scared what any future flowers might get delivered to my girls if I wasn't there.  I was glad I stayed home because the girl smiled nicely at me when she made the delivery that day.
"Someone SURE likes you!" she said coyly as she delivered the bottle of perfume and flowers. "Wish I had a boyfriend like that!"
I could have punched that little shit, but mumbled something about it being a joke – and tipped her again.
 This time, the note just said:
Faith, Hope, and Charity.

The following day I knew I'd better call after that present. The girl giggled as she handed me a heart shaped pink box with "Victoria's Secret" prominently printed on the lid.  Inside was a lacy pair of deep  pink panties and a matching bra, carefully wrapped in tissue paper. This time, the not said.

We're losing patience Dolly!
Faith, Hope, and Charity.

"Well Hello Sweetie!" Hope said amusedly when I called.  "Like the presents?"
I sighed and spoke softly.  Deliberately kept some threat in my voice. "Look Hope.  I'm very patient and you and your sisters seem to have it in your head that you can embarrass me . . ."
"Last thing on my mind, sweetie!" Hope said.  "Something wrong with me wanting to get a man back that is good in the sack?"
"That's not what these presents tell me!  They're telling me that you see me as some fucking gay!  Threatened to tell my girls on me!  Give me trouble with them!"
"Tex!" she said soothingly.  "That's just Charity!  I’ll admit that I was pissed off at you about that stupid vacuum when I expected a nice present, but we got our own back on you . ."  She giggled.  "You SURE looked cute in that little dress!"
"Aw Christ Hope!" I exploded. "Can't you forget that bullshit?  Leave me alone!"
Her voice was a little frigid now.  "That's what I'm trying to DO!  Forget the bullshit we've gone through.  Get friendly with you again!  I haven't had a good fuck in a while!"
"But your note says . . "
"I don't give a SHIT about the notes!  Don't forget that Charity has some say in what we write – and I think she's still pissed off some at you!"
"I don't know what to do!"  I finally allowed the helplessness to show in my voice.  "You gals have those photographs and . ."
"We BURNED them, you stupid shit!" she said firmly. "First you accuse us of keeping a dirty house.  Then you seem to think that we're some kind of blackmailers!"
"But that's what you SAID you'd do!" I said, lost.
"Yeah.  But we were mad at the time.  I give you my word.  I burned those photos a day or so later!"

This cheered me up immensely.  Hope may be a broad, but her word means a lot.  I knew better than question her – she can get pretty damn prickly – but I believed her.
"Well.  That eases my mind,"  I admitted.  "But I still don't feel right in my mind about your sisters, especially Charity.
"Up to you I guess, " she said casually.  "But knowing Charity the way I do?  She gets the feeling that you're chicken?  She'll make your life a misery."
"What should I do?" I asked.  Could feel myself weaken, after all, Hope is damn good in bed.  Maybe I could get some of my old standing back?
"Hey.  I don't know.  You two have problems?   It's up to you to work them out.  But if you're interested?  Gimme a call."  With that, she hung up.

It was good to get back with her. In no time flat we were back in the sack.  Damn good.  I didn't know what I'd do if I bumped into Charity again.  Frankly?  I was kinda scared of that.  After all, Hope never pretended that Charity had got over being pissed off at me.  Then it happened one night a few nights later. I was lying beside Hope, all tuckered out from screwing her. Then here was Charity sitting on the end of the bed. She spoke mockingly to me.
"Hello you fuckin' little pansy!  Didn't take you long to come back – our house needs cleaning again, and your little sissy uniform is waiting for you.  Up you get!  Work to do, and I can't see little pansies lying around.  C'mon.  Get up!"  She gave me an evil grin.

"Aw Charity.  Give over!  He's no pansy.  A good little stud in bed!"  Hope grinned. "I can attest to that."
Charity shook her head.  "Hey!  He's a goddam pansy.  He might be okay in bed but he looks nice in a little black satin uniform, showing off his petticoats as well.  Does a nice job of cleaning house.   Doing what little fairies do!"
Hope leaned up on one elbow.  "Charity?  You're fulla shit.  Better watch he don't pound you again.  You said yourself he could hit.  I wouldn't get him mad at me, that's for sure!"
Charity walked over to the dresser.  Got something and approached me.  "Watch this!" she laughed.  Before I could do a thing, she'd lightly touched me.  I didn't know what she had done, until I smelled the perfume.
"Jesus Charity!"  Hope laughed.  "You got him smelling like a goddamn fancy woman!  Now you're in shit!  Don't say I didn't warn you."

Charity laughed.  "Me in trouble? From that little pansy there?"  She leaned into me. "Tell you what Dolly?  If you'll get up and vacuum RIGHT now? I might not spank you.  Might not make you wear your pretty uniform.  How's that?"
I gritted my teeth. "You weren't a fuckin' woman?  I'd beat the shit outta you right now.  Now piss off!"

She was about to answer when Faith came in.  "Hi gals!" she said, before she saw me.  Then she sniffed.  "What IS that smell?"
"Our little fancy pansy over here!"  Charity laughed.  "Smells just like I'm gonna make him shortly. My little fancy woman.  Just wait.  I'm gonna shove a dildo up his ass so hard he's gonna cry like a little old gal."
Hope laughed as she spoke to Faith.  "Charity's all sure he's just a little fairy. I seem to remember him thumping her last time."
Charity laughed.  "Yeah.  That was the FIRST time he hit me. After we educated him a little bit, he hit me again.  That time he hit me as if he was a little pansy fruitcake.  I've had little girls hit me harder.  Made me think."

Charity then sat on the bed. "You know?  I could be wrong. It's just that I knew I'd read up on it somewhere, then I checked and got the same thing."
"What're you talkin' about?" Hope asked.
"See?  There's this thing called Petticoat Discipline that they used to use on little boys that wouldn't behave. Frankly?  I think they were all pantywaists anyway, but it seemed that once they were in something belonging to a girl like panties or a bra?" She giggled.  "They'd get all soft and squishy.  I think he's just like that."  She patted my cheek. "Just a soft little girl. Now come on Dolly – time for you to do your thing.  Once you're finished?  I'll get you to feeling all nice and girly – then shove my dildo up your ass.  Won't that be FUN?"  She giggled suggestively.  "Once you get used to me being YOUR man? You won't want to fool around, will you?"

Faith laughed. "Charity?  I'll admit he was like a little girl in my black uniform.  But I think you're full of it.  It took THREE of us to keep him down last time!  Ask Hope.  She'll tell you!  He's a GUY for Christ's sake!"
Charity looked at her. "Faith? I'm older than you. Got mom's sapphire earrings and
 bracelets when she died.  Right"
Faith laughed shortly. "Yes.  And it wasn't fair! You don't give a SHIT about nice jewelry!"

Charity looked at her coolly.  "You and Hope think I'm full of shit.   Suppose I test my ideas out? I say that if you can stop Tex  from getting into the next room that the jewelry stuff that you want, belongs to you?  If you can't stop him? He goes off and I never, EVER, bother him again.  She turned to me, a caustic smile on her lips. "That's all you gotta do, sissy.  What say you?" 
"Eh?"  Hope asked Charity.  "Faith's been askin' you and askin' you for those sapphires.  You saying that you'd take a chance on giving them up?"
Charity shrugged. "Hey.  Faith wants them?  All she has to do is stop pansy here from leavin' the room for a few minutes.  I'm pretty damn sure that he can't get past her.  If I'm wrong, the worst she'll get is a shove or so.  But I'd bet that she'll have those sapphires in nothin' flat."

I looked ahead. Faith was the only one that could stop me.  A cute, completely, feminine woman? I still had an awful feeling of dread.
"He ain't exactly burstin' to go."  Hope laughed.  Patted me on the shoulder. "Tex dear?  I think you better get out of this bed pretty damn quick.  You don't?  I think that Charity has some nasty things planned for you."
"Not dressed!"  I said truculently.

Charity laughed, sounding more confident all the time.  She went into a drawer and then the closet.  Threw lingerie, a petticoat and the maid uniform on the bed.  Then she got my own clothes that were thrown over a chair and threw them onto the bed too.
"I think you should put your girly things on just now, Dolly.  Save us some time later on.  But it doesn't make no never mind right now.  Put on what you want."   She then spoke to Faith. "Your call honey.  If I have to stop him I won't ever listen to you whine about those sapphires again.  At least you can whine all you want.  I just promise that I won't listen ever again if you don't try and stop him now."

By then I was getting dressed – in my male things of course – when I did a cowardly thing.  Charity and Faith were still haggling and I felt they were kinda distracted.  I had my pants and socks on and my shirt was still not tucked in. I pretended to be looking for my shoes and noticed that there was only Faith between me and the door.  Suddenly, without warning, I made a break for it.  Took them all by surprise.

Then Faith was semi-grappling with me!  "Hey!  I haven't made up my mind yet!" she was saying, and Charity was laughing, across the room.
"Well you have NOW girl!  Ride that sissy!"
And I could hear Hope behind me yell out something, then in a false surprised tone – "And you never even kissed me goodbye!  Is that all the thanks I get?"

Faith had a fairly light hold of me and I was positive that all I needed was a minor shove.  But I felt as weak as a kitten, so that when I pushed her, all she got was a mild surprise.  Her grip tightened on me and I struggled.  Then she was looking at me with big, surprised, eyes.
"You know Charity? You might be right!  I mean, I am a girl myself, but he feels just like me.  All soft!"  She kissed me! Actually hauled me into her as I struggled uselessly and kissed me. Started pulling me across the room.  "Why don't you come with me over to Charity, Dolly?  I think she'll want to have words with you."
"Please Faith?" I found myself mewling. "Please let me go?"
From the bed, Hope was groaning. "Christ!  You mean I let that little pansy fuck me a little while ago. Feel like a goddamn lesbian!" Then she added, laughing.  "No offense Charity!"

With a lot of cheering and jeering, Charity undressed me, then made me help to put on the feminine lingerie.  Then she spanked me.  It wasn't really that hard, but I wept, while the other two shook their heads and cussed at me for taking them in.  Then I was put into my petticoats and taught to curtsey any time they spoke to me.

With the house having been cleaned not that long ago, it was a lot easier this time.  Charity was nice enough to give me some privacy as she took me into another room and fucked me, just like she'd said she would. It was pretty bad, although she laughed when she heard my howling and said I'd get used to it.  Then to my surprise, she had me paint both my finger and toe nails a bright red.  That wasn't too bad, but I raised some objections to having my ears pierced – as if it mattered to her.  I was pretty sure that some infection might result when she put those gaudy red and green plastic earrings in, but she didn't seem to care.

While all of this was going on, she had Faith and Hope go out and do some shopping.  Oh, the taunts and mockery from them as I changed into this lustrous black lingerie, then a corset that was laced tight at my back, then really gaudy satin black skirt and bright green blouse. I noticed how well the clothes matched my earrings only after they put some large, cheap looking, plastic bracelets on me. Helpless now, I simply sat meekly as they made my face up – a lot, then put on a very dark wig of curling hair that fell to my shoulders.  A pair of very high, black, platform shoes that I could barely walk in completed my outfit.

I raised some complaints when all three of them bundled me into their car.  Really started to weep when they drove me to one of my houses – where a lesbian called Don (was Donna) ruled the roost.  Mascara running, teetering on my shoes, bracelets clacking and earrings swinging, I was led into the house.
"What the sheet do you senoritas want?"  Donna asked, her accent heavy when she saw us.
"Recognize Tex – your boss?" Charity got a hold of one of my arms and shoved me in front of Donna.
"Eh?  Tex?  Whatchoo talkin' 'bout?"  Then she peered at me closely.  "This soom kinda choke?"
"A joke?  Certainly not!"  Charity said. "We call him Dolly now. He just loves to clean houses.  Wants to learn how to do it right.  Don't you Dolly?  Can maybe join the rest of the senoritas when they clean houses?"

Now in the satins and type of clothes that the uneducated Mexican girls wore on their nights out, I stared helplessly at the woman around me, the three Caucasians, smiling widely.
"LIKES to clean houses? Look like a gal?" Donna was pulling me to her.  Patting my ass as she did so.
"Not only LOOK like a gal!"  Charity laughed. "I fucked him up the ass a little while ago!"
"You like thees?  Si Dolly?" Donna caressed me now, drawing me into her.
"No Donna," I said quietly.
"Oh, you weel, you weel!  And why don't you call me Don?" she said.  Then she spoke to the women.
"Thank you ladees. You can leave Dolly now.  Don will take care of her."

Faith, Hope, and Charity said goodbye – after kissing me on the cheek of course.

The end


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