Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sundays Just Keep On Coming - Don't they?

Sorry, you guys.  Feeling bloody worthless today. A gorgeous California day and I feel tired in every bone.  PVD (Post Vacation Depression)?  Don't know if there is such a thing - but if there is, I sure as hell have it.

Kammi dear?  Thanks so much for your stories - but Carrie asked a question of me this week, and it dawns on me that there's an awful lot of you readers who would like to know how to publish.

First of all?   I'm only speaking of MagsInc here.  Mark also owns Reluctant Press so the requirements are almost identical.

He'll publish your stories.  Likes the cross dressing, transvestite sort of thing. DO SPELL CHECK the stories - and they should be sent as attachments in Word, in the 26,000 word class, approximately.

You will NOT get rich from this - but getting a book published? Does wonders for the ego.  I haven't published with him for a while, but we talked recently and I know that he's looking for material  and that prices for a book?  Roughly $150 - $200,  MagsInc has its own web page - so look at that for guidelines.

If anyone has questions? Write a comment at the bottom of this page and I'll try to answer it.

But not feeling that great.  The story that follows?  If I posted it here before - my apologies. I don't keep records worth a damn - but with any luck it'll be new to you.



By  Bea
It was one night during a visit from my wife's friend Lila that I noticed how perfect both women's teeth were.

Now Joan, my wife is fairly well to do, employed as a senior Civil Engineer by a famous architect and Lila has inherited money, so I could never have described either of having teeth as  anything but well maintained.  But this particular evening I saw two of the most beautiful set of teeth I'd ever seen - way past film-star quality.  Brilliant white, gleaming, evenly spaced.  Super bright against their lipstick, somewhat feral to tell the truth.

Speaking of feral, Lila scares me somewhat.  Old money confidence, lithe body that moves like an animal, a little taller than myself.  Maybe even heavier, as I am somewhat delicate of build - for a man that is. I wanted to comment on Joan's teeth, but figured that, as Lila's were just as gorgeous, it might be more tactful to compliment the guest.

"I just noticed Lila.  Have you been getting special dental work?  You too, Joan.  Your teeth are looking great all of a sudden. Just about perfect.  Or have you both been using one of those special whitening toothpastes?"

A glance flashed between them that I couldn't read, but Lila then spoke "Well thank-you kind sir. Don't know about Joan, but I'm delighted that you noticed.  Yes, we've both been going to this new dental hygienist down in the Women's Village complex.  She's expensive as hell but worth it."
"What's her name?"  I asked. "I haven't been overly happy with my hygienist recently.  Maybe yours could work her magic on me."

Joan grimaced. "Why Daniel, you have nice teeth, I don't think I'd change just because.."
She stopped as Lila interrupted. "Why BS him Joan?"  She turned to me.  "No sense in giving you her name, she just treats women.  That's why she's located her place in the village."

I've always been a little spoiled I guess.  Do not like to be denied things - as the two women had probably taken into account.  I puffed my cheeks indignantly.  "What do you mean, women only?  In this day of sexual discrimination lawsuits, she must be out of her mind!"
"Oh Daniel!  Don't get so worked up about nothing."  Joan said placatingly.
"I'm not worked up!"  I said huffily.  "I'm just about totally fed up with the way that women scream about sexual discrimination every time they turn around, but practice it themselves every chance they get!"

"Don't you think you're over-reacting?"  Lila said snottily.  "I mean, we're talking about women's rights here."
"Yes!  But what about men's rights?"  I yelped.  "We're bigger and stronger than women, but we're not allowed to use our strength.  Get pushed around by a bunch of lawyers and..."
"Are you kidding?"  Lila laughed. "You think that you're bigger and stronger than me?  You're out of your mind!"
"I may be smaller than you."  I retorted.  "But it's a well known fact that men have greater bone and muscle mass than women and..."
"Oh Daniel!"  Joan interrupted me. "Please!  Get off this soap box of yours.  We've heard it all before.."
"Yeah!  Muscle and bone mass!"  Lila sniggered.  Then she sobered up.
"Tell you what 'muscles'?  let's have a little contest.  I'm a bit bigger than you, but we probably weigh about the same, right?  I'm a hundred and thirty eight.  Are you in that area?"

She actually outweighed me by a few pounds, but I didn't want her to know that, so nodded.  She walked over to stand right in front of me.
"Okay!  Lift me.  Go on!"  She lifted her arms.
"This is silly Lila."  I said. "I'm not going to do this."
"I don't think he can."  Lila commented snidely to Joan. "I think your husband's a little weakling."
My wife laughed.  "Well, he's not very strong.  But I don't think I'd call him a weakling."  She smiled at me.  "Don't let Lila boss you into this Daniel.  She works out at the gym regularly.  I can understand you not wanting to compete against her."

Stung to the quick by this comment, I felt my face flush.  "Okay.  Get ready Lila.  You asked for this."
She raised her arms a little more.  Grinned mockingly at me.  "Ready when you are, 'Muscles'"

"Turn around."  I said.   She grinned and turned her back to me.  I cinched my arms around her waist and heaved.  Got her feet off the floor.  She turned her head back towards me a little.
"I'm amazed!  Didn't think you'd be able to do this.  Let's see how long you can keep me here."
Flushed and arm weary, I let her down about fifteen seconds later.  As I stood there trying to hide the fact that I was panting, she walked around to my front.  "Ready?"  I nodded, lifted my arms and turned to face away from her.
"You really don't need to do that."  she said.  "Put your arms down."
As I did, she walked around to my side then, without warning, bent forward a little and the next thing I knew, I had been lifted up into her arms.  To make things worse, she didn't appear to have put the slightest effort into lifting me.
"I think they call this the 'bridal lift'"  she laughed, laughing down into my flushed face. "Feel like a bride - Muscles?"
"Let me down!" I demanded.
"When I'm ready!"  she said firmly.  "Going to make sure I beat your time.  What was it, twenty seconds?"

I had my right arm pinned against her breasts and my left flailing uselessly around.  In frustration I even kicked my legs a little, but unavailingly.
"Oh stop that Daniel."  Joan said, smiling.  "You look silly.  Lila?  I think you've made your point.  The poor dear is just humiliated."
Lila looked down at me, still smiling.  "Want down, sweetie?  Just ask Lila nicely.  Say 'pretty please with sugar on it'."
"Please Lila?  Put me down."  I said instead.
"No.  That won't do at all.  And, this time?  Call me 'Miss Lila'  when you ask.  Then I'll put you down."

Then actually weeping a little with frustration and humiliation, I asked her 'prettily' to be put down.  She added another humiliation by giving me a gentle kiss on the lips before doing so. "There!  Always knew you'd be a little cutie if you were treated right."  she whispered in my ear.

I was so humiliated that I couldn't think straight.  Just had to get off onto another subject.  "I'd still like to find out that hygienist's name you know."  I stammered.  "And, if you won't tell me, I'll look it up in the book myself!"
"Oh Daniel!"  Joan sighed.  "Once you get an idea in your head.."  she turned to Lila  "It's almost impossible to stop him."

With that statement from her, I felt that I'd regained at least some face.
"Not on matters of principle!"  I announced grandly.  "Wants women clients only - indeed!"
An expression of concern crossed Lila's face.  "Oh, c'mon Daniel.  Don't take it out on Janine, just because I teased you."

"Ha Ha!"  I crowed. "So her name's Janine, eh?  Got you that time Lila.  I'm gonna call her in the morning for an appointment."
Lila sighed deeply.  "Look Daniel.  Okay.  If I say I'm sorry for beating you in that little competition?  Then will you forget this?  I don't want to be a part of causing any problems for her.  She's just setting up a new practice here.  A lawsuit, could really hurt her."

"I don't care about that ... little competition, as you call it."  I sneered.  "That has nothing to do with it.  Like I said.  I'm going to call her tomorrow morning and..."
She held her hands up in surrender, sighed again.  "Okay.  I give.  But let me call and make the appointment for you, okay?  I was one of her first customers here and have put some business her way.  Maybe for me, she'll bend.  Will that satisfy you?"

For the first time ever, I seemed to have the upper hand on my female nemesis.  "Yes.  If you ask me ' pretty please with sugar on it'."  I demanded.
A gleam of spite shone from her eyes, but she did as I asked, and I agreed to let her do as she suggested.

That night getting ready for bed, Joan reprimanded me a little.  "That was mean what you did to Lila.  You put her in the position of asking a favor from a woman she barely knows..."
"You're saying that I.. I .. was mean?  She's on my case every time she's over here and, by the way, she seems to be over here more and more all the time.."
Joan opened her mouth as if to protest, but I threw up a commanding arm and continued.  "If it's not the length of my hair, it's 'when are you going to go to work ...'"

"But Daniel?"  Joan interrupted mildly. "You keep giving her cause.  I mean, she teases you once about letting your hair grow and you effectively stop cutting it .."
"Well, I'm not going to let some woman tell me how long I've to wear my hair for goodness sake!"  I interjected.
"But don't you see?  She is effectively telling you how long to wear it.  It's longer, way longer than mine!  I mean, some nights when you take it out of your band?  You look almost like a woman. Nice wavy hair down to your shoulders."
"But if I cut it?  She'll think that I gave into her.."
Joan sighed, "Oh Daniel. Honestly!"
But I couldn't leave it alone.  "If it's not that, it's something else.  Frankly, I don't care for the woman very much.  Some times I feel like forbidding you to see her!"

Joan's eyebrows went up and I knew I'd gone too far.
"Forbidding?  You forbidding ME!  How dare you!  I pay more than half of this households running expenses and mortgage.  You sit at home writing - or whatever you do - living on your inheritance and doing as little as possible.  If you'd even help with the housework once in a while we wouldn't have to have the house cleaning service in so often.  But NO!  That kind of work is beneath you!  You do nothing for this marriage, absolutely nothing - so don't you DARE talk about forbidding me anything!"

"Joan?  I'm truly sorry.  I don't know what I was thinking of.  It's just that bloody woman drives me nuts!"
Her face softened a little.  "Daniel? You were a nice sweet man when we got married, but you seem to have turned into some sort of macho monster.  It's as if you can't stand women.  Constantly putting them down.  You really should stop it."
"Well the wrong isn't always on my side.."  I started to argue.  She held a weary hand up.  "Please?  Can we go to bed?  I'm tired and have a long day in front of me tomorrow.  Okay?"
Chastened, I nodded and climbed in beside her.  At first she had her back to me, but finally turned and laid her arm across the pillow.  Gratefully, I laid my head on her arm and she pulled me into her embrace.

Lila called me the following morning about ten o'clock.  She dispensed with formalities, speaking as soon as I said 'hello'.
"Daniel?  Janine will see you tonight at five."
"That's inconvenient.  Too late!"  I snapped.
The phone was silent for a moment.  I heard her sigh before she spoke again.
"Well then, you'll have to do what you have to do.  She's booked solid for a while and is actually taking you after her office hours as a favor to me.  But if you don't want to..?  I’ve done all I’m going to do."

There was no negotiating tone in her voice.  Strictly 'take it or leave it'.  I backed off, knowing how badly I'd have looked in Joan's eyes if I'd refused this after all the fuss I'd made.  Agreed to call Janine at the number Lila gave me to confirm.

I was surprised to discover that Janine was not associated with a dentist.  Ran her own shop.  She answered the phone herself in an extremely sultry, well modulated voice, but was all business in getting my first appointment scheduled, and in explaining the costs involved. I got another surprise when I heard her astronomical rates but, again, did not want to lose face in front of Lila or Joan by backing out, so finished up by making the appointment.  She then gave me directions as to the best place to park.  This turned out to be almost outside the Woman's Village area, at the back entrance to her office.  I almost pooh-poohed the idea of parking there but then realized that it would save me a lot of time, so wrote the directions down - and followed them when I arrived there that evening.

I was quite taken with the Women's Village complex.  Although I didn't see too much of it getting to Janine's office, I saw enough to be surprised by the amount of business it was doing.  It was a new development but all around me, I saw scads of women shopping, chatting happily in groups under bright lights, or drinking what appeared to be glasses of wine in restaurant porches.  There weren't any men to speak of, and a few times I felt that I was the focal point for groups of coldly evaluating eyes.  I was, in fact, glad to find Janine’s place.

I let myself into a bright, small, reception area, furnished with a comfortable looking couch and a couple of well upholstered chairs.  Magazines - recent by god!  sat on end tables besides the chairs.  I saw the discreet notice that told me to "ring for service"  so did so.

Within thirty seconds I had my first surprise.  A tall, gorgeous, blonde woman in her late twenties - early thirties, appeared.  Smiled seductively.
"Oh!  You must be Daniel? Janine's sorry that she couldn't be here to greet you in person.  Asked me to do the honors?  Hope you don't mind?  I'm Leslie.  How do you do?"  She held out her hand and I took it, surprised by the strength in her grip.
"Pleased to meet you."  I managed, then  "No.  Not at all."  I was able to get out, astounded by this woman's good looks.  "I mean, I don't mind."

She smiled understandingly.  "If you'll follow me then?"
I nodded, and she walked through the door into another area.
There, another surprise - or I should say - a few surprises, awaited.

It was unlike any dental office I'd ever seen.  Yes, there was the "chair" with the arm pads, high back, and water basin beside it.  Other than that though, the room could have been the living area in the home of someone in the well to do category.  Sofas, chairs, tapestries and paintings.  Some (antique) Lladro figurines.  An expensive woven rug.  The place reeked of taste and wealth.

Another vision of womanly loveliness was walking towards us, smiling a welcome.  Red headed, lithe.  Walking like a model.  At an antique desk in the corner another amazingly good looking lady - brunette - was talking animatedly into a phone.  She also smiled at me and waved apologetically at the phone, indicating her sorrow at not being able to greet me in person.

I was mute with astonishment.  These women were lovely - and that's a word I don't use very much.  All three were in the five foot ten range in their heels.  All had hair do's that accentuated their beauty - long, waved hair cascading to their shoulders.  All wore non-identical white uniforms, though they were alike in the fact that they were pristine and had tight skirts, all stopping short of the wearer's knees.

And SUCH knees!  Well rounded, sheathed in various shades of glossy nylon that accentuated the gorgeous calves that supported them.  As the redheaded nurse approached, I could hear the sensuous sound of her skirt rubbing against her hose.
"Hi!"  she said quietly. "Daniel?  I'm Keri.  Janine'll be with you in just a moment."
"Wow! "  I said.  "Which one of you lovely ladies will be working on me?"

"Why, all three of us, Daniel.  We believe in taking GOOD care of our clients."

And this was Janine herself.  I'd been so taken with Keri's approach that I hadn't noticed that the telephone conversation had been terminated and that the brunette had joined us.  I shook hands with both Janine and Keri becoming more and more awestruck by the moment. I was surrounded by feminine pulchitrude, the likes of which I'd never seen before.  Perfect women with features that would have graced any magazine or film screen.  Not a flaw.  Perfect hair, perfect teeth.  Breasts full and bursting under perfect white uniforms.  Beautiful hair - in three distinct colors.  Makeup ?  Perfect!  Nails?  Perfect!  Three pairs of straight, nylon sheathed legs appearing from underneath taut skirt hemlines.  Flawless!

I must admit that I was dazed because I've no real recollection as to how I'd landed in the chair, but there I was, sitting there feeling it recline and straighten out underneath me until I was lying almost horizontally looking up at three beautiful women who had eyes only for me.

Keri - at least, I think it was she - had tied a pink bib around my neck just before.  Janine adjusted it on my chest.  "Open up please."  she said. "Wider, if you can."
And three gorgeous women bent over me, blocking out the rest of the room with their hair, their lovely faces and the scent of their perfumes.  Breasts leaned into my body as they peered into my mouth.
"Not bad.  Not bad at all."  Leslie said.
"Good lip shape."  said Keri.
"Bet he'll have a pretty smile." said Leslie.
"Probably."  Janine agreed. "But that's for later.  Let's get working on these teeth. Get them beautiful.  Right girls?"

"Yes!"  both Keri and Leslie agreed at the same time, straightening up back from me a little, leaving Janine looking down at me.
"Right girls?"  she repeated, looking directly at me.  This time, nobody replied.
"Right?"  she asked me.
I nodded and she smiled. "Yes.  That's good."  she said, pleased as if she'd won something.

Each of them took turns working on me.  The care they took not to hurt me was incredible!  I mean, I sometimes feel that getting my teeth cleaned hurts more than other dental work - all these nasty little steel hooks that they stick in your mouth.  And then, these damn scrapers they use - ugh!
But, what ever these ladies used, there was absolutely no pain.  It turned out that they were equipped with the leading edge of dental technology - lasers.  I was a little nervous at first but at the absence of pain, gradually relaxed.

I was practically swooning from desire before they finished.  This was caused by the fact that Janine seemed to be training the others.  She'd do something and let Keri then Leslie watch.  Then it would be their turn to do it, as she scrutinized them.  Naturally, with all this observation going on, I constantly had two women practically lying on top of me.  Along with their hair constantly touching my face, their hands were often brushing my thighs or legs, ensuring that I had a permanent erection the whole session.  I was sure they noticed, but said nothing.

Finally, they stopped and raised me and the chair to the original position.
"You did VERY well Daniel."  Janine cooed at me.  "Didn't fuss at all.  I think we can have you all finished in two more sessions."
"I thought you'd finish in one."  I answered.  "You mean I've to come back again?"
"Of course, you little silly!"  Keri laughed giving me a sisterly hug.  "You have NICE teeth.  But we want them to be PRETTY, don't we?"

I blushed.  "Well..."
"Of COURSE he does!"  Janine answered for me.  Then she spoke directly to me. "Now Daniel?  This is very important!  I will be very very cross with you if you don't do exactly what I tell you.  Understand?"
I was taken aback by her tone.  She was talking to me like I was a little child. I flushed, but nodded.
"First of all, you must brush your teeth for three minutes at least, after you eat something whether breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacks.  You must also floss for five minutes twice per day."

I laughed. "Oh c'mon Janine!  I hate flossing.  If I brush for as long as you say..."
"I said I want you to floss.  If you don't - and I'll know!  I will be very displeased."
"And, trust me, you don't want to displease Janine!"  Keri laughed, easing the tension.
We set the next appointment for the same time three days later.
"Don't forget!"  Janine admonished me. "Brush and floss like I told you!"

Joan was impressed by the work that had been done already when I showed her that night, getting ready for bed.
"Wow!  I can see a difference already.  You must have great teeth.  I think that mine didn't look that good until about the third session."
"How many sessions did you have?"  I asked.
"Seven.  It was very inconvenient at the time, but worth it."  she replied, then continued  "Janine give you the Brushing/Flossing mantra?"

I laughed.  "Sure did.  I'll probably do the brushing, but I can't see me flossing like she wants.  I really hate it and I can't say I appreciated the way she was ordering me about."
"Daniel!  For goodness sake!  She's only trying to help you.  Can't you LISTEN to her?"
"Sure!  Listen to her!  Do as a woman tells me!  Follow orders!  be a good little boy!"  I railed.
"You ARE crazy!"  Joan laughed.  "Can't tell you anything, can I?"
Her laugh was so infectious that I laughed along with her.

I didn't floss.  Brushed once for three minutes - have you ever tried brushing your teeth for that length of time?  Ridiculous.  Did brush three times a day, but it was probably more like thirty second exercises than anything else.

I did feel some trepidation the night I went for my next appointment, remembering the power that Janine - and the other two to a lesser extent - emanated.  Shook this off though in my walk through the Village, again noticing the absence of males.

In Janine's office, she met me this time.  Smiled pleasantly at me and escorted me into the office where the others greeted me even more pleasantly, coming and giving me light kisses on the cheek as a greeting.

They were wearing differently styled uniforms again, this time all pink, but just as sexy.  As before, I was led to the chair, had a bib attached then reclined.  Again, I lay back in the chair and was cut off from the room as the three women engulfed me as they stared down into my open mouth.  Janine was the first to speak.
"What's this?  Keri?  Leslie?  See that there?  Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"
"Oh dear!"  Keri said.
"Oh oh!"  Leslie said. "Yes.  I think so."
"Okay girls.  May as well get it over and done."  Janine said, a regretful tone in her voice.

I wondered what was going on.  Immediately, I felt my shoes being removed then my socks.  At the same time, a pair of hands found the zipper of my pants and started pulling them off.  I tried to grab hold of them but was too late.  One sharp tug, and they were gone from my legs.  Then the chair was being raised and Janine was staring coldly into my eyes.
"Wh.. wh.. what's the matter Janine?"  I faltered.

Her eyes grew colder if that was possible. "You trying to tell me you don't know?"
I licked my lips nervously. "Well.  I said I didn't like to floss.  Don't you remember?"
"I told you what you were to do.  Told you I would be most displeased.  Keri warned you not to disobey me.  Isn't that right?"
"Yes Janine.. but?"
"Girls!  If you would?"  she snapped, ignoring me completely.

And, before I could protest, I had Leslie on one side, Keri on the other lifting me effortlessly from the chair,  I thought of struggling for a few seconds but the girls strength far exceeded mine, so I just stood there shivering in my shirt and underpants, watching Janine sit on the chair and raise it to a fully upright position,  Then she did something and the arms were retracted out of the way.

"I told you that I would be upset, didn't I?"  she said, stretching out a hand to me.  As if hypnotized, I placed my hand in hers and felt her pull me gently in towards her as the girls let go.
"Didn't I?"  she repeated.
"Yes Janine.  I'm sorry." I said sincerely.
"I can see that,"  she said pleasantly, "but that's not enough."
"Oh please Janine - no!  Please!"  I said, as she kept on pulling, then arranged me, face down, over her knees.

"But you know that you need this, don't you?  Know that you want it?  Just LOVE the idea of a strong woman spanking your little soft backside.  Isn't that right Sissy?"
I started to cry as she pulled my underpants off, and braced myself for the blows that were to come.

But they didn't come.  Not right away.  As a matter of fact I felt my backside being lifted a little and some sort of fabric belt being fastened around my waist.  It felt strange, had some sort of little straps hanging from it.  Naturally, with my head overhanging Janine's knees, I couldn't see what it was.  Then my underpants were being put back on over my feet, pulled up my legs, and repositioned around my waist.  It wasn't until I heard a sort of 'snap' that I realized that I was now wearing women's panties. The little suspender straps from the garter belt - I now knew what had been the first article put on me had been - were pulled through the legs of the panties.

Next, stockings were put on over my feet and rolled up my legs, then attached to the suspender straps.  What felt like a silk skirt, but turned out later to be a lace edged half slip was pulled on. Shoes were put on my feet and had the straps buckled.  Lastly, a skirt was slipped on over my legs, up to my waist, then cinched.

Apart from a few quiet whimpers, I hadn't made any noise at all.  I started to cry in earnest when Janine pushed my skirt and slip up to bare my panties and started spanking me.
"You realize I have to do this?"  SPANK.
"You would lose respect for me if I didn't, and I can't have that now, can I?"  SPANK
I also want you to remember all the things I'm going to tell you right now, and these little love taps I'm giving you will maybe help remind you!"  SPANK.
You are a little sissy SPANK  and need a little sissy name SPANK so from now on SPANK your name is Little Miss Sissy Priscilla.  Like that?  SPANK
What's your name?"  SPANK
"Sissy Priscilla"  I said through my tears.
SPANK SPANK "Little Miss Sissy Priscilla!"
"Little Miss Sissy Priscilla!"
"And all the women you talk to or meet from now on will be addressed as Mistress.  So I'm Mistress Janine.  Who is Keri?"
"Mistress Keri?"
"Who is your wife?"
"Mistress Joan?"
Very good!  Think you can remember what I've told you this time?"
"Oh yes, Mistress Janine."

"Okay.  You can get up now.  Re-arrange your skirt, then sit back down in the chair and we'll get on with what you came here for."

Silently, too humiliated to meet any of the women's eyes I pushed myself up from Janine's lap and stood aside to let her rise.  I felt wobbly on my feet, but was afraid to look.  When she had, I sat down on the chair, smoothing my skirt out from underneath as I lowered myself.  In keeping my gaze averted, I saw that I was wearing a red skirt, straight and fairly tight, to just above the knees.  With a shock, I realized that I had rather attractive, womanly, knees enhanced by the smoky hued nylons I was wearing.  I also got a glimpse of the black lace edging on my slip as I adjusted my position in the chair.  Shyly, I pulled the skirt down to hide the lace. 

Then I saw the shoes when I raised my feet to put them on the footrest.  I have fairly small feet but was amazed at how dainty the delicate shoes made them appear.  They were red, to match the skirt, and quite pointed at the toes.  What I couldn't understand was the height of the heels.  How had I been able to walk in them?  They had to be at least three inches.  Higher than anything I'd ever seen Joan wear.  Then it dawned on me.  I hadn't actually 'walked' in them.  Just got off the chair and stood until it was vacated again.  No wonder I had wobbled!

My ruminations were interrupted by a finger under my chin, lifting my head to look straight into the three pairs of eyes looking directly at me.
"Sissy Priscilla?  Are you awake in there?"  Janine was talking to me.
"Yes Mistress Janine."  I replied, looking downward again.
"No.  Look at us!  Heads up!  I want to know you're listening.  UP!"

I obeyed.  "That's better.  Much better!"  she said, smiling. "Now we can talk like civilized people.  At least, I'll talk and you'll listen. Right?"
I nodded.
"Good.  Now I want you to understand that what we are doing to you is EXACTLY what you want us to do.  Is that right?"
I looked at her, dumbfounded.  She laughed.
"Look at that girls.  He - or should I say 'she', doesn't know what I'm saying."  She turned her attention back to me. "You practically demanded to be included in a client list that was only comprised of women.  Threatened to sue if I wouldn't take you?"
Shamefaced I nodded agreement.

"And?  Guess what girls?"  He's been playing the passive role in bed since he got married.  His 'wife' - though I should call her his 'husband' initiates all of their sexual activities.  And not only that?"
Here, she looked at me.  "Now don't lie to me now, hear?"
"About what, mistress?"  I answered.
"You've had some thoughts that your wife and Lila are more than just good friends, haven't you?  That your wife - your husband - is Lila's girl friend?  tell the truth now!"
"I don't know."  I replied weakly.
"Oh Priscilla!  You might not 'know', but you had an idea, didn't you?"
My increased blush was answer enough.

"Know what else he does girls?" She laughed. "He wears his hair long. Like a girl.  Uses the excuse that he doesn't want a woman telling you when to cut it. Can you believe it?  Let himself get involved in little physical competitions with his wife's lover so he could demonstrate how weak he is - weaker than her.  He let a woman - me - threaten him with punishment if he didn't obey her - then made sure he didn't obey.  Took his punishment like a man"  she laughed. "Some man!  A sissy!  Just what we thought all along."
She was talking to me directly again.  "So now you're in a skirt and women's undies.  High heels.  Want to complain?"

I blushed.
"Look girls!  Our little sissy Priscilla keeps blushing.  Isn't that pretty!  But tell you what Priscilla.  Open that pretty little mouth of yours and we'll get to work."
As she said this, the chair was reclining and leveling out.  As before, I found myself looking straight up at three gorgeous women, all smiling down on me.

And, strange as it may sound, that's what they did.  For the next hour I was totally surrounded by beautiful women working on me.  Like the previous session, there was no pain, but I felt the teeth becoming cleaner.  It may sound odd, but it's true.

When they finished, Janine seemed dis-satisfied.  "There's something not quite right here.  His teeth should look whiter."
"Maybe you're used to more contrast?"  Leslie suggested.
"Uh?  What do you mean 'contrast'?"  Janine said.
"I was just thinking out loud," Leslie said.  "I was thinking contrast because our other clients have been women."
"You're still losing me Leslie.  What do you mean?"
"He's not wearing lipstick.  If he were.."
"Gotcha!  Think you're right.  That's an easy fix!"  Janine enthused.

I discovered that Keri was considered the cosmetician of the group.  A few minutes later she was outlining the shape of lips she wanted me to have with a sort of fine pencil.  Then she filled the outline in with a dark red lipstick that matched my skirt and shoes.

Janine looked at her watch.  "Well Priscilla.  Time for you to be running along now.  I want you back here on Friday morning at eight sharp.  Have the same clothes on as you do now - though if you want to borrow a blouse from your wife, that'll be okay.  Make sure your lipstick is on as well."

I licked my lips nervously.  "I can't put my pants on Mistress?"
"Don't ask silly questions Priscilla!  Just run along like a good little girl.  And don't you DARE be late on Friday morning!"

With that, she handed me a red handbag, and ushered me through the door into the reception room, practically carrying me as I wobbled along.  "Your lipstick and driver's license and car keys are in here now.  I've also put in a pair of sock slippers for you to use once you start driving. It might be too dangerous for you to drive wearing heels - and I wouldn't want you hurt now, would I?"

She was now opening the front door and gently pushing me out.  Horrified, I saw that there were still lots of women customers walking about.
"But I can't walk in these heels!"  I wailed.
"That's easy to see!"  she said sharply.  "If you practice on them all day tomorrow, you'll be much more proficient when you return on Friday!"  With that, she closed the door behind me.

I was a man in a tight red skirt and high heels and lipstick to match, mincing and stumbling my way through a women's shopping complex, while my skirt constantly rode up to show the edging of my slip.  I thought of taking the shoes off, but realized that I'd ruin the stockings, so kept them on.  By keeping my face down, I managed to avoid the worst of the humiliation, but heard a lot of muffled giggling.  Finally made it to my car.

I unbuckled the tiny fasteners on the shoes, and took them off gratefully, thankful for the comfort of the little woolly slippers that Janine had supplied. For a few minutes I basked in the thought that, with my lower half hidden inside the car, my identity was a lot more secure.  Then, as I was adjusting the rear view mirror I saw the bright lipstick.  I didn't have any tissues to remove it, so had to drive home wearing it, despite the occasional stare I generated. I made sure that I never made any eye contact after stupidly looking over at a young girl driving a nice car at a stop light beside me. I know she saw my mouth, because she looked mildly surprised for a second, then made little "kissy-poo" pouty lip movements at me.

I thought of ways I could possibly avoid going home.  Maybe buying some used clothes somewhere, but it was late and my handbag had no money in it, and I certainly wasn't going to use a credit card to identify myself.

But I was lucky.  When I pressed the electronic garage door opener, I saw that Joan's car wasn't in there.  I shut the door behind me before exiting the car, then hurried through into the bedroom.  Quickly, fearful of Joan coming home before I was ready, I divested myself of my skirt and underwear and put on my regular clothes.  Washed my face absolutely clear of lipstick.  Hid all of the clothes I'd taken off, shoes included, and breathed a major sigh of relief.  It was over.  My humiliation had been total and complete, but it was now over, and I was free to get on with my life again.

I checked my teeth.  Just perfect!  I had got at least one good thing out of the experience I thought.  Hoped that I could keep them this way, because I was damned sure that I wasn't going back for any more cleaning.

Joan was late getting home that night but for some reason I was in a state of sexual longing.  I had thought about what I'd had confirmed by Janine.  Yes, my wife was probably having an affair with Lila.  Maybe it was time I started being more of the man in our marriage.  I made sure that I was showered and shaved very smooth for her homecoming.

She had eaten so came up to the bedroom almost at once.  Was extremely impressed by the condition of my teeth.  "Wow!"  she said.  "How many more sessions to go?"
"None."  I lied convincingly.  "Janine thought I didn't need any more."

A funny look crossed her face, but I thought no more of it.  She put on a gorgeous champagne colored silk nightdress that night.  After she had slipped into bed, she opened up her arm for me to cuddle in.  I didn't though.  Leaned over and kissed her firmly.
"What are you doing?"  she laughed. "Janine and the girls getting you all sexy?"
"Must be that!"  I growled.  "You my woman?"  and kissed her again.

She giggled. "I don't know what's got into you, but you're making me quite randy."
"That's the idea, sweetie!"  I said forcefully, and kissed her again.
Her arms snaked around my neck and she pulled me down on top of her, kissing me hard.  Then before I knew what was happening, she had rolled to one side, taking me with her - and I was on the bottom underneath her!  She laughed out loud.
"This is FUN!  Here, lets get these jammies off!"  And she was pulling my pajama bottoms down around my knees.
"Aw, c'mon Joan.  I want to be the one on top!"  I complained.
"Oh shush!  You know perfectly well that I like to be on top, so just lie there and be good!"

I tried to struggle but discovered that she had no intention of allowing me the dominant position.  As a matter of fact, she  further effeminized my role by spreading the full skirt of her nightdress over me, so that I was lying in a silken tent, my arms pinned to my sides as my wife rode up and down on my erection.  We both orgasmed at the same time and later, as I lay protected in my wife's arms I knew that my attempt to be more masculine hadn't been effective in the slightest.

On Friday morning, I was strangely jumpy.  Couldn't sleep, so was up far earlier than my normal nine o'clock.  Actually joined Joan for her morning coffee.  Read the paper nervously.  "Aren't you going to be late for work?"  I asked her about twenty minutes before eight.
"Maybe, but not enough to worry about."  she said looking at her watch.  Then she sighed and picked up the phone.  I could hear the faint sound of the ringing at the other end, and a tinny woman's voice say hello.
"Good Morning! "  Joan said brightly, then  "Looks like she's not coming.  Yes, I guess you were right after all.  Seems like she just can't get enough.  How long do you figure?  Okay, see you then.  Bye."

"Who was that?"  I asked, not really curious, just looking for something to take my mind off my nervousness.
She smiled at me.  "What's my name?"  she said.
I giggled.  "Joan.  Unless it's changed in the last day or two."
"And?  What's yours?"
"What's this all in aid of?  Daniel.  You mean you don't know..."
My laughter died.  "Joan?"
"Shouldn't it be Mistress Joan, Little Miss Sissy Priscilla?  Shouldn't you be in your nice skirt and panties and stockings?  In your nice high heels with your lipstick on?  What's Mistress Janine going to say to her naughty little sissy?  What's she going to DO?"

"Oh god!  Joan - I mean Mistress Joan?  Was that her you were speaking to on the phone?"  I was near weeping.
"No.  That was Keri.  She's on her way to get you now.  Should be here in a little while. Tell me, did you wash your undies and stockings from the other day?  Hang the skirt up neatly?"
She saw by the terror on my face that I hadn't done either.  Spoke kindly to me.
"Well dear.  I had the feeling you might be stupid enough to try what you have.  I looked out a skirt and undies of mine that'll go with your shoes and handbag, but you'd better get a move on.  You're in plenty of trouble as it is.  If you keep Keri waiting, you'll be in more..."

I couldn't hide my shame as my wife coolly watched me put on lacy, panties, garter belt and half slip in matching light blue satin, all edged in tan lace.  The skirt was shorter than the one I'd worn before, but a little less tight around the thighs.  A red belt tied the outfit in with the shoes and handbag.
"I can help you with the lipstick.  Would you like that Priscilla?"  she said.  "And, if I can make a suggestion?"
"Oh yes, please Mistress Joan!" I said submissively.
"You're in trouble with the ladies.  Can't argue with that.  At the same time?  If you put on a little more makeup?  Blush?  Mascara?  Perfume?  Maybe they wouldn't be so mad?  Just a suggestion mind you."

She made some more suggestions so that when Keri arrived, I was properly made up.  Eyeshadow and eyeliner had been added to the cosmetics she'd 'suggested'.  My hair was pulled back using a flimsy lace tie.  I wore a layered chiffon blouse with my bra and slip straps easily visible.  I looked like a girl.  If I'd been able to walk better in my shoes, I wouldn't have been so noticeable.

"See Priscilla?  If you'd practiced in your shoes as you were supposed to?  You would have been all right.  Looked like a real girl."  Joan lectured me lightly as she applied my blusher.  "Quite pretty actually."
"Mistress Joan?"  I asked.
"Yes Sissy."  she said kindly, applying fine pencil lines to my eyebrows.
"How did you find out?"
"Find out what?"
"What Mistress Janine and the other ladies had done to me."
"Oh, that?  Well, you see Sissy.  I paid them to do it to you."
"You paid them?"
"Oh yes.  Watched a lot of it too - some of these mirrors?  They're one way windows.  You looked so cute kicking your legs when Janine spanked you on your panties.  Me and Lila were scared you'd hear us laughing."
"But why?"
"Sissy?  You're asking an awful lot of questions that shouldn't concern your pretty little head.  But you may as well know I guess.  See, you weren't much of a man and I really need someone to boss me a little.  After I fell for Lila, we were talking about you one day and she thought that you might be a proper little sissy.."  she shrugged. "Wasn't far wrong, was she?  And we came up with all sorts of ways we could get some use out of you."

I was bursting to ask more, but just then the doorbell rang.  I had to go and answer it and let Keri in.  She looked at me somewhat coldly.  "You've been a naughty little sissy, haven't you?"
I licked my lips. "Oh yes mistress Keri.  I'm very very sorry.  Honest!  I..."
"Oh stop your chattering girl!  Put this on around your neck."  she handed me a length of velvet with a gold buckle.  I didn't know what it was for, but obeyed her quickly.  I noticed it had a gold circle built into it.   After I had fastened the belt around my neck, she adjusted the circle to the front.  Then she clipped something on to it, and I discovered she had put a velvet leash on me!
"C'mon then Little Miss Sissy Priscilla.  I know a lady who'll really be waiting for you!"  Keri said ominously, giving my leash a sharp tug.
"Don't forget her handbag!"  Joan laughed  "she's starting to cry, and I'll bet her makeup’s a mess by the time you get her into Janine."

At my wife's mockery, the tears flowed even faster and snuffling into a tiny lace handkerchief and staggering along in my heels I was led from our front door out to Keri's car.  There, I had to open her door to let her enter, then carrying my leash, had to stumble around to my side and let myself in.

It was past eight thirty by the time we arrived at the Women's Village. 
"See?  If you'd done as you were told like a good girl, there wouldn't have been so many customers, and you wouldn't have had to be led around on a leash.  Now, everyone's going to know you were a naughty girl!  Let's go Sissy Priscilla!"
And weeping, snuffling, stumbling again I was led through the reception area into the office.

Both my other mistresses Leslie and Janine were standing talking to two very attractive women.  I heard Mistress Leslie say something about ' the leading edge of laser technology' then one of the women seeing me, interrupted her unbelievingly.  "What the hell is that?"

Janine made an aggravated sound.  "A damn little sissy that doesn't know his place." The she thought for a second. "But one that has some uses.  Come here Little Miss Sissy Priscilla!"
I tottered over towards her.
"Good God!"  the first woman said. "One would think you'd teach her to walk properly.  Doesn't say much for your training methods."

Mistress Janine turned almost brick red. Growled.  "Trust me.  She'll learn - and quick too!  Here Sissy, take your leash off - you're indoors now.  Have you no sense!  Show these ladies your teeth."

I'm not sure whether the women were more interested in my teeth or my clothes.
"Why!  That's an original 'estelle' blouse,"  the other lady said.  "I'd recognize her style anywhere.   What's a little pansy like you doing in nice clothes like this?"
"It's my wife's, mistress." I told her.
"I hope she knows you're wearing it."  the first one laughed. "If I caught you in any of my good clothes?  I'd blister your ass!"
"Oh, she knows all right."  Keri laughed.  "It's her we're processing him for."
"Okay." Janine said.  "Sissy. make yourself useful.  Go and get coffee for these ladies.  Ladies?  How do you like it?"

With the women all snickering at me as I stumbled along trying desperately to avoid spilling coffee on the carpet, I finally managed to serve all of those who asked for coffee. I was then put to work, dusting the various furnishings and polishing the chair. 

Shortly after the visitors left Janine came and, wordlessly, took me by the ear.  Squawking and blubbering with the pain, I was pulled all the way out into the main walkway of the village and down about thirty yards into a beauty parlor.  A lot of women saw me arrive there.  Some laughed, but more than a few looked at what I was undergoing with sympathy.

In the shop, Janine let his my ear alone.  Weeping, I stood there trying to rub the pain away.  An attractive woman in her forties approached.
"This the sissy?"  she asked Janine.
"Yes Dorothy.  This is Little Miss Sissy Priscilla. Curtsey to Mistress Dorothy Priscilla."
Beet red with shame, I did my best to curtsey.  The woman shook her head, laughing, but not unkindly. "What a travesty of a curtsey.  Priscilla?  If nothing else, the girls and me will teach you how to do it properly before you leave.  Now come with me and we'll get you a smock and something to do."

In a feminine pink smock I worked there for an hour.  Sweeping the floor, giving the girls a hand when they asked me.  Getting tea, coffee, or soft drinks for the customers, or girls.  True to her word, Dorothy had one of the junior girls teach me how to curtsey.  Unfortunately she taught me out in the center of the floor with everyone looking on.  Some of the customers actually clapped sarcastically when I finally mastered it.  I couldn’t figure it out.  The girls I was working with were nice, mostly.  The customers were a lot different.  They’d sneer at me or say mean things.  A few even snapped my bra straps or panty elastic.

At the end of the hour, a couple of the girls with free time re-did my makeup to eliminate the tear marks, and did my nails.  They actually apologized for the poor job, but promised to do it better when I returned.  Despite the apologies, I was quite surprised at how feminine my nails looked when they finished.  They weren’t long or anything but were nice and oval, though it felt strange seeing the crimson polish.  The polish wasn’t quite dry when Keri appeared.  She was carrying the velvet leash.
“C’mon Little Miss Sissy Priscilla!”  She called softly.  “Take your pretty smock off and come to Mistress Keri.  There’s a good girl!”

As I walked to her, she seemed surprised, then it dawned on me.  I’d become used to my high heels.  I knew I walked in a most feminine manner, but this was caused by necessity more than anything else.

Balance had been a major problem, and I had discovered that if I walked erectly with my head up and held my arms almost straight down at my sides, then splayed my fingers outward, a large part of the problems disappeared.  In addition to this, I had learned that either the height of the heels or the constraints caused by the restriction created by the tight skirt - or both - demanded that I take tiny little steps.
“Mmmmm”  She hummed, clipping my leash on, “MY!  You ARE coming along just nicely.  Did you enjoy working with the girls and doing girl things?”

I knew better than to say no.  And?  To tell the truth, I had not had a BAD time.  At the same time, I was inwardly ashamed of the way I simpered girlishly and said “Oh yes Mistress Keri,  It was fun!”
“Then you’ll like where I’m taking you now.”  She said.

My next place of employment was a lingerie boutique “Veronica’s Closet”.
Again, I was a sort of general dogsbody.  I had some sweeping to do, but was called on to assist a group of three women in their thirties in choosing lingerie sets for themselves.  They seemed to take a great deal of delight in having me run and fetch for them, and hold various articles:  bras and slips mostly, up against myself to let them “see” them.  Once more, I learned that my fellow workers were a lot nicer than the customers.  About eleven o’clock we all took a coffee break.  I was talking to one of the junior salesgirls and mentioned my puzzlement.  “The girls I work beside, like you, are nice mostly.  But the majority of the customers are mean.  Some of them are REALLY bad!”  I said.

She smiled sympathetically.  “Don’t you see?  Woman’s Village is strictly for  women.  Men are not banned, but they sure are not made welcome.  Most of the customers?  I think they hate men.  Love to see them put down any way they can.  Us working girls?  We’re here for the jobs and, to tell the truth?  I’m not being boastful.  But do you notice how most of the saleswomen are young and pretty?”
“Yes.  I did.”  I answered.
“Not only guys want girls like us.”  She said, smiling. “I get more passes here than I ever did anywhere else.”

I looked at her uncomprehendingly at first, then it dawned on me.  She laughed at my blushes. “Oh, I can’t say that I mind.  You have to be stupid not to accept the fact that someone thinks you’re pretty as a compliment.  I just don’t take them up on it, that’s all.”

About ten minutes to twelve I glanced at the door to see Leslie, crooking her fingers at me.  Again, with a lot of customers watching, I was leashed  and led out into the main thruway.  This time though, I was led to a sort of large podium, or small stage in the center of a large courtyard.
“Up this way sweetie”  Leslie said, leading me up three or four steps to the top.

As we stood there, a small crowd began to gather. About five minutes later I estimated there to be about thirty five to forty women there.  Two men, looking extremely uncomfortable were in attendance as well, their arms hooked in with their female companions.  I was too scared to ask what was going on so looked around.  A young blonde woman, quite pretty, was setting up a microphone.  I wondered what for.  Then, with a dreadful shock I saw Joan and Lila accompanied by Janine and Keri coming up on to the stage to join us.  Leslie tugged on my leash gently and led me to the very front of the stage looking out over the audience.

“TESTING  ONE  TWO  THREE  FOUR.”  I heard the young woman speaking from behind me.  “Please hold your hand up if you can’t hear me.  Okay?”
Her voice seemed awfully loud, but then I realized that we were very close to the speakers.

“Very good!”  She continued. “Now ladies, we want to tell you about a new program that is available to women who are dis-satisfied with their husbands.  We will take very little of your time, but first. Little Miss Sissy Priscilla?  Why don’t you just curtsey a hello to the pretty ladies?”
Horror struck, I obeyed, earning some claps and some snickers from the women looking up at the stage.
“Verrrry good!  Didn’t he do that prettily?”  I heard her laugh over the microphone.  “Now ladies?  How long would you guess he’s been in the training program, eh?  Take a guess.  Please.”

“A month?”  This from a small dark haired woman.
“Two weeks?”  From a blonde.
“Would you believe three days?  Actually, he just started wearing proper clothes for the first time TWO days ago!”
A surprised murmur arose from the women.

“Now”  the announcer declared.  “There’s something I want to do, and timing is VERY important.  So I hope you won’t mind if I hurry this along?”
No-one raised any objections, so she continued.  “Sissy Priscilla?  Step to one side, would you?  Joan and Lila?  Would you come forward please?”

A few seconds later my wife - and her lover - were standing beside me.
“These two ladies,” said the announcer “are two stalwarts in the creation of this complex.  They are, of course, very good friends...”  At which many people laughed knowingly.  “And between them, they devised this new conversion program...”
“Oh don’t forget Janine, Leslie and Keri.  It would have been next to impossible without them..”  Joan interrupted, her voice carrying well without the microphone.

All three of the women referred to, raised their clasped hands like victorious boxers, and the crowd clapped cheerfully.  I saw the announcer look at her watch. “Of course.  Of course.  But if I may proceed?”
The crowd grew quiet again. “Our Sissy worked in both Dorothy’s beauty shop and Veronica’s Closet this morning.  Performed very well.”
“I’ll Say!”  A woman I’d served yelled from the crowd.
“Yes.  Yes”  The announcer said hastily. “And next week, she’ll -or should I say He’ll - be working at some more stores that will be announced later.  He’ll be easily identifiable, but I think you’ll be surprised at what advancement he has made in becoming ... Guess what?”

She paused for five seconds, letting the puzzled looks grow on the faces of the audience.  “The perfect MAN!  All pretty  and feminine and very, very, ready to do what any real woman tells him!  Right Sissy!”

And, to the laughter of the crowd, I nodded in agreement.  As I did so, the announcer hurried to beside us and whispered something to Joan and Lila.  There was a moment of quiet, then muffled giggles.  Then I heard the announcer again.  “Little Miss Sissy Priscilla!  Go and stand in front of mistress Joan and mistress Lila.  Quick now!  And walk prettily!”

To some whistles from the audience I minced over to where my wife and friend stood waiting, smiling at me.
“Curtsey nicely now.  To both your wife and her significant other!  Nicely now!”
Face burning at my public humiliation, I did as I was told.  “Kneel down now!  Watch you don’t get runs in your stockings now!”
Puzzled, I knelt down slowly, looking up at my wife and her lover.

What time is it.  Anybody any idea?”  The announcer said, laughing.
Just then, the bells started chiming the noon hour.
“Guess it’s high noon!”  She laughed.

As she did, both Joan and Lila turned their backs to me, then backed up.  Next they lifted their skirts to reveal their beautiful pantie-clad asses.
“Now do what girls do when the meet each other.  Kiss them - on BOTH cheeks.  Take their panties down though, don’t want lipstick on them, do we?”
And in front of a laughing, mocking, crowd of women  I kissed my wife’s ass and her lovers ass at high noon, in the closest thing you could have to the village square.  The outline of my lips were highly visible on their backsides.
“As I said!”  The announcer yelled.  “The PERFECT husband!  Tune in next week!”

                        *        *         *

I could hear a little bell sounds in the distance.  Slowly opened my eyes.  Joan, holding a tiny bell, was looking down at me, smiling tenderly.
“C’mon sleepyhead.  Are you never gonna wake up?”
“What’re you talking ‘bout?” I mumbled, my voice stuck back in my throat, my mouth thick.
“What kind of way is that to speak to your wife and mistress?”  She scolded me, but lightly.
My eyes cleared a little.  Even they felt sticky and clogged.  I could see the canopied bed above me.  All pinks and creams.  Satins.  Very pretty.

“Where are we?”  I mumbled.  “This isn’t our house.”
“It is now, Priscilla.  We’re living with Lila now.  I’ve put our old house up for sale.  Actually got an offer yesterday, though I don’t know if I’ll accept it or not.”
“But it’s my house too,” I said groggily.  “How much was the offer?  And I don’t know if I want to sell.”
“Priscilla?  There are some things that pretty little housemaids don’t want to know.  Just trust me.  I’ll keep you informed of anything I think proper.  You don’t mind, do you?”
There was an aggravated tone coming into her voice, so I capitulated.
“No Mistress.  That’s fine.”

I moved my arms, all of a sudden aware of some puffy materials up around my shoulders and upper arms.  Slowly, I focused my eyes in on the pink, lace trimmed, sleeves that encompassed my upper shoulders.  And something else?
Breasts?  Breasts sticking out of a bodice that matched the sleeves.  A nightdress?  I pulled myself up in the bed.  It was hard work, but I managed.

As I did, the fact that I was wearing a pink, lace trimmed nightgown impressed itself on me.  The fact that breasts were emerging from the décolleté bodice didn’t disturb me that much.  Can you guess why?

Because I could feel tightness in my scalp, and a single touch had told me that I had ROLLERS in my hair!  My emerging consciousness also informed me that I had absolutely no idea as to where I was!  I gazed up at Joan, totally bewildered.  She saw my confusion.
“Last Friday?  Don’t you remember Dr.Slawson’s?  Emily?  My goodness!  I was sure you’d remember her!  You seemed so awed by her.  SO willing to co-operate?”  She paused.  “The delicious orange juice?  You DID know it was sedated, didn’t you?”

“Doctor Slawson?  What was I doing at a doctor?  I wasn’t sick, was I?”
I managed to get this out with an effort.
“Your plastic surgeon my dear.  Don’t you remember?  Maybe it’s just as well if you don’t.  The surprise will be SO much better that way!” She laughed.

Then she sobered.
“Look dear.  You’re my maid now.  I’ll help you today, but from now on, you’re on your own.  Time to get showered and dressed.  Up and at ‘em!”

Groggily, I slid myself out from under my satin sheets.  Located my feet on the floor. “Joan?  What day is it?  I’m kinda confused.”
“You sure Are!”  She snapped. “I’m MISTRESS JOAN!  And don’t ever forget it!.  Also? For your information, it’s Tuesday.”

Sitting upright in bed, I was now becoming rapidly accustomed  to my pretty nightgown and what appeared to be perfectly natural (women’s) breasts jutting out from the frilled neckline, my hands with oval polished nails and my hair “up” in rollers. I licked my lips.  They seemed funny kinda.  Sort of thick and full.  I even felt strange sitting up.  Higher somehow.

“Tuesday?  Can’t be.  Gotta be Saturday.”  I mumbled.
“No.  You’ve lost a few days, that’s all.  We thought you’d best have some time to recuperate.”  She said.  “But now I’m starting to think that it’s time you got to work!”
“Recuperate?  What are you talking about?”  My voice still sounded funny.
“A couple of cosmetic changes.  Just wait until you see them.  Mmmm Mmmm!”

I shook my head, trying to clear it, then pulled the covers back. Saw the frilled edge of my shorty nightdress.  Saw the pink polish on my toe-nails.  Saw the high heeled pom-pom slippers at the side of the bed.  Slid my feet into them and stood up.
“There’s a girl, Priscilla!” My wife enthused, and some of the previous experiences started coming back into my head.
“Priscilla?  My name’s Daniel.  What have you done to me?”

I could hear my voice rise.  I was finally seeing a reflection in the wall mirror.  A young woman - very blonde - in a pink, frilled nightgown was staring at me.  Her breasts were threatening to spill out over the edge of her nightwear.  Rollers were festooned in her hair.  Her lips were full, very full and a deep red.  Her eyes were sultry.  She got up from the bed and staggered over to face me in the mirror.  I could see her lip-syncing every word I said.  “Oh Christ Joan!  What have you done to me?”

My wife’s reflection came and stood beside me.  Patted me gently on the ass.  “Made you into a dream girl.  Here, turn to the side.  Look!”  Saying this, she pulled the hem of my nightgown up above my waist.

I turned a little and looked in the mirror. Saw the glorious, full, round well-hipped, womanly ass attached to me.  Swallowed.  Started to cry.  Joan put her arm around my shoulder.  Let’s get you showered.  Put this nice cap on to protect your hair.  When you come out we’ll get you all powdered and nice.  Then you can put on one of your pretty uniforms.  Then I’ll make you up.  Doesn’t that sound nice?”

I became even more conscious of my new feminine shape in the shower, as I started to wake up from my grogginess.  There were a few lines that could possibly have been laser scars on my chest, but they were close to being invisible.  I could feel the weight of my new breasts as they orbited about me.  To counterbalance them, I had similar growths at my rear end.

I was embarrassed to have my wife see me nude, but she just laughed and made some comment about “girls” not being shy around other “girls”.  She powdered me, then had me wear a loose silk, floral wrap as she undid the rollers from my hair.  I was looking in the mirror as she did so.
“Sorry dear.  Better start calling me ‘mistress Joan’.. I won’t remind you again.  But what did you want to say?”
“I look awfully made up.  Surely, if I’ve been in bed for three days, it would have worn off by now..?”

“Priscilla?  You’re a lucky girl.  Know that?  Dr. Slaws implanted some breasts and buttocks.  Just like any young girl would LOVE to have.  Then she threw in a collagen injection or two for your lips.  Give you that pretty bee-stung look that’s so popular.  THEN, on top of that?  Why she tattooed some permanent color to your lips, cheeks, and eyelids. This way, you’ll always look as if you’ve got makeup on, though you can always cover it up with other shades if you want,  You’ll be just as pretty as a picture, and Mistress Lila and me are going to be so PROUD to have you for our maid.  Just wait and see the uniforms!  Cost a fortune!  Here, look at these!”

With that, she opened a closet door to display the contents hanging there. There wasn’t that much to be honest, but everything was obviously brand new and incredibly feminine.  The nightgowns and matching robes were probably the most flamboyant, but the uniforms were more closely related to what a maid would wear in a stage farce than anything remotely pragmatic.  I don’t know fabrics that well - or at least I didn’t - but I recognized taffeta,  silk, and even some satin as the basis for most of them.  All were also quite short in the skirt length.  I could tell, just by looking that my knees, and a good part of my upper thigh would be visible at all times.

Joan reached in and pulled out a Russet uniform.  “I think this will look lovely on, don’t you agree Priscilla?”
“You want me to be your maid?  Permanently?”
“Of course!  Isn’t that what you want too?   Pretty clothes.  Pretty high heels.  Lots of makeup.  You’ll have the life that every sissy ever born fantasizes about.  All these nice things, and a master and mistress to make sure you behave properly at all times?  What else could you possibly want?”

I stared at her in consternation.  She was talking of a permanent situation.  I asked a stupid question.  “You said I’d have a master?  Who is that going to be?”
“Lila of course, you silly bimbo!  Who’d you think?  You’ll address her as ‘sir’ when she talks to you.  You’re MY maid, but you’ll consider her the man of the house, and treat her accordingly.  Now enough of this girlish chatter.  Time to get your undies on!”

And, my wife looking on, I put on my bra, panties, garter belt, nylons with a pale red tinge, then a half, heavily ruffled white petticoat.  She made no attempt to hide the scorn in her voice when I turned in front of her to let her see me in my finery.
“To think I thought of you as a man!  Hell, I’m more of a man than you are!  Put on your maid’s uniform you little pansy.  You’re a servant now.  My servant.  You kissed my ass in public a few days ago.  From here on in?  You’re gonna kiss my ass in every way possible.  Now get your goddam DRESS on - and hurry up about it!”

I was so ashamed.  I almost started to argue that I wasn’t what she was accusing me of being.  Pansy indeed!  Then I caught me reflection in the mirror again.  Full breasts bursting from a lacy white bra.  A ruffled half slip, looking more like the bottom of a ballet tutu than anything else and being forced to flounce out by a protruding, girlish backside.  Red, pouting, lips.  Soft white arms.  Pink finger and toe nails.  I picked the dress up and carefully pulled it over my head.

I did have a little difficulty in getting the back fasteners fastened, but I finally finished the task.  Presented myself to my wife - mistress.
“Yes.  You’ll do.”  She said curtly, then added  “Lets get that hair and makeup done!”

I discovered that my hair was now a lot more blonde than I’d thought.  It must have been cut as well because it was a lot shorter and curled in very close to my head.  Joan brushed it out for me, showing how to fluff it up with a comb.  She then had me sit in front of my dressing table mirror, though I had to twist to one side for her to apply the various cosmetics.
She didn’t put a lot on.  “Lila doesn’t like her girls to be slutty.”  She informed me.  “You could probably use a little more, but just to be on the safe side we’ll start you off lightly.”  When she finished, she gave a little satisfied sigh. “I’m sorry for mocking you earlier on Priscilla.  It’s not your fault that your such a sissy.  And at least you’ll make a pretty girl with some more experience at how to makeup and act.  Don’t know what I’d have done with you if you’d been ugly.”

She made me put my shoes on.  Again they were about four inch heels, but I hadn’t forgotten how to balance and walk in them.  She was quite impressed and had me walk up and down the room a few times.  In doing so, I became fully aware of the feminine picture I made, my breasts bobbing within the loose confines of my uniform, by petticoats flouncing up and down, giving revealing glimpses of my upper thighs and backside.

The final touches were a flimsy, frilled, cap with an elasticized band that gently held it in place, and a matching apron that fitted over my head and tied at the back with an extravagant bow.  She put her hand up my backside and patted me on my panties.  “There Priscilla, aren’t you the pretty one!”
“Thank you mistress Joan”  I simpered and curtseyed.
She nodded her approval and led me from the room.

“Lila honey?  Look what I brought you!”  Joan called as we entered the living room.
Lila looked up from the chair where she was reading a newspaper.  Grinning, she put it down and strolled over to meet us.  She was wearing blue jeans and a checkered shirt.  “Well!  This must be Priscilla.  My, how PRETTY you are.”
“Blushing, I curtseyed as nicely as I knew how.  “Thank you sir.”  I said.
Her grin widened. “Here, let me see you.”  she said, taking my hand and pulling me towards her.  “Mmmmmm”  she hummed, running her hand up under my skirt and petticoat.  “Nice and smooth.  Joanie?  You’ve done wonders.  Feel like a little fun?”

“Well, better sooner than later, lovey.”  Joan laughed,  “But give us a minute, eh?”
“If I must, I must.”  Lila pretended to be crushed.
Joan laughed and led me into their bedroom.

It was a large, airy room with a beautiful view out over well tended gardens, but I didn’t have time to admire it for too long.
“Go into my bathroom Priscilla.  Run me a bath, then come back here and help undress me.  Make sure and add some bath oil please.”
“Yes ma’am”  I bobbed and hurried away to run her bath.

Back in the room, I removed her dress, then hung it up.  I discovered that I then had to undress me ex-wife, removing her lingerie, item by item.  Finally she stood before me.
“I’m still quite pretty, don’t you think Priscilla?”
“Oh yes Ma’am “  I gushed. “Still lovely.”
“You say the nicest things.  Think I’ll keep you.”  She was smiling as she said this.  Then she walked into the bathroom.  “Look out some nice lingerie for me - make sure everything matches.  Then, in my closet you’ll find a formal white blouse - you’ll know it when you see it.  Then, there’s an orange skirt, extremely full.  Look them both out for me.  Then come and bathe me”
“Any shoes ma’am?”  I asked as I curtseyed.
“Oh, you are going to be good!  I knew it!” she chortled, then surprised me. “No dearie.  I won’t be needing shoes tonight.”

I didn’t understand, but did as she directed.  Did not have any problems finding the blouse or skirt - though was surprised at the fullness of the skirt.  It was huge around the hem circumference.  Carefully, I laid them on the bed, then carefully picked some pretty lingerie in pale ivory with lace trim of dark blue.

I bathed her.  It was a very erotic experience.  I had to soap her all over, especially her breasts and groin.  She twisted and writhed under my hands, letting little moans of pleasure escape from her.  Her own hands moved up under my skirts quite often, exciting me as well, but she didn’t do it long, or often, enough to excite me into ejection.

Finally she told me that she’d had enough.  I had a huge soft towel ready for her when she stepped out of the bath.  She stood, slumped a little while I dried her tenderly.  Then I dusted her all over with a sweet smelling powder.  She had a peculiar smile on her lips that never left all the time it took me to dress her in the lingerie I had chosen for her.  I then put her blouse on and fastened her in.  Held the huge skirt out for her to step into and fastened her in at the waistband.  She looked absolutely gorgeous. 
“I want to put on a little lipstick.  While I’m doing that, go and get the master.  Tell her I’m ready, then come back here with her.  Go on there, that’s a girl.”
“Yes ma’am”  I said, bobbing then hurrying to do her bidding.

Lila was watching TV, a half finished drink on the table beside her.  She looked up as I entered the room.  Grinned a self-satisfied grin at me.
I curtsied.  “Mistress asked me to tell you that she was ready sir.”
“Very well Priscilla.  Here, keep me company back to the room.  Okay?  No need to be frightened.  Give me your arm.  You look so pretty.  Maybe your mistress might get a little jealous, eh?”

I licked my dry lips.  She’d put an arm around my waist, but before we’d gone five steps, her hand was up under my skirt, stroking my buttocks.
“Oh that’s nice!”  She crowed.  “Isn’t it funny?  A couple of nights ago you thought you were stronger than me?  Weren’t you a silly girl!”
“Oh yes sir.  Very silly.”

I was pleased to arrive back in the bedroom.  Somehow felt that my mistress would protect me from this female tigress who seemed bound and determined to heap humiliation on me.

But Joan was in a very peculiar position.  Lay on the bed, her back up against the headboard, her legs placed somewhat diagonally across the top of the covers. “Hi honey!”  She called to Lila.  “Ready for your present?”
“Sure am,. Honey lamb!”  Lila called from behind me.  “Give me a few minutes.”
“Certainly lover.  I can deny you nothing!”  Joan laughed.  Then “Priscilla?  Come over here!”
“Yes mistress Joan”  I responded and walked towards the bed.  As I did so, she lifted the hem of her skirt and slip to show her thighs almost all the way to the blue edging on her panties.
“Am I pretty in here Priscilla?”  She asked, laughing.”
“Oh yes ma’am.  Very?”
“Tut tut!  You can’t possibly see from there.  Come closer.”

I took a few tiny steps towards her.
“Come here you stupid girl!  Closer!  Am I pretty?”

I was practically at the same level as her knees.
“Yes ma’am.  Honestly.”
“You can’t possibly tell from there!  Take your shoes and cap off.  Look closer!”

 After a few more urgings and impatient commands I was sprawling over the edge of the bed, my head now between her knees, the skirt hem held above me like the entrance to a tunnel. Then she lowered it and my head was now inside the confines of her skirt and slip.  The silkiness of the slip against my cheeks was very erotic and I could actually see a little as some light was being allowed through the fabric of the skirt. A few more commands and my nose was in her groin, my knees up on the bed, my backside sticking up in the air, out from under her skirt.
“If I’m that pretty there?  Why don’t you kiss me.  A nice kiss?  Lots of tongue please!”

At first I was shy, but as little moans of pleasure came from her and she started writhing under me, I became more enthusiastic, raising the undulation level a few notches. I was actually starting to enjoy a certain feeling of power when, all of a sudden, I felt a draft at my back.  Then A hand was placed gently on my anus.  I started to back away in fright.  What in the world was happening?
Then my mistress spoke downward to me.  “Just keep on doing what you’re doing Priscilla.  I’ll let you know when you can stop.”
As she said this, her hands landed on top of the material that covered my head, and forced my head further into her crotch.

And now my panties were being pulled down and off, and arms were clasping me around the middle.  Something hard was poking my anus.

“Like your anniversary present darling?”  I heard mistress say.
“Oh, what a lovely piece of ass!”  Lila was giggling.  “Round and soft and white, and plump.  My god, so plump!”
“Maybe you should use a little K-1?  Don’t want her all torn the first time, do we?”
“Great idea darling!” Lila agreed.  Then I was left alone for a few moments.  Next thing, I felt myself being well and truly lubricated, slick fingers carrying the lubricant up into my anus.  “Oh please ladies”  I cried.  “Please don’t do this!”
“Would you just listen to that stupid girl!”  Joan said, then added.  “Priscilla?  If Lila was a lady, do you think she’d be doing what she’s doing?”
 Lila laughed.

Then her hands slid under my stomach.  “You were right lover!”  Lila said.  “She’s got a nice little hard-on!”  With that, I felt a condom being put on over my erection.  “Just one more thing”  I heard Lila say, and felt my bra fasteners be unfastened.  Felt her warm hands on my breasts. Then something was entering me.  Very slowly, filling me up.  I moaned, and it grew in me.

Then, lying sobbing, encapsulated in my wife’s skirt, my head held firmly between her thighs, I felt the foreign object in me withdraw, then enter, then withdraw.  And repeat ... And repeat.. A few moments later I screamed as I orgasmed and knew that I had become my wife’s maid - and a sex toy for her lover.

                                                           THE END


sissy said...

I LOVE this story! Our "macho man" forcibly humiliated and feminized while finding the true girlie-girl inside. I just love all of your writings Sweetie- please keep it up! (I ESPECIALLY love the beauty and make-up details!).
lipstick kisses,
sissy jennifer

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