Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Kammi's Serial


“So I don’t have to do that other thing too?” he asked with hope in his eyes.
“What ‘other thing’ are you referring to, my dear?”
“You know, what you made me do last night.”
“You mean you going down on me during my period?”
Amos flinched at her language, totally out of line for a Baptist woman.
“Oh yes, that was wonderful. But just because poor Leon is going to be doing our laundry doesn’t excuse you for doing something that I should have made you do years ago. I’m really looking forward to a repeat performance tonight. And I’ll bet you’ll like it a lot more too. The second day is always the heaviest flow.”

Mildred volunteered to make dinner that evening. Agnes resisted, of course, but Mildred insisted, pointing out all that had been done for them. Agnes kept Mildred company in the kitchen as she prepared the meal.

“Mildred, boy, I feel strange calling you by your first name, can I discuss something, ah, personal with you?”

“Of course, dear, shoot.”

“This is very embarrassing. I could never say this in front of the pastor. Since we are going to be living together for a while I need to tell you that Leon and I have a kind of, well, kind of strange marriage. It’s always been this way but lately, with all the changes in town, you know, we have increased the way we do things. I’m sorry, I’m having a hard time explaining this, maybe I should just forget it.”

Mildred saw the anguished look on Agnes’s face and, in her kind way, encouraged Agnes to go on.

“Being a pastor’s wife, I have pretty much heard it all, and I do not shock easily.”

“Well, I know what the pastor said in his last sermon, and I know how he feels, but I am the boss in our house and Leon does anything I tell him, like the laundry and ironing I told you about. I’ve taught him how to sew and knit, and he even does my hair. You’d never guess it but Leon actually likes being a sissy. We can’t hide it from you and I don’t want to upset you or the pastor. We love having you here and would feel terrible if we drove you away with our strange ways.”

Mildred stopped peeling potatoes, wiped her hands on her apron and embraced Agnes.

“Oh honey, I thought you were going to tell me something truly shocking, like you and Leon had sex with animals or something like that. I think it’s wonderful that you have such a wonderful relationship and I know Amos will feel the same way. You know, his bark is far worse than his bite. Sometimes he gets ridiculous on that pulpit and I have to spank him afterwards.”

“Really?” an incredulous Agnes asked. “You spank him?”

“No, only kidding about that. But not about the rest. Please feel free to carry on your normal lifestyle even with us around. It won’t bother us and maybe between the two of us we can teach Amos a thing or too.”

The ladies giggled and hugged each other.

“There’s one other thing” Agnes said. “We really don’t want everybody to know about our strange ways so can we keep this between ourselves?”

“First of all, what you do is not strange so stop saying that. And I promise that anything that  happens inside this house stays inside this house, and that goes for Amos too. And Agnes, it goes both ways, okay?”

“Ya, like you two have anything to hide.”

“You might be surprised, my dear, you might be very surprised” Mildred said with a mischievous smile on her face.

That evening, Mildred served the dinner she had prepared. When they were finished eating, Mildred saw Agnes give Leon a slight nod. Leon got up immediately to begin clearing the table, after insisting everyone move to the living room “While I do the dishes, of course.”

“And Amos will help you, won’t you dear?” Mildred said in a somewhat stern voice that Amos knew better than to question.

“Yes my dear.”

“Do you have an extra apron for him, Leon?”

A totally shocked Leon could only nod and remove a flowered apron from a hook in the closet.

“I’ll do your bow for you, honey” Mildred said sweetly and tied the back of the apron into a large bow. “Have fun boys” she said cheerily, took a frozen, open mouthed Agnes’ hand and pulled her into the other room.

“Wow!” Agnes said as she flopped down into her easy chair. “Is this where I say I am indeed very surprised?”

“See, you’re not so strange as you think.”

“Then I guess it’s my turn to take the next move and surprise you.”

“And what will that be?”

“Just wait and see” Agnes teased.

The men came into the livingroom fifteen minutes later, still wearing their aprons.

“Thanks pastor, I mean Amos” Leon said. “Sure makes thing go faster with an extra hand.”

“You’re welcome, Leon. It’s the least I can do for the wonderful hospitality you and Agnes have extended to us.”

They sat down and watched Huntley & Brinkley deliver the news on the television. After that, the ladies put on The Price is Right. When that was finished, Agnes stood up and asked if anyone would mind if she put on her nightclothes to watch Bonanza. Nobody objected.

“When I get back, you can do my hair, Leon.”

“Yes dear” an obviously embarrassed, blushing Leon answered. “Excuse me, I have to get a few things” he said to Amos and Mildred.

He returned in a few minutes with a wicker basket full of rollers and a comb and bottle of setting lotion on top of the pile. Though Mildred did not set her own hair, she recognized the light blue bottle as Breckset, the same thing she used on Amos’ hair. Leon placed the basket on the sofa and sat down next to it. He was obviously nervous. Agnes arrived back a minute or two later wearing a pretty pink flannel robe.

“Are you sure you are comfortable with this, Pastor? Mildred said it would be okay but I do feel uncomfortable dressed like this in front of you and especially since I am going to have curlers in my hair.”

“Agnes, it’s not like you’re naked. Why shouldn’t a woman feel comfortable wearing a pretty robe in her own home? I’d hate to think my presence prohibits that. And I’m sure that you are far from alone putting curlers in your hair. Probably two-thirds of the women in town are doing the same. Lastly, please call me Amos, okay?”

“Oh pastor, I couldn’t do that, it just wouldn’t be right.”

“Then how about Pastor Amos?”

“Well, maybe, I’ll give it a try.”

Agnes sat on the floor in front of her husband, her back leaning against the couch. Leon removed a few pins from her hair and combed it back and sectioned it with metal clips. He picked up the bottle of setting lotion and sprayed it on the front section of hair. After running the comb through the section he divided a strand of hair and rolled it down to her forehead on a brush roller which he secured with a pink plastic pick. Obviously well used to this routine he quickly had her whole head covered with neatly rolled curlers in perfectly straight lines. He draped a pink triangle net over her head and drew it tightly around the set. He then bent forward and kissed the top of his wife’s head.

“Thank you dear” Agnes said and Leon replied “You’re welcome, love.”

“Wow, Leon, you’re very good at that” Mildred said. “ Do you like doing hair?”

“Yes, I do” he answered shyly.

Leon wanted to become a hairdresser when he was younger” Agnes volunteered, turning her husband’s face red.

“Really?” Mildred said. “Why didn’t you. You obviously have a talent for it.”

Agnes answered the question for him.

“As a boy, he used to do his mother’s hair all the time. His father, who also was a lawyer, always worked late so Leon and his mother were alone every evening. One time, when he was seventeen, he had just shampooed his mother’s hair in the kitchen sink and was setting it in the livingroom. Of course, he was wearing one of his mother’s aprons for the shampoo. Suddenly, his father burst into the room and was in a rage. He had run out of gas a few blocks away and walked home. The usual warning of the car pulling into the driveway and the garage door opening was not heard and Leon and his mother were caught. She tried to explain that Leon wanted to become a hairdresser after he finished high school and he was just practicing. His father screamed that he would not have a sissy, ah, I can’t repeat the words he used in front of you pastor, in his house and to get any idea of becoming a hairdresser out of his mind. Leon was going to become a lawyer just like his father and his grandfather and there was no discussion about that. He threatened his wife, who was terrified of him, that if she ever let Leon near her hair again he would shave it all off. His mother knew he was quite capable of doing that.

“Get up to your room, woman, and get those damned curlers out of your hair. I’ll attend to this pansy myself.”

Leon was taken outside and made to undress completely. He was told to raise his arms up and take hold of a tree limb behind the house. His father then proceeded to whip Leon with his belt, covering his back, bottom, and the back of his legs with painful welts.

“So, with that kind of incentive, I enrolled in law school and banished all thoughts of becoming a hairdresser” Leon added. “But I still love doing Agnes’ hair and always will. Amos, I know you think I am sinning by doing a sissy thing like this but for me it’s perfectly normal.”

Leon, I do not think you’re committing a sin. Quite the contrary. What I have just witnessed here this evening is a lovely scene of love between a husband and wife, something I wish I saw a lot more of. I’m terribly sorry for what your father did to you. Now that was a sin, a horrible sin.”

“Thanks Amos, that means a lot to me, but you don’t need to apologize for what my father did. He was a bastard in every way, pardon my language.”

“Actually Leon, I’m afraid I may have caused some other boy, or girl, to have been abused by things I have said from the pulpit. Ranting about the proper role of a man or boy or condemning a young girl for wearing a dress that was too short, at least in my opinion. I have no doubt that what I said might have prompted another father to do to their child what your father did to you, or worse. So, is it time for Bonanza?” he asked to clear the air.

The two couples snuggled together while they watched the show. Mildred smiled when she noticed Agnes leaning her curler covered head on Leon’s shoulder while he patted the set with his hand. Yes indeed, that was love, she thought, and she was so proud of Amos’ words this evening. She decided he should be rewarded for that later.

After Amos had completed his nightly duties of brushing out her hair and satisfying her sexually with his tongue – twice – and washed his face from her bloody discharge (it was particularly heavy this time) she told him to take down his pajamas and lay flat on the bed next to her.

“Really? You already did it once this week?” a very excited Amos asked about this unexpected treat.

“You were a very good boy tonight so I’m going to give you a treat” she said as she softly grasped his already hard member.

“I noticed how much interest you paid to Leon’s setting Agnes’ hair. Did you like that?”

“Yes, it was nice” he answered,  enjoying his wife’s slow stroking.

“Would you like to learn to set hair with rollers? You’ve never done that, have you?”

Amos was beginning to breathe hard.

“Yes, that looks like fun.”

“I know you have always had a thing for hair. Maybe you should have been a hairdresser too, Amos. I remember how excited you got when I first taught you how to set Mommy’s hair in pin curls. You had a big bulge in the front of your pants but I didn’t dare say anything. After all, we weren’t married yet. And Mommy noticed too. She was so thrilled that a handsome young man like yourself got excited at doing an old woman’s hair – her words – and insisted that you take over the chore that I had been doing for years. I was more than happy to let you take over, just like you did all my laundry and ironing and then Mommy’s too. One time, while you were absorbed pressing her pleated skirt, she told me to watch out or she would kidnap you and make you her slave. It was right after that I proposed to you. Remember?”

“Yes, honey, I remember. Oooh, that feels so good.”

“I loved watching you wind a curl around your finger and secure it with a bobby pin. You were so intent on doing it right. And you fussed so much about placing the hair net just so on her head. You beamed like a little boy who had hit a home run when you completed a set. You did love it, didn’t you Amos?”

“Yes, dear, oooh, don’t stop, I’m almost there” Amos pleaded.

“You know, I have been thinking of getting my hair cut, but then I’d have to curl it every night. Is that something you would learn to do for me, just like Leon does Agnes’ hair?” Mildred asked, feeling Amos’ hard member pulsating.

“Yes dear, oh damn, I can’t control myself” Amos said, knowing Mildred would punish him if he came before she told him it was okay.

“That would be so nice dear. We could be just like Leon and Agnes, a loving couple like you said. And maybe I could set your hair too. I’d love to see you with a headful of curls.”

“Aaaagh, I’m coming” Amos cried out as he began to convulse.

“Use your hankie” Mildred ordered sharply.

Amos had the pretty, lace trimmed handkerchief in his hand and wrapped it around his spurting cock. He knew he was already in trouble for coming without permission and did not want to add to his woes by getting anything “dirty” on Mildred’s silk nightie.

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