Monday, September 30, 2013

Story Update

Hi All

This may come as  a relief to some and  a disappointment to others.

I was hoping to have the final part of Amongst Women posted shortly  but I’m sorry to say that although I’ve started the final part  it  will be delayed for a while and I’m  not sure for  how long. On a personal level I’ve just  had some very disappointing news or to put it more crudely  I’ve had a right kick in the balls – and as a result I’m not exactly in the best frame of mind so my focus has gone completely.

People have been very supportive in their comments and I’m very grateful for that- I couldn’t have got this far without them. Hopefully I’ll be able to knuckle down and finish it in the coming weeks but I can’t promise anything as right now my head is somewhere else entirely. In the meantime if someone else wants to pick it up I have no problem with that, send it to me and I’ll get it posted.

Thanks for your understanding.




rocketdave said...

Carrie, I've followed this blog since the beginning, and out of everything here, for whatever reason, your writing has received the most overwhelmingly positive response by far, so I can't imagine anyone who will be relieved that we have to wait longer to read the next installment. However, I'm sure most people will understand the delay. I know I can certainly relate. I'm well aware from my own experience that personal setbacks can definitely be detrimental to creativity. If you happen to need a sympathetic ear, feel free to contact me. I'm not so confident I can provide much comfort, but I felt I'd be remiss if I didn't at least put the offer out there.

Anonymous said...

Carrie, "Lucky Girl" here. As you know I'm a great admirer of your writing and particularly the way you've created something unique and very original in your "Rose and Jack" and "Amongst Women" strands. You've given us an ongoing story which I for one have found easy to relate to, yet quite different to what we normally get on this or any other TV fiction site.
I'm really sorry to hear you've had bad news and do hope you can find a way to overcome, or learn to live with, whatever has happened. Maybe your talent for writing fiction will help you, whenever you are ready to let it do so.
Meanwhile, although it's tempting to have a go and try to help you complete the "Amongst Women" story, I'd far prefer to wait for your own authentic final episode, however long that might take. Anything by anybody else would simply not be appropriate after all the effort and skill you've put in over these past few months.
Good luck and God bless, LG xx

Carrie P said...

Thanks Dave and LG for your kind words of support, I appreciate you understanding my reason -vague as it was. The wind was certainly taken out of my sails and as you said Dave setbacks can be very disruptive to any process, I’m very grateful for your offer but it’s something I really have to sort out by myself, having said that it’s reassuring to know there’s an ear available if needed.
LG I understand your reluctance to jump in under the circumstances, I just didn’t want you to feel you were left hanging while I got myself sorted.
Apologies for not replying sooner but this is the first time I’ve been online in the week or so since I posted.
My focus is still not great but I promise I will finish the story unfortunately I just can’t be specific on a time- frame, so hopefully it will be sooner rather than later. I’d already began the last part but reading it again wasn’t happy with it so in the last day or so I’ve made a start on rewriting it and even toyed with the idea of writing the final part from one of the characters perspectives( I started on that too but shelved it.) So at least something is happening and Jack’s predicament is on my mind again.
Thanks again guys I really appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Go for it Carrie! I'm sure you'll feel a whole lot better when you've finished this strand - it's been brilliant whatever happens now... All the best, LG

Anonymous said...

Well it was certainly worth waiting for wasn't it. A fantastic finale to a great saga. Well done Carrie.