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Amongst Women Chapter 5

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Below is Chapter 5 of Amongst Women, as mentioned in update I couldn’t finish it in time so the next episode will be the final one in this strand. I know I may be boring people repeating this every time, but I feel it important to thank all who commented/expressed an interest in it.

This section was a bit of a problem for me for a few reasons and it may spoil it if I go into that now consequently I’m really not sure how this episode will play with people but I suppose what we have to remember is it is only part of Jack’s journey. If this was a straight story it would be easier, I would have completed it by now but it’s developing all the time so I have to be aware of the following episode as I write the current one. What I’m going for is to try to establish enough space to allow for other scenarios to develop further down the line and not to constrict the storyline too much for other authors who may want to contribute. I just hope that makes sense.

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As I’ve said before any comments however critical are welcome it won’t be taken personal and it’s the only way I’ll know if we’re going in the right direction. I’ve reread this a few times and hope I’ve got all the typos and other errors if not – apologies in advance.


 Ok here it is.

Amongst Women Chapter 5
by CarrieP

The roar of the authoritarian voice seemed to hang in the air accompanied by the impatient but coldly familiar sound of a bell, not the jaunty ring of a door bell or the dignified peel of church bell but the horrible noise of that bell.

“Oh shit” he blurted out loud and fear embraced him, that horrible sweaty fear when your nightmare scares you so much you are woken violently but remain frozen by terror and unable to move. He remained in the same prone position on the couch he eyes searching the room. He looked down to see if his feet would move and was confronted by his feminine bust, mounted proudly on his chest, still confined in the bra he had decided  to continue to wear in order to prevent it from dragging at his chest. In the few moments of silence that followed he dared to think it was his imagination and as the initial wave of fear subsided, the demoralising noise resounded yet again confirming his worst fears. It was immediately followed by a loud and obviously irritated voice.


Jack jumped to his feet oscillating somewhere between disorientation and terror, he no longer had to think twice about answering to Elizabeth it was now second nature. The bell sounded again signalling that it originated in the living room. He reluctantly made his way towards its source, his legs trembling, heart beating faster than he had ever experienced and a tight horrible feeling in the pit of his stomach. The voice was very familiar but the turmoil he was experiencing made it difficult to identify its owner. Gently pushing at the open door of the living room and peeking inside he got his answer.

Sitting bolt upright, shoulders back, hair tied in a severe chignon, her dark suit standing out against the ochre coloured sofa, an imperious Miss Strang waited impatiently for Jack to enter.

“So you finally decided to answer your bell” she said in a cool controlled voice.

He was horrified, Miss Strang of all people, she was the last one he wanted to confront. He thought he would have at least a few days grace, time for her to come to terms with the disappointment, time for him to construct a reasonable argument with which he could convince her that his decision to renege on his promise was the correct one. This was the worst of all possible outcomes. He knew this would be quite difficult, she would be extremely disappointed and obviously a little annoyed. He would listen to her outburst and just take it like a man which might be a little difficult considering the feminine shape he currently presented. He was certain that when she heard what he had to say she would understand. Unsure of how to respond to her remark he went with the casual approach

“Oh hi Miss Strang I didn’t hear you come in”

“It seems there are a lot of things you didn’t hear.” she answered coldly.

Jack knew immediately she was not in a good mood and could feel himself begin to sweat a little, her calmness and controlled manner began to unnerve him. He felt the knot in his stomach tighten another notch, the confidence he had in his ability to present a reasonable defence began to crumble. He was in trouble, his lack of a response seemed to spur Miss Strang on and her voice, still very calm and serious beyond measure only served to amplify the severity of the situation.

“Your mother rang Mrs Quinn’s house wishing to speak to you. To say she got a shock when Mrs Quinn told her that you had absconded is a gross understatement. The poor woman is distraught and is too upset to ring you directly. As this has major implications for the school not to mention your mother’s and indeed my own personal and professional standing with Mrs Quinn she has asked me to take charge of the situation personally. You do understand the damage you have caused?”

Jack swallowed hard, he had an idea both women would not take his departure from Mrs Quinn house well but he hadn’t reckoned on such a reaction. He felt sure once he had explained himself Miss Strang would see sense.

“Please Miss Strang just look what they’ve done to me” he pleaded pointing to his bosom.

“Is that the reason for your behaviour?” Miss Strang fumed “You stupid boy,you knew very well you were auditioning for a female role before you suggested you join them. How in heaven’s name did you expect to be a girl without breasts? Mrs Quinn had explained to us what she  intended to do before she agreed to accept you into her home for the audition and both your mother and I agreed. You knew how important this was to the school as well as to the both of us.”

Jack was aghast and thought  did she really say it was his suggestion to voluntarily join them, Miss Strang was there when he was pressganged into this venture. She had confused him now, surely he didn’t volunteer. Well maybe I didn’t object as much as I should have, but I didn’t suggested it…..did I?  

 He felt he had to say something.

“But …. I…” he said as she paused to draw breath.

“Do not interrupt” she barked “your mother and I both feel betrayed, utterly betrayed. The Board of Governors will want heads to roll for this. Is that what you want? Well speak up girl.”

“N…o….. “he stammered, doubt now creeping in as to his own involvement in his misfortune “of course not. I just…”

She cut him off again her face betraying the anger inside.

“There is an outside chance that you can redeem yourself and perhaps salvage something from this entire debacle” she said restoring some calm to her voice.

Jack was practically quaking now, he didn’t care about the school but the implications for his mother and himself were too dire to contemplate and if by some stretch of the imagination  she did manage to keep her job what kind of  life would he have with Miss Strang and the other teachers, it would be unbearable. He grasped at the straw offered.

“What can I do?” he asked.

“Do you really mean that?” she said her tone softening somewhat.

“Yes of course” he said adding rather rashly “I’ll do anything I can to help.”

“The first thing you need to do is go back to Mrs Quinn’s and beg her forgiveness and plead with her to take you back and hope for all our sakes she does.” she bluntly informed him.

The course of the conversation over the last few minutes prepared Jack for the inevitable and when she dictated the terms his heart sank but as he tried one last time to negotiate a better arrangement he uttered words he could scarcely believe came from his own mouth.

“I don’t mind being a girl but she wants to train me as a maid.”

Jack was still coming to terms with the stupidity of what he had just said when Miss Strang responded sounding exasperated at his sheer idiocy.

“Of course she’s training you as her maid, you silly boy, how else do you think you can act the part without some formal training?” she said the exasperation palpable in her tone “now if you are serious in wanting to rescue the situation you will do as she wishes. The alternative is just too ghastly to contemplate.”

In the momentary silence before Jack could respond she drove home her point.

“You do want to rescue the situation?” Miss Strang asked pointedly, raising her eyebrows.  

“Yes of course” Jack repeated.

“Good. I think you have a better chance of succeeding if you present yourself in a more appropriate manner of dress. I have left suitable clothes on your bed” she said.

Realising he now had no choice he silently left the room and walked dejectedly to his room where he found the “suitable” clothes Miss Strang spoke of.  He grimaced as he took in the array of feminine clothing arranged on the bed. The girdle and the slip he recognised as ones he had helped her purchase in the lingerie store some days earlier he decided there wasn’t much point in delaying the inevitable it would be best to get this over with as quickly as possible. Now very familiar with these garments he quickly if very reluctantly put them on. He was so distracted by his latest predicament he had not taken much notice of the other clothes. Also laid out on the bed were an accordion pleated knee length cream skirt in taffeta and a peach coloured sheer silk pussy bow blouse. His heart sank, yet another blow he would just have to take. His thoughts were interrupted by Miss Strang’s voice calling from the bottom of the stairs.

“Elizabeth do you want some help?”

It was the last thing he wanted.

“No Miss Strang, I won’t be a minute” he replied.

He steeled himself and pulled on the skirt and buttoned himself into his blouse making sure the bow was positioned correctly over his bosom. He’d thought he’d better brush his hair into the feminine style he had earlier, it would enhance his chances of avoiding being read as a boy. He adjusted the skirt and blouse to his satisfaction and only then realised what a girly thing he had just done and silently cursed himself. He was horrified to notice that the lace cups and straps of his bra were visible through the flimsy material of the blouse. Feeling totally vanquished he descended the stairs and entered the living room.

Miss Strang was clearly taken aback never having seen him dressed as a girl before.

“I suspected at the lingerie store you might make a passable girl but …” she said and broke off searching for words “well let’s just say I understand now why Mrs Quinn wanted you to stay with her. The merest hint of make up will complete the picture but before that be a dear boy and give me a twirl and let me see how your skirt falls.”

It was degrading enough in having to present himself as a girl to Miss String now he had to perform for her in such a girlish fashion. As he twirled the pleats of his skirt spread out and when he stopped they settled gently back into place swaying ever so gently as they did so.

“Yes taffeta is such a feminine material don’t you think?” she remarked fixing him with her eyes.

Silence was not an option he lowered his eyes and replied

“Yes Miss”

 Miss String approached and opening her purse quickly and expertly covered his face in a light foundation.

“Now pucker your lips” she ordered.

Jack did not have to see himself in a mirror to know he cut a ridiculous figure presenting his lips for her to apply lipstick.

“Now time to go” she said “oh I almost forgot, here’s your purse and something pretty to keep your hair in place.

She handed him the purse and placed an Alice band the same colour as his blouse and purse to his head. She fussed at his hair making slight adjustments as she did so. As she busied herself making the odd change here and there the thought crossed his mind that his escape from this feminine regimen had only lasted a few hours and in doing so he had probably dug a deeper hole for himself.

He wished the ground would open and swallow him but it was only the door that opened and he was led out into the bright sunlight. Miss Strang stood back from him to take one final look before they left.

“Yes very presentable. Dressed as you are I think we have a great chance Mrs Quinn will accept you back” she enthused “now hold my hand just in case you may get some silly notion in that pretty little head of yours to change your mind.”

The ultra- feminine clothing seemed to sap his will of any thoughts of rebellion and accepting defeat he meekly took her hand.

This was a further humiliation, no teenager boy or girl for that matter would voluntarily hold an adult’s hand while walking, he felt it was designed to teach him another lesson, to impress upon him that Miss Strang had joined the ranks of women now exercising control over him. He was aware that to the casual observer it would be obvious he was being kept under strict supervision by his older companion. His hand now firmly grasped in her vice like grip he was led back to his place of confinement.

Immediately he became aware of the lightness of the pleated skirt and as the wind gusted he had to hold it down with his free hand to prevent it from billowing up around his waist. He had seen girls in similar circumstances before and much to his amusement and their extreme embarrassment had on several occasions seen their panties as they struggled to control their skirts. They always looked ridiculous and he knew he now cut a similar amusing figure.

Miss Strang on the other hand wore a pencil skirt and had no such difficulty and appeared to find his efforts quite humorous.

“Accordion pleated skirts can be very tiresome in windy weather but you seem to be managing satisfactorily…..for a boy. I wouldn’t worry  your slip should prevent any major embarrassment.” she offered by way of empathy.


 Progressing along the side walk they received no stares much to Jack’s relief if fact it was mostly friendly almost admiring smiles from the women who passed them. Jack became very uneasy when he spotted an elegantly dressed woman accompanied by a girl in jeans and leather jacket who slowed down as they approached.  He recognised them as living in the same area and while they were not close neighbours he had bumped into the mother on a few occasions.

“Oh please keep going Miss Strang  they’re  sure to recognise me” he pleaded.  

“Nonsense I doubt if your own mother would recognise you” came the retort.

“Good morning Miss Strang” the woman said giving them both a broad smile, the girl with a sullen and bored look on her face said nothing as she looked at Jack with barely disguised contempt but without a hint of recognition.

Miss Strang it appeared knew the woman from one of her clubs and she exchanged pleasantries while still retaining her grip of Jack, the girl’s contempt turned into a sneer as she looked him up and down, her scorn at his ultra-feminine dress glaringly obvious. However it was obvious that they considered him nothing if not female.

“What a sweet girl Miss Strang” the woman trilled “and such a lovely outfit, I just love pussy bow blouses. Melissa just look at how her blouse, purse and Alice band are coordinated.”

“Mel, mother” she snapped in a surly voice “I’ve told you to call me Mel”

“You may try to dress like a boy Melissa but I refuse to address you by a boy’s name. This adorable girl could teach you a thing or two about femininity.” she chided her daughter. “Your daughter Miss Strang?”

“On no.. Mrs Franklin  he’s….” Miss Strang said much to Jack’s horror but  immediately realising her mistake giggled and turned to him“apologies Elizabeth, no she’s a niece of a friend but we’re so close she considers me her aunt. My head’s a muddle, I’ve had to deal with a very difficult boy all morning.”

“Don’t know how you could possibly mistake her for a boy” Melissa snorted derisively

“Melissa!” Mrs Franklin barked clearly angered at her remark “apologise this instant”

Clearly taken aback by her mother’s anger Melissa grunted an apology, Jack just relieved not to have been exposed mumbled an acceptance. Her mother continued her conversation with Miss Strang.

“I really wish Melissa would try to be more feminine, Elizabeth here looks so sweet the picture of femininity and what a pretty bra. Melissa insists on wearing those ugly sports bras the whole time.”

Jack could feel himself blushing having never been complimented on his underwear before, he was unsure how to respond so he just gave her a smile which drew another contemptible glance from Melissa.

“Well it may come as a surprise to you Mrs Franklin but Elizabeth too was once a tomboy wore nothing but t shirts and jeans” Miss Strang lied and then insisted on embellishing it “but her mother and I took her in hand and managed to convince her that dressing in a more appropriate feminine manner was for her own good. Of course she resisted at first and we had to be very strict with her but she soon came to realise the error of her ways and now is quite happy to wear what her mother and I suggest. Aren’t you Elizabeth?”

Dressed in such feminine attire Jack was in no position to contradict her tissue of lies and feeling the squeeze of her hand knew what response was required.

“Yes Aunt” he meekly answered.

“A tomboy? No!” Mrs Franklin exclaimed and took a much closer interest in Jack than he was comfortable with. “Well now that I look at her closely – and please don’t be offended – she does have a slight boyish look. In fact she reminds me of a boy in our neighbourhood. I think his mother teaches in your school.”

Jack felt his legs weaken and Miss Strang’s grip tighten.

“Oh yes Jack, a sweet boy in fact they’re related” Miss Strang answered. It was Jack’s turn to squeeze her hand.

“Yes now that you say it I can see the resemblance.” Mrs Franklin continued “he’s quite a delicate boy in fact when I first saw him I though he was a girl. It’s amazing how similar the sexes can appear at that age just look at Melissa you could easily take her for a boy. I’m sure if you put that boy what’s his name…”

“Jack, Jack  Swanson” Miss Strang offered helpfully.

“Yes Jack” she repeated “I’m sure if you put that boy in a skirt and blouse like Elizabeth’s here you would be hard pressed to tell the difference. I am certain he’d look much better in a dress than Melissa, in fact I spent a fortune on the most beautiful dresses for her last year but she flatly refused to wear them. I’m sure if she saw them on someone her own age she’d change her mind but none of the neighbour’s kids are the same size. Funny thing that boy Jack is the only one in the neighbourhood who comes close in size. Pity he’s not a girl.”

Melissa clearly unimpressed by this just grunted.

 “What about Elizabeth here, would she mind modelling them?” Mrs Franklin asked.

“Oh I’m sorry” Miss Strang responded “I’m sure she’d love to but she’s not been herself lately.”

Jack almost choked at the suggestion and anxious to avoid any possibility of becoming involved with such an arrangement feigned a coughing fit giving the impression he had some mysterious and possibly contagious ailment. Miss Strang added as an afterthought

“If you’re that keen to see the dresses modelled why not ask Mrs Swanson I’m sure she may know someone who could help you.”

“What an excellent idea, I must do that. I just wish Melissa had someone as adorable as Elizabeth as a friend, she hangs around with so many … well shall we say unladylike girls. Before you go I’d be interested to know how you achieved transforming Elizabeth from a tomboy into such a sweet feminine girl. Perhaps we can meet sometime and discuss it.”

“I’d be only too delighted” Jack’s persecutor trumpeted “there are so many advantages to instilling femininity into young people. Mothers or indeed in my case aunts have more control over them thus helping them to avoid so many mistakes particularly when it comes to fashion and deportment. In the long run it will only benefit both parties. Young people these days need a firm hand. Isn’t that right Elizabeth”

“Yes Aunt” Jack concurred meekly, now admitting he was firmly under Miss Strang’s control, not that anyone in the company needed convincing. 

Following this exchange he noticed Melissa’s expression had turned from contempt to one of anxiety and she had moved away from Jack as if his ultra- femininity was itself contagious.

 After exchanging phone numbers with Mrs Franklin and agreeing to meet at a later date Jack’s new aunt with her equally new but very reluctant niece continued on their way.  

Reaching the gates where just a short time ago his heart had soared as he made his escape through them he experienced a much different emotion. Dejected he looked forlornly at the structure in front of him, the only thing missing he felt was a sign declaring 

‘Abandon Hope All You Who Enter Here’

“I believe you know the code” Miss Strang enquired rhetorically.

His heart sank as he heard the heavy thud of the gate closing behind them. There was no escape now. He would be at Madam’s mercy until his mother returned, maybe if he pleaded a sudden panic attack as the excuse for his sudden departure she would treat him leniently. Whatever happened now he knew he would have to obey her every command. Making their way towards Madam’s house he could feel the tension building inside him.

Still with a firm grip on his hand Miss Strang rang the bell. Jack heart was now beating so fast he thought it would burst through his new breasts. The door opened and Jack was startled to find Sally dressed in her grey day uniform with a similar cap and apron to the one he had worn. He was glad to see a friendly face Sally was one of the few women he had come into contact with who had not tried to humiliate him in any way. She smiled at both of them but betrayed no emotion at seeing Jack.

“My name Miss Strang girl, inform your mistress that I have returned her maid.” Miss Strang ordered.

Sally curtsied and asked them to wait in the hall while she did while she entered the living room. Soon Sally was ushering them into Mrs Quinn’s presence.

“How nice to see you again Miss Strang….. and you too Elizabeth. Won’t you please sit down?” Mrs Quinn said in a friendly tone.

“Thank you for seeing us without an appointment Mrs Quinn” Miss Strang said as she crossed the floor to sit next to her. Jack followed her but was abruptly halted as she snapped,

“Remain standing girl… just there in front of us.”  

 Miss Strang joined Mrs Quinn on the sofa and soon they were chatting away as if he was invisible. The waiting was stressful and he was glad he had a purse as otherwise he would not have known what to do with his hands. Miss Strang explained about the call from his mother and how upset she was at Jack’s disgraceful behaviour. She told her how his mother felt betrayed and humiliated particularly as Mrs Quinn had been so generous with not only tickets for the opera festival but also offering her own home for the duration of her stay. Mrs Quinn was very understanding of her position and was insistent that Jack’s departure had not reflected badly on her and it would not affect their friendship or indeed her relationship with the school.

“You’re being very gracious Mrs Quinn I’m not sure I could be in the same circumstances.” Miss Strang said.

“Not at all Miss Strang the poor boy being unused to life in domestic service was obviously overwhelmed.” Mrs Quinn responded.

“Elizabeth” Miss Strang said inviting Jack to contribute.

“Please forgive my behaviour Madam, I don’t know what came over me. If you allow me to return I can promise you it will not happen again.” he pleaded meekly and holding the sides of his skirt gave a deep respectful curtsy.

“Well I have had to ask one of my neighbours to supply a maid on a temporary basis which was slightly embarrassing” Mrs Quinn addressed Miss Strang before continuing “and obviously I cannot keep her on a full time basis but I do need to be assured that you will keep your word and abide by the rules in the Maids Manual.”

Knowing refusal was not an option Jack uttered the words of surrender and felt a curtsy was called for.

“Yes Madam you have my word.”

“Very well then you may go to your room and change into something more appropriate to your status then report to the kitchen and wait until I summon you.” she said dismissing him.

His apology and admission of having left everyone down left him with no option his “training” kicked in and this time he didn’t even think about it, he curtsied and left the room.    

He climbed the stairs and entered his room, opening the closet his heart sank as he saw the uniform – his uniform. As he exchanged the blouse and skirt for the grey uniform, he comforted himself that at least it wasn’t as outlandishly feminine as a pussy bow blouse and a pleated taffeta skirt. It didn’t take long to change and he soon found himself in the kitchen where Sally was busy making refreshments for Madam and Miss Strang.

“You certainly created a little fuss, not too often a girl bolts.” she said.

There was no way Jack could explain and was glad she didn’t ask him to so he just nodded sheepishly, she continued,

“Well your mistress seems like a reasonable lady and because you haven’t fully signed up for her service she may be lenient particularly as it’s your first serious misdemeanour.”

“Hopefully” Jack replied thinking of nothing better to say.

 “Now that you’re back Madam has told me I can return to my own mistress but has asked me to keep an eye on you if she’s not around.” Sally said.

The bell interrupted their conversation signalling Jack’s reintroduction to his life as Madam’s maidservant.

“Ok I’d better be off, hopefully you’ll get off lightly. I’m sure I’ll see you soon”

She hugged him, gave him a kiss on the cheek and left him to resume his duties.

Entering the living room with his tray Jack caught Miss Strang’s eye and saw the look of satisfaction she drew from his new attire. He recognised immediately that the atmosphere had improved somewhat, Miss Strang and Madam were laughing and he heard snatches of the conversation which related to the school. He left the tray down and curtsied and without being told he retreated to the window and waited hands folded in front of his apron. This he recalled was the position a parlourmaid was required to occupy while serving tea. Their conversation turned to Jack.

“You seem somewhat surprised Miss Strang?” Madam asked as she poured the tea.

“I was taken aback earlier how a skirt and blouse and minimal make-up easily transformed him into something approaching a girl but I hadn’t expected him to be as well trained in a maid’s duties in such a short space of time.” Miss Strang replied.

Jack’s morale dipped even further at having to remain silent while listening to this exchange about his appearance and as if to emphasise her remarks about his training Madam turned to him

“I think the sun will be in your eyes shortly Miss Strang. Draw the drapes girl.”

“Yes Madam” Jack responded, curtsying and did as he was told, feeling both their eyes follow his every move.

 It was obvious to all in the room that this was a small demonstration of Madam’s authority over her returning servant. Miss Strang’s expression signalled her admiration for Mrs Quinn’s training methods.

 With Jack now back at his station the conversation resumed covering various aspects of school life and Miss Strang’s plans for the future which Madam seemed to approve of. Jack was left in no doubt that Mrs Quinn was fast becoming strategic to Miss Strang’s plans for further investment in the Academy and would not countenance anything that would interfere or derail them. As a servant he was of course ignored in all of this despite also having a pivotal role in Miss Strang’s plans. The exchange rambled on for some time with Madam giving Miss Strang further demonstrations of Jack’s suitability as a maidservant, the most humiliating of which was when Jack was forced to his knees in order to wipe a non-existent smudge from Miss Strang’s shoe. Finally the conversation drew to a close and Miss Strang rose to leave, as she made her way to the door she remarked

“I’m so glad we overcame this slight misunderstanding Mrs Quinn, Elizabeth’s mother will be relieved that you have graciously agreed to take him back into service.”

“Not at all and please tell her not to worry, everything is quite all right I’m sure now that Elizabeth has given his word he will settle down.” Mrs Quinn replied before adding “isn’t that correct Elizabeth?”

“Yes Madam” Jack meekly responded, curtsying as he opened the living room door for the women and followed them into the hallway.

Since he had been returned by Miss Strang his humiliation seemed to have deepened as Madam addressed him as Elizabeth but in discussion with Miss Strang Jack was referred to as “he” or “him”. He couldn’t quite put his finger on it. It was as if Madam saw him as too girlish to be a boy but not feminine enough to be a girl.

Opening the front door Miss Strang thanked Mrs Quinn and turning to Jack she said in a voice that was pleasant but he felt contained an implied threat.

“You will be a good girl for your mistress now won’t you …Elizabeth?”

“Yes Miss Strang” he said giving the obligatory curtsy.

After she turned to leave he closed the door behind her and hearing the latch click he felt it also closed the door on his masculinity.

“Now you do realise you will have to be punished Elizabeth” she said solemnly in a voice than betrayed more disappointment than anger before adding “perhaps you will give me the real reason why you absconded?” she asked.

  “I’m sorry Madam I just panicked, it’s all so new to me.” he blurted.

“Yes I’m sure it is dear boy but I’m afraid I can’t have a servant just up and leave without permission you do understand, don’t you?” she responded quite gently as if she was doing him a favour.

He anticipated a much more hostile approach and was fearful of the reception he would get once Miss Strang left, he was just so relieved she didn’t scream at him. He nodded his acceptance and was resigned to his fate when she reached out and turned his head.

“What’s this?” she said touching his neck.

In his panic Jack had almost forgotten Pamela’s frenzied attempt to force herself on him earlier. He obviously had a hickie.

Jack remained silent not knowing what to say.

“Was this Miss Pamela?” she asked.

Jack still didn’t know how to react but could see Madam’s mood had changed.

“Go wait in the kitchen until I ring for you” she said dismissing him.

 Confused by this turn of events Jack made his way to the kitchen and as he moved he realised how his uniform dress was much more restrictive than the pleated skirt he wore earlier but for some strange reason felt the uniform was less feminine. The lesser of two evils he thought. In the stillness of the house he heard the door open and close and soon afterwards heard the tinkle of the maid’s bell- his bell.

He checked his appearance in the hall mirror, the last thing he wanted was to appear untidy it would only give Madam another excuse for further punishment.

Pamela, looking downcast was sitting on a chair while Madam sat on the couch and addressed Jack.

“It seems there were extenuating circumstances for your sudden departure. I realise you may hold some attraction for Pamela but while you are fulfilling a servant’s role you are entitled to your mistress’s protection and I will not have a servant girl abused in such a fashion regardless of the abuser’s position within the household. Now fetch the paddle you know where to find it.”

Jack was shocked at this pronouncement and in his bewilderment almost forgot to curtsy as he left the room to retrieve the instrument which had been used to inflict extreme humiliation on him the previous day. Now however there was lightness to his step as he made his way to the hallway and he felt a degree of satisfaction knowing Pamela would now suffer the same fate. His first thought was that he had never imagined the mistress would react in such a just and equitable manner, realising somewhat belatedly that he had referred to her as ‘the mistress’ became annoyed with himself for reacting with such a servile attitude. He consoled himself with the thought that this was an obligation he was forced into under severe duress and felt he must make a greater effort to retain some semblance of masculinity. He recognised this would be  difficult considering the uniform he was forced to wear.

On his return Pamela was arranged in the position he had occupied the previous day her jeans and panties around her ankles and as he approached her he recognised the same look of abject mortification he was sure he must have also expressed- except she would have to endure her punishment on her bare behind. He felt a touch of excitement as he handed her mother the paddle and was ordered to stand directly in front of her. He instantly knew that this would only serve to increase her degradation. His own humiliating experience was temporarily forgotten and taking in the sight in front of him he could feel his member stiffen.

“Before we begin Pamela has something to say” Madam said.

“I apologise for my inappropriate behaviour” she said through gritted teeth and in such a tone that Jack had a horrible feeling that this may make things even worse for him. This thought was abandoned when he heard the faintest whistle as the paddle travelled through the air and landed on one of the cheeks of her splendidly rounded buttocks.

SLAP…..  the sound of willow on flesh and her accompanying whimper caused Jack to bring his thighs together and his hands clasped together in front of his apron were discretely but firmly pressed against his groin in an attempt to relieve the exquisite torment taking place inside his tight girdle.

As was the case in his own punishment Pamela had to repeat the phrase before each stroke.

SLAP…. “I apologise for my inappropriate behaviour” she snivelled before the second blow found its target on her other cheek.

The sound seemed to fill the room, Jack admirably trying to cope with his mounting if restricted excitement could not prevent his eyes darting between both women’s faces and while Pamela was sobbing her mother had a look of quiet detachment and appeared almost serene as she administered each stroke.

 After the final stroke Madam told Pamela to get dressed and as she struggled with her dignity as well as her panties Madam handed the paddle to Jack who curtsied and returned it to its position in the hall. He knew he would shiver every time he passed it, a subtle reminder to keep in line, but he now also  knew justice would be administered without regardless of position within the household. At least there was a little consolation in that he mused.

On his return Pamela was dressed and standing while her mother had resumed her position on the couch.

 “Elizabeth place two cushions next to me for Miss Pamela to sit on.”

“Yes Madam” Jack replied quickly arranging two royal blue satin cushions as instructed.

“Are two sufficient Pamela?” Madam asked.

Pamela obviously still smarting just nodded but managed to cast a menacing glare at Jack as he finished plumping the cushions. She gingerly lowered herself onto the cushions grimacing as she did so.

“Elizabeth, in your absence Sally has prepared a light lunch you may serve it now” Madam ordered.

Jack scurried out of the room and soon returned with the meal Sally had already laid out on a large sliver serving platter. He would have liked to remain just to hear the conversation particularly Pamela’s reaction but Madam dismissed him back to the kitchen to await her bell. Alone in the spacious kitchen he went about making himself something to eat the only sound to be heard was the clicking of his heels on the tiled surface. The satisfaction he got from witnessing Pamela’s discomfort soon vanished as he contemplated his own immediate future.  He had barely finished eating when he heard the bell summon him.

“Pamela go stand next to Jack” Madam said, amazing both Pamela and Jack at the use of his male name. He had become so used to answering to Elizabeth he thought he misheard and almost turned around to see if she was addressing someone else. Being called by his male name while dressed as a female servant had a further disconcerting effect on Jack but he had little time to dwell on this and as Pamela joined him Madam continued.

“I want you to know that I felt very let down .. by both of you. You, Jack knew how important this was to both your mother, Miss Strang and the school, they invested so much faith in you. I’m disappointed that you could not have confided in me before you choose to esca…. well shall we say leave so suddenly.”

Jack knew he was not expected to answer and he remained silent while she turned her attention to Pamela

“And you Pamela I’ve tried to raise you to not only act and behave as a lady but also to dress in an appropriate manner befitting a young woman of high social standing, a task at which sadly I seem to have failed miserably.

Jack was afraid to look at Pamela’s face but guessed from her lack of response that her punishment had left such an impression on her in more ways than one that she probably felt now was not the best time to test her mother’s patience. Madam gazing intently at her two miscreants and allowed her words to sink in before she resumed her lecture.

“Now it seems that we all want different things. Jack wants to return to wearing his male clothing which may be understandable but he has broken his promise to engage fully with our little arrangement, has disappointed several people and needs to be taught a lesson.

Pamela you feel you have  the right to have your very  own lady’s maid but your actions in dealing with a servant have been less than exemplary for one born into privilege and wealth. I have already told you on more than one occasion that only a lady could consider having a lady’s maid and under no circumstances could you be described as a lady. However I think there may be a way that both of you can get what you desire.”

Jack could hardly believe what he had just heard, would she really consider letting him wear his own clothes he could barely contain excitement. Pamela interpreted this as her mother may finally relent and give her what she wanted- her very own maid. She responded to Jack’s expression with a triumphant look. Madam waited until she had their full attention before she resumed.

“As you know I am a supporter of the arts specifically the theatre and have agreed to make a substantial donation to the school’s drama department as Jack’s mother persuaded me of the quality of her staff and the commitment of her students in taking on difficult roles. Jack almost had me convinced but events have led me to question his dedication. Pamela has told me of her ambitions in this direction but lacks focus and the required dedication. She also lacks the ability to deal with servants in the way a lady should.”

As Mrs Quinn paused for a sip of water, they both realised that they had misread the situation completely and it was not as straightforward as they had first thought.

“Now this is how I think we should proceed” she said and as she settled back into the couch to expand on her proposal but before she could begin the doorbell sounded.

Without thinking Jack curtsied and left to answer the door. Madam looked at her watch.

“ Hmmm.. a little before time” she announced looking at her watch, seemingly unsurprised at the interruption “your services will not be required this time dear boy. I wish to greet this caller personally.”

She rose from the couch and glided gracefully to the door. Jack, way beyond curious was about to risk breaking mistress maid protocol and ask a question when Pamela beat him to it blurting

“Mother! You can’t just leave now, what exactly do you have in mind?”

“All in good time dear, now that I think of it perhaps it may be better if our guest explained it to you herself. Now stay exactly where you are until I return.”


To be continued


Anonymous said...

Another great chapter, full of unexpected twists, and now we have another mystery as to who is at the front door. How you can draw is strand to a finish in just one remaining chapter is impossible to imagine. We would happily read another 3 or 4 more chapters of this wonderful, very entertaining saga.

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Beatiful chapter....i love it!

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Anonymous said...

@beautiful (sorry)

rocketdave said...

Geez, it seems as though an undue amount of importance is being attached to this play. I really like the story, but if I were Jack, I'd be like, "If I were playing an aviator, would you not let me on stage until I'd flown a few planes?"

I can never stop poking holes in the logic of these scenarios- that goes for the ones I dream up as well. Perhaps that's why I'm not a writer. As extreme as this "audition" might be, I do like the way it's been used as an excuse to get Jack to submit to being trained as a maid.

Anyway, It's nice to learn in this chapter that Mrs Quinn has some sense of fairness.

I don't mind the next chapter being left somewhat open ended so that there's room for possible future developments, but I hope you don't worry too much about that, Carrie. I'd probably prefer a certain amount of closure to this particular story arc. It seems as though you've introduced so many interesting ideas into this story, however, I'm not sure how they might all be resolved if there's just one more installment to go.

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Hopefully there is more than one instalment to go, Rocketdave. I think there has to be.
Maid Marcia x

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We think this is a fantastic story, beautifully crafted and full of thrilling twists and turns. You have a real talent for story-telling Carrie. Can't wait for the next instalment.

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Hi, Lucky Girl here - it seems that Bea created a fantastic formula for a long-running serial when she set this ball rolling last January, and Carrie is making the most of the scenario with a sensational set of sub-plots. I was hoping to contribute a further strand covering goings-on back at school but I want to wait and digest the full "Amongst Women" story in all its glory before considering what might happen next at the "Stuyvesant Academy for Young Ladies". There's no doubt they'll have plenty to talk about when word gets round about Jack's recent extra-curricular activities!

I'd be interested to hear readers' views on what aspects of this long-running saga floats people's boats. For me it's about agony and ecstasy - the agony for poor Jack of slowly but surely being reduced to the most humiliating and humble of feminine roles; and the ecstasy, perhaps still to come in future episodes, of finding supreme satisfaction and sensual pleasure in accepting such a role. Who knows what lies ahead now? LG xx

Carrie P said...

I take Dave’s point and agree to a certain extent about the audition but as usual in these stories something is required to entangle the unfortunate male in the web of the dominant female and in this case it’s the play/audition. Like Dave I’m always trying to find the obvious weaknesses in every story’s plot and what I sometimes forget is that the fundamental premise of this genre (a woman forcibly feminising a male) is so preposterous there is an obvious and necessary requirement for the suspension of disbelief. Under normal circumstances (let’s face it these circumstances are anything but normal) the aviator analogy would be correct but Jack passed that point a long time ago and even if he had persisted with it there would be no story. We all knew from the beginning that the play/audition was incidental- a ruse to get him caught in Mrs’s Quinn’s web and now that he has got himself into all sorts of trouble the audition is all but moot.
I think this particular strand could be extended but if it was readers may well get very bored with it – as would I. At the moment I’m struggling to get time to start it and while I have no idea how the final chapter will play out I’m sure there will be loose ends as I’m not a big fan of neat endings. Up to now with the exception of a few characters most of the students/teachers at the Stuyvesant Academy are not aware of Jack’s predicament so LG’s proposed new story arc at the school can begin with a blank slate if LG wishes.
I think LG’s idea to get readers views on what their turn on’s are is a good one. While whoever continues the story may not be able to incorporate every aspect of forced fem it will give them an idea of what readers finds exciting or maybe even what they regard a turn off. For instance in Swiss Missy I confess I’m not all that keen on having another male in the story probably because I think it may go in a direction that does nothing for me but that’s just a personal opinion others may find it ok. I suppose we’ve all read so much of this type of fiction there are few if any aspects that haven’t been done to death and trying to make it fresh is the real challenge. That for me was Bea’s great talent.
Yeah I know what you’re thinking – if he spent more time writing the story and less time rambling on we’d all be better off. And you’re right.
Take care

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Pretty much everything in this story is right up my alley. I think Lucky Girl fairly neatly summed up my own personal feelings by describing the "agony and the ecstasy" of Jack's situation- the idea of a hapless innocent being forcibly feminized while still attracting the attentions of a number of females. Perhaps the only thing that didn't turn me on was Pamela's spanking, even if she probably deserved some sort of punishment.

I hope I didn't sound too nit-picky talking about the craziness of this supposed audition process; it doesn't mean that I'm not enjoying this story very much. I just can't help myself from pointing out obvious stuff like that. I'm well aware that pretty much every single story in this genre is completely absurd when examined from a rational standpoint.

I'm in agreement about preferring the protagonist to be the only male present in these types of stories- to be insulated in a completely feminine bubble, basically. I don't think you have to worry about Swiss Miss Sissy, though, Carrie; I only have one chapter left to upload and the most intimate Cheryl and Danielle ever get is when they pecked each other on the cheek in chapter 4.

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The best bit for me is Jack having to put on some girlish clothes and hold Miss Strang's hand, specially when they bump into the other lady and her daughter who is dressed in a much more masculine style. Then for Jack to have to go back and face Mrs Quinn dressed like that. He definitely does need to be punished but I think the best would be for him to be left with just the blouse and skirt, or his maid's uniform, to choose from for the next week.

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