Monday, September 2, 2013

Amongst Women Story update

Hi All

Just a short note to let readers know that Chapter 5 is close to completion. I thought this would be the final chapter in this strand but the way this section took shape it would have taken me a lot longer to finish it so unfortunately those of you waiting to see how Jack winds up with his current crop of tormentors will have to hang in there for one more chapter which will be the final one. I’ve said previously that I try to get each episode published within a certain time frame and I’d like to keep to that if at all possible. So rightly or wrongly I felt the best option was to finish this episode at a certain point in the story and then see where it will take us. I should have it finished before the weekend maybe sooner.




Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the final two episodes of this excellent story. It is all VERY intriguing! LG x

Anonymous said...

This will make a great read for my sissy man? Heather