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Amongst Women Part 3

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A belated Happy 4th July to Bea’s US readers hope you enjoyed the day.

I hadn’t realised it’s been 3 weeks or so since the last episode. As I’ve mentioned I’ve been working on it but it’s been slow. Readers seem to like this part of Jack’s journey and I wish I could get the episodes published quicker but life’s just getting in the way. I’m still not sure but suspect the next episode will conclude this part.

For Lucky Girl, I’ve contacted Bea and he’s no problem with approving you as a contributor just has to figure out how to do it so I’ll let you know soon.

Ok, here’s Part 3 – I’ve reviewed this a few times for typos and my eyes ache hopefully it's ok there's a bottle of red wine looking at me so I'm off.

Hope you like it.

After Mrs Quinn left Pamela took a few moments to savour the sight she and her mother had just created. Her new plaything now delightfully dressed in his new maid’s uniform complete with frilled cap and crisp white pinafore apron stood rooted to the spot, the laughable expression of fear and dread on his face thrilled her enormously. Jack’s first impulse was to try to escape but he quickly realised what a ridiculous sight he would make running away in his new uniform, the attention he surely would  attract immediately dissuaded him of any such notion. As he remained motionless he became acutely aware of the deafening silence in the room and could feel his heart beating like a college marching band under his new feminine bosom. In the unnatural calm he thought he could hear Pamela’s laboured breathing as she slowly approached him and without speaking a word, she circled him, afraid to move or speak he remained quite still. She stood behind him and spoke softly in his ear
“My, my, it’s been quite some time since I saw you dressed in such suitable clothes, well suitable for a servant girl but I very much doubt if you see it that way. You probably feel a tad overdressed, a little uncomfortable perhaps, maybe your girdle is pinching a bit, your bra too tight for your new breasts, eh?”  
“Pamela, please …” he blurted as he turned his head around to face her.
She immediately slapped his face, not with a great deal of force but sharply nonetheless and barked
“It’s Miss Pamela to you girl, and I don’t recall giving you permission to turn around?”
He had not expected such a reaction and in a shocked and faltering voice replied
“No, Miss. Sorry Miss”
“Much better, a servant really does need to know his I mean her place, isn’t that correct girl?” she said in a softer voice and when he failed to answer immediately she held his ear and tugged roughly, repeating
Isn’t that correct? GIRL, do you know your place?
“Yes Miss, I know my place” he said, his voice trembling.
“That’s a good girl” she said her voice returning to its softer tone “I’m not in the habit of repeating myself, you would do well to remember that.”
Jack didn’t know which was worse being forced to dress as a maid or being referred to as a girl and he hated having to address Pamela as “Miss” but knew he was between a rock and a hard place. He was also aware that she would look for any excuse to find fault with him and he had a good idea what that would lead to. As he didn’t want to incur another rollicking or worse he quickly repeated the refrain
“Yes Miss, sorry Miss.”
 “Now for the time being” she continued “Mother is the mistress of the house so as instructed you will address her as Madam but that will change once we start “rehearsals” then you will be all mine and I will be your mistress. Is that clear, girl”
“Yes Miss” he repeated meekly his eyes lowered and disgusted with himself for being so powerless in allowing this ridiculous situation to develop. Life under Pamela would be intolerable, domineering as Mrs Quinn was at least she appeared to like him maybe, just maybe she would protect him from Pamela’s worst excesses. He decided to ingratiate himself with her and please her as possible.
“As I’m sure you are aware servant girls are subject to numerous rules and regulations” she intoned, a cruel smile creasing her face “but don’t you worry your pretty little head about those for the moment, we’ll have plenty of time to get you acquainted with them later. However there is one you must learn immediately. It is what I like to refer to as ‘The Curtsy Rule’. This means that upon entering a room in my presence or that of any of your betters you should immediately curtsy. You will also curtsy when spoken to, also when you have been dismissed and given permission to leave the room. You do know how to curtsy don’t you?”
Of course she already knew the answer to that particular question, the purpose for asking was more for her amusement rather than to seek information. Pamela was very well aware the admission of his ability to curtsy would contribute greatly to his discomfort.
Jack also knew this and hated the very word curtsy ever since he had been forced into performing the degrading deed by Rose -his mentor in domestic servitude - and to be compelled to admit to this to Pamela was almost as bad as the ghastly exercise itself. Yet he had to answer quickly or risk her ire once more.
“Yes Miss” he barely whispered as he held his uniform dress between thumb and forefinger of each hand and placing his right ankle behind his left lowered his knees and performed the humiliating act to his tormentress.
Clapping her hands excitedly Pamela was unable to conceal her delight as her new maid executed a perfect curtsy. She quickly regained her composure and made a point of making a little and probably unnecessary adjustment to his apron, placing her finger under his chin she raised his head so his eyes met hers and quietly said
“Excellent, I’m so glad to see you are familiar with the traditional feminine method of displaying respect to one’s superiors. Now time to put you to work.”
His predicament was now entering a new phase, his curtsy despite being just another in a long line of humiliations suddenly triggered a rising panic in Jack  and  the thought of spending his weekend dressed as a maid under Pamela’s control was unbearable, out of sheer desperation he blurted
“Will I have to spend the whole weekend dressed like this?”
Pamela’s reaction was swift and for the second time in the space of a few minutes his face felt the force of her hand.
“The second rule is a maid never speaks unless spoken to or is given permission, is that understood girl?” she hissed.
The tears welled up in his eyes but he knew his answer would have to be immediate.
“Yes Miss, sorry Miss Pamela” he managed to say not forgetting to curtsy.
“The correct way to ask for permission is to say ‘May I speak Miss or Madam’ or ‘May I have permission to speak Miss or Madam’ and the answer to your question is yes if I have anything to do with it.” Pamela informed him “now follow me you have work to do.”
It was abundantly clear to Jack that she would not look favourably on his continuing the conversation and bitterly disappointed he followed her. As he followed her he became slightly annoyed with himself discovering he could walk with a degree of confidence in his new heels and thought that walking in heels must be like riding a bike, you never forget. The shock of the last few hours was slowly wearing off and he was forced to confront the reality of his situation. While following her he recalled her phrase “if I have anything to do with it” and felt a glimmer of hope, maybe that meant her mother would have the final say. If he could impress Mrs Quinn on her return, show her he could master- a ridiculous word he knew under the circumstances - his new role hopefully she would be satisfied with his efforts and would release him from his horrible female clothing. He knew it would not happen this evening but tomorrow morning would be acceptable he also thought it would be a good idea to try and locate where Mrs Quinn left his clothes. The last thing he wanted was to give Pamela an excuse to keep him dressed as a girl. He shivered at the very thought. Following her he could feel his new breasts rise and fall with every step and occasionally to make it fit more comfortably he had to adjust the bra band and straps just as he had seen the girls in his class do. The tightness of his girdle and the tugging of the garters on his stocking tops were other mementoes albeit hidden ones of his newly enforced femininity.
She led him to the kitchen where he was shown how to use the various appliances, where the vacuum and cleaning equipment were stored, and numerous other things with which she felt her new servant ought to be made familiar. Pamela also showed him the silver service used to serve afternoon tea and how it should be presented. He was expecting a difficult time from her but much to his surprise she was reasonably lenient perhaps the availability of sharp kitchen implements to her downtrodden servant restrained her natural overbearing and aggressive instincts. After he had completed his tasks in the kitchen she gave him a list of instructions which included various cleaning and other menial tasks. As he vacuumed the spacious living room Pamela for a time walked behind him pointing out where he had missed a small section then she sat in a comfortable chair, all the while smirking as he performed his chore. Working the vacuum throughout the room his breasts began to jiggle and take on a life of their own within the confines of his bra and every now and then he would have to interrupt his work and adjust the bra to ensure they remained in place. Sitting imperiously Pamela on the couch was perfectly placed to view these little inconveniences.
“Having a little trouble with your bra, girl?” she chuckled.
He would almost have preferred her address him as Elizabeth rather than “girl” which he felt was even more demeaning but not wishing to give her an excuse to inflict another degrading remark he replied
“No Miss, I’m fine”  
“You sure, you look to be in slight disarray, let me help you” Pamela insisted
Before he could object she was off the couch and fondling his breasts under the pretence of lifting them back into their respective cups and even though he could not feel any sensation in the breasts he felt humiliated by the experience.
“I think mother should have gotten you a bigger cup size. Your girls here” she laughed as her hands lingered on his new mammaries before she helped them gently into their cups “will find it hard to remain in place but as you’ll discover it is all part of being a girl.”
He could feel her hot breath on his face and couldn’t wait to get away.
“Yes Miss, thank you Miss” he blurted and made to move away but her strength kept him close, her tongue invaded his mouth and as she drew him even closer to her body, her hands dropped to his buttocks squeezing them gently whilst grinding her groin into his. He tried vainly to struggle from her vice like embrace and as he surrendered he began to enjoy it, his tongue reciprocating. Their mouths still locked together she moved him backwards towards the couch and he collapsed under her. Despite the intensity of the situation he was acutely aware of the garters tugging at his stockings and the pinching of his girdle. Her mouth never left his as she continued to grind her hips against her now willing victim. As her hand began moving up under his dress he began to moan with pleasure and just as she was about to reach under the open bottomed girdle to locate her objective they both heard the front door open and Mrs Quinn call out
“I’m home”
“Oh shit I wasn’t expecting her home so soon, quick get up and straighten your uniform.” Pamela whispered in an urgent voice as she dismounted from the flustered Jack.
She quickly straightened her own clothes and fixed her hair before turning her attention to Jack. She made minor adjustments to his cap and apron and just had time to run a tube of lipstick over his lips she heard her mother in an impatient voice call out again.
“Pamela, Elizabeth?”
Satisfied that they were both presentable she left the room to greet her mother but not before she snapped at him
“Get busy dusting”
Finding her mother in the hallway she made her excuses.
“Sorry mother I was supervising Elizabeth in her cleaning duties.”
“Good girl, now where is he I’d like to see what headway you’ve made” her mother replied.
As they entered the living room Jack was busy dusting furniture trying to look as if this was a natural daily occurrence for him. Mrs Quinn ran a finger over a surface and called out to him
“Elizabeth come here, girl.”
“Yes Madam” he said and curtsied.
Mrs Quinn was clearly delighted by the response of her new maid and turning to Pamela said
“Well done Pamela and you too Elizabeth I’m very impressed with your progress and what a nice curtsy I wish my own maids were as proficient.”
Jack felt the way she looked at him required a response.
“Thank you Madam” he said curtsying, once again eliciting a broad smile from his new mistress.
“I have left some packages in the hall bring them to my room and leave them on the bed then go to the kitchen and wait until we ring  for you.” Mrs Quinn said as she dismissed him with a nod.
As he turned to leave he heard Pamela cough loudly and quickly remembered the servant girl protocol, curtsying even lower this time he meekly said
“Sorry, Madam, Miss Pamela”
Mrs Quinn acknowledged his curtsy with a nod of her head which he correctly interpreted as her dismissal gesture. He left the room and breathed a sigh of relief not only over that nasty situation with Pamela but his slip up in not curtsying when being dismissed could have resulted in a tongue lashing from her. Madam’s lenient reaction reinforced his belief that he should try to ingratiate himself with her as much as possible. He now knew it was important to remember Pamela’s Curtsy Rule or else he could find himself in even more trouble. Climbing the stairs with her parcels the thought suddenly struck him that he had mentally referred to Mrs Quinn as Madam and was concerned about his curtsying. What the hell was happening to him? He needed to get a grip.
After depositing the parcels as instructed he returned to the kitchen to await their summons, the silence in the house was only broken by the clicking of his heels on the solid wooden floors and the faint sound of laughter from the living room. Walking to the kitchen the thought struck him that even though he had been wearing his uniform for only a few hours now, his true servant girl status was now fast becoming a reality. He didn’t have long to wait in the kitchen before he heard the ring of a bell. Although he was expecting it he was still startled when he eventually heard the sound break the silence in the kitchen and immediately rose from the chair and walked quickly to the living room. On his way for some reason he became so nervous that he stopped at a mirror and adjusted his cap, tidied his hair and straightened his apron, satisfied he was presentable he knocked gently on the living room door.
“You rang Madam” he said as he made the obligatory curtsy.
“You may serve tea now Elizabeth” Mrs Quinn informed him and without another word resumed her conversation with Pamela.
“Yes Madam” he replied and although neither woman was looking at him he still performed the act of subservience.
On his return he laid the tray on the coffee table and awaited further instructions.
“Thank you Elizabeth” Mrs Quinn said “you may stand by the window until you are required. Oh and keep your hands folded in front of your apron, there’s a good girl.”
“Yes Madam” he said as he moved to his appointed place while they engaged in small talk. He felt belittled standing there having to maintain this pose as they ignored him and continued their conversation. His thoughts were interrupted as the phone rang in the hall.
“Well run along girl and answer it” Pamela ordered.
“Yes Miss” he said relieved to be able to leave the room, by now he was automatically curtsying every time he was addressed.
“Quinn residence” he said lifting the receiver.
“Pamela?” a forceful mature female voice boomed down the line.
“No” Jack responded but because of the tone of the voice and the authority it conveyed he decided he’d better quickly add “Madam”
“It’s certainly not my sister Emily, who is that?” the voice barked
Jack knew what he was required to say and the shame rose within him as he heard his own voice admit
“I’m Elizabeth Madam, Mrs Quinn’s new maid.”
“I was wondering you don’t sound like one of my maids, I’m Ms Fairfax now fetch your mistress girl”
“Yes Madam” Jack blurted and was so thrown by her authoritarian manner he curtsied to the unseen presence  before rushing back to the living room to inform Mrs Quinn.
While she took the call he was left alone with Pamela.
“Such a pity we were interrupted” she said as she sidled up to him and gently moved her hand over his rear end squeezing one of his cheeks. He gasped at her touch and continued
“But I’m sure I’ll have more opportunities to instruct you in a different form of service.”
She returned to her seat as she heard her mother complete the phone call.
“How is Aunt Georgina?” Pamela asked her
“Oh fine, just her usual inquisitive and bossy self, wanted to know about my new maid and reminded me once more about Princess” her mother replied.
“It’s about that time anyway” she said and turning to Jack added “Elizabeth you may clear the table and when you’ve loaded the dishwasher and cleaned up in the kitchen go back to our room take off your cap, apron and heels. You will find a pair of flats in the wardrobe put them on and report back here.”
“Yes Madam” Jack answered in his now usual manner but wondered what the hell was going on, his concern was confirmed when he heard Pamela giggle.
He mulled this over as he made his way to the kitchen as he was walked he once again became aware of the restricting nature of the female clothing which he had almost forgotten about while in their presence. The stockings clung to his legs and the contrasting sensations of his slip gently caressing his thighs while the garters holding his stocking pinched slightly at those very same parts. As he performed his tasks he recalled the voice of Ms Fairfax and thought she sounded a proper battle axe, he felt sympathy for the maids she employed and was grateful he didn’t have her as a mistress.
“Oh shit” he thought “I’m beginning to think like a maid.”
It didn’t take too long before he completed his task and when he went to his room he was grateful to discard the emblems of the servant girl he returned to re-join the two women. Despite still wearing what was clearly recognisable as a maid’s uniform with its white cuffs and collar he couldn’t explain it but somehow felt a sense of freedom without the cap and apron.
Entering the living room and after giving the obligatory curtsy Jack was puzzled when he saw a small bundle of hair sitting between Mrs Quinn and Pamela.
“This is Princess, Ms Fairfax’s Pekingese, unlike my sister I don’t believe in having a dog running around the house so she’s been confined to her kennel in the garden all day. One of my sister’s maids usually takes her for a walk about this time.” Mrs Quinn said as she attached a lead to the dog’s collar.
Jack swallowed hard surely they couldn’t expect him to go outside dressed like this but was afraid to ask. Mrs Quinn rose from the couch and led the dog towards the door, Jack was relieved she was obviously taking it for the walk herself.
Stopping at the door she looked quizzically at him and he suddenly realised he was expected to open the door. Pamela fell in behind her and she motioned him to follow them, Jack’s felling of relief was now fast disappearing and as they stood in the hallway the doorbell rang. The sound struck fear in Jack as he instinctively knew that it was the maid’s duty to answer the door. This was the first time since Rose had forced him outside with her that he would be exposed to someone fully dressed as a female. His pulse quickened and his mouth dried up as he opened the door.
Standing outside was a girl late teens or early twenties, a little taller than him, short dark brown hair and a round pleasant face. She was dressed in a similar style dress as he was but hers was in lavender. Jack immediately noticed she had a Pug on a lead. Mrs Quinn and Pamela joined him at the door. Jack retreated allowing Mrs Quinn to advance and address the visitor
Good evening Madam” the girl announced “I’m Sally my mistress said you were expecting me”
 “Ah yes Sally, your mistress suggested that as you walk her dog at this time you would assist a fellow servant and show Elizabeth here the ropes as it were.” Mrs Quinn said.
“Of course Madam I’d be delighted to help” Sally chirped her dog yelping at her feet.
“Miss Pamela and I are going out for a meal and should be back by eight thirty.” Mrs Quinn informed her.
Pamela recognised the look of panic in Jack’s face and immediately moved him to one side and out of earshot as her mother engaged the maid in further conversation.
“Don’t panic and you’ll be ok, you’ve done this before and even fooled me remember?” she whispered.
Before he had time to answer he was handed the lead and the yapping little dog by Mrs Quinn, Sally beckoned him to follow her as she led the way down the driveway.
Jack felt his stomach tighten as he followed his new companion struggling to hold on to the dog’s lead and was grateful he wasn’t wearing heels at least they had allowed him that small mercy, he really would have looked ridiculous tottering about after a dog in high heels. As they walked along the dogs settled down and thinking that Jack was shy rather than terrified Sally began the conversation.
“So you’re new to domestic service?”
Jack just nodded afraid to open his mouth.
“Well it can take some getting used to at first” she said “this is probably all  strange to you right now  but all of the ladies around here demand traditional domestic servants and everything that that entails, you know the prim uniforms, strict etiquette rules, all that kind of thing. But they are giving us a second chance in life and they are very generous to those girls who are willing to accept their conditions” she said.
Jack hadn’t a clue as to what she was talking about but was amazed she hadn’t recognised him for what he was, Pamela and Rose were obviously right about him passing as a girl and his new “natural breasts” obviously helped. He really didn’t know whether to be relieved or disgusted. Right now he thought it was no contest -relief won by a mile.
 The knot in his stomach loosened somewhat and he became a little more relaxed and felt confident enough to ask
“What do you mean?”
 “Oh I suppose being new you haven’t spoken to any of the other maids. I assume you’re just like me and the rest of the girls in service around here abandoned by family, on the streets, vulnerable, totally on your own, probably at the mercy of strangers, you know the usual story” she shrugged as if she was reading from a menu.
She’s right he thought apart for the being on the streets it was an accurate description of his present circumstances. What the hell has my mother gotten me into now? However despite being relieved at not being outed as a male he knew he now not only had to maintain his female persona but to avoid any suspicion concoct a story which would fit in with the background she described.
“Yea that’s more or less me” he retorted with a feeling of empathy.
His new guide into the world of the domestic resumed her narrative.
“So a group of like-minded wealthy ladies decided that they would offer girls like us a chance to avoid the inevitable pitfalls. But I guess you know that already.”
“No, I only started today, she said she’d explain the details tomorrow if I still wanted to stay” he lied
“First off don’t ever refer to your mistress as “she” or “her” it’s always “Madam or Mistress” if you’re caught referring to them as anything else you’re in big trouble so my advice is to constantly think of them in those terms so after a while it will become second nature and you won’t make a mistake.”
Jack was almost doing it already and hated the very idea but remembering Pamela’s reference to rules and regulations not to mention the face slapping he received he thought he’d better make a mental note of it.
“Ok thanks for the tip” he said. She continued.
“Anyway we’re offered room and board, a generous salary and the ladies pay for evening classes if we sign a four year contract to work as maidservants under their specific conditions, like the dress code and such. It is demanding and can be demeaning at times but once you accept your situation as a servant girl you’ll be much happier and it’s much better than the alternative. You’d be a fool not to accept”
Jack thought he was a fool not to run away the minute he arrived at the Academy. From Sally’s point of view it was a good deal but she wasn’t a boy who was forced into becoming a girl and a maid but there was nothing he could do about it at this stage. He felt he had to fob Sally off with an excuse, he told her his stay with Mrs Quinn was only a trial period for the week end and they would discuss it at a later stage. He decided he would have to remain alert to Mrs Quinn’s intentions, a horrible thought crossed his mind – surely his mother would not consider this life for him, he shivered at the notion and tried to put it out of his head. Sally chatted away asking him various questions about his past which now thanks to her conversation he was easily able to invent a past in keeping with his present situation. She was easy to talk to funny, friendly and put him at ease, he felt more relaxed than he had in a long time. Walking along the quiet neighbourhood they were soon joined by two other girls also with small dogs, from their dress obviously maids like themselves. This seemed to be a regular meeting for the servants he thought. He felt himself get anxious again would these two newcomers be more observant than Sally. She introduced them as Suzi and Angie and after taking a second to scan him from head to foot they perceived no threat and welcomed him into the fold. It was Jack’s experience with girls albeit limited that their antennae would immediately detect something suspicious. Luckily for him he thought that either their intuition was having an off day or he obviously appeared more feminine than he considered himself to be. He never thought he’d hear himself say it but right now he was grateful he passed as a girl, the humiliation of being exposed by three girls in a public place would have been truly mortifying. Once the girls had all his details they were happy enough and after they managed to get their yapping dogs under control all four girls resumed their walk. Jack was receiving another lesson in femininity by way of constant jabbering about hair, make-up, shoes and although bored out of his mind thought he’d better take in some of this in case he was asked a question. It’s like being in class he said to himself. Although he hated to admit it he was glad Rose had forced him into the nail bar to have his nails done and as a result was able to make a small contribution to the conversation when asked which not only did no harm to his credentials as a girl but raised approving nods from the other girls. That seemed to clinch it – he was accepted.
Jack picked up some more information as they walked, it was a small but exclusive gated community of twenty or so elegant houses spaced well apart  all of the houses were staffed by girls like his walking companions. In the middle distance Jack saw another girl walking a dog on the other side of the road he noticed she seemed to be hobbling somewhat. He thought it strange that the other girls didn’t call to her. As she got closer he noticed her head was bowed and she wore ankle cuffs with a tight chain running from one ankle to the other. The lead from the dog’s collar was attached to a collar around her own neck. He was shocked and was about to say something when Sally cut him off.
“Just look straight ahead” she said.
After they passed the girl Sally explained.
“That’s Jill she tried to leave the community without permission and her mistress is punishing her. We’re not allowed to speak to her until she completes her punishment. Her mistress is particularly strict on these matters.”
The three girls giggled as they saw Jack’s mouth remain open.
“It’s not as bad as it seems, we all receive punishments now and then, we usually deserve it and it’s for our own good. There is no malice on the mistresses’ part and it probably makes us better servants. As my mistress says ‘spare the rod and spoil the maid’”.
“You mean you get beaten?” he said incredulously.
“Not beaten in a violent way, if we break rules or are careless in our grooming for example we are punished it depends on the offence, Jill’s mistress thought her infraction serious enough to warrant ankle chains another mistress may have caned or paddled her. It’s all in the rule book so once you follow the rules you’ll be ok. We accept that sometimes a mistress has to be strict after all you can’t have maids doing whatever they want or wearing any type of clothes they feel they should wear. What kind of servant would that be? Don’t worry you’ll soon get used to it.”
Jack was still getting over the shock of seeing Jill as the girls made their way into one of the houses through the back door. He found out this was the only way servants should enter a house unless specifically given permission to use the front door as Sally had been given earlier when she called to Mrs Quinn’s house. This was Angie’s mistress’s home and it was a regular occurrence for maids to meet in one house or other after walking their mistresses’ dogs. The dogs we left outside as Angie made tea in the large kitchen. They sat and gossiped and only made a passing reference to Jill which amazed Jack but he remained silent apart from the odd contribution to the conversation about fashion which he had picked up from Rose or girls in his class in order to lend some credibility to “Elizabeth”. Angie asked him if he’d like to see her room and he’d thought it would look odd if Elizabeth’s natural female curiosity was not evident. The other two remained in the kitchen while Jack accompanied her upstairs.
The room was bright and very roomy, elegantly decorated a large bed with a pale blue satin quilt and matching pillows dominated the room, the dressing table was antique mahogany with matching seat. Knowing the girls background he could see why they put up with the strict regimen.
“It’s a lovely room” he said hoping it sounded girly enough.
“Come sit on the bed and see how comfortable it is” Angie said softly.
Thinking he’d better play along, he did so.
“You’re a very attractive girl” she whispered her hand rubbing his thigh through his uniform dress.
Jack got flustered, Pamela was different she knew what he was, it wouldn’t take Angie too long to discover his secret. He tried to get up but her strength pushed him back onto the bed and her hands groped his breasts.
“A big girl for your age” she giggled as her other hand made its way up his dress.
“I thought you might get up to something” Sally’s voice hissed from the door “you never could resist fresh meat. Madam will be back shortly, do you want Elizabeth walking in ankle chains for the rest of the weekend?”
“I suppose you’re right” Angie said a hint of regret in her voice “but don’t you go taking her for yourself”
“C’mon” Sally said “we need to get back before your mistress arrives home”
“No hard feelings?” Angie said to Jack.
“No, it’s ok” Jack lied, the hard feelings he had were tucked firmly in his girdle.
On the way home Sally admonished herself for not warning Jack beforehand about Angie, he was just so relieved he brushed it off telling her it was ok. When they arrived at the back door she gave him a girly hug and before he knew it her mouth searched out his. It only lasted a few seconds before she drew away and left him standing there, mouth open, wanting more.
“I’m sure we’ll be in touch” she said as she led her dog back towards the road.
He left Princess in her kennel and entered the house through the back door now knowing this was the correct protocol for servants. He sat at the kitchen table his mind in a whirl trying to digest the events of the last few hours. He was flattered that both Angie and Sally found him attractive even as a girl but disturbed his masculinity was so easily disguised, no doubt these damm breasts were the major contributing factor he thought having to adjust the bra once more . On the plus side he got away with the deception but more importantly it was the first time since he settled here with his mother that he had made friends. The girls, even Angie, were really friendly and once he knew his secret wouldn’t be discovered he enjoyed their company, talking about stupid things like fashion and make-up was a small price to pay for making new friends. They were the complete opposite from Pamela and her gang of bullying, sneering and arrogant rich kids. The girls’ situation was strange but it was their choice he thought, nobody forced them into it, they were happy and seemed to think it was a fair deal despite the punishments which they readily accepted as part of their contract.
His situation was different, he was forced into this preposterous charade and thankfully it was only for the weekend. Imagine in this day and age getting caned for some little infringement of a dumb rule. It was ridiculous, girls might accept that sort of thing but he’d never would. No way, not in a million years. The more he thought about it the more ludicrous his situation was, dressed as a girl, being trained as a maid for a stupid play. What a nerve these women had. He ought to storm up right now to Mrs Quinn and demand his clothes back. Just then a new but increasingly familiar sound rang out in the quietness of the kitchen. The servant’s bell.
“That must be Madam or Miss Pamela” he said to himself “I’d better hurry.”
To be continued.


Anonymous said...

oh, "the rule book!!" I am really thrilled how pamela makes the rule book which is eloborately demeaning Jack, pushes him into web of feminine, humiliating nightmare. Great, Carrie.

rocketdave said...

It might be a bit cliche to say so, but this has certainly been worth the wait. Besides, three weeks hardly seems that bad from my perspective, especially taking into account the fact that some writers can take months or even years to update their stories, if they ever do at all. If I were trying to write something, I hate to think how slowly I'd be producing chapters. It takes me an interminably long time just to compose a simple email.

Every time I keep imagining there can't be anything new to add to this plot, Carrie, you keep finding all these interesting avenues, such as the introduction of the other maid characters in this installment. And back when this thing started, I had a difficult time envisioning this going much further past the point where Jack is initially feminized.

The very ending of this installment is particularly amusing, when Jack's momentary desire to rebel is abruptly extinguished by the training that's been drilled into him. His confidence that he won't allow himself to be punished in the manner of the other maids also makes me laugh, as I'm fairly certain he'll be proven wrong about that before too long.

Anonymous said...

"Lucky Girl" here - fantastic Carrie, this episode opens up all sorts of new possibilities. And we haven't even seen Pamela's Aunt Georgina return home yet - nor of course her own maids. And then there's Jack's mother, and Rose, and.... who else might Carrie bring into the action to add to Jack's torment? This really could run and run.

I'm definitely going to hold back on my promised "Back to School" episodes, whilst we see how long Jack remains as Elizabeth. Will he/she stay on in Georgina Fairfax's household after the weekend, whilst presumably Pamela will need to be back in school?
Will he/she end up signing a four-year contract like the other neighbouring servants and not return to the Stuyvesant Academy at all?

We'll have to wait and see, won't we? But please Carrie, please don't keep us waiting three weeks next time!!! This is the best male maid story I think I've ever read!


Anonymous said...

This is fantastic. Cannot wait for next instalment and see what happens when the 'battle axe' comes home with all her other maids. Also what Jack's mother will say when she sees what a convincing daughter she now has.
She might prefer to have daughter Elizabeth, working and earning some money, in place of Jack. Please keep this amazing story going.

Carrie P said...

Thanks Dave, LG and Anons for the comments it’s good to know that you have enjoyed it so far and your words have made the effort to write it worthwhile. LG, I’m afraid it will be at least a month before I can publish another episode and it could be the last in this strand but I’m still not sure, we’ll see. Dave put it very well when he mentioned the difficulties he has when it comes to even composing an e mail. It describes me exactly. Sometimes it just flows and there are times it takes me forever to write a paragraph, the ending to the last chapter was a case in point. I mulled over various endings for days and then the one used just came to me in five minutes. Plus there’s a lot of issues going on in my life just now which doesn’t exactly help.
Anyway hopefully there’s a bit to go yet, Mrs Fairfax does sound an interesting character and she may be worth exploring, I don’t know if it’s practical to see Rose make a reappearance as she started all this. I’m still not sure that it’s a good idea to introduce too many Dommes as that particular space may get a bit crowded but on the other hand new Dommes can spice things up if they have the right qualities. I’d only wish Bea had made him 16/17 , 14 is a bit weird for me but I reckon he must be 15 by now.
Something I’ve meant to mention before. I’m very aware that Bea’s readers are from all over the English speaking world but mainly in the US, there are words/phrases that are not common to all. I’ve tried to avoid this as much as possible. A practical example there may be a part of the story in the future where the school is on a break , in Ireland/UK it’s called mid/half- term in the US it’s Spring break I believe ( what’s the Autumn/Fall version?) don’t know what they’re called in South Africa, India, Australia etc. There are several of these, eg, Ireland/UK it’s the back garden, US – the back yard, Ire/UK pavement, US sidewalk, Ire/UK arse, US – ass and many more so hopefully wherever you are it will make sense but maybe that’s a minor issue. Just thought I’d mention it.
I’ve started on part 4 but as mentioned I know it will take a while so bear with me.

Anonymous said...

That's no problem Carrie, much better to wait and have another really great episode. Thus far your "Amongst Women" theme has developed beautifully from the earlier "Rose and Jack" saga and it would be a shame to spoil it by rushing.

I'll be away travelling for the latter part of July but I will definitely want to pick up my "Back to School" sub-plot (excuse the pun!) when I get back early August. As I said in an earlier comment, I don't like to think that these young people are neglecting their education - even if, at this stage, they focus mainly on the particular skills they will need for their chosen career.

But I'm anxious not to cut across Carrie's "Amongst Women" theme, so will wait until August to see how far that has developed before I start writing.

Have a great summer and, one way or another, there'll be plenty more of Bea's "wee bit of fun" for readers to enjoy as the nights draw in.

Love and kisses, "Lucky Girl"

Anonymous said...

Hi, this is a brilliant story, I love the way Jack is getting more and more used to being Elizabeth the maid. I guess there's a whole lot of us out there who would love to be in his shoes (yes, the ones with high heels!), a favourite fantasy of mine that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

Very very nice!

A Kiss,

Anonymous said...

As Colette says this is very nice story. Love the way the women all are ganged up on Jack, seems they are showing each other there best ways to humilliate him. "Among Women" sums it up not sure what would happen next if a man came on the scene. So many scenarios come to mind and love the way the story unfolds.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic story, getting better all the time. Please keep going x

Gina Vizavi said...

Enjoyable read, please do continue.

Anonymous said...

Gina, I guess we may have to wait a while for Carrie to share the next instalment with us. She creates such a clever and convincing story but it obviously does take time.
So we must be patient, although personally I can't wait to see where this story goes next - especially when Miss Fairfax and her other maids return from their weekend away...
Is Jack going to find himself trapped as a contracted maid in the Fairfax/Quinn household for four years? Or will his mom intervene and insist he returns to school after this bizarre weekend?And, if he does go back to continue his education, how will he cope with Miss Pamela's relentless teasing after having shown himself to be so well suited to serving as her family's parlourmaid?
There are so many unanswered questions in this amazing and fantastic saga! Good luck with the next episode Carrie and thank you so very much for what you've written so far. LG x

Maid Brenda said...

This is such a great site. Are there more writers out there with the Maid Theme that are willing to write on this site. Keep up the great work Kind regards Maid Brenda

Anonymous said...

I agree Maid Brenda, its a really interesting theme. Having worked as a parlourmaid for a number of Mistresses, I've found being in service to be liberating as well as humiliating. Its also very satisfying to wear attractive uniforms and keep them in pristine condition so that Madam is pleased with my appearance. After a while you get to the point where you want to remain as a maid and not return to a dreary male existence. I guess Jack is starting to feel this way in Carrie's excellent "Amongst Women" story. Best of all is to be put in a situation when you are deprived of any male clothing and are left wondering whether you will have to remain as a maid for hours or days. Or months or years! Lets try and keep Bea's wonderful Maid theme going, it has such delicious potential... LG x

Anonymous said...

Look forward for the next part of this very true story, it is just like we would like to be I think.

Anonymous said...

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