Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Story Update

Hi All

A short note to let you know I have a most of Chapter 4 written (so far it’s a bit longer than Chapter 3 BUT quantity doesn’t mean quality, you will have to be the judges of that). I thought this would be the last one but it took on a life of its own and I just followed it. So there will be a Chapter 5 also.Right now I need to figure out a way to tie up this episode before I publish it. Hopefully that should be within the next 7 days maybe earlier if I get a decent run at it.
 The inspiration(a very glam mother and snooty daughter) for both Mrs Quinn’s and Pamela’s characters have been missing from my gym for the last week which also doesn’t help, on the plus side I’m now less likely to fall off a treadmill or get a hernia and can now safely visit the sauna.

Thanks again for all the kind comments.



Anonymous said...

Can't wait Carrie - just make sure you don't get Carried away by the mother and daughter at your gym. I'm sure they'd make a maid of you if they got half a chance! LG x

Anonymous said...

Mistress and myself are both waiting for Part 4 of this story. Mistress is now making me read Parts 1-3 to her in the evenings while she is relaxing after dinner. I am required to wear my formal waitress uniform for serving dinner to her and to any guests she has invited, and I now have to remain in the uniform after clearing away and serving coffee so that Madam can hear me reading this story. Sometimes she asks me what I hope will happen next and last week I said I thought Jack will be asked to stay with Mrs Quinn and her sister as she is such a good maid. Madam then said that she didn't think he could be as good as me which made me very happy.
Maid Nancy x