Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Mother's Love

While we're waiting for the next part of Carrie's excellent "Amongst Women,"  here's one of Bea's short stories.  I selected one that I couldn't find elsewhere on the net, so perhaps it will be new to a few of you.


By Bea

"So? I didn't knock? I'm sorry. Mother's have other things on their minds than a son's embarrassment! So? You're nude. I've seen your pee-pee many times darling and anyway, the way you're sitting there with your hands covering it, what's to see? Is that water cold? Let me check.

Ah. Thought so! You'll catch your death of cold! Let me warm it up for you. And while I'm at it?

Please stop complaining. I gave you these bath salts months ago and you've hardly used them! They do NOT smell feminine! Well they do have a pleasant scent, but it's barely noticeable once you're dry and have your clothes on. See? The whole bathroom smells nicer already!

The reason I'm here? Well, I really hate to ask. . . ?

Yes. I know I promised! But it's really very difficult sometimes. Yes. You don't need to tell me how many dress forms I have! It's just that for certain jobs a live body is needed, and you're perfect for the dress and lingerie I've been making.

Oh stop making such a fuss! You'd think I was asking you to do something awful! I just need you to help your poor mother out of a jam.

Darling? I know I promised. No need to remind me. I'm embarrassed enough as it is. But I have my reputation to consider. I guarantee a perfect fit for the clothes I make, and I'm really having problems with this dress. I mean, I truly don't want to ask you but . .

No! For your information, it's a very plain outfit. Not at all like the bridesmaids gown that you made such a fuss about the last time - and even YOU have to admit how cute you looked in it! That girl was green with envy!

So? You have a date with Elaine tonight? What time? Dear, it's barely four o'clock now - that'll give me three whole hours - plenty of time!

No dear. I'm sorry. No way can you model the dress without the lingerie! No!

That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard! For one thing? Your jockey shorts are a lot thicker material and they'd show up under the material of the dress. . .

It makes a difference to ME! You're just being silly. I need you to wear the lingerie too. Make sure it fits properly, and it provides a good base for the dress. I mean, how would you expect me to give you a bust? Stick paper towels inside your dress? You ARE going to wear a bra. I'm not about to have you model a dress for me with it flapping all about you because you don't have a bust.

No! I didn't mean that I want you to model it for the customer the way you did with the bridesmaids dress. Yes - I promise sincerely that you will not be asked to model it for the customer today. A mother's word of honor! That better?

Yes. You're right for a change. I'll want you to wear heels. Yes, you have to wear stockings, I'm not having you wear my shoes with your bare feet. Don't be silly! Anyway? A garter belt is part of the lingerie set I've made. I can't have you walking about in a dress with the suspender straps from the belt hanging down all higgly- piggly, can I? Probably show under the lines of the dress. Look awful!

Let me explain. I need you to wear shoes so that I can get the hem height checked. You are NOT going to wear my shoes without some type of stocking. If I let you wear sockettes as you suggest, it would be ridiculous for you to wear the garter belt . So? You need high heels for the height I want you to be. You need to wear something that will protect the shoes that makes you that height. A garter belt is part of the set I made and need to see on you. It can be used to hold your stockings up. Am I making this perfectly clear?

Hush dear! I'm starting to get aggravated. Just finish your bath. Call me when you're finished drying yourself.

Finished darling? Let's get out of that water then. Let mummy dry you. See? I've even brought up the big big towel that you like.

Dear! Get out of that bloody bath! I've dried you before! Now see what you're doing to me? Aggravating me beyond all endurance!

Please stop whining darling. Yes. I know I said for you to call me when you were finished. But I got to thinking about it. Wasn't it you that tried to run away, not that long ago? Run away when I wanted you to model that afternoon frock for me? Honestly, you men! Think putting on a pretty dress would kill you. I'm just making sure that I don't lose you, that's all.

Yes. Look and see. I'm holding the towel up. My, you've become so modest! Honestly!

Put your hands DOWN! For goodness sake! I love to dry you, and it's not often I get the pleasure any more. You feel so nice and soft. Smell nice too. There, that didn't take long, did it? Now let me put a little powder on you.

Complain, complain, complain! Yes, it's girl's powder - but it's the same as the bath salts you used. And it'll stop you chafing. Let me see your underarms. Good! You've been keeping them shaved just like I asked. Thank goodness you're like your father. He didn't have much body hair either. Let's see your legs now that I think of it.

Fine! You don't know how lucky you are! Lots of girls would love to have nice smooth hairless legs like that without having to shave all the time! But let's get into your bedroom. Start getting you dressed. Here. Wrap the towel around you. See? You've just been teasing mummy, haven't you? I can see that little tent you're making.

There's the lingerie on top of the bed. Why don't you put the panties on under the towel if you want to persist in being shy!. Good! Bet they feel nice on, don't they? Now hold your arms out so that I can get your bra on. Good girl!

Oh I'm SORRY for goodness sake! But think how stupid I'd feel if I say, good boy when I'm putting your bra on. Be sensible, would you? There, you're all fastened in. Let me adjust that shoulder strap, would you? Comfy? That shade of pink really suits you, and the bra uplift really helps to display your breasts. Very nice! Now lets get your slip on. Yes, over your head - that's it! Now lets get that towel down and off. There! Isn't that nice! Honestly dear, I don't understand why you complain so much, you make such a nice looking girl!

Oh stop it! Anyone would think that you couldn't accept a compliment. Your surliness does not become you dear. Now straighten up and stop slouching. Hmm. Still have that little tent at the front do we? Well These panties you have on? Lift your slip and let me see. Now I'll do this - but as you're in such a touchy mood today, I'll let you do it if you want. See that little bag thing at the front of your panties? Put your penis in it. Yes it's a new idea I copied from panties that these men wear who like to dress in nice clothes. It's called a cache.

Now go and lie face down on the bed dear. Please do as your told! Yes, you're going to have to wear your plug again. It's the only way I can get you to walk properly. Now where did I put that gel?

I know it's degrading dear. I know. But I've tried and tried but you just won't learn to walk properly. Of course I mean like a girl! If you're going to wear a dress, do you think I want you walking like a boy? My fingers aren't too cold, are they? Oh, it's the gel, that's what it is. But you need it dear to help the plug go into place. Come on now. Be a good girl . .

Oh don't start that again! Just relax and stop being so difficult!  There! Almost in. Just relax a little bit more. That's it. Now let me tie this thing to it.

What am I doing? Well this will help get rid of that unsightly bulge at the front of your slip. Tell me if it gets too tight. Oh stop complaining! It can't be that bad! There!

Stop complaining would you (giggle). I couldn't resist it. You really do have such a nice little backside. Nice and white and soft. Couldn't resist giving it a little spank!

Keep that up young lady and it'll be a proper spanking. Is that what you want?

Well, it's what you're going to get if you keep on acting this way. Now get your stockings on. Make sure you don't get runs in them this time!

Finally! Took you forever to get your stockings on. You'd think you'd never worn any before. Okay - now walk down to the end of the room and then come back.

Dear? If you don't try and walk properly? I have some more butt plugs - a LOT bigger than the one you're using. Maybe that will - ah! Much better! You know? I think a full length slip is one of the prettiest garments for a woman. Don't you agree? Now let's see about getting your makeup on.

I'm not going to warn you again! Just for that? Go over to the dressing table and put some perfume on! Now!

Don't waste your tears on me! You should have thought of that before. So your girlfriend smells a little perfume on you? Big deal! Now? A little on your wrists too missy!

You'd think you'd be grateful that I'm making you up. Don't you think how bad you'd look if I had you put it on yourself? I mean look at yourself in the mirror! Once you have your dress on? Why you'll look just like a girl in a dress - not a boy in a dress. That's a new lipstick I thought would suit you. Very appropriate - Miss Prissy it's called. But let me put some more eyeshadow there. Want to put your blusher on for mummy? There's a girl! See how good you're becoming at putting your makeup on? Just as a little reward? Let me see you touching up your lipstick.

Honestly? You've no idea of how happy I am when you behave properly. Stop all that macho posturing. Now, if you don't mind? I've an idea for that hair of yours.

You know, I hadn't realized it before but since you've been letting Elaine do your hair for you it's become quite androgynous.

No silly! I'm not knocking her. I know she's only learning to do hair, but like I just said? Let me get my hot curling iron. Throw a few curls in there? You'll be drop dead gorgeous!"

Please don't start that again. I'm only going to curl your hair - not perm it. It'll wash out before you know it. Just sit there until I get back.

There! That wasn't so bad, was it? Well maybe I did get carried away - but you must admit that the style suits you a lot better now.

Oh don't be such a killjoy! If you'd wipe that grumpy, sad assed, look off your face and smile - you'd make such a pretty girl! Now, lets have a look at those nails of yours!

They're very nice you know. Does that polish have a touch of pink in it? Well? Don't glare at me! It's Elaine that's been doing your nails, isn't it?

I'm SORRY! I'm probably wrong! If she says it's a clear polish then she's right and I'm wrong! I'm sorry! But anyway? It doesn't go with your lipstick. Let's put a coat on. It's fast drying . . .

Two reasons! One, I don't care what Elaine gets mad about! I'm your mother, and if I say you're gonna wear miss Prissy lipstick an matching nail polish? That's what you're going to do! Two! I'm the one that decides what you're going to look like when you model a dress for me - and if I say you need nail polish? That's the end of it. Got it?

See? Wasn't your old mom right? Don't tell me that you don't think that's better!

You know? I get so damn frustrated at times! I mean, you're my son and all that, and I love you. But let's face it dear, you are a bit on the puny side. Get all that teasing because you're girlish looking. Can't get a job because you've no skills - and yet you persist in going for jobs that need muscles! And look at you now! Could get a job as a salesgirl in a good dress store any time you wanted. Your voice is nice and soft when you want it to be - get a job as a receptionist just like THAT!

Don't snort at ME! How do you know that Elaine would mind? I mean she's a nice girl and all that, but don't you find her bossy? I mean, you're good about the house, and she's got no interest along those lines. She's making nice money, so you could afford to stay home.

Ha ha! Very funny! Of course I've heard that old wife's tale about men marrying their mothers. But I'm really not bossy. I just make suggestions for your own good!

Well it's nice to hear that you can laugh! You look so much more attractive when you have a happy face, even though I thought I heard a note of sarcasm in that laugh. Yes? See, I can take a joke, just like anyone else. But come on dear, enough of this chatter. Let's get your dress on.

Told you it was a nice plain one, didn't I? Just step into it and push your arms into the sleeves. I'll hoist it on to you and fasten it at the back. Quite a lot of fasteners I'm afraid.

You know? This close to you, you smell so nice and feel so soft. Just like the daughter I always wanted. Oh stop blushing! Wasn't sure. But this black suits you!

Walk away from me a little, would you? That skirt is a little more full than I thought. Glad I made this petticoat just in case. Lift your skirt, would you dear? I'll spread the petticoat for you. Now step into it. There, that's a girl! I'll fasten the ties at your waist. Good! Now drop your skirt - don't want it getting all crinkled now, do we? So walk away again dear. Thanks.

That is really nice, though I say it myself! See? When you walk properly like that? The petticoats just swish around your legs in such a delightful way! Doesn't that feel lovely?

Okay! Don't admit it. But I can tell from that little smile on your face that you love it! Of course I know that it's the butt plug that's making you walk like that! Just trying to point out that if you walked
that way voluntarily, you'd get those lovely swishy feelings all the time!

But just a few things more. Here. Let me tie this around your waist.  Ridiculous that I have to tie a bow for you!

It's an apron silly! What did you think it was?

Well? It's not made to be functional silly. Just a little lace apron to set off the dress - and this matching cap. Isn't it the cutest thing? Let me pin it on you.

Now. Step into your shoes. Yes. As a matter of fact they are new. More comfortable than mine? Yes, they should be. I bought them specially for you.

Oh stop with the questions! Can you curtsey your old mum?

Because I want you to! That's why.

Not bad. Not bad at all! Just lock your right foot behind the left and do it again. Very good! But, look the person you're curtseying straight in the eye. Don't be looking down at the carpet! Think you can reme . .

Oh, there goes the door bell! Didn't realize it was that time already! Be a good girl and answer it. Would you pet?

Why, didn't I tell you? It's Elaine and her mother coming over for drinks before dinner. This way, I'll get to know Elaine much better - and her mother will get to know the REAL you!

The End


Anonymous said...

What a lovely story, the start of a beautiful relationship between Elaine and her new maid. Are there some more stories like this one on this site?

Anonymous said...

Lovely story. The use of the butt plug to enhance the erotic sensation while increasing the humiliation is a classic, while the impending sense of utter loss of control preparing for the arrival if Elaine and her mother! Delicious.

lacysissy said...

Great story. Thanks for sharing it. I love Bea's writing.

Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful story.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic - I love the thought of our beautiful maid answering the front door to his girlfriend and her mother. What a delicious moment!!
Love and kisses,
"Lucky Girl"

Anonymous said...

Bea at her brilliant beautiful best - can we have some more like this.

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