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Amongst Women Chapter 4

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Below is Part 4 of Amongst Women. Thanks as usual to all those who took the time to comment, it’s great to hear what people make of it( good or bad) and I appreciate it so much. Thanks also to those who’ve expressed their interest in reading more. I’ve said before I wish Jack was a little older - in truth I see him as at least 17 even though Bea had him at 14/15 otherwise parts of this story could be construed as abuse- at times I’m a little uncomfortable writing parts of it. Having said that as a 15 year old I would have loved to have had his experiences.

 I mentioned in my Story Update post that this chapter was a little longer than the last one , well turns out it’s a lot longer –almost by a third. I’m not a big fan of really long episodes – short attention span – and I tried to edit it to about the usual 5500- 6500 words but I would have to rewrite whole sections and that would take far too long. For better or worse I just got sucked in to parts where I probably should have been more disciplined about following a different path. I promised it within a week of the post- so I let it be. I reckon the next chapter will close this particular storyline not sure when I’ll be able to finish it, I’ll try to get it done asap but realistically it will be  at least a month- well I’m being a bit presumptuous that is of course if people like or want it. This chapter may well be a turkey. Hope I corrected all the typos.

Anyway enough drivel.

Part 4 is below – let me know what you think.
Amongst Women Chapter 4
by Carrie P
Thoughts of rebellion disappeared when the tinny sound of the servant’s bell reached his new domain below stairs, another stark reminder as if he needed one of his new lowly status in the household. Spending time and chatting with the girls he had lifted his mood but now he had returned to his place of confinement and servitude he would have to revert to servant mode once more. He made his way to the living room with a heavy heart.
“You rang Madam” he said almost forgetting to curtsy but instinct kicked in and he remembered just in time.
“Yes Elizabeth and I have been ringing for several minutes. You were told we would return at eight thirty it is now eight forty. What have you to say for yourself girl”
Jack noticed Pamela sitting next to her mother with a smirk on her face. He genuinely had not heard the bell and under different circumstances would have lashed out. He was in no position to argue he lowered his eyes.
“I’m sorry Madam, I forgot my watch.” he said nervously.
“I see it’s not the only thing you’ve forgotten” Pamela chipped in.
Jack looked blankly at the two women.
“Your cap and apron!” Mrs Quinn said helpfully.
“I’m sorry Madam” Jack stammered cursing himself “when I heard the bell I rushed to answer it and forgot to put them on”
“Forgetfulness in a new maidservant is not a very good trait Mother” Pamela smugly informed her mother.
“Quite right Pamela” she agreed.
Jack was getting increasingly nervous and tried to remedy the situation.
“I’m very sorry Madam, it won’t happen again” he said and curtsied for good measure.
“I sincerely hope it doesn’t” Mrs Quinn said.
“It won’t Madam, Thank you Madam” Jack said and curtsied to show his remorse and gratitude.
“But I feel you need a reminder to ensure we don’t have a reoccurrence. It’s most important that servant girls are always available to their mistress when on duty and most importantly properly dressed at all times. Tardiness in a maid should be discouraged. Don’t you agree?”
Jack again looked blankly at them but felt he had no choice but to agree.
“Yes Madam”
“The umbrella stand in the hallway contains a number of canes and paddles bring the paddle with the blue handle.” Mrs Quinn ordered.
Jack stood rooted to the spot not believing what he had heard.
“Quickly girl or it will be worse for you” she snapped.
Jack returned with the paddle his hand shaking as he handed it to her.
“As this is your first offence I won’t be too hard on you, now bend over the chair and raise your dress like a good girl” she said in a softer tone.
Jack still in a daze and with no recourse to appeal did as commanded, draping himself over the chair he sheepishly pulled his slip and dress over his hips. Pamela positioned herself on the couch opposite, their faces within a few feet of each other.
“You will receive 10 light strokes and do not move from your position until you are given permission. After each stroke you will repeat the following
‘A maid must be capped and aproned at all times’
“Is that clear?”
“Yes Madam” Jack responded meekly, his face now within inches of Pamela’s.  Despite the tears welling up he noticed her breathing quicken and as it did so her breasts very noticeably rose and fell with each inhale and exhale.
WHACK -the first stroke landed, the flat loud noise of the paddle landing on his rear end rang out in the church like silence of the living room however the formidable girdle he had been forced to wear softened the paddle’s impact and it barely registered with Jack.
“A maid must be capped and aproned at all times” he said as demanded.
WHACK the second stroke landed and again the noise affected Jack more than the actual stroke itself.
“A maid must be capped and aproned at all times” he sobbed, degradation now washing over him, he felt unable to hold back the tears any longer and sobbed as he heard himself utter the humiliating words. He never thought he would hear himself say it but he was grateful that he was wearing such a ghastly garment as his girdle otherwise the pain would have been much worse.
And so it went on Mrs Quinn delivering the humiliating blows, Jack repeating the shameful phrase and Pamela delighting in his tearful, compliant and submissive demeanour
After he uttered the demeaning words for the tenth time he was allowed up as he quickly rearranged his slip and dress, she handed him a handkerchief with her embroidered initials.
“Now dry your eyes and you may keep my handkerchief as a memento. I do hope that I won’t have to do this again Elizabeth it’s not a pleasant experience for either of us but hopefully you won’t be so forgetful in the future.”
“No Madam” Jack said and for some reason curtsied and added “Thank you Madam”
“Elizabeth was very brave, wasn’t she Pamela?” she said.
Because of the tears of shame running down his cheeks during his punishment Jack was unable to discern the look on Pamela’s face however he now noticed her flushed facial expression and her breathing had quickened somewhat. Even though she was seated she seemed to be rocking gently forward and back with her thighs held tightly together.
“Y…yes….yes… very brave mother” Pamela said her voice cracked and barely audible.
Jack thought what’s wrong with her I’m the one who got the spanking. Mrs Quinn returned to Jack.
“Very well then Elizabeth you may go. Put on your apron and cap and return to the kitchen and wait until I ring for you.”
Jack curtsied and quickly made for the door but Mrs Quinn stopped him in his tracks just as he reached it.
“Oh Elizabeth”
“Yes Madam” he croaked wondering what he had done now.
“Please return the implement to where you got it.” she said, pointing at the paddle she had placed on the chair.
Having to walk across the room and retrieve the instrument of his chastisement under the commanding gaze of Mrs Quinn was a cause of further embarrassment. As he picked it up he observed that Pamela’s expression seemed to have returned to its usual one of disdain. He curtsied but decided to make sure and wait until he received a direct signal he could now leave. Mrs Quinn duly gave him an approving nod, he again curtsied and left.
Having got rid of the paddle he returned to his room and donned the hated cap and apron, he also decided that he’d better replace the flats with his heels.
He was left in the kitchen for quite some time before the now horrible sound of his mistress’s bell assail his ears summoning him to present himself. Madam and Miss Pamela required tea, a ritual to which he was becoming used to. He returned and expertly arranged the tea service on the table in front of them, curtsied and removed himself to his designated position at the window while they sipped their tea and engaged in small talk as if nothing out of the ordinary had just happened. Finally Madam spoke.
“You may clear away now Elizabeth and after you have completed whatever maids do in the kitchen report to my room, it is the one next to yours.”
“Mother I want him to attend me.” Pamela snorted in a sullen voice.
“That would not be appropriate at this time Pamela, perhaps when she is sufficiently trained I may consider it. Now off you go to bed”
 Still reeling from his recent degrading experience, Madam’s reference to him as “she” did not have as much of an irritating effect as it had done previously and he certainly wasn’t going to object and risk another paddling. Jack left for the kitchen which seemed to becoming his second home and he thought from his conversations with his fellow maids earlier this was where they seemed to spend much of their time when they were not performing their servant’s duties in other parts of the house.
“Oh shit” he said out loud “I called them ‘fellow maids’ if I’m not careful I might end up thinking like one.”
After he had finished in the kitchen he made his way to Mrs Quinn’s bedroom, the clicking of his heels echoing through the stillness of the house. What does she want with me at this stage he mused, probably just want to let me know what’s happening tomorrow, he thought. He was grateful that she had dismissed Pamela’s suggestion immediately, he could only imagine what she would have done, probably tried to give him another paddling. He figured he’d better make sure everything was perfect he didn’t want to go through that again. Standing in front of the mirror in the hall he made sure his uniform was immaculate, he adjusted his apron slightly and ensured there was a nice bow at the back, he removed his cap and smoothened his hair then replaced the cap to his satisfaction and before he could stop himself gave a little twirl just like he saw girls do when checking themselves. Even though no one observed him he blushed at what he had just done and admonished himself for such a flourish of femininity. He hurried up the stairs, the tightness and length of the girdle beneath his dress restricting his stride so that he had to take more steps to cover the same distance. He knew he looked ridiculous mincing along like one of those bimbos in heels he often saw at the mall.  
He nervously knocked at Madam’s door and waited until he heard her say
The room was much larger than his and dominated by a very large antique bed covered in a pale rose satin quilt with several matching pillows arranged over the bolster. Comfortable chairs stood either side of the large bay window and a chaise longue sat at the end of the bed. The overall effect was one of understated luxury and very feminine. For the first time he noticed that there was an interconnecting door between the rooms. Madam sat at her dressing table removing her jewellery when he entered. He curtsied automatically, Mrs Quinn remarked with quiet satisfaction to herself that curtsying was now becoming a more or less natural act for him. She gave him a warm smile and beckoned him to approach.
“Despite your little faux pas this evening Elizabeth which by the way is now behind us, I want you to know I am very pleased with you. You have exceeded all my expectations I doubt if anyone could have done as well.” she said in a soft voice.
Jack was delighted, on entering he didn’t know what to expect and now Madam had heaped lavish praise on him. He was so relieved he curtsied again.
“Thank you Madam” he replied a faint hint of pride in his voice.
“As you may be aware up to now you have been performing duties usually associated with a house or parlour maid and you have done them very well I may add” she congratulated him again “however now you will attend me on a more individual or intimate level. Do you know what name is given to a maidservant who undertakes such a personal service to her mistress?”
Jack, too ashamed to admit he knew the answer lied
“No Madam”
“Oh Elizabeth you have so much to learn and I do look forward to training you” she gushed enthusiastically before giving him the answer “a lady’s maid.”
 ‘A lady’s maid!, training!’ he thought I really don’t like the sound of that at all, this was only meant to last a few hours, a day at the outside and then only to help Pamela with her stupid play and to get Miss Strang and his mother off his back in doing something for the school. Now Madam wants to train me to be a lady’s maid. Am I the only sane one here?
“You may as well begin now, come here and help undress me, start with the buttons at the back of my blouse.” she ordered.
The memory of performing a similar function with Rose came suddenly to mind and he remembered that she had a more lenient attitude towards him when he carried out his duties in a compliant and docile manner. If she was pleased with his attitude he may be able to broach the subject of getting his clothes back and leave after the rehearsal tomorrow. He undid the buttons as ordered and she slipped it off to reveal a grey satin slip beneath, he could discern the broad straps of what he knew to be a corselette underneath. She casually let the blouse drop to the floor and said
“Now unzip my skirt.”
He unzipped the grey pencil skirt which he had to gently tug to help free it from her hips before it too joined the blouse on the floor. She stepped out of the crumpled skirt, at once and without being told he bent to gather both items and after folding lay them on the bed. This did not go unnoticed by Mrs Quinn, in an enthusiastic voice she beamed
“Excellent Elizabeth a good lady’s maid knows instinctively what her mistress requires of her. You would not believe how long it took me to break-in some girls. I think you will be so much easier to train and you’re a boy.”
He had no doubt Madam had meant this as a compliment but he was devastated by her words. It was obvious that even though a lady’s maid was a female occupation she now considered him a much better candidate for the position than a girl. The expression on her face seemed to convey a form of admiration for his aptitude for his new vocation and her words were delivered in such a warm and affectionate tone he immediately deduced that she required an appropriate response. There was only one answer and he delivered it in a somewhat deflated voice
“Thank you Madam”
“Now help me out of my slip” she said reverting to mistress mode.
He slipped of the shoulder straps and followed the same procedure as before, she stood before him in a white open bottomed corselette with satin panels front and rear, and her large breasts encased in their lace cups the six attached garters holding up her stockings. Even though he had been in her presence for several hours he was nevertheless taken aback by the statuesque figure clad now only in her foundation wear. As he laid the slip on the bed the phone rang and without instruction he lifted the receiver.
“Good evening, the Fairfax residence” he announced remembering that this was Madam’s sister’s house.
He recognised the voice at the other end establishing his identity.
“Yes Madam, Elizabeth Mrs Quinn’s maid”
“Ah yes Elizabeth, Emily’s new maid fetch your mistress girl.” Miss Fairfax snapped.
“Miss Fairfax Madam” he said handing the phone to her thinking what a dragon.
She took the phone and sitting on the bed began her conversation.
“Yes Georgina, Princess was taken for her walk. Of course Georgina …” the chatter went on as Jack just stood there not knowing what to do.
“Just a moment Georgina, Elizabeth hang up my blouse and skirt in the walk-in closet and put my slip in my lingerie drawer” she ordered with a wave of her hand and returned to her conversation “oh you know how it is with new girls I’m still only breaking her in.
Jack heard the words knowing they were describing him and filled with shame as he made his way to the closet. She was still jabbering on when he returned, he caught her eye and without interrupting her conversation she motioned him to get down on his knees and undo the ankle straps on her heels. Silently he adopted this subservient position and performed his latest menial assignment while she carried on as if this was the most natural thing in the world. After he had removed her shoes he began to get up but again and without interrupting the flow of her chat with her sister she signalled him with a cursory wave of her hand to remain on his knees. She stood up and still talking to Miss Fairfax pointed to her garters indicating him to unclasp them from her stocking tops. From his demeaning position his face was level with her groin and could smell her natural feminine odour wafting up his nostrils, his hands trembled slightly as he set delicately about his task. After he had finished she sat down on the bed and without prompting he rolled each of the stockings down her legs. She concluded the conversation with her sister shortly afterwards.
“You may get up now Elizabeth and unzip and help me out of my corselette” she announced.
His experience with Rose was certainly helping as he unzipped the corselette from the rear and began pulling it down her body, a pair of white almost translucent panties covered her ample but firm buttocks. As with Rose this part of his education while undoubtedly demeaning for any male also allowed a proximity to the female body which males his age could only fantasize about. The only unfortunate downside to this was the intense frustration that he could not touch the growing organ between his legs, the best he could do was discretely press his knees and thighs together in order to gain some relief and hope she would not spot his gyrations. With her back to him she told him to fetch her robe. He placed her perfumed nightgown and peignoir in the bathroom as instructed and was given a list of things to do while she showered.
After showering she emerged from the bathroom and sat at her dressing table. He immediately took up position next to her to await instructions. She handed him her hairbrush
“You may brush my hair” she said as if she was doing him a great favour adding “sixty perhaps seventy strokes ….slowly.”
He took the ivory handled brush and standing behind her began to brush her lustrous thick shoulder length dark brown hair and as he did so he felt a tingle run through his body and again he had to cautiously press his knees together to gain some semblance of relief from the surge between his legs. He found himself actually enjoying his task inhaling her wonderfully fragrant perfumed hair while gently stroking her magnificent mane. He was lost in this latest feminine activity when her voice suddenly interrupted his rhythm
“Have you done this before Elizabeth?”
“No Madam” he replied.
“No I don’t suppose boys do this to each other. You really are very good at it, not too rough but I doubt you would understand how difficult it is to get it just right. It took me days to train my last lady’s maid to brush it correctly and here are you doing it right first time.” she complimented him.
He did not raise his eyes to meet hers in the mirror and at a loss to know what to say he just about managed to say
“Thank you Madam”
“It is extraordinary the way you have taken to your new role, such an obedient and dutiful disposition, the way you helped me undress, how you curtsy perfectly.” she continued, extoling his new found talents “you surely must have been a lady’s maid in a previous life. I know your mother said you were a good actress but this is truly remarkable.”
Despite her praise he couldn’t help but feel it was yet another blow to his masculinity. He screamed inside, did she say actress?, a lady’s maid in a previous life! However he felt he had to respond positively to her flattery, swallowing hard he dug deep into his acting ability, smiled and said
“You’re very kind Madam”
“Now go to your room, use the connecting door, undress but before you put on your nightgown remove your make-up. Just use warm soapy water and return here.” she said dismissing him with a nod.
About time he thought as he curtsied and left. Much as he hated to admit it the nightgown, bad as it was, would finally free him from his dreadfully uncomfortable girdle and bra. He felt like a contortionist as he struggled with the zipper on his uniform eventually managing to get out of it. He managed the back zipper on the girdle with a little difficulty and quickly unclasped the garters rolling down the stockings.
“Phew!” he said out loud “now for the bra”
The bra took a little more time and although he was relieved that he was now free of the horrible garment the weight of the breast forms pulled his chest muscles down slightly causing some minor discomfort. Now he knew why women wore bras and had to admit if he was forced to keep these ridiculous breasts for the next two days he reluctantly would have to continue to wear a bra even if only for comfort’s sake. In the bathroom he got the make-up off easily and returning to the bedroom he quickly slipped the extravagant peach silk night gown with an overlay of chiffon over his head and put on the matching robe. He knew he’d better wear the kitten heeled slippers his mother also packed. The brush of the ultra- feminine against his skin immediately caused the stirrings of an erection. This was the last thing he wanted to happen right now, when this happened while he was girdled it didn’t show but now it would stand out like a tent pole within the flimsy material of the nightgown. What could he do?
 Football statistics, the play offs, concentrate on who played whom, when and where. It took a while but it finally subsided enough for him to return to Madam’s bedroom he just hoped he could keep it under control.  Without even thinking he checked his appearance in the mirror making sure he was presentable. After making minor adjustments to his robe and hair he returned to Madam’s room still concentrating on football.
“Very nice” she said as he reappeared “now come here and I’ll teach you how to clean off your make-up completely.”
For the next few minutes the two of them sat in front of the mirror each clad in the most feminine of nightgowns while she gave him a tutorial on make-up removal and skin care. As she rubbed and caressed oils and lotions into his skin she occasionally allowed her hand linger on his thigh while explaining the various procedures, it was fast becoming intolerable for him. He was beginning to lose the fight for control of his rising member.
“Now stand up I’d like to see what I can do with your hair” she announced much to his horror.
He tried to delay but she was having none of it.
“Oh do come along we haven’t all night” she said impatiently.
He had no option he stood and his rock hard organ proudly announced itself to Mrs Quinn through the flimsy material of his nightgown. He blushed furiously but her reaction wasn’t what he had expected.
“Oh dear, it seems you like your nightgown more than I thought” she said.
“I’m….sorry Madam, I, I….. don’t…know what….”he stammered.
“That’s all right Elizabeth, sometimes a girl’s little clitoris can get a bit excited, particularly if she wearing something as soft and luxuriously feminine as this. But now that you’re out of uniform maybe you should address me in a less formal manner. I suppose seeing that I am in locum parentis  perhaps you should call me Mummy” she said softly, fluffing up the chiffon outer layer of his nightgown and taking hold of his fully erect and engorged penis through the material squeezed it gently.
“Oooooooh” he whimpered as her grasp tightened as she continued,
“Your mother told me you are a sensitive boy and require a lot of mothering. Is that right Elizabeth?” she whispered giving him another gentle squeeze.
“…oooh…. yes ……Madam” he moaned.
“No, not Madam” she cooed, gently rubbing the tip with her thumb.
“A..aaaa…aaaaah, yes Mummy” he suddenly remembered, almost screaming from her touch.
“That’s a good girl” she said leading him to the bed by his erection relaxing and tightening her grip as she did so.
He was grateful to sit on the bed as he wasn’t sure how much longer his legs would hold him.
“You do know people are depending on you?” she said looking him directly in the eye and before he could answer continued
“your mother and Miss Strang to name but two but I too am depending on you. Pamela seems to like you and as I’ve mentioned she’s not … well, as soft and sensitive as you. I believe you could be instrumental in helping me guide her in a more…..feminine direction. So you will help me won’t you?”
Her hand flexed again as she moved it up the shaft, Jack winced and nodded his agreement.
“That’s a good girly boy, and you will promise do everything I say?” she whispered massaging it to an unbearable degree.
“Yes” he moaned.
“Yes what???” she asked.
“Yes Mummy” he barely managed.
“Good girl, now I suppose it’s time we got you to bed” she said and taking her discarded panties which lay on the bed she put her hand under his nightgown and with three expert strokes caused him to quake and convulse, with a final squeeze she brought him to a shuddering climax. He lay on the satin covered bed exhausted as she cleaned him thoroughly with the panties before fixing his nightgown.
“Just in case you decide to renege on your promise” she said holding the spoiled panties close to his face.
For the second time Jack had been betrayed by the little Judas between his legs. He should have known this would happen, he should have had more restraint. She had no need to expand on the sentence, he was now even further under her control.
“Now that I know that your little clitty gets excited by soft, feminine materials we don’t want you having another little accident while you’re sleeping now do we?” she said with a smile.
“No…… Mummy” he replied.
“Good girl” she said “I’m glad you agree, so in order to prevent another embarrassing little incident. We don’t want you messing up your beautiful nightgown so you will need to ensure your girly bits are nice and secure, isn’t that right”
He didn’t like where this conversation was going and had very little choice but to reply
“Yes Mummy”
His eyes followed her as she went to her lingerie drawer and returned with a garment of some sort of small box.
“Excellent, now you have a choice” she said as she laid out what he now knew to be a very tight high- waisted pink girdle and the small box on the bed.
She opened the box and took out some horrible looking penis shaped device with a small padlock. She continued.
“You can choose to wear the more feminine girdle or if you would prefer something a little more manly you can choose this little mechanism.” she said fiddling with the device’s lock and key “they will both prevent any nocturnal emissions.”
Jack looked in horror at the object which resembled a small cage with its own little lock and key. He also noticed it had a ring attached with a chain running through it and a small lead at the end of the chain.
“Oh no” he said to himself horrified at the sight of the small but fearsome gadget “I could be led around like a dog if I choose THAT”
“Well, which do you prefer?” she asked impatiently, interrupting his deliberations, “we don’t have all night.”
Because of his most recent indiscretion he could not make a reasonable argument against her latest suggestion. He was between a rock and a hard place and decided to choose the lesser of two evils.
“The girdle” he whispered.
“Speak up girl I can barely hear you, are you saying you would prefer the tight pink girdle rather than the cage.” she said in a vexed tone.
“Yes Mummy” he said and reading her impatient facial expression he felt he’d best add
“I would prefer to wear the pink girdle”
“Very well then it’s your choice. Put it on and I’ll be watching so make sure your little girly thingy is tucked firmly between your legs.” she ordered.
He struggled to pull up the garment underneath his nightgown and ensured his now small flaccid penis was placed firmly under his scrotum. She stepped forward raised his nightgown and pulled the girdle up tightly and felt between his legs to ensure it couldn’t move before she pulled up the zipper, ending just below his ribcage. She ran her hand up and down the front satin panel and pronounced her verdict.
“Yes much better, very smooth, no sign of those horrid male bits whatsoever. You’ll be quite safe tonight.” she announced in a satisfied voice adding “it’s not called a firm control girdle for nothing.”
 He looked down and much as he hated to admit it she was right. Short of taking off the girdle -which he was afraid of doing in case she checked him during the night – there was no way his penis could stand erect. He would be tormented all night by the throbbing and without any hope of relief. Satisfied that he was secure she once more assumed her Mistress role.
“Remember, in the morning you will revert to your maid’s duties. The alarm is set and I’ve left a copy of The Maids Manual on your bedside table. It is a comprehensive guide for servant girls and required reading. As you will alternate between a house-parlourmaid and a lady’s maid be sure to read the relevant sections before retiring, it will give you a good grounding in Mistress- maid protocols. You will have time between your various duties to study it in more detail tomorrow. It will be of enormous benefit in avoiding incidents like your little faux pas this evening for example. Oh and by the way don’t worry about showering in the morning your breasts won’t be affected.” she said.
Confused and little shaken he did not know how to react but decided the best course even though not in uniform would be to curtsy. It was obviously the correct decision as she gave him a broad smile, gathered him to her in a warm embrace and nestled his head on her plump but firm breasts.
“You have been a very good girl and if you continue to please me I assure you  I will not forget and you won’t regret it… I can be very generous to those who indulge me. I’m sure you won’t let me down, now off to bed with you” she breathed softly into his ear and releasing him she patted him on the backside for good measure.  Still flustered he tottered on his kitten heels towards the door, his peignoir billowing as he went.  
He clambered into bed the delicate material caressing his legs but for once due to his recent shameful and embarrassing lack of control there was no reaction from between his now firmly girdled loins. As if this wasn’t bad enough he now had homework.
“The Maids Manual” he muttered as he picked up the volume “now I have to study how to be a maid.”
However he felt the last thing he needed was to give them any excuse to inflict even further humiliation on him, he’d better read it just in case. He glanced through the table of contents the chapters had titles such as
 “Preparatory Training for Housemaids”, “Perfection for Parlourmaids”, “The Ideal Lady’s Maid”, “The Kitchen Maid’s Basic Guide” and several more besides.
“I suppose I’d better read the Lady’s maid and the Housemaid chapters” he sighed.
There was a whole section on the maid’s personal hygiene and appearance detailing showering procedure, what type of underwear and uniforms to wear and when, what kind of make-up including lipstick colour, which perfume to wear, and several other things, some of which he had by now experienced. To his eternal shame he found most of the ‘The Housemaid’ chapter he was already familiar with and could practically recite it chapter and verse in his sleep as Rose had already had trained him in such matters a few weeks previously.  There were further chapters entitled “ Adapting to Life in Service” “Loyalty to your Mistress” “Mistress Knows Best” and a chapter  he felt he had already experienced “The Importance of Maintaining Discipline in Servant Girls.” He was too tired to read any further, it would have to wait until tomorrow.
He was horrified to now realise that he was probably as adept a maidservant as any of the servant girls he had met earlier that evening but despite this debasement of his masculinity and the myriad of humiliations he continued to suffer, he was too exhausted to care, tiredness overwhelmed him and sleep came quickly.
The sound of the alarm interrupted his slumber, in his dreamy semi-conscious state he wondered what he would do later, there was a new game store in town which might be worth a visit, maybe go to the movies. As usual he stretched his body to help the wakening process, still half asleep he felt an unusual tightening around his chest, a constriction of his abdomen but also the strange contrasting sensation of soft material caressing his skin. He opened his eyes and in the early morning light he scanned the room and as he became aware of his unfamiliar surroundings he immediately discarded the bed clothes to reveal the awful truth. Sleep had been a welcome but alas a temporary respite from the waking nightmare he had been forced to endure and would continue to do so for at least another day. He was wide awake now and most prominent among his recollections of the previous evening was his punishment at Madam’s hands, and suddenly remembering his instructions from the night before he realised he’d better ensure he adhered to Madam’s directions as outlined in the Maids Manual. He briskly got out of bed and made his way to the shower, quickly undressing he soon realised Madam was correct, the shower made no difference his new bosom. After showering he was now fully aware of his situation and what was expected of him. He took a moment to view the detestable clothing he was now required to wear, the formidable underwear, the grey morning uniform with its white Peter Pan collar the accompanying apron and cap. He decided it was futile to postpone the inevitable and wasting even more time, best get this over with. The girdle was easy enough but positioning his new mammary glands into the bra and fastening it was more difficult but was eventually mastered. Stockings, satin slip and shoes quickly followed, as he slipped the grey uniform over his head he struggled to pull the zipper completely up but once it was in place he suddenly realised he had willingly locked himself into his own prison. Despite being downcast he knew he had to press on, he applied the light make-up as required finishing with what he felt was an appropriate shade of lipstick. He brushed his hair into a similar style as he had worn the previous day and felt quite despondent as he put on the final humiliating items – the demeaning cap and apron – their only function as far as he could ascertain, was to distinguish a maid from her superiors. This had the additional impact of reminding the wearer of her subjugation and subordinate status.
“Her” he murmured out loud with more than a note of dejection in his voice, “does this mean I’m now a “her” or a “she.”
The awful thought was enough to shake him from his musings and focus his mind on the more immediate issue of preparing breakfast for Madam and Pamela. Making his way to the kitchen he became reacquainted with the restricting nature the girdle and the tight skirt of the uniform had on his gait. His natural male stride was replaced with a much shorter feminine step. His instructions allowed for him to have breakfast before he was to serve Madam in her room, Pamela would be joining her.
At the appointed time he was outside Madam’s door, before he climbed the stairs he checked his appearance in the mirror to ensure he was presentable, satisfied he proceeded on his way. After knocking on her door he waited for permission to enter.
“Good morning Madam” he said and despite holding the tray attempted a curtsy.
She was sitting up in bed and told him to leave the tray on the table by the window.
“You may open the drapes and then come here and let me see if you are properly attired.” she ordered.
After he had tied back the drapes and just as he presented himself at the foot of the bed for inspection the door opened.
“Good morning Mother” Pamela announced her presence, ignoring Jack “I see our new girl is properly uniformed this morning.”
She wore silk navy pyjamas and a matching robe and with her hair tied up looked quite masculine in contrast with her mother the epitome of feminine elegance reclining gracefully on the bed, her breasts barely confined by the bias cut of her ivory satin nightgown, the billowy sleeves practically covering the pillows. Even without make-up Jack thought she looked like a screen goddess.
Jack snapped out of his almost hypnotic state just in time to curtsy to Pamela before she could rebuke him for such a flagrant lack of respect.
“We will take breakfast now Elizabeth” Madam said “my peignoir?”
Jack scuttled for her peignoir.
 “Mother, when can I have him as my maid, after all it was my idea. You promised.” Pamela demanded of her mother in a strident tone, her face betrayed her obvious impatience.
He was alarmed by her sudden and unexpected outburst and fearful to think about what she had in mind. Madam was quite calm and as he held her peignoir so she could slip her arms into the sleeves, she turned to Pamela
 “Pamela dear I really think you are far too young to have lady’s maid, you can certainly use him for your play’s rehearsals but I think it’s best that he is trained by an experienced woman first otherwise he may pick up some bad habits and that will not stand him in good stead for the future.” Her mother replied quite firmly.
Jack, relieved that he wouldn’t be turned over completely to Pamela was concerned by her reference to the future but he had no time to dwell on this as Pamela protested,
 “That’s not fair, I ..” 
Before she could continue Madam interrupted her.
“Pamela, just look at you, you look more like a boy than a girl not a trace of graceful femininity, Elizabeth here looks more feminine and perfectly attractive too, if I may say so.”
Running her hand lightly down his cheek she said directly to Jack
“Yes.. quite feminine, aren’t you my dear?”
Jack blushed at Madam’s compliment and oddly did not feel aggrieved at being referred to as attractive in a feminine way.  After all no one had ever called him attractive before certainly not as a boy, he felt surprisingly self-satisfied and responded with a curtsy.
“Thank you Madam” he said modestly lowering his eyes
Mother!” Pamela barked trying to get her attention, her face becoming puce but her mother continued,
“Perhaps you require a valet rather than a maid, now if you were to become a touch more feminine I may well consider it.”
“My slippers Elizabeth” her mother casually said in Jack’s direction and ignoring her further protestations.
Jack dropping to his knees was never so grateful in having to adopt a now familiar servile position, he didn’t want to meet Pamela’s eyes as he knew she would blame him for this perceived slight and was sure she would try to exact some form of revenge. As he rose he noticed Pamela was still smarting from her mother’s remark
 “Can I at least have him tidy my room” she retorted determined to salvage something from the exchange.
“Of course my dear. He may make a darling girl but he is a maid after all” she answered “now stop pouting and join me for breakfast.”
As her mother made her way to the table by the window Pamela turned to Jack her mood now considerably lightened by this small concession and gave him a sly smile.
“Oh yes Mother, he certainly is” she responded, but whispered menacingly to Jack “it won’t take much to change her mind.”
Jack felt a shiver run down his spine and hoped he could avoid too much time alone with her.
As Pamela joined her mother at the table Jack felt this may be a good time to impress Madam with what he had gleaned from The Maid’s Manual.
“What clothes should I lay out for you Madam” he asked as she settled herself into the chair he held for her before doing the same for Pamela.
She was clearly pleasantly surprised by Jack’s grasp of his new duties and instructed him as to the outfit, hosiery and shoes she intended to wear as well as her foundation wear and lingerie. He curtsied and busied himself with making the bed, straightening the room and dispatching her worn underwear from the previous day to the laundry basket. When he finished this he retrieved the clothes she required and laid them on the bed.
“Excellent work Elizabeth” she beamed clearly impressed by his efficiency in his new capacity.
“You may now start Miss Pamela’s room while I shower, be back here in ten minutes.”
“I’ll supervise him” Pamela blurted almost choking on a piece of toast in her hurry to accompany him to her room.
“Follow me girl” she snapped and unfettered by a restraining girdle like his she strode purposefully in an almost masculine fashion to the door as he minced after her hindered as he was by his confining foundation garment and three inch heels. As she waited for him to open it he curtsied to her and also Madam,  he took his leave and followed Pamela to her room. She closed the door behind her and told him to stay perfectly still, and like she had done when they were last alone together approached him from behind slid her hand over his smooth skirted behind squeezing gently. Jack rooted to the spot with trepidation heard her whisper in his ear.
“We don’t have much time sweetie so I’ll be brief.”
She squeezed even tighter and even he recognised the girlish squeal he let out, as she circled him she continued.
“Mother was right about a couple of things, you are attractive in a feminine way and when you’re all gussied up you probably are more feminine than me but I will prove her wrong about getting you as my own maid. You might think you can hide behind her skirts for a while but I will get you…… and sooner rather than later, just imagine what fun we’ll….. well I’ll have . What Pamela wants Pamela gets. Do you understand?”
Her face was so close he could smell her breath. Afraid to speak he could only nod. She drew him to her and kissed him while grinding her groin into his, he was helpless in her grip and as he struggled to free himself her lust got the better of her and she sunk her teeth into his neck. She only broke away as the sound of Madam’s bell pierced the atmosphere and startled her.
“Please Miss Pamela..” he stammered as he felt her grip loosen.
“Yes honey, you’d better run to your Mistress, but don’t get too attached to her” she said her voice dripping with menace.
He ran from the room to the sanctuary of Madam’s room.
“Ah there you are Elizabeth, before you start on Miss Pamela’s room I need you to fetch me a matching purse for my outfit, you will find my collection in the closet. Are you all right you look a bit flushed?” she asked
“No fine Madam” he lied and headed for the closet his heart still thumping from the encounter with Pamela. He could only imagine what she had in mind for him. How could he keep Pamela at bay until he could leave he frantically thought.
He found the purse collection and as he moved a few of them searching for the correct colour his eyes nearly popped. His clothes, Madam had hidden them here. He heard Pamela speaking to her mother, he returned to the bedroom with the purse.
“Excellent choice, just the right colour. Now run along and finish Miss Pamela’s room” Madam instructed him.
After he had completed his task he returned just as Pamela was leaving.
“We have a few errands to run so after you assist dressing me and you have finished your chores you can study The Maids Manual.”
She chatted to him in a friendly manner as he went about his lady’s maid’s duties and he was still surprised that she was so relaxed with a male albeit dressed as a female servant assisting her. She obviously saw him as such and treated him accordingly which really irked him but he was also aware that he was seeing and experiencing things other boys could only imagine. If only he could do this in male clothing it would be ideal.
 Pamela joined them just as he had finished helping Madam with her hair.
 “We should be back in a few hours, now make sure to keep yourself busy” Madam said as Pamela from behind her back blew him a kiss.
He walked with them to the door and curtsied as he let them out. He quickly carried out his assigned tasks and then went to his room and picked up The Maids Manual.
Sitting on the bed he flicked through the pages stopping at a chapter entitled “Understanding Your Place” he read with dismay
“In some circles recently it has become fashionable to  grant maids certain freedoms, for instance curtsying as an option rather than a requirement and more surprisingly allowing maids to discard their caps and aprons and wear just a plain black or grey dress.  We feel this is the beginning of the slippery slope. What next a non-uniformed maid? A maid in a pants suit?  It is important that the maid should at all times be aware of her station within the household and a strict uniform code is essential to this end. Maids must be capped and aproned at all times otherwise there would be a total breakdown of the Mistress – Maid relationship.”
Jack wondered what century these people lived in. He now knew the words he was forced to utter as he was punished came from this very book.He could understand the chapters informing maids what was required of them but …this. Maybe this is what Pamela intends. He became very fearful at the prospect and remembered Pamela’s words about eventually getting him as her personal maid. The thought overwhelmed him and he felt panic coursing through every fibre. He suddenly remembered his clothes in Madam’s closet. What option did he have he reasoned to himself he had to escape. What’s the worst thing that could happen -get an earful from his mother and Miss Strang. He could put up with this charade if it was only Madam  but the thought that Pamela would practically own him for months maybe years was too much to bear.
“My clothes” he blurted out loud “I have no choice.”
He ran to Madam’s room in what he realised was a very girlish manner due to his three inch heels, his prosthetic bosom bouncing forcefully as he moved pulling tightly at  his puny  chest muscles, his long line bra barely containing them. Now I know why girls wear sports bras he thought.
He quickly retrieved his clothes and stripped himself of his hated uniform, cap and apron. He struggled out of the dreaded girdle and stockings and pulled on his boxers and jeans.
“Aaaah relief” he sighed audibly then realised he would have a problem with the breast forms. It would take too long to try and remove them now he decided it can wait until I get home.
“Get home” he repeated “shit! hadn’t thought of that, they’re a dead giveaway even under a hoodie, I’d better leave the make-up and heels on, I might be less noticeable.”
He returned to his own room and hung up the uniform in its rightful place and with a deep breath descended the stairs and let himself out the servant’s door at the rear.
It was still early enough and there was very little activity as he made his way towards the exit gate of the community. Although it had been less than a day since  he had been dragooned into female clothing, he could scarcely believe the freedom he now enjoyed in his jeans but despite this he knew in order not to draw attention to himself he had  to walk in a feminine fashion. Thank heaven I have that mastered, he thought. He passed a maid walking a dog on the other side and he returned her friendly wave in an equally girly manner.
“Piece of cake” he said without a hint of irony as he tottered along in his heels.
Luckily he had picked up the code for the gate from Sally the previous evening and keying it in he breathed a sigh of relief and headed the short distance for home. This route was a little bit trickier and he felt less assured but passing a few motorists and pedestrians he discerned no unusual interest in him people were just going about their daily business. He was relieved to reach his house and going round back he retrieved the spare key from its hiding place and let himself in.
He went to his room and washed his face took off his hoodie and T shirt to reveal the horrible extensions to his chest. Examining them he could see how difficult it would be to detach them but there must be something in the house that would work. There was no immediate rush he’d figure something out right now he just wanted to relax, have a glass of juice, a few cookies watch some TV, just chill. Now alone the sound of the TV was strangely comforting and more importantly distracting. The events of the past 24 hours began to take their toll, he felt exhausted and stretched out on the couch finding it hard to keep his eyes from closing.
The sound of the bell woke him.
“Yes Madam” he blurted. Barely awake his eyes taking a few moments to focus he slowly realised he was at home and must have fallen asleep. Obviously he was dreaming the ghastly chime of that dreaded bell must be still playing on his mind, he lay his head back again.
The unmistakeable tinny jingle of the bell rang out once more and this time it was louder and more sustained. Wide awake now, he knew this wasn’t a dream. It was a nightmare.
“E..LIZ..A…BETH” a shrill voice rang out.
To be continued.


Anonymous said...

Love it! We've been following this story from the beginning and it is getting better and better! After reading this chapter we've been discussing for more than an hour who we think is now ringing and calling for Elizabeth. Could it be Pamela, who has followed Jack back to his home, furious that he's tried to escape her clutches? Or her mother, Mrs Quinn, who can't bear to lose her wonderful new lady's maid? Or might it perhaps be Jack's mother, Mrs Swanson, who has been horrified to find Jack missing on returning to collect him after her weekend at the opera? Or Rose, who will now have him at her mercy and could easily offer him to the short-staffed Stuyvesant Academy, thus allowing him to escape a return to the Quinns?
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This is something I've wrestled with for years. Ever since I first started reading femdom stories online, I was most drawn to ones that had protagonists in their teens, originally because I related to them more easily, but also partly because it seemed as though characters at a younger age would be more impressionable and more easily dominated.
However, I've never quite been able to shut off the moralizing side of my brain that questions the appropriateness of such scenarios. So, yeah, in spite of what Bea said at the beginning, I haven't exactly been picturing Jack as any clearly defined age.

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Carrie P said...

Just a note to let readers know I’ve started Part 5 and am well into it. Goes without saying thanks to all who commented and liked it. Dave thanks for your remarks regarding the age issue even though we all know this is a purely fictitious scenario it concerned me quite a bit and your comments summed up exactly how I feel. I wasn’t very comfortable writing some scenes but to me they were a logical progression of the situation he found himself in. LG, you’re correct of course about the rivalry between Pamela and her mother. Jack seems to be in a maze and has some very difficult decisions to make so he really has to be careful and weigh up all his choices. You’re also right about there being possible options for the future but right now it’s difficult to commit to anything beyond the next chapter. About your proposed strand I’ve discussed it with Bea and he said drop him an e mail and he’ll set you up as an approved contributor.
Thanks also to Marcia, Kammi,Collette and Gina for their kind words.
Regarding the Anon commentator who wondered about the voice calling Jack, there were so many possibilities, a little like a country house murder mystery or as the great Peter Seller’s Inspector Clouseau would say “I suspect everybody and I suspect nobody”. I just hope you find it worth the wait.
To the other Anon commentator about the next episode being the final one – It really is difficult to get the time to get it all down like Dave said before, writing comes easy to some and to others it’s quite difficult. I’m somewhere in between sometimes it’s easy more but more often than not it’s hard. I always try to get these finished in a reasonable time frame as I don’t want people hanging on – being a reader that would drive me crazy. I really don’t want to commit to something without carrying it through.
I’m also glad Anon’s mistress is seeing an improvement in your performance. Hopefully Jack/Elizabeth will continue to be a role model – unless of course something intervenes to prevent it.
Anyway still have a ways to go before I finish it, but will do my best to complete it asap.
Take care

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